Kevin Federline: I Still Love Shar and Britney

04/01/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
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His high-profile relationship with Britney Spears — whom he wed and had sons Sean Preston, 4 ½, and Jayden James, 3 ½, after separating from expectant ex Shar Jackson — placed Kevin Federline in the middle of the Hollywood fishbowl.

“I’ve been through some pretty crazy times — as we all know. Everybody has kind of watched,” he admitted on The Bonnie Hunt Show Monday.

And although the father-of-four still occasionally finds himself in the media spotlight years later, Federline says he now faces the public scrutiny with the support of both women.

“I’m really fortunate to have [Shar and Britney] in my life … and as mothers of my children,” he notes. “I love both of them very much. I still do to this day.”

His relationship with Jackson — with whom he fathered daughter Kori, 7 ½, and son Kaleb, 5 ½ —  has been brought to the forefront recently as the former couple appear on the seventh season of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club.

While Federline, 32, is quick to point out that he was oblivious to her feelings, he says the reality show has placed them on a path to healing.

“We’ve pretty much settled everything. We talked things out and everything is good,” he says, adding that Jackson “had a lot of emotional baggage” stemming from their past.

“We do what we have to do for our children and we get along great. She’s one of my really, really good friends.”

— Anya Leon

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Jen DC on

“Oblivious to her feelings.” News flash: When you leave a woman in the last stages of her pregnancy for a younger, wealthier and more troubled woman, then immediately get the new girlfriend pregnant, your ex-girlfriend is going to have strong feelings about that. How could you be oblivious to how that would make her feel, since you’re both human beings? I’m glad you’ve stepped up to be a better father, but you really need to work on your empathy for women.

Luna on

Let’s review shall we? He has a baby with Shar, then gets her pregnant again, LEAVES HER WHILE SHE’S PREGNANT, marries Britney, impregnantes her twice in quick succession, and he’s just realizing he was oblivious to Shar’s feelings? Yeah you were oblivious buddy! That just does not set well with me. Even if they were unhappy, he should have been there to support the mother of his child through her pregnancy. That’s kind of cruel. I’m glad he’s shaping up and being a good daddy, though.

PLK on

Cut him some slack. I applaud him on admitting that he has made some mistakes and working towards fixing them. I’ve never been a big K-Fed fan, but it sounds like he has grown up a lot recently. Good for him…for all the kids, hope they can all proceed in a mature way.

Heather on

I read the “oblivious” part the same way but then I realized that just didn’t make sense that he didn’t realize he had hurt her. I think maybe he meant he was oblivious to the feelings that she still carries.. that maybe he thought she had healed and didn’t realize she still hurt?

Di on

Some people can be so insensitive and Kevin strikes me as one of those people but at least he has finally made his amends since his break up with Shar was so public and the timing was horrible being that she was pregnant.

I still find it kind of crazy that Kevin left Shar for Brit only for Brit to dump him two years later. I hope Shar can finally move past Kevin and find love with someone else.

I’m glad for the sake of the kids everyone is getting along.

Kartie on

I wouldn’t necessarily say he “got” them pregnant. I think the women played just as big a role as he did in accomplishing that!

CelebBabyLover on

Kartie- I agree! 🙂

Lorus on

I didn’t care for him when he was married to Britney but he gained my respect afterwards. He really stepped up to the plate when Brit was going through her downward spiral. He gave those two boys the security that they needed. He may be a lousy husband/boyfriend but he is a great father.

Stella Bella on

When he says he was oblivious to Shar’s feelings, I take that to mean something along the lines of “I was hot for Britney and wasn’t thinking about or noticing anyone else.” Bleh.

Gloria on

I have come to like K-fed a lot better after watching him on Celebrity Fit Club. He is a sensitive sorta kinda guy! He’s made some mistakes in the past, but who hasn’t?????