Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Kids’ Choice Cuties

03/30/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Steve Granitz/WireImage

The Smith family — plus Jackie Chan! — struck a pose on the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards orange carpet on Saturday at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion.

Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett-Smith and kids Trey, 17, Jaden Christopher Syre, 11 ½, and Willow Camille Reign, 9, showed off their style, but Willow takes the cake!

She wore custom Converse Extension 1 shoe pants by Daryl Van Wouw.

Click below for more photos of John Leguizamo, Mel B., Maria Bello and Chris Rock with their kids.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Actor John Leguizamo put an arm around Allegra Sky, 10, and Lucas, 9, his children with wife Justine Maurer.

Axelle/Bauer Griffin

The whole Brown-Belafonte family came out for Kids’ Choice!

Stephen Belafonte toted Angel Iris, who turns 3 Saturday, while Phoenix Chi, 11, and Giselle, 5, stood beside Mel B.

Larry Busacca/Getty Image

Chris Rock and wife Malaak Compton-Rock checked out the awards show with their daughters Lola Simone, 7 ½, and Zahra Savannah, 5 ½, as well as a tiny family friend!

Axelle/Bauer Griffin

Maria Bello cuddles up to 9-year-old Jackson Blue, her son with her ex, television executive Dan McDermott.

What’s the meaning behind her boy’s middle name? The actress recently explained that a Celtic healer had revealed to her long before she was pregnant that she was surrounded by “blue energy, so when I was pregnant, we thought blue.”

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Hugo Hurley on

I love the pic with Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s brood!!

mandii on

Look at Willow rockin those pants!! She’s awesome!

Elki on

Hmm, Willow is “rockin'”, huh? What about her age/style? I wouldn’t want my nine year old walk around like her but of course, we are no show biz family…

Molly on

What’s wrong with Willow’s outfit? She’s not wearing anything offensive and it looks like something a nine year old might wear. I think it looks very age appropriate.

Blackrose on

Willow’s pants are age appropriate but i do not like it at all!!
Chris Rock’s daughters are beyond beautiful!!and little Angel is beautiful too!

Mira on

Willow’s outfit is totally age appropriate. Elki, what age do you think would be appropriate for this ridiculous pair of pant-shoes?? 20? 30? 40? I think they’re only okay for a pre-teen.

Jackie Chan looks like the kids’ grandfather! Sorry, Jackie.

Jen DC on

Yes, Willow’s pants are U-G-L-Y, but they are not skin tight and they are appropriate for the occasion – walking a “red carpet.” It’s not a fight I would pick with my 9 year old. You wanna wear ugly, pink, sneaker-pants? Alrighty, then…

All of these kids are gorgeous!

Dee on

Dear Elki

No one cares what your kids wear so who cares what you think about what other peoples’ kids wear!!!!!

That being said…..there is nothing wrong with Willow’s outfit. It might not be everybody’s cup of tea but she likes it and its cute on her.

All these kids are beautiful 🙂

Elki on

So, Dee, why are you posting in the first place as obviously no one is interested in the opinions of others – according to your harsh reaction on my post?

ericka on

I love Will Smith, grew up with him but his family just doesn’t seem down to earth. His kids by all appearances strike me as spoiled brats…

Lookit all the other kids that attended…normal. Then look at his kids…not.

Akira on

love Jackie Chan and the Smiths

angie on

Ericka the Smith kids are actors, and the other kids are not, that´s why they seem different in their poses/look.

Estoria on

I agree with Elki and Ericka! I have 3 children and I wouldn’t allow them to wear something that ugly. However, obviously the parents bought her that outfit or maybe someone else did but they allowed her to wear it, UGH! No one cares Dee? I didn’t know you were speaking for everyone. Maybe you don’t care but some of us do. Good point Elki! A fight you wouldn’t pick? There would be no fight in my household because I am the parent, not them. I am not their best friend unlike the majority of parents out there today. But this is JMO, keep that in mind before you speak. Everyone is entitled to their own.

Molly on

I disagree with those who think Willow’s outfit isn’t age appropriate, but you do have the right to your opinions and nobody should attack you for it. I do have to agree they are ugly though.

Alicia on

I see nothing wrong with Willow’s pants. I wouldn’t wear them but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t.

Chances are that as your kids grow older, they’re not going to have the same tastes as you. The same is true for everyone else. I’d rather see my child in a wacky, age appropriate outfit than in an outfit that I pick out just because it’s what I would wear if I was his or her age.

Lola Monroe on

What’s wrong with her outfit..!? Lol, kind of makes me laugh people would find that offensive or whatever the case may be. Their kids are definitely gorgeous & stars in the making without question.

sad on

I can’t believe Trey Smith is 17! He has grown up fast!

Xan on

I love the bright, colorful outfits on all the kids (especially Mel-B’s!). I used to love to dress in bright, funky colors in the late ’90s when I was their age, and it’s really something that only looks good on a kid.

Willow’s pants are hilarious. I bet she’ll cringe someday when she sees this photo!

whatever on

Every time I see pictures of Will and Jada Smith’s kids all I can think is “what posers!” They always look ridiculous and incredibly arrogant.


LOVE the way Will and Jada chose the names of their children:
Will = Willow, Jada = Jaden.

On another note, cute photos.

J on

I agree Whatever.

Sense on

Really? We are going to talk about Willow’s outfit because it doesn’t fit our standards of a decent outfit, but I guess low v-cut shirts and jeans two sizes too small is okay? It’s ugly! I get it, but it’s her own style, I don’t think she expects you to understand and I agree that just wait a few years and Willow will probably look back on this picture and say “What was I thinking?!” Don’t you remember when you were younger but your parents didn’t like that style? Like when rock and roll was first established…the clothes from then are like saintly compared to the ones everyone wants to wear now.
You’re just jealous of someone in the spotlight.You are just wasting your life looking at what you don’t have instead of cherishing what you do have. I just came to this site because I love Jackie Chan….☺
Oh, by the way, Jackson is such a cute kid!

Andrea on

Willow is a rock star! I love that young, hip, talented family!!

Vera on

I’m honestly confused. What on earth is the matter with Willow’s pants? They’re not skanky or slutty. Estoria, you said: ‘I have 3 children and I wouldn’t allow them to wear something that ugly.’ So in your opinion children should not be allowed to wear anything that their parents don’t think is attractive? Children should be mindless models of their parents? At what point does that stop? When they’re eighteen are you going to be telling them: ‘Look, that t-shirt might be fashionable but I’m not big on the whole fake zebra print thing so you can’t wear it and thats final.’