Madonna Dishes on Designing With Daughter

03/30/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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While it has become increasingly clear that Madonna‘s 13-year-old daughter Lourdes ‘Lola’ Maria has a passion for fashion, the extent of her talent has come to light with Material Girl.

An affordable junior clothing line to debut at Macy’s in August, Material Girl represents a collaboration between mother and daughter — though Mom is quick to downplay her level of involvement!

“I just stand in the background and go, ‘That’s cool. That’s not cool,'” Madonna, 51, insists to the Associated Press.

“If Lola wasn’t so completely involved in the line, designing, consulting, whatever you want to call it, I wouldn’t do it. Really she does most of the work, honestly.”

Promoting the launch has fallen on Madonna’s shoulders, however, because of Lola’s busy school schedule. “She has a lot of work to do,” the singer explains. “I don’t want her to be distracted.”

Promising that her daughter “will eventually be able to talk about [Material Girl],” Madonna says it can’t happen soon enough!

“I am going to be happy when she does because she can speak much more clearly … and in a more informed way than I can about a line she is ultimately designing.”

Working side-by-side was an eye-opening experience for Madonna, who admits she came to view Lola differently as a result.

“I see her more as a creative person, as an artist and less as my daughter as we are working,” she explains, “and then every once and a while I remembered she is my daughter.”

By Madonna’s own account, Lola has been interested in fashion design for quite some time, and good friend Stella McCartney deserves the bulk of the credit.

“She got her mind thinking when Lola was a little girl, about 8-years-old,” Madonna recalls. “She started giving Lola fabrics and inviting her into her showroom and asking her opinion on things, giving her sketch books and stuff like that.”

While McCartney is singled out as someone who “pushed” Lola, Madonna notes that she has numerous other friends who are clothing designers, and that as a result, her daughter is no stranger to the industry.

“She has been around all of the shoots I have done and all of the campaigns I have done,” Madonna says.

Life on the road with mom has also provided ample opportunities for Lola to hone in on her craft. Madonna adds,

“She is always hanging out backstage. The last two tours I have done, she has been working in the wardrobe department. On this last tour she dressed all of the dancers.”

Lola’s love of her English upbringing is evident in the designs.

“According to her, she thinks people have more style in London, especially the boys,” Madonna shares. “French boys in particular have very good style, according to Lola.”

Music and dance class have also ignited Lola’s creative spark, but sometimes she finds inspiration closer to home!

Madonna adds, “Of course she is inspired by my closet. My Christian Dior shoes will go missing and then some fabulous bag I won’t be able to find or my skinny jeans, the only pair that fit me are gone.”

When asked which fashion lessons she’s learned from her daughter, Madonna says she has learned just one. “I am boring basically,” she jokes.

Noting that Lola “just goes for it and tries different things,” Madonna admits, “She reminds me of me when I was younger.”

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Sharon on

Lola is lovely.

lover on

the only thing i can say is this: lourdes is the most fortunate child in the world. wow. what i wouldn’t give to have the opportunities she has because of her mother. wow. seriously. wow.

alice jane on

Lourdes is so beautiful! Wow. And she definitely has a very funky and creative style; she must be having fun bringing that to light with her designs.

Mina on

If Madonna’s involved, I know the clothes will rock! She doesnt let Lola dress beyond her age yet she’s so chic & sweet! I cant wait for it & I’m almost 24!

Madonna’s kids are very fortunate but down to earth. I hear nothing but good things about her kids & I think she’s one of the best celebrity moms around. Go material girl! =D

Anna on

Seriously why everybody says this girl looks like Madonna? I really CAN’T see Madonna in her

Sam on

I like how Madonna has kept her daughter ‘age appropriate’ in clothing, hair style, etc., which in their industry can’t be easy. I think Lourdes looks a LOT like Madonna. Look especially at the shape of their eyes, they are identical. Look at their mouths (lips) and even the shape of their faces. Maybe because Lourdes is darker, like her dad, it’s harder to see for some, but I’ve noticed it for years.

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- I agree! Lourdes is Madonna 2.0! 🙂

Stevie on

Lourdes is a pretty girl and she has a nice blend of both her parents. I’m glad Madonna keeps her kids focused on school but also encourages them to explore their creativity and their interests in a positive manner and I hope this continues. I think it’s sweet Madonna took on this line for Lourdes. Ultimately, having responsibilities and focus will only help Lourdes. I like that Madonna tries to instill a great work ethic at a young age in all her kids. I’ve only heard good things about Lourdes from a few people who have met or been around her and she is said to be very smart, sweet, and polite. I really hope she maintains those traits as she matures.

Lissette on

Lourdes looks a lot like Madonna in her teen years. She’s adorable! I’m looking forward to checking out the line.

mom of 3 on

I’m happy that Madonna insists this is all Lola’s doing. But that being said, if it is all Lola, I wonder why she wouldn’t pick a different name for her clothing line. I mean just say the word Material Girl and we all know it’s Madonna. Maybe that’s the point, who knows. Time will tell if the clothing is age appropriate or not.

Sam on

‘mom of 3’, I think Lourdes picked it. I’m sure she knows all about her mom’s music (how could she not!) and probably thought ‘fashion/material/clothing/material’ and she is a girl. Sort of like ‘fashion girl’, only ‘material girl’. Sure it has a connection to her mom, but she’s her mom’s daughter! I think it’s perfect!

Stella Bella on

lover, I am with you. I’m sitting here thinking about the things I was stuck doing at 13 and Lola’s life looks pretty good! Seems like Madonna is the sort of mother that I aspire to be (keeping it age appropriate, encouraging interests and work ethic). 🙂

Carly on

What a beautiful girl! An apple never falls far from the tree. I’m looking forward to this line.

elby on

Um, Madonna does know that France is not in London right? One’s the capital city of the U.K, the other is a large country in Europe where they eat good cheese and great bread and speak a completely different language. But not ‘French Fries’ which are not in the least bit French.

Stevie on


Madonna was talking about the French boys in London who were Lourdes’ classmates. Lourdes went to a French school in London that also has branches in LA and NYC and other places around the world.

Sarah Marie on

How fun for them to be able to do this together!