Bret Michaels Thinks Fatherhood Rocks

04/02/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Bret Michaels: Lead singer of Poison, Rock of Love lothario and … doting dad?

Get Michaels talking about his daughters and any preconceptions about the bandanna-sporting, tattooed rocker quickly melt away.

The most important thing I’ve taught them is that I love them,” Michaels, 47, says of his daughters Raine, 9 ½, and Jorja, 4 ½. “I may not be there every day of their life, but I call them three [or] four times a day.”

Justin Stephens

Justin Stephens

Michaels and the girls’ mother, Kristi Gibson, whom he dated off and on for more than 10 years, share custody of the kids.

“It’s a work in progress,” he says of their relationship.

But they’re solid as can be when it comes to parenting:

“We tell our daughter their mom and dad will never be replaced,” he says.

Though currently on a solo tour—and appearing on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice—Michaels comes home to Arizona, where Kristi lives with their kids, as often as possible.

“All my negotiating skills I’ve learned in recent times [come] from my daughters,” he jokes about the girls, who styled themselves for the PEOPLE photo shoot. “That was all them.”

As for his daughters’ unique names, “I’ve got to give full credit to their mom,” he says. He can vouch for Jorja’s middle name, Bleu, though. “We threw her a little French in there,” Michaels says with a smile. “A little culture.”

Justin Stephens

He also provides plenty of fun. The family driveway features scooters, mini Jeeps and ATVs for the kids to ride, plus Dad’s “toys,” of course, including a Mercedes, which serves as the family car. “We’re like the Griswolds of rock ‘n’ roll,” he jokes.

And what do the girls’ think of their rocker father?

“We sing together,” says Raine. “It’s really cool. He’s just kind of like a big kid.”

Adds Jorja: “Dad is a rock star!” And perhaps more importantly, the 4-year-old says, “He is my hero.”

–- Rennie Dyball

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deadbrokediva on

It never ceases to amaze me that men who go on and on about their daughters behave in the most misogynistic ways when they are apart from them. How is Michaels going to explain his love of hookers and strippers on Rock of Love or whatever it’s called to his daughters one day? What kind of message does that send to young women when they are expected to choose men based on their paternal role model? Grow up, Michaels. You’re another poor excuse for a father.

Mrs U on

So what’s all this with him acting up with loose women on tv where when his kids grow up they will see how dad treats women? He needs to think about what he puts out there that they will see and how that will make them feel about womanhood. The little one calls him her “hero” but what happens when she sees how appauling he acts away from them. If he wants to act that way why put it on tv for everyone to view?

MamaTo3BeautifulBoys on

Awwww…they are so cute.

Tara on

Awesome… Love to see involved parents, famous or not !

nacho on

It’s his job to act in a certain manner as a rock star and for his TV show. It’s all about the benjamins baby. on

I think he’s still in relationship with his baby mama. She turns a blind eye to him hooking up. After touring he comes home to her.

Ashley on

I had no idea he had kids. They are adorable!

dee on

Mrs. U – Those women that Bret’s daughters may one day see on their fathers show and groupies in general are only being treated the way they want to be treated. All Raine and Jorja will probably care about is what kind of presence their dad had in their lives.

JoJo on

Yeah, it’s all for the money. The whole show is not only rigged, it’s all acting. Completely acting. And that’s probably what he’ll tell his girls. Though it is ironic that he has only girls given the way he ‘seems’ to treat women on his show.

Go figure.

Sophie Ann on

Mrs. U –

nacho said it perfectly – It was a TV show, that’s all. It was all about the $$$$.

EVERYONE who is or was a fan of Brett’s KNEW that it was all fake. He has been with his childrens’ mother for years and most knew he was not going to leave her. And, to be picky – they are not married so he can do what he wants and date other people. But I think he will never leave the kids’ Mom! He is pretty grounded and from what I hear is a very “hands on” Dad. I think it is his own upbringing that makes him like that. He comes from a solid family background and it shows.

Sophie Ann on

Mrs. U – how did he mistreat the women on his reality TV show? From what I could see – he treated them all with respect. If you’re talking about the sex stuff – those skanks KNEW what the show was about and let’s face it – he’s a guy! What guy would not take advantage of what was being offered him on a silver platter?

VEO on

I’ve watched his TV show a few times and would not have guessed he was a father. He struck me as very immature and flirtacious. Were his kids ever mentioned in the show?

Gia on

This is so great! I didn’t know he had kids, but he seems like a terrific dad, and his girls will always know he loves them. You rock, Bret–and not just with your music.

Marge on

Veo…his girls were mentioned on the show by him. I don’t recall when exactly, but he is a proud father. I think Bret seems to be a real genuine kind of guy!


I watched a few of his Rock of love shows and knew that he was dad. He mentioned he had kids and thank GOD he never had them on the show. That shows me a lot about his character. And yes they are little dolls!

Sorena on

I think Bret act’s the way a rockstar is supose too. I think hes a great man and a great father. Ive been a fan for many years and have met Bret and he is very sweet and shows no disrespect whatsoever. What about the girls how they acted towards Bret? You cant blame him for that, they chose to act that way. Anyways love that beautiful family Bret! Love him too.

Robin B on

Bret is an awesome dad. I’ve met him on many occasions and when you bring up his girls his face lights up. I have 3 kids of my own 2 of witch were born in may just days away from his girls, he loves to talk about his daughters and since I have a 17 year old I always tell him be prepared for those teenage years! As for the reality shows it is staged I know this for a fact. His family comes first no matter what. So for all the people saying such harsh and negative words you do not know him as a real person.

shannon on

I think that him being involved with his kids is wonderful! Not all dads are, famous or not! As for why he didn’t mention his kids on his T.V show, he talked about being a dad on several occasions and even sent one lady home because she missed her child so much. As for how they were treated, like they wanted to be, or they wouldn’t have been on it in the first place. They were the ones who made themselves look bad by how THEY acted not by how they were treated. As for his personal life…it should be just that, personal. I personally am a fan and have been since they came out in the early eighties and feel that he is doing a wonderful job separating family and job keep it up Bret!

JessicaC on

Im pretty shocked people are defending the way he acts…I personally think he’s a pig and can’t believe anyone would think that’s entertaining. Let alone someone who is supposed to be a role model. Plenty of rockstars don’t act like that…look at the Hansons…

Joy Strother on

Bret is a devoted father.The girls are adorable.

Diana on

Wow, having your kids do devil horns. It says it all.

charlotte on

I think Bret is great.he is a hot lookin wonder the ladies fall all over him.His kids love him and he seems to be doin a great job with his kids.he is doing a great job on celebrity apprentice for his show,well….what kind of women go on tv and act the way they do.i dont believe any of them are there for him,they are there for themselves and for the fame and money.I wouldnt want any of them as a mother to my kids.

My son who is 13 looks up to him as a good role model for type 1 diabetes,which my son has and has had for 5 years now,it lets him no no matter what he decides to do in life that the disease will not hold him back.

Wish he’d come back to Toronto though so we can see him in concert again.We all had a blast the last time they were there.

Keep up the good work Bret!!

Sonia on

Im pretty shocked people are defending the way he acts…I personally think he’s a pig and can’t believe anyone would think that’s entertaining. Let alone someone who is supposed to be a role model. Plenty of rockstars don’t act like that…look at the Hansons…

– JessicaC on April 2nd, 2010

Jessica…the Hansons!? Are you serious!!?? They are has beens. And they are not rockstars. Thanks for the laugh lol.

Marc on

HE is a rock star (and some what of an actor like most “reality show” stars). If anything the girls will learn to stay wasy from rock stars if they don’t want to be treated like that. He’s not a priest HEllo!

Kris on

I knew Bret had kids.. he has talked about them. On ROL, he had the women work with a group of kids to see how they were.. did anyone watch the show? For being a rocker, Bret is pretty grounded and he is no worse than any other successful rock and roll musician. in regards to another comment that was made, Bret actually seems pretty mature and down to earth and I can’t say that about all musicians. He’s a dad, he’s also diabetic and helps support a camp for diabetic kids, and last, he is a rock star!! Not a teacher, not a clergyman… his daughters are likely not going to care about how many girlfriends he’s had, or the partying. What matters is his presence in thier lives and how much he cares about them.

REALbarbwire7 on

Why so surprised? The man has been married, and he is 47??? (maybe). It amazes me how seriously people take reality shows. Do you really think there is no planning? It’s entertainment. The only thing real about it is the people….He’s a dad first. And whatever he does to make a living, aside from playing, is great. Have fun! We only live once.

sar on

jessicac- Yes because the Hansons are huge “rock stars” lol.. I tend to think more along the lines of cookie cutter pop group who can play their own instruments.

and as for Bret a TV show does not make him a “bad father” it’s all for ratings.

his daughters obviously think he’s a great dad and last I checked those were the only people that really matter. 🙂

Lilly on

I am a fan of Bret and i think he is awesome but i do admit that the way he acts towards woman will one day effect his children in some way.

juju on

Yeah…Hanson are not rock stars! Diana…you devil horn comment is laughable!! Bret is one of the most down to earth, sincere person. His daughters are beauties and it is obvious that he is a devoted dad. Rock on Bret!!

Katie on

Man some of you people are over the top judgmental or what? The only people who has the right to judge Bret are his kids and their mother.Bret is one of the most down to earth,sincere person I have ever met and yes I have met him 2times and he was nothing but great to me and other people who has met him.His daughters are beauties and it is obvious that he is a devoted dad.So all you people who make your rude little comments..etc need to STOP being so judgmental.As for the Hanson comment HA thanks for the laugh I needed it and honey they are OLD NEWS and They are has beens.They are not rockstars NEVER HAVE BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE.

Shelley on

I have to say that I agree with everyone about him being a misogynist. He’s such a hypocrite and I really hope that his daughters don’t grow up to objectify themselves. That would be a travesty. I’m sorry but he’s a disgusting loser.

Tammy on

I love the way Bret is in his kid’s lifes. He is a great daddy to his two lovely daughters. No matter the way he is on tv as long as he is a good father to them and love them that’s all that matters. More men need to be in their kid’s lifes like Bret is. Bret you rock as a DADDY….

M on

to Jessica C- The Hansons are not “rockstars”.

Cricket on

Just because Michaels fathered a couple of kids, had his picture made with them, and bought them a few expensive toys doesn’t a good father make. Sure they are in awe of him because he is famous but does he really spend that much time with them? He certainly isn’t a good example to his girls of how a man should treat a woman. I think Bret Michaels is a wanta-be good father!

DeeDee on

It’s awesome to read about his love for his girls and how proud he is, but the one thing that kept coming to mind as I read this article was….how would you feel if you’re daughters grew up and turned out like the girls on ROL, or turned out to be the kind of ‘groupies’ that he has “known” throughout his career??

Roberta on

God Bless

Sparkle on

His girls are so cute! I think he would be a great dad. People are silly if they judge him from Rock of Love. It’s those girls on the show who make fools of themselves! Bret is one of the most down to earth celebrities out there. He is so genuine and kind. I hope we see lots more of him in the future!

singlemom on

blah, blah, blah- at least he maintains contact with his children and is a part of their life which is MORE than I can say about A LOT of loser men out there!!

Korky on

Love him! His daughters are so cute!

Beth on

Someone mentioned the Hanson’s? Comparting them to Bret? Really? Number one, they are NOT even NEAR Bret’s fame and never will be. Poison and Bret are part of what makes Rock and Roll. How he acts on a TV SHOW doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. So, that means those people that act on reality shows like that are all bad examples for their kids? That’s pretty closed minded if you ask me. So many things on TV now are so scripted it’s rediculous. I’m pretty sure that Bret talks to his kids everyday and will be talking to them everyday about what he does. I’m also pretty sure if they have any questions, he’s going to be up front and honest with them.
He is an awesome person and an awesome father from what I’ve seen AND he’s a damn good performer!!

Jessicad on

Men will treat us how we LET them treat us. I really don’t think he’s a bad guy. watching his show I got the feeling that he’s pretty down to earth and nice, but he is a guy and a lot of those girl threw themselves at him and acted like drunken fools:) His girls are precious and I’m sure he’s a great dad!

Bman on

To all the Haters out there. How F’n dare you judge him. Do you know him personally? Do you judge your friends the same way? You know nothing about him. He is one of the Nicest people in the world, who also Truly Loves his family more then life itself. Plus, dont you think he might have been laughing all the way to the bank on the rock-of-Love stuff? what about the Stupid Bachelor, I bet you all love that. It is the same thing. Get a life, and quit Judging his. By the way,he is a Brilliant business man. Especially after reading your angry posts. Its working beautifully! Go Judge your own pittiful lives. B

Lauren on

To everyone who says that he is disrepectful and disgusting, how would you know how he treats women. Only the girls on the show and the women that are truly important to him know how he really is and how he truly acts towards women. So, please keep your stupid comments to yourself. I wish my sons biological father was half the father Bret is to his girls. His daughter called him her hero, that should say it all!

Stephanie A on

seems to me hes doing a fine job if their mom lets him come around and be int heir lives.. if he wasnt so great she wouldnt allow it im sure. give the guy some credit. atleast hes there.. atleast his girls arent asking their mom all the time where is our daddy and who is our daddy.. they know him pretty well. and it amazes me that he calles them so often which is very cool. i like that. keep up the good parenting bret.your doing an amazing job. they seem like awesome beautiful little girls!

Liliana on

The only thing that made my laugh was the poster who commented about devil horns.

No one’s worshiping Satan, here. It’s a common sign of rock and roll. Go to any concert in the genre and you’ll see it’s standard.

Chris on

Did you see the way he was hitting on that very young graphic designer on the Celebrity Apprentice? Very creepy. Hopefully his daughters are separated from his antics.

Kristi Futch on

Very good article! I am appalled at the judgemental comments…..Really? Do you know him? Do you not think that his girls will grow up realizing that it is part of his career? It seems to me that he loves his girls and does what he feels is best for them. There is so much ignorance in these comments. I have met Brett and he is very nice, polite, and friendly.

Bancie1031 on

Brett definitely has beautiful daughters ….. Love their names btw

Rebecca on

For any one who is a true Bret fan, we know that Bret and Kristi have had a long time relationship. We know that she costared with him in the movie that he wrote and produced along with Charlie Sheen called Letter from Death Row. We know that he is a kind and gentle man, whom happens to be a great actor and musician. Most of all we know he loves his girls enough to get off his ass and do what it takes to give them the life he wants them to have. Lets face it…for enough money any of us would do just about anything. The only problem I have with Bret is that the money has had an affect on his music. I have followed him over the last decade…from Poison to his country demo. He just needs to stay true to his heart and what he loves and he will be fine!

Laurie on

Bret may be a Rock Star, but I agree with those that say he is a decent guy. Yes, he is a pig with the women on the ROL show, but I think that’s all for show. Those shows are so staged, come one people! I really think he’s pretty down to earth. He is always nice to every fan, young & old. On ROL, he was always talking about his kids. He always told the women he hooked up with how important that his girls are to him. Maybe that’s why none of the ROL “winners” stay around too long. I think he should just permantly hook back up with his babys’ momma, Kristi. She seems normal, compared to the many trainwrecks from ROL.

Kiki on

Wow. I’m amazed by the kind of hatred that has appeared in the comments here. Let’s set a few things straight:

1) Those who claim that he’s a misogynist on ROL, please give us an example of that. I watched every episode of every season and I never saw him treat women with anything other than respect. He genuinely seems to LIKE women! It seems to me that people are just offended that he has a sex life… He’s an adult, and he’s single – so how are his actions hurting anybody? He never pursued or attempted to leverage anything that wasn’t readily offered, and he was never disrespectful to the women who threw themselves at him. From having worked in this industry for many years, trust me, that is a HUGELY rare commodity! And (at least in my experience) oftentimes it is the clean-cut rockstars who are the most disrespectful towards groupies after-the-fact, because they see the act (and the woman) as somehow shameful.

2) He has mentioned his daughters many, many times on the show. He talks about them at the start of each season. They even set certain competitions for the ladies based around the fact that he has children (like the babysitting challenge).

3) His relationship with Kristi Gibson (the mother of his kids) was a bit on-and-off, but they are no longer a couple. I think it may be a bit misleading in this story, but I believe that their question about a “relationship” refers to how the two of them get along these days.

4) He has never been married.

5) His family life was not completely “stable” as described – his mother walked out and his parents divorced when he was in his late teens.

As a few people here have said: I’ve met Bret Michaels and found him to be a very kind, down-to-earth, gentlemanly sort of person. Far from just the “he’s not as bad as most rockstars” defense, he seemed to me to be nicer and more sensible than a lot of men in general!

Seriously, let’s consider the fact that he is at least teaching his children to be respectful towards all women (regardless of their past or profession), and not ashamed of themselves. I think, perhaps, the rest of the world could stand to be that non-judgmental.


The Reality show is fake, So think about it, Do you seriously think anything goes on behind those closed doors???? If you do your naive and need a reality check on what a Reality show is – its all about getting people to watch T.V. so the chicks fight – people like to see that, they watch it for the drama and the “sex” that 90% of the time never happens

if you don’t like how some one ACTS on T.V. then turn the channel NO one is making you watch it!

Get a Grip they’re reality shows for a reason! They give Entertainment and give the T.V. Channels the Ratings they need to stay on the air!!!

Sheryl Q on

I am so happy to see an article like this about Bret. He is the ultimate rocker who has made it for 25 years with and without Poison. His other band B*M*B also rocks and they are all a group of fun loving guys. I go to EVERY one of his concerts when he is on the East coast and have traveled to some in Pittsburgh and Florida. His performance on stage is magnifying. Bret is dedicated to his fans also. He has so much energy. On the flip side Bret is warm, good hearted, down to earth, kind and intelligent. It doesn’t surprise me that he is a great dad. If you ever met him you totally understand what I am saying, guys and girls alike.

As for the Rock of Love and some of the comments about Bret… (don”t be so fast to judge) well just remember “It’s Business”. Some of the things you see just come with the territory so to speak. Don’t sell Bret short is all I”m saying. Bret is ALL THAT AND THEN SOME!!!

Becky on

Kris – Well said!!! Took the word out of my mouth!

And, The Hansons?? Really?! Did someone really use them as an example of “rock stars”. LOL!!!

A on

To all of you who think Bret’s such a good/involved dad…would you think the same if the roles were reversed?

Would a woman ever be praised for being such a great mom if she was an entertainer, on a questionable reality tv show, and rarely home, but called her kids a couple times a day? Of course NOT…she would be vilified as the world’s worst mother.

laura on

so he hooks up with all these women but then goes home to his kids mom when ever he has a chance, thats weird and disfunctional.

JM on

lol, “hanson” 🙂 as an avid rock’n’roll fan, it almost makes me cry to think someone considers them rock. and as for the devil horns thing… wow some really sad people out there if that’s what you’re worrying about.

Jackie on

I think Bret Michaels is a wonderful person. I have been a loyal fan for twenty years. I finally got to meet Bret last night after his concert. He was everything I expected and more. He has an A+ personailty. I told Bret I loved him and had been a fan for twenty years.

mom of 3 on

the pix of the girls rocking out on his desk – hilarious! should be his Christmas card! karma! totally adorable.

mickey walke on

As a Christian man, I believe it is not my place to judge Bret Michaels. His personal life is his business. He is not married to the mother of his children, but he takes care of this woman and his children. That makes him a responsible parent, and he makes plenty of money doing what he enjoys! Being a Rockstar isn’t as easy as people make it out to be, and I’m sure he misses his loved ones while on the road. Judge not people, and ye shall not be judged !!! Keep on rockin’, Bret…

Karen on

The girls are precious, and know that they’re loved by their father. As someone who didn’t have that, I realize how important this is for a daughter. Well, done Bret.

Margo on

Bret is a gentlman…those Reality shows are edited for ratings.
He has always said he loves his daughters and how much they changed his life. You can’t show photos like that and edit the happiness.
He is on Celebrity Apprentice to make sure his own philanthoropy with Diabetes is affective.
Make sure you listen to the man and not the tabloids.
Rock on Daddy Bret!

Amanda on

Wow…I’m very surprised to see that the majority of these comments are defending him.

raye on

it could not matter LESS if the show is fake or not, the fact of the matter is, it’s incredibly misogynistic and degrading to women. if Brett had ANY respect for women at all, he would never appear in the show, let alone let it continue for more seasons. I feel bad his children have that as a ‘hero’.

Daya on

I’m happy to finally see this side of Bret. I’ve been a fan for 23 years and I will continue to be a fan of the music. All people have a double life, its what we do for our children that count.

ladymatika on


ladymatika on


AnJn on

You know you have to think about what kind of real “rock star” life he leads…. He has type 1 insulin dependent diabetes. He’d be dead by now if he truly lead the life of a rockstar with hard partying, drinking and drugs. Maybe his whole rockstar persona is a fake and he just makes good music. At least he takes care of his family and loves his kids. Thats a lot more than most do.

Christie on

Regardless of what he does for a living, whether it be a Rocker or Reality TV star, the fact remains that he is a loving, hands on father. That says WAY more than the stuff you see on TV. Hats (or rather Bandanas, LOL) off to you Brett! Keep on being the Daddy you are being to your gorgeous girls and they will love and respect you for that!

Anna on

I don’t know who is and have never seen his show but that first photo is awesome! His kids look happy and he can’t be that bad if their mother is still close him.

MontanaMomma on

It is amazing to see the number of people vehemently defending this man. If the sex roles were reversed and he was a woman behaving in the same manner, both women and men would generally, if not overwhelmingly, find the behavior appalling and distasteful.

We live in a liberated society, but the gender allowances are still extremely distorted. I realize that the role of a rock star is culturally defined in a manner specific to what is portrayed in his reality show, but it is an enormous double standard. If we really want equality for men and women, then this type of modeling needs to be seriously analyzed. Whether or not the show is “real” is not the point. The point is that the behavior is being glamorized.

If a mother is supposed to emulate certain wholesome and moral qualities that are to be imbued into a child, then it seems logical that in our “equal” society, a father ought to embody those same traits. Mothers and fathers obviously play different roles in children’s lives, but to create such disparate expectations for the proper modeling of behavior seems entirely hypocritical, inappropriate and sexist to the nth degree.

keke on

Doesn’t Bret also have an older daughter, from when he was younger, around 20?

SD on

He is a pig..I can’t stand him and can’t wait for him to be fired from The Apprentice..his fake hair drives me nuts, take it off and grow old gracefully, he just makes himself look all the more pathetic..and it’s only teaching his kids to be superficial. He’s not a “rock star”, he’s a washed up has been that spends his time playing his songs from the 80’s, his new stuff bombs out, he’s living in the past. Move on old man and get a life.

Barbie on

I’ve seen his show and it isn’t him acting the fool its the women. I think he’s adorable but he also has his playboy side. And as long as his daughters know the “real” person they won’t be affected by his rock star facade. Look at Gene Simmons he’s been with 4,600 women before he met his present girlfriend. He seems to be a good father and he has women falling all over him yet he is faithful to his girlfriend. Alice Cooper…same thing…..they put on the rock star image for the show and then go home to very normal lives.

angela on

Bret is a great guy, super nice, loyal to his fans…he gives everything he’s got at his shows! I’ve been to several so I know. If you have followed him over the years, you also know he loves his children and is a great father.

JM on

I know Bret and he is never rude with the ladies. Its the women in some cases that are out of control. I’m really happy to see that Bret is letting people in to see what a smart and loving person he really is!

Andrea Turner on

You know Bret may not a perfect example with women, but what’s important is that he loves his kids. We all have our flaws. Take it from someone who’s parents used to be pretty decent but they don’t love me. His girls are lucky to have him.

Laura on

Very Beautiful Daughters!

Tina on

I love Bret with all my heart. I have a son who’s 12 that is named Bret Michael for my favorite rocker. We went to see Bret in concert two days ago. It was so wonderful to see Bret’s namesake rocking to the same music I have loved for nearly 25 years…quite a bonding experience for us. We plan to see him again this fall. I love reading about Bret and his daughters. What lucky little girls! Quit bashing him. He’s many things to many people. To his daughters, he’s a wonderful dad. Keep rocking, Bret. I love ya!

Lisa on

I think he is a good father and really loves his kids. What I want to know is if anyone really knows the truth about whether or not he’s still with the girl’s mother or not. The article doesn’t confirm or deny it. Does anyone out there know?

JMO on

My nephews listen to rock music with their dad all the time and give devil horns. When they were little we even took them to see a friends band play who played all rock (and some heavy metal) and the boys loved it. They didn’t grow up to be misfits they just have grown up to appreciate all types of music especially rock music.

I don’t know much about Bret so I can’t judge but from these pictures (which can sometimes tell a thousand words) those girls look like they really love their daddy!

JM on

mickey walke, thank you, it is people like you who restore my understanding of christians. i have had some pretty bad experience with several christians i know but it’s when i hear about people like you that i am happy to say that the majority of christians are good, decent and kind people. i am pretty far off from being christian myself but believe if an adult chooses to be christian it has nothing to do with me and i wish them the best of luck and happiness.
i wish i could introduce you to many of the christians i have come across so you can remind them about not judging others and respecting other people’s lifestyles.
well done my friend, thanks for having such a healthy attitude.

Hea on

As I person who are pretty close to the music business and “rock stars”, I almost take offense when people are judging complete strangers based on superficial rumors and image. It’s so stupid. There are so much more to “these people” than just sex, drugs and rock n roll. Rock Stars are not a homogenous group of people who lack brain substance and personality, warmth and care, emotion and intelligence. It bugs me that people in this day and age still think that rock musicians are the scum of the earth. Especially harmless glam rockers/country singer/songwriters such as Bret Michaels. Damn, it’s laughable.

Yes, his kids are sporting “devils horns”. Get over it. It’s nothing serious but if it freaks you out so much, stay out of the upcoming Dio shows when he kicks his cancer because he’d probably make God strike you down for witnessing his “evil manners”.

WHY do CBB allow comments about Bret being disgusting loser? He is not a junkie, he is not a known to be abusive man and he takes full responsibility for his beloved kids who are, by the way, gorgeous and I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten. I don’t know Bret but from what I’ve heard about him, he leads a pretty darn healthy life because of his diabetes and love of life.

Ignorance is not bliss people and if you’re watching and believing what you see on ploy-like reality-tv; well let’s just say it’s no wonder the world is what it is. There will always be people leading different lives that you may find hard to understand. You don’t have to understand but you have to try to accept and absolutely respect them.

Hea on

raye – You should take that up with the groupies and the women applying for the show instead. And you think that’s ALL his kids has for a hero? Narrow minded much?

Chris on

I can’t believe people are blaming his female fans for his actions! What is it? He can’t control himself? lol Give me a break!

Cry Tough Kiki on

I still don’t understand exactly what “misogynistic” horrors he’s supposed to have committed – and so far no one has actually given an example. For everyone who accuses him of that: Jeez, did you actually watch the show?

Misogynists (by definition) hate women. He really seems to LIKE women. Please show me a point where he was disrespectful or abusive.

Hea – thank Heaven for sensible posters like yourself! 😀 Like you, I’ve worked with a lot of people in this industry, and it’s ridiculous how naive some comments can be. 99% of the touring musicians I’ve ever met work damn hard (often 20+ hour days) and tear themselves up with how much they miss their families. I once sat down, post-show, and had a beer with a guy who admitted to me that he hadn’t seen his daughter in 18 months – he’d been touring overseas that long and his wife couldn’t travel… He felt horrible about it, but this was his job and he was just trying to earn a living like the rest of us.

You can’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. People should remember that.

raye on

hea, i fail to see how i’m being narrow-minded here. the women that appear on the show are a whole nother matter, but we aren’t talking about that here. we’re talking about the appalling example he sets for his children. and i’m pretty sure i never said anything about him being their only hero, i just find it sad that one day they’ll realise this is the man they’ll continue to compare men to for the rest of their loves. there’s no doubt he loves his daughters, and i’m sure he sets a good example at home, but if they’re ever exposed to this show, well.

Erica on

What a lovely family!

Hea on

Cry Tough Kiki – I’ve met people with similar stories and I understand what you’re saying and I understand them. People will bash my head in for this but when someone willingly applies to join the military, risk his or her life and head overseas for months and months on end, that’s OK but a touring multi million dollar making person is not. I’m not from a country that’s fighting a war so to me, that’s kind of even harder to understand.

“I can’t believe people are blaming his female fans for his actions! What is it? He can’t control himself? lol Give me a break! – Chris”

Chris, seriously, nobody’s blaming his female FANS. But there’s a HUGE difference between a regular fan and a groupie. If someone throws him- or herself over Bret, that’s not his problem. If he decides to take them up on their offer then that’s his decision and up to him and the consenting adult in question.

If anyone is making complete “asses” of themselves on that show and are acting scandalous or gives kids a bad view of women, it’s the women who come on it. A groupie who’s only ambition is to get backstage to show her idols her antics in the sack deserves what she gets. A fan who wants an autograph and a hug is completely different. That same thing goes for men.

I’ve seen women throw themselves at guys such as Bret and practically raping them and that behavior, everyone, stands for them and them alone. Believe it or not, I feel for guys (and girls) in the entertainment business who have to deal with that even though their spouses or kids are standing right there beside them.

DaNae Somsen on

Bret is a very responsible father, and one of the most down to earth people that I have come to discover while watching him in interviews on television, and reading in interviews such as this one, among many others. He’s an incredible man! I’ve been a faitfhful and loyal fan of his for 22+ years. I am hoping one day to have the chance of meeting him in person, and just like him, I too, wear my heart on my sleeve so for those of you who are out to judge him, before you say anything derogatory, take a look at your own lives and remember the hurt and the rage you felt the last time someone said something that hurt your feelings! Karma bites you from behind, when you least expect it!
As for him mistreating a woman, he has never displayed that in any manner, and he’s extremely respectful. It’s all of the manner of how much a woman respect themselves, as to how ANY man treats them, and the man doesn’t have to be a Rockstar like Bret, to get their attention,so keep that in mind.
He’s very attentive to his little angels, and he did mention them on ROL on several occasions, to the ladies on the show. He’s a good example to all fathers of how they are to be with their kids, whether they are “Rockstars” or not, and Bret’s an awesome provider, by seeing to it that they have everything that they need in their lives, and they are very lucky that he will always be there for them, in that aspect. I have a lot of respect for Bret, and I love him with all of my heart, and yes…I am wearing my heart on my sleeve and not ashamed to express my love and gratitude for him and all that he does, including his Charity Work for Juvenile Diabetes. It’s no wonder his girls look up to him..he’s an AWESOME ROCKSTAR with a HEART OF GOLD..and a great father! Love you bunches Bret!…XOXOXO…

Hea on

raye – I can see how you fail to see your own narrow mindedness. You are not even willing to acknowledge the possibility even in the slightest and that’s sad.

We grow up with role models around us. Parents, friends of the family, teachers, idols from music, movies and sports and all that and we learn from and we deal with whatever we meet along the way. The way you’re talking right now, you’re not even giving his girls the least bit of credit. They are not victims and they won’t automatically become victims because of their daddy’s sex life or whatever.

I bet you think Tiger Wood’s daughters will grow up to resent men or pick bad guys based on how their daddy’s been acting lately too? Is there no hope for them? Have they not minds of their own and LOTS of time to grow up and make up said minds for themselves? Give your fellow people some credit, please.

raye on

hea, as someone who grew up damaged as a direct result of
my father’s influence, I think my opinion is valid. I’m not going to argue about
it with you, especially not if you continue to call me names. your opinion has it’s own merits, I’m moving on.

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- Actually, Tiger only has one daughter. His other child is a son. 🙂

Hea on

Raye – It’s not my intention to call you names. I’m merely pointing out qualities. I’m sure your opinion is valid when it comes to yourself and your father and if you’ve been suffering then it’s sad. I’m sorry that happened to you but not every family situation is the same.

CelebBabyLover – I know. I meant to write kids but it really doesn’t matter what gender his kids have. 🙂

Pam on

Seriously people, for those of you who think yourselves as the one and only God, need to realize that HE is the only one allowed to judge anybody! Bret is doing REALITY T.V., I mean it is supposed to be entertaining! Just because Bret has a fondness for women does not mean that he cannot be a great father! He is a genuine, talented, ROCK STAR and I think some people need to get a hobby!

MiB on

I think that when his daughters grow up and she the show they might very well just say: That’s not my father! End of story. My father has been working as a mentor for many years, and many times when I hear his mentees talking about him, my reaction is; that’s not my father! And guess what, the man they know may hysically be my father, but they do not know my father, because a good mentor is not the same as a good father (my father is both as far as I can understand) and a good rock star is again something different. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be all that and more, and just as kids usually don’t have any problems with having different nick names, they usually don’t have any problems with people behaving differently in different roles. I mean, even kids learn that You love Your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, partners and so on in different ways.

Hea on

MiB – I agree. I’ve had the best dad the world and life could have given me but when I talk to his co-workers, men of my own age these days, they have a different view of him. In some ways, it’s identical to mine and in others… well, dad can still surprise me and he still has a lot of youthful and sometimes even childish humor and charm and let’s just leave it at that. 🙂 He’s 61 going on 20 with them and everyone’s happy.

Renee on

The girls are super cute. I hope Brett knows that however he treats women; that he is bring a roll model for how his girls will expect to get treated by men. Watch what you do in public and on TV. They will see it one day if they havent already. Nice story… I like to see the more down to earth side of B.M

Renee on

It’s funny how fans on here think they KNOW Bret. You’re just a fan or stocker… calm down.
I enjoy his music and did watch is TV shows but that doesn’t mean I know the guy and more than you crazies.

My comment on the story is: it is nice to see this side of him. The girls are super cute!

Hea on

Renee – Who thinks that they know him? I’ve mostly seen people state that they’ve met him.

Jade on

Maybe some people posting about this story do know Bret personally? I am sure he has friends and associates that are on the internet and aware of stories posted about him.

In my opinion, the comments about women being made out to be horrible mothers if the roles were reversed are so far from true it isn’t even funny. Men in this country have to fight when it comes to their children if they are divorced etc. The courts almost, and I said almost because I know there are exceptions to the rule, always place the children with the mother. (no I am not a dude)

It appears that Bret has a healthy relationship with the kids mother, supports them financially, is around as much as he can be given his career, from what I have seen in the past has the kids come visit him on the road and genuinely loves his children. That is more than can be said for a lot of parents in this country. Just because a parent is around their children daily doesn’t mean they are involved, good and responsible parents.

I think Mickey said it best… let’s not judge. We certainly aren’t walking in his shoes.

PoisonGirl on

I do know Bret, better than most, and I would leave my teenage girl with him before I would leave her bio-dad, my ex-husband.

The shows are just that shows. Bret know’s what makes good TV – he is an amazing showman.

Stacy on

First of al 2 the haters out there….Bret is a great father…like it was said the reality tv was just that…all planned and for money! just because he is a “rockstar” dont mean that rockstars dont care about their children..Bret’s daughters come first in his life and for anyone to say different is just a hater..Bret does a wonderful job raising his girls, performing, living with diabetes, and making his fans happy! keep up the great in all u do Bret…lots of love come back to Hayward,Wi, LCO Casino

Kris on

I went to a concert this past summer where he performed. He mentioned his children several times during the show and you could just tell that he adored them. I do not watch his show, nor am I a Bret Michaels fan, but it was obvious how much he loved his daughters.

frybaby on

Bret talked about his kids on the shows. I watched all of them and not all the girls acted like sluts Mindy was my pick on the Rock of Love Bus Tour and I think she would of been the best pick and fit in better with his children. Also Amber from the 2nd show was the best pick out of all 3 shows and I could not believe they didn’t make it. Bret is a down to earth kind of guy and loves his chldren and they are lucky to have a dad like that some kids grow up with dead beat parents!!!!


Speculation, opinions & rumors are what make a Celebrity interesting… reading some, I can’t help but mix in some facts here. The Bret you see on TV is just that, Bret for TV, which requires ratings to be successful… that’s what he did and achieved mad results! What you don’t see is the Bret that stops for EVERY fan of all shapes, ages and sizes… he shows great RESPECT to everyone! On more than one occassion this tour, he’s stopped his show to ensure the safety of his fans in the crowd… he goes over every gift, note, letter he rec’vs… Bret is a very caring person and all ’round good person w/ a good heart… Trump hasn’t found a reason to fire him, yet…

TW on

Bret, don’t let others opinions bother you. Your real fans know your history and devotion to your family. You seem to be a wonderful father despite your busy lifestyle.

Your children are beautiful, as they should be with you and Kristi as the parents. Kristi is very lucky (wish it was me) and I wish you the very best in your relationship with her. The children appear to be happy, you’re doing something right, thats all that matters.

Saw you in Chicago and in Primm Nevada in March. Like always, you amaze me how devoted you are to your fans. You are one of the best performers I have seen. You seem to make each and every one of your fans seem important and almost as if you are perfroming just for them. Aparantly these people that are writing about “has been” and “old” have never seen you. What a joke……. ignorant people making comments when they don’t know what they are talking about.

Rechell on

The girls are so cute and I love there names.

Donna D Miller on

After reading some of your negative comments…I just want to say that some of you just do not know where to draw the line! What you see on TV is not always what it is in real life..and this is the price that a celebrity has to pay! What Bret does on the tv show and what he is when he is NOT in the limelight are 2 very differant people!!!He is a good dad..and I have a lot of respect for the man! And I might also add that his 2 girls have the SAME mother!!! If you all think he is so terrible,why were you reading all this stuff or watching the show to begin with???? My get well wishes go out to you Bret! and thank-you for being one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

JustME on

I think some of these replies are flipping hilarious! Entertainment is entertainment. Those poor “mistreated” women from ROL were PAID, as any actors are- did anyone see them crying on the way to the bank? And they were televised on millions of tv’s! BY THEIR OWN CHOICE. Any show you see on tv is scripted, edited, and promoted for ratings. Don’t judge how he treats women by anything you see on television. He’s a man involved in his childrens’ lives, and like previously stated at least he is involved. Unlike, for example, my ex who spends more time in prison because HE mistreats and beats women! C’mon, some of us know the difference between Bret’s “mistreatment” of women and what REAL mistreatment is! May y’all find out the difference if you’d really like to find out.

Hea on

I hear Bret is recovering at some hospital after having his appendix taken out. Hope he recovers soon.

Mike on

You women have no reason to complain how Bret “treats” women. Those women choose to be on that show and they have no problem acting the way that they act. Some of those contestants are single mothers yet you do not complain about how their behavior affects their children because you worry too much about how the man acts. Women do not universally deserve respect. I believe all people deserve respect, regardless of gender. To suggest that Octomom or Paris Hilton deserves respect yet a man who just got back home from an 18 month tour in Iraq has to “earn” it it insulting. You women wanted equal rights but you do not want to be held to the same standard as men are. You can hate on Bret Michaels all you want but you know you would hook up with him in a heartbeat. Channel you man-hatred into something productive.

ashleigh on

Honestly everyone is so hooked on how he treats woman I’m sorry maybe I missed a couple of episodes but I don’t recall him beating anyone.ok I’m not saying he is perfect but nobody is I would hope that those of you be judgemental have taken things you may have done in the past into account. Also compared to other celebrities that have multiple children with multiple woman or beat their significant others. I find it hilarious that people are so set to hate on bret because of a SCRIPTED REALITY SHOW. And honestly if you were that appauled by him and his acting why bother to take the time to watch the shows and make comments

CoCoe on

You know calling him a poor excuse is not your call or anyone elses he is an ACTOR read the definition bout that he acts the ladys was just treated the way they wanted to be treated atleast he aint out here harassing women or being on the front page of news headlines cause he caused trouble…Bret congrats on your family i have all your music and have watched all your shows and i can say that u did nothing wrong on your show you didnt act out the women did maybe what u need is a real country girl….but anyway….your kids look happy and u look happy and im glad to see that there are still fathers out that really care and still have a big part in their kids lifes no matter how far away they are….Always remember Love Laugh And Devotion…..thanks for your shows and great music….i will always be listening for more and watching the rest…

CoCoe on

Calling him a poor excuse for a father was very uncalled for we dont call u a poor parent maybe u are one who knows and no-one really cares he aint out here getting locked up that is a bad example not the stupid shows on tv get real the shows are not that bad its tv so i think no one has the right to critizes anyone…..Bret im glad to see that their are still fathers out there that still care and want to be in their kids life no matter how far away they are you have a great looking family….i hope u get well soon….

Rockerchix on

Seriously?Man! This man has continued to stay on top in more ways than one.
I had the pleasure of actually talking to Brett on the playground,while his daughter Rain was playing with my daughter,numerous times.Hes a great Dad and you could see the tight bond between her and him.What a down to earth guy,we chatted about stuff you would just talk with any parent about,and he was like a friend youve known for years.
They moved back to the U.S. and shortly after started the ROL series,I never beleived it for a second………its just business,work is work,it doesnt make him any less of a father,its all fake.
If you have ever met Krisi, you would no that there is no way on gods green earth any of those ACTRESSES on ROL would ever interest him.His long relationship with her isnt for nothing,shes a wonderful,woman and sweet mother.Our children became friends and she ,like Brett,was all about family and quality time together.They have done an outstanding job juggling it all,and he is a good business man,thats for sure.
Look how popular hes become for all those people who might not have caught him the band POISON ,they no him now!
Im a devout Fan,have seen him many times in concert,LOVE his bandana,extensions,fake tan,guyliner,and blue eyes.
Hes an entertainer,who does very well at it,and a father whos done a good job providing!

Rockerchix on

I wanna say I LOVE YOU BRETT!!!

angel_fire0979 on

I loved Poison when I was growing up(I’m 30 now). I saw a season of ROL and thought it crazy that these women(I use the term very loosely, since they obviously are) would find it ok to kiss and hook up knowing he may have with one of the others hours ago! What makes ROL so much more nasty that The Bachelor? They seem pretty similar! I never knew he had kids, but the fact that he does and the Mom still allows him in their lives speaks tons. She seems like a REAL Mom and she wouldn’t allow him near the girls if he were acting like the womanizing whore like he portrays on ROL. I say ROCK ON! Love the new songs that show some real emotion!
I LOVE the pic with his girls on the desk! My youngest is just like them–without the famous Dad 🙂

Patty on

Brett, I can plainly see why you are your girls Hero….you seem like a very warm and loving person…I have been a huge fan of yours, and Poison for YEARS…loved the 80’s…great looking guys, and big rocked then, and you still do!!!!…Keep on keepin’ on…good luck to you in what ever you do, and bless you and your family…(my dad was not a rock star, but he was my Hero..)

Hea on

I hear Bret is in critical condition after a massive brain hemorrhage. He and his family are in my thoughts and my heart at this awful and hard time.

erika anderson on

His daughters r adorable! Great name too my moms name is georgia! She passed away from an anyerism so I totally understand what he’s going through! My prayers r with his family

T on

I don’t understand you people!!!!! Grow UP!!!
He’s is a good father who are you to judge.
I wish him and his family the best.

Our Prayers are we you Bret

~Te on

First: I’m sending prayers and support to Bret and his family for a quick and complete recovery. Your health and time with your family/friends is important now. Make time for yourself.

Second: All of the negative comments seem to be defensive remarks from people who have been hurt by our “cheating society”. It’s not just pro athlets, actors and rock stars that cheat or that portray that lifestyle. It’s our presidents, priests, teachers, bosses, coworkers, neighbors, friends and family members! Men and women alike.

Third: It’s not up to us to judge one another.

Forth: Bret is in the entertainment industry and he entertains! Thank you to you and your family. May you be blessed to enjoy many healthy years with your family. It is beautiful.

Bonnie on

Bret your daughters are beautiful. I was really upset to hear the news about you, I’m a huge fan and have seen you in concert many times, since I was a kid. I hope you recover fully and continue to rock our worlds, love ya.

Erllsqrll on

All I can say is What will he do or how will he feel when his angels grow up and go on TV and turn around and drop their pants for a man to take their picture and decides after that if he wants them or just to sleep with them.
If men would teach their boys to Waite for marriage then we would not have to defend any of our actions be it boy or girl. Teen pregnancy would not be so massive. I hope that his daughters never come across a guy whose dad pats him on the back for chasing skirts.

Wendy on

I think Bret is an amazing person! I have had the pleasure of meeting him a few times. He works hard, he is a fighter and will pull through this difficult time. I know for a fact Bret is a great father, has a wonderful personality and an overall awesome person through and through. The ones who leave bad comments on here really do not know Bret! Grow up! Your all just jealous! If you watch the Celebrity Apprentice that is the Bret we know! A hard worker a team player and getting things done! Hoping and praying for Bret and his family at this difficult time!

August on

Bret does the VH1 Show FOR THE MONEY; those tramps mean absolutely nothing to him, it’s TV….FAKE, it furthers his make-believe image and you people watch, which means the advertisers pay him more money. Take a look at those People photos; that’s the real Bret & his family.

LER on

Bret, get well soon. You are some loving, caring daddy…your girls are waiting for your recovery back home! God Bless you!

laurie on

Bret. I wish you well and a full recovery, it was a shock to hear of your, hospitalization. Your kid’s are lucky little ladies to have a loving and caring dad, get well soon.



Shannon Sperry on

Bret, you have a beautiful family….I hope the best for you and know you will beat this battle…..Your girls are very lucky to have such a wonderful father in their life….I am praying for your speedy recovery….Gret well soon…..You are in my prayers and thoughts…Love always to you….YOU ROCK….

diamond on

In regards to Bret Michaels and his girls, 1) he chose that life. 2) Most parents have something in their past their kids may ask someday. It’s how you approach it, I think he will be fine. When he talks to them about his past it will hurt him more, but they will still love him.
I hope he doesn’t have the side effects of seizures, that is hard. I have two twin 7yr boys, and I have seizures, not knowing is irritating. Some people don’t care, some kids think it’s awesome, others will be scared, and always family will love you. I think Bret is a good father.

Debi Lorenzen on

I have been a fan of Bret Michaels since the lat 80s and he is a great person I am sure..He does what he has to do to get the job done, and he does a NO 1 job at it. I do not think anyone has the right to judge someone until they are walking in their shoes. I have a son who is 15 and his father has not been around since he was 4 or provided for him. Give it a break people. PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOYULDNT THROW STONES

michelle on

I think Bret is a great person and i have been a big fan of his sense i was a little girl (the 80’s) and i think he is doing a fine job with his girls and as far as telling his girls about the show and stuff like that well i have 3 kids of my own an there are some things that kids just dont need to know about until they are old enough to know about them and by that time they really want care about it all they will care about is the fact that there father was there for them and he loves them very much Bret is a very compassionate man and not many men are like that he has a very big heart and that is great LOVE YA BRET oh and ur girls are beautiful just like you!

LP on

Man oh man..there are some laughable comments above..I have been a Bret/Poison fan since the laste 80s and have had the pleasure of meeting them all several times over and let me tell you, a lot of the implied backstage stuff is just crap for holding up the reputaton of a rockstar. I dont know what happened back in the 80s (I was a teen then and didnt go to the but I can tell you that most times I spent time backstage, we sta around with these guys and had everyday normal conversations and good laughs. Never once did I feel a disperaty of respect or a look down for being a woman. On the contrary, these guys are genuine nice guys and Bret is the epitemy of a nice guy. I interestingly enough, told his security guys I wanted to make sure it was understaood I had no intention of sleeping with anyone including Bret in order to get backstage, which funny enough, he relayed to Bret and we later joked around about it. I was too, of the general prejudgers and wanted to put my foot down on expectations until I learned how nice he truly was. We also had a conversation about how weird the whole groupie thing has gotten to him since having these little girls, and at the end of the day, he’s a single guy who has a healthy sex drive…I dont know many unattached men who would turn away an attractive female who was more than willing. I am proud to call Bret Michaels my hero for many reasons, especially with everything he’s endured recently, and I know his daughters are as well!

Tammie on

Wow I learned something new… Hanson is considered to be a rock star by someone. That actually made me laugh out loud! Anyway, to the ones that are so hateful in their comments. It is a persona and a lifestyle created many years ago that happens to be the mans career in which he needs to be able to take care of his children. Do I personally know Bret Michaels? No, but everything I’ve seen… he doesn’t seem like a bad person. He is trying to make it through life and holding on to a career that he loves… What’s wrong with that? I admire any person that works so hard to keep a career going because it is what they love to do and it helps raise his family. Rock of Love?!? Hello… it got his name back into the mainstream and the fact that there are women out there that throw themselves at him… who cares. Women do it all the time and they aren’t even on VH1. Give Bret a break people and stop being so judgmental… my God you people act as though you are saints. I wish him and his family the best of luck, and hope that his health continues to improve! Beautiful kids too! My daughter Morrigan and his daughter, Jorja Bleu are one day apart… how sweet. Of course, as cute as his daughters are… I have to say, mine are cuter! 😉

Laura on

Well Said LP and Tammie~~
Bret is a great guy! He sometimes leaves directly from a show just to fly home to his daughters and return to a different city the next night. That is total commitment and Love for his babies. LP is right about the backstage part. All the guys are nice and normal and a blast to hang out with. Bret would never show disrespect to any women. I have never seen a star that cares so much about his fans and spends so much time personally meeting them, even when he is feeling sick, he is still dedicated to being there for his fans. Thank you for all you do Bret. I love you! Rock on!

Nc on

They aren’t devil horns —it is a symbol of love?? from the sixties era.

Btw, I just learned that myself – i was personally wandering why he was flashing the “hook em horns” sign. 🙂

As to the show – it is “REALITY” tv – which means it was fake. Bret talked about his kids and how most of these chicks could never be around them. Also, except for this last year, he always picked the nice, normal one…..
The skanks were just for tv. in fact, they even shocked him on episode 1 of this season – truly disgusting girls that got kicked off of the first episode.

If you didn’t watch “rock of love” for more than 5 minutes, please refrain from sharing your lack of knowledge.

mandy on

Well, despite Bret’s indiscretions with women & committal issues, it certainly looks like (from his family reality show) his daughters absolutely love him, are so attached to him, and he loves them and loves being a dad. Yes, ROL was a huge mistake to make (in my opinion), but I think these girls will be just fine – they have a dad who loves them more than anything and they know it, flaws and all! I would have loved to have a dad like Bret!