Spotted: Mason Disick’s Sunny Smiles

04/01/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

Say cheese!

Mason Dash Disick, 3 months, gives aunt Kim Kardashian a big grin while lounging on the beach Wednesday in Miami, Fla.

Soon after, Kardashian took her nephew shopping at Eanie Meanie in South Beach, where she picked up two Splendid Littles outfits in navy and teal, as well as a tee and short set from Lucky Jade.

“Kim was so nice and a very good aunt,” shop owner Cori Franco tells PEOPLE.

The Kardashian sisters — including Mason’s mom Kourtney — are currently filming the second season of their reality show, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, in the Sunshine State.

— Linda Marx

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kmb on

adorable! so great to see kim as an aunt, she seems so smitten with her nephew!

Liliana on

He is absolutely adorable!

Luna on

Aw! That’s precious. He’s adorable and it’s so cute to see Mason with his auntie Kim.

Romy on

think that was staged?

Emma on

Hes a gorgous boy! and hes a big boy! Kim seems to have this baby alot though :/..Beautiful picture..

dee on

He’s so cute. Kourtney’s got him all “chubbed” up really good too.

Sarah on

Such a sweet picture! He is such an adorable boy.

Emma, what is wrong with Kim spending time with her nephew? I love spending time with mine and it kills me when I have to go so long without seeing him since he lives two hours away.

Emma on

Its not bad for her to have him at all and i spend alot of time with mine too, but it just seems she has him alot i dont know if its just shes pictured with him more or not im not sure he really does seen to adore her and she seems besotted by him..

Sarah Marie on

I hope this baby get a majority of the Kardashian look…. he’s so cute already though!

Colleen on

I wish I had a niece or nephew to do this with. Cute baby, and he seems to love his Auntie a lot.

gianna on

kim seems like such a loving and sweet aunt, you can tell she adores baby mason. kourtney and kim have always been so close, so it’s no surprise kim is going nuts over mason. he is such a cute baby, favors the kardashian side a lot. there’s a lot of pics from this day, kim kissing and playing with him, what a cute outfit and hat too.

Chloe on

When I had my son, my brother hogged him a lot too… when you’re not the mum/dad, you are so amazed by a new little person so you just want them all the time, and I bet Kim is just besotted with lovely little Mason… look at him, why wouldn’t you be?!

Mia on

They are a very close family, so I don’t see why Kourtney’s sisters wouldn’t be spending time with their nephew.

He is so cute and chubby! 🙂

FC on

I adore Mason’s smile. He’s such a cute baby with such a cherubic face. 🙂

elle on

of course it’s staged–it’s the Kardashians after all and they are filming scenes for their show. who goes to the beach with full blowm make-up, hair done, spiky bracelet…nothing against the kid and I’m sure kim is a doting aunt..but come on

gigimama on

Staged? Of course! Why would an aunt hold her baby nephew? Why would he smile at her?

The outrage!

Roxxie on

Um, isn’t their entire life staged?
However, it is hard to stage a smile like that!

Chris on

Well of course the scene is staged but the connection between them isn’t. Look at that smile, it’s definitely genuine. Mason looks so much like a Kardashian. I would love to see a picture of Rob holding his nephew because those two look so much alike.

Chi Chi on

If the scene was staged, I would think Kim would be facing the camera with her nephew, wanting to look cute. But her back is turned. She doesn’t care that the camera is there. She’s just being a doting, loving aunt.


Lola Monroe on

The Kardashian’s are followed constantly…regardless of ANY situation…come on…

Kim clearly is in love with her nephew…as is the entire family…I mean who can blame them…Mason is absolutely adorable!!!

Ashlee on

Kim is almost always seen wearing makeup and a coordinating outfit. Why would it be any different when she goes to the beach? If you want to see staged, look up pictures of Tori Spelling and her family.

lover on

yeah, it is staged. . .i was there and oh man, it took forever to get mason to smile on cue. *sarcasm*

Sabrina on

Mason is so adorable!! I think it is sweet that he gets to spend time with his aunt! 🙂

Aly on

Aww! This picture makes me so excited for my nephew to arrive in May! So Cute!!

Tiffany on

Consider the fact that Kim is more popular and famous than the other 2 Kardashian sisters. Not saying that the other two aren’t loved, but it’s generally well known that Kim is the most famous sister out of the 3. With that said, it’s no surprise that there are an extreme amount of pictures of Kim and Mason. Kim spends a lot of her time with her family (ie. Mason) and she also gets followed by paparazzi a lot of her time too. Mason may very well spend more time with other members of the family, it’s just that the paparazzi don’t catch that.