Andrea Roth Welcomes Daughter Ava Reese

04/01/2010 at 07:00 PM ET
Scott Kirkland/Globe

It’s a girl for Rescue Me‘s Andrea Roth and her fiancé, producer Todd Biermann.

The actress gave birth to daughter Ava Reese Biermann on Monday, March 29 at 9:40 a.m. at Pennsylvania Hospital, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Ava, who was delivered with the assistance of midwives and a doula, weighed 6 lbs., 14 oz. and measured 20.5 inches.

“Andrea has never been happier,” says her rep.

“She waited until she met the perfect man to start her family and it couldn’t have turned out better as she and her fiancé are the proud parents of a gorgeous baby girl.”

Roth, 42, plays Denis Leary‘s wife on the FX drama. As filming winds down for the finale, they continue to remain mum in regards to whether or not Roth will be pregnant on the show.

— Ulrica Wihlborg

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Luann on


Mi on

I thought of Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava right away when I read the name.

jenna on

LOVE the name – gorgeous!

amy on

i thought the same thing mi! not very original of andrea….

JM on

not a very original name and not my cup of tea at all, way too popular. but hey, not my kid. hope they’re all happy and healthy.

Alicia on

Congrats to Andrea and her fiance.

As for it not being original, it must be true that people complain about others’ names regardless. If it’s not of the norm, it’s absolutely ridiculous and if it’s something more common, it’s boring.

Oh well. All that matters is that the parents are happy.

kmb on

i will never understand the pull of some people to name their children completely unoriginal names. come on people! why would you, fully-knowing and intentionally, give your child a name that 5 or 6 other kids in their class will have? they’re gonna go through grade school being “ava r.” or “aiden m.”
i’m not saying you have to name your kid “apple” or “pilot inspektor,” but why not a nice, average name that every other person isn’t naming their child?
just my two cents.

lauren on

Alicia, I agree with you. People complain regardless about the names people pick, which always baffles me. Ave Reese is a beautiful name and I bet she is a beautiful girl.

Kmb, not that it matters, but it would be Ava B. Does it really bother you that much? Maybe the name you feel is “average” means something to them, or is named after someone, or maybe it is their child and no one elses. Just saying.

I think people should respect a parents decision.

Emily on

Awww, congrats to her!! I LOVE the name. It’s not at all original and is super common among celebrities but, I still think it’s very classy and beautiful.

kmb on

lauren- i never said the name is average, i said it was unoriginal. there’s a difference.
i personally think the name is pretty, but it’s just so unbelievably common. i’m not a fan of crazy ridiculous names either, but at least they’re original. just something in between would be refreshing. like freddie prinze jr and sarah michelle gellar’s charlotte grace. beautiful.
again, just my two cents. not trying to incite a riot.

Ashlee on

I actually know three girls, 10 and under, named Charlotte Grace so that is unoriginal to me.

G. G on

The name thing is all kind of relative, isn’t it?? Plus people have different ideas about what is different or unique or common or uncommon. I have a six year old named Ava and when she was born in 2003, the name was unheard of. To date, I have met only 2 other girls with her name that are her age. However, the name has strongly gained popularity in the last 6 years and has become a lot more common – so my point is, it went from being very unusual and relatively unique to being much more common and popular all in the span of 6 years. Weird how that happens. I don’t love that everyone seems to like the same names at the same time but I wasn’t trying to go for a unique or unusual name, it was just one that I happened to love 6.5 years ago – and how it has become very common. Oh well.

JM on

people get very defensive about this don’t they? it’s as if we’re not supposed to have an opinion. as long as we’re not saying anything offensive about the family, what’s the harm? wouldn’t it be more boring if with EVERY name that came up we all just said “that’s nice, i like that”.
ava is unoriginal, as it is one of the most popular girls names at the moment. for the record i also find charlotte grace unoriginal. i always cringe when i hear of another little girl with the middle name grace, it’s so common.
but this is just my opinion. it’s not like i’m saying they’re bad parents for choosing a really popular name….

C.A. on

I imagine that someone choosing a name for their first child might not have an idea of what’s “unoriginal” although I find it hard to believe that someone wouldn’t know that the name Ava is now so common it’s almost a cliche. Where I live, it seems like 1 out of every 3 little girls is called Ava.

sam on

nice that they named doughter after reese witherspoon and her doughter ava elisabeth

Jess on

I had both my kids at Pennsylvania Hospital. I’m surprised a “celebrity” has had their child there too. You always hear them having their babies at Cedars Sinai in LA.

Jimbo on

Why does the name have to be original?

I love the part about how she waited for the perfect man….its funny that the perfect man is only her fiance though…..guess she couldn’t wait to marry the perfect man before she got herself preggers….lol

ataeman on

Crazy all the nonsense over the name of a child that is not even yours! I think it all depends where you live. My daughter’s name is Ava and I have never met another little Ava. So far she has never had another little girl in her class or her extracircular activities named Ava either. So maybe it is a regionally popular name.

ask on

when I named my daughter Avyan Leigh Jetata in 2000, I had never heard that name, I actually got the idea from the word aviation, and just switched up the spelling. But now, I know of at least one other person who has named their daughter that as well. So I think people just hear names and they like it so they use it….no big deal.Really no different than a clothes trend.

Roxy on

JM, because when it comes to names, your opinion, or anyone else’s, truly doesn’t matter.

sick on

Avyan Leigh Jetata? Ha! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. That is so ghetto!

JM on

roxy, i’m not sure why you’re specifically responding to me, i never said that my opinion was especially important. in fact if you bothered to read my first post i pointed out, not my kids so i DON’T care what they name their kid. it’s a bit pathetic of you to suggest that i somehow thought my opinion was SO important.
it’s not as if i said that because i didn’t like the name they should change it, that would be ridiculous.
oh and one more thing, roxy, i’ll help you out, you are posting on a site where people regularly post their opinions (have a little look around). this doesn’t mean that we believe our opinions have an influence on things or should change something, it’s just a way of sharing opinions and understanding that different people have different opinions. and don’t worry…. that’s ok, no one is going to have a mental break down here because someone posted something about a name that they disagree with. people just have different views on things.
you’ll find that happens a lot in life…

kadu on

– sick on April 2nd, 2010
Avyan Leigh Jetata? Ha! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. That is so ghetto!
Too funny! What’s next Hakuna Mataataa?? Wait.. Didn’t Halle Berry name her kid that??

essence on

I am disgusted by the ghetto comments and references to the Lion King.Halle Berry named her daughter Nala, neither ghetto or “Hakuna Matata”.

Roxy on

JM, thank you for telling me about the workings of a public forum! I never would’ve figured it out if it wasn’t for your guidance.

I said your opinion or ANYONE ELSE’S so I wasn’t narrowing things down to you. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so defensive. Truly, I don’t understand why anyone on a message board or in real life outwardly comments on their distaste for another person’s naming choice. I don’t see the point.

JC on

Maybe she has already liked the name? I was a Jessica born in the 80’s during the height of the Jessica naming craze and guess what. I had no other Jessica’s in my class growing up. So she shouldn’t have to change a name that she may of had picked up for forever OR could have very special meaning to her just so she can be “original.”

CelebBabyLover on

Jimbo- If she got herself pregnant, then she made medical history! LOL! 🙂

Anonymous on

So let me get this straight. If I happen to like the name Ava, if the name has special meaning to me I am not supposed to use it because it is unoriginal in the eyes of others? Seriously?

MicheleinCA on

Congratulations to both Andrea and Todd on their baby, Ava. If she looks anything like her mother she will grow into her beautiful name.

Lee on

I don’t get it either Roxy. It’s people like JM that make me wonder how they act in real life. Are they that rude to friends or co-workers? If you wouldn’t say it to their faces, why post it online?

Anonymous on

Congratulations Andrea and Todd. We were so happy to hear your exciting news of your new baby girl, Ava. I am sure she is as beautiful as you. I know you will enjoy your new life immensely. Love, Rosemarie and Bill Kendall

Dee on

Some of you people slay me….seriously I am laughing my behind off.
I mean really are we critisizing the woman’s choice of the name she chose for her kid?

Last I checked she carried her for nine months and had to put up with all that came along with pregnancy in my opinion that gives her the right to name her kid whatever the hell she wants!!!

Say congrats and leave it alone or just dont say anything at all people. Gimme a break already!!!! Wow…lol

Emiliy on

YES!!! Finally someone can name there kid a good name!! Celebrities these days are naming there kid apple Jox Rain… I mean these are horrible names so i am glad someone is finally using there head!

Ess on

WHY don’t you all just shut up and be happy for Andrea on the birth of a healthy daughter?