Spotted: Pete Wentz’s Pint-Size Pick Me Up

04/01/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Richard Beetham/Splash News Online

No shoes? No problem!

Bronx Mowgli Wentz, 16 months, gets a lift from dad Pete Wentz while out and about Wednesday in Bel Air, Calif.

The duo reportedly grabbed coffee at Starbucks before heading to the bookstore.

See more photos of Pete, Bronx and mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz in their family photo album.

Check out a second photo below!


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Lauren on

Just a comment, but no shoes on the pavement like that? He’ s a little old for that, they should definitely put some shoes on him… he could cut his feet, or worse 😦 What a cutie though! I want to smoosh his cheeks awww

Laura on

When my daughter was that age we could not keep shoes on her until she was about 5 yrs. old. She would always find a way to get her shoes off. (even duct taping the straps didn’t work)Many times walking in the mall people would stop me and say she is missing a shoe. I am sure the Wentz’s have shoes for him, but he might not like wearing shoes and take them off immediately, and all the time. He sure is such a cutie though.

Sarah Marie on

He is such a cute baby!!! I love that he’s hanging out with his Dad

ocnlvr83 on

My sisters used to do that all the time. Usually, we were at home when they walked barefoot in the driveway, but they never do keep their shoes on. I once got in trouble at Walmart for my (then) 1-year old sister for not having a shoe on in her stroller. She loved taking her shoes off.

gianna on

he looks like the simpson family, but has of pete too, he is a cutie.

m. on

as a side note, pete’s shoes are awesome!

Daniella on

I was a baby/toddler/adolescent who despised wearing shoes. It drove my poor mother nuts because as soon as she’d get them on me, they’d be off, even in the grocery store! I still go barefoot whenever I can, to me it’s just more comfortable. I’ve had my fair share of splinters & a stubbed toe or two from the concrete alleyways, but it’s never deterred me. Plus, going barefoot is good for a kid’s feet & the formation of their arches.

JM on

i always marvel at how over-protective some parents here must be. pete is standing right next to him, i’m sure he can see if there is something around that would hurt him. how lovely that they are not those kind of overly phobic parents who worry about everything. i used to run around like this as a kid, and so did many kids i knew of my generation and my parents generation. sometimes i really do think some parents would be happy if their kids had to wear helmets and knee pads the whole time. let them be kids, and remember, your neuroses are easily transferred to your kids.

Liliana on

Considering he probably walked ten steps before being scooped up by dad, I think Bronx is fine.

lily on

I agree that too many parents are neurotic about everything now a days. My youngest won’t keep shoes (or clothes on!!) either. It is a daily battle, and sometime I don’t always win. She is fine. Of course I wouldn’t let her go everywhere bare foot, but around our yard, chances are she is shoeless!! And doing fine!!

Lau on

I agree with Lily (and others above). Parents are way too neurotic these days! Nothing’s wrong with having no shoes on! It’s not much different than not wearing shoes on the beach or on a pool.

CelebBabyLover on

Daniella- I prefer to go barefoot, too! 🙂 Also, I have walked barefoot many times on my driveway, which is paved, and, apart from occasionally stepping on a small pebble or something (which obviously doesn’t feel comfortable), I have never hurt my feet.

Anyway, I think this might be the first time we’ve seen Bronx walking! 🙂

Shari on

I don’t think it is him that doesn’t like wearing shoes. I have noticed a lot of his pictures he never has shoes on. And when in new york, he was wearing shoes but he had no hat on and not a proper jacket meanwhile it was cold cause his parents were bundled up. They really need to start dressing him appropriately. One time i saw pictures of them with him at the park and again no shoes, walking around the play structure no shoes.

Kat on

What a little cutie!!

Who doesn’t love running around barefoot!?! Besides, he’s in front of a store in Bel Air!!! That’s the last place I’d worry about him stepping on something. They probably have a staff of people whose job is to pick up every bug, rock, stick…etc and promptly relocate it!! 🙂

Sharon on

Bronx is a cutie and his little t-shirt made me smile!

CelebBabyLover on

Shari- Ashlee and Pete being bundled up that day does not neccesarily mean it was cold. They could have easily just been over-dressed. If you look at photos taken in the late spring, summer, or early fall, you can see that celebs often overbundle. In a lot of those pictures, the celeb will be all bundled up, while the “normal” people in the background have on shorts and such!

In any case, I’m sure Ashlee and Pete know their son and what he needs better than any of us ever will! I doubt they would delibritely put him in any sort of danger!