Benjamin Brady’s Too-Cute Tux!

03/31/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady attended Gisele’s twin sister Patricia‘s wedding in Brazil on Saturday – and their 3-month-old son Benjamin Rein cut a dashing figure, sporting a mini tuxedo for the occasion.

Patricia, who is Gisele’s fraternal twin, married Rodrigo Pereira at the Laurentia Vineyard outside Porto Alegre.

Gisele, 29, served as maid of honor – leaving Brady, 32, in charge of the diaper bag.

This is baby Benjamin’s first trip abroad, and the first chance for most of Gisele’s family to meet him.

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Mared on

That is so adorable! What a cute little tux. We haven’t seen his face but methinks little Benjamin looks like his big bro, Jack.

Rach on

They are such a cute family !!

Gisele is so tall, its funny to see her look so short next to Tom 🙂

sheely on

how adorable! I always wanted to find one of those mini baby tuxs for boys. awwww. they are one beautiful family/

Henri on

Cute! Tom looks good in his tux 😉

luny on

ben is sooooooooo adorable in his little tux!tom held him during the cerimony and he was an angel the whole time!cutest family in the world.god bless them!!!!

lena on

He looks more like her than with his father… there was a picture of them in a famous brazilian magazine cover a couple of weeks ago..
Here is the picture.

Crimpe on

What’s up with the awful hair, Gisele and Tom?

Stella Bella on

Am I the only person who thinks it would be tough to be the fraternal twin of someone who looks like Gisele? That sounds like a real “can’t win” situation.

MG on

i’m sure he’s a gorgeous baby. i hate it when people dress babies in miniature “man” outfits, tuxes included. dress your baby like a baby, not a man. but that’s just me.

lover on

@MG- what’s he supposed to wear to a wedding? and baby clothes are replicas of older people clothes because…they’re clothes? idk what other explanation to give lol

anywho, giselle never looks happy! i guess its the paparazzi constantly intruding that makes her look sour.

Hea on

So cute!

Blackrose on

Who knows maybe Gisele’s twin sister is prettier than her but is not into modeling..
and i really love it when little boys are dressed like little men! its the cutest thing!!

I wish we could see a clearer picture of Ben!

snow day on

Totally agree, MG–don’t find baby tuxes cute at all. There are adorable baby clothes for dressy occasions. They are only babies for a short time, and have the rest of their lives to wear tuxes. He could have worn a smocked outfit, for instance. Babies and little kids wearing tuxes–seems like a “costume” to me.

lizzielui on

Good grief. The baby is in a tux for one day, for his aunt’s wedding. It’s not like it’s his everyday uniform. Yes he could have worn a smock but obviously his mother thought this outfit was adorable and did not want to go that route. (For all we know, Gisele may be just as vehement about smocked outfits as some of you guys are about tuxes.) And honestly, a tux even on a grown man is nothing more than a formal costume. It’s not a part of normal attire and it is only worn on certain occasions just like a regular costume. A guy may wear a tux less than five times in his entire lifetime if he’s lucky (or unlucky depending on how you see it.) Regardless, I just fail to see how he’s being forced into manhood as an infant by wearing something formal to a wedding.

dfs on

Lizziehui, no one said he was being forced into manhood. The comment was made that a tux isn’t cute on a baby. Some people agree with that and some people don’t. Get over it–it’s just an opinion and people have a right to an opinion. That’s what the comments section is for.

Chris on

LOl look at his little tux! 🙂

IMO Gisele’s sister has a prettier face than Gisele…less harsh features if that makes sense. Also wouldn’t Gisele be the MATRON of honor since she’s married?

lizzielui on


MG posted, “i hate it when people dress babies in miniature “man” outfits, tuxes included. dress your baby like a baby, not a man.” The implication here is he’s being treated and dressed like a man and not a child.

Furthermore, there is nothing for me to get over. As you stated, these are comments and opinions. Which means I can state my opinion on someone else’s comment if I so choose. It’s If a person doesn’t want someone to comment about something they posted, then they shouldn’t be on a message board.

hayley on

I think he looks cute!!! To all moaning about him wearing one…lets face it most mums arn’t happy unless they are moaning about another mum …………… hmmmm

I put my 8 week old in a teeny suit and he looked LOVELY i have kept that cute suit and would do it again lol lol

Danielle on

Chris, I agree that Patricia has a prettier face than Gisele. Here’s a beautiful picture of them:

And another picture from the wedding for those who didn’t see it:

dfs on

lizziehui, I guess what my point was, was that there’s no reason to get hostile over anyone’s comment. They’re only opinions.

Sarah Marie on

How could this baby not be absolutely adorable?! Look at his parents.

MG on

comment away! i still think tuxes on babies are tacky and i don’t like it, whether it’s a celebrity couple or not. i’m not moaning about other mums, just discussing a preference i have. we are allowed to say we don’t like something, right?

Lau on

I have to agree with MG. I definitely do not like tuxes on babies. There are perfectly good dressy clothes for little ones out there.

Linda on

how cute! gorgeous family… omg!

lizzielui on

Again, of course we are all allowed to say we don’t like something. At the same time, the other half is allowed to disagree and explain the logic behind the disagreement. No hostilities or bitterness at all.

CelebBabyLover on

lizzielui- Right on! Also, I’m a bit confused by the fact that so many people are saying they don’t like babies in tuxes, wish Benjamin hadn’t worn one, etc……Yet, whenever we see a celebrity baby girl wearing a dress to a wedding (whether her parents’ or someone else’s), no one ever says baby girls shouldn’t wear dresses or that baby girls should be dressed like baby girls and not like women. Why the double-standard?

hayley on


there is a marked diffrence between sayng, ‘its not my taste’ and ‘ i hate it when people dress babies in miniature “man” outfits, tuxes included. dress your baby like a baby, not a man….

its not nice and it is moaning, moaning that she and other mums dress babies to old,

and that was my point, i like little suits for boys and little dresses for girls, but i their are some things i don’t like, jeans on little baby girls for example, my taste is things like prety dresses but that just but i don’t moan when i see mums buyig them, or putting them on their kids why would i , its up to them an they clearly like them so my opinion means nothing, nor would i take the time out of my day to click on a website about babies, read the story , click into comments, fill im my info only to post how much i didn’t like it .

but thats just me, each to thier own and all that

sarah on

how cute!! wouldnt gisele be the MATRON of honor since she’s married?