Scott Wolf Spent Wife’s Labor Sobering Up

03/29/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Howard Wise/JPI

Scott Wolf was hundreds of miles away when he received word that his wife Kelley was in labor with their first child. And after a bit of late-night partying the night before, the actor wasn’t in the best position to fly to her side!

“I was in Vancouver [shooting the pilot for V] and my wife calls early on a Saturday morning. She’s like, ‘It’s happening; you gotta get on a plane,'” Wolf recalled during a Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“Unfortunately, the night before we were at a drinking establishment and we had gotten over-served,” jokes Wolf. “So I basically got on a plane and was recovering the whole way.”

Once he arrived at the hospital Wolf, 41, decided not to relay his hangover troubles to Kelley.

“Thankfully I had the good sense not to tell a woman who was about to push out something the equivalent of a bowling ball out of her own body that I had a headache,” he notes. “Terrible idea!”

Looking forward to cutting the cord yet still feeling the effects of his celebratory evening, Wolf credits his then-unborn son Jackson Kayse with being sympathetic.

“He actually hung in there those last few hours,” he says. “I think he was letting me sober up! [He was thinking,] ‘This guy is not ready for me yet!'”

Calling now 1-year-old son “the greatest little guy,” Wolf is embracing first-time fatherhood despite having detoured from his and Kelley’s original parenting plan.

“You start out with all these rules — we’re not going to feed him sugar, we’re not going to swear after 9 — and then it gets to a point where you realize if he’s happy…” he trails off.

“It gets to the point where my wife is like, ‘Honey, he’s eating Skittles and watching Scarface,‘ and I’m like, ‘Does he seem happy? Get out of there! That’s a good movie.'”

— Anya Leon

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kelsey on

I like that philosophy, a happy baby. Thats a funny story too! I enjoyed this article.

Sadie on

At first, I read the title as “Scott Wolf’s Wife Spent Labor Sobering Up” lol

Delaina on

What a funny story about Jackson’s birth!! I would most certainly hope if I was in the same situation my sweet husband would also have the good sense not to tell me about his alcohol-induced headache while I’m in labor!!

LOVE the philosophy of a happy baby, we try to follow that too for the most part. We try to keep a schedule and a routine, but sometimes you just gotta do what’s going to make the wee ones happy!!

Chris on

“we had gotten over-served”

That’s one of putting it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cute story.

Irish on

How unfortunate…all around. I hate to preach, but first of all, days of over-drinking are for single, non parents. 41 and getting drunk with buddies while your wife is home pregnant and ready to pop, isnt ideal. Second, Skittles for a 1 year old?! Choking hazard! And third, I REALLY hope he is joking about Scarface. If not, the first words out of that kids mouth is going to be (rhymes with duck and take out the d and stick an f in there). Yes, Scarface IS a great movie…if your over the age of at LEAST a teenager.

giftbox on

Irish, he was embellishing for the sake of humor. I seriously, seriously doubt that Scott and his wife are leaving an unattended 1-year-old to watch Scarface while knocking back Skittles. As for his being “over served,” he was out of the country working, earning a living to help support his wife and then-unborn child, and he went out with co-workers after work to have drinks. Not really the picture of irresponsibility you’re suggesting.

raye on

wow, Irish, you sure don’t know what a joke is, do you? perhaps you should invest in a dictionary, and look up the word ‘sarcasm’. and maybe ‘judgemental’, while you’re at it.

Clare on

This sounds very familiar! My husband was a little worse for wear while I was having our daughter. He had the good sense not to complain though!

Irish, your life doesn’t end when you have kids. As long as everyone is safe and happy there’s nothing wrong with a few drinks and I think you might have taken it all a little too seriously.

Shar on

I hate to be a stuffed shirt, but if I were Scott I sure wouldnt have bragged about this story. I didnt find it at all amusing – especially for a married 41 year old and of course he had to be “over-served” as he put it in my hometown. He was wise indeed not to tell is wife what shape he was in but I would have preferred if he had felt some remorse over it and not have bragged about it. That is just me though. As far as the rest of it – it was just joking about how paranoid we all are with our first for awhile and they we realize that they wont die if we actually put them to bed with dirt on their face or if they have the odd bit of sweets.

steph on

irish if you hate to preach then dont. Also if you cant read without understanding a joke or sarcasm then dont comment.
Loved the “we got overserved” line ๐Ÿ˜‰

Michelle on

Irish, I agree with you about the drinking being a single person’s deal! It almost seems he was a bit desperate in trying to recapture something!

Hea on

Irish – I’m sure their kid will have morals. I swear at times, not around kids but sometimes I forget myself and it’s no big deal to either them or me. It’s when it’s forbidden and nearly stigmatized that you start to have kids swearing away. And Scott having a night out with buddies is SO OK to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I, at his age, still would enjoy a night out like that. Preferably at a metal festival. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve always thought that they seem like a normal, loving, happy and relaxed family.

True on

Irish, Please come down and have a sense of homour!!!!!!!! nonetheless great story.

sil on

hahaha funny story!
@Irish, he is JOKING! ๐Ÿ™‚

betty on

Yeesh, do people come on this site just to nitpick and make themselves feel superior to others? He was telling a story for a magazine, which usually includes embellishments for the sake of humor. On top of that, yes he’s a grown man but the last time I checked, people in their forties are still allowed to drink. A funny story about one night in his man’s life does not mean he was out drinking every night of his wife’s pregnancy. Passing snap judgments on other people is not only unfair, but also foolish.

Tess on

Irish – I agree with your post.

Jenn on

I have to say that I agree with Irish. When I first read the story I thought Wow how irresponsible, and then go and brag about it? Sure it’s okay to go out with friends and have a beer after work, but to get so drunk that you didn’t manage to sober up on a flight from Vancouver back to the states seems excessive to me. Especially when you knew that your wife would go into labor at any time.

MammaDucky on

Ahahahahaha! Funny story.
Some of you need to relax. Drinking is for single, childless people? Seriously? While I don’t drink much at all, on a special occasion/special night out I have been known to get tipsy (mostly because I drink SO infrequently that one glass of wine does it!). Am I not entitled to have a night out with my hubs and friends because I have children? Please
By the way, my husband was at a bar with friends, watching a big football game with a Bloody Mary in hand when I called and told him it was time to go to the hospital to have our twins. I was not upset in the least.

Liz on

Irish doesn’t sound very Irish.

Diana on

I have to somewhat agree with Irish. If my husband has to be away that close to when I could go into labor he better be ready to go and be there for me (At 40 years old I would hope he would be mature enough to know that!!) I certainly wouldn’t be bragging about it to a magazine. As for the rest of the stuff I wouldn’t take it that seriously and it did seem like he was joking.

And the first time I read it I thought it said the same thing Sadie! lol I was thinking WHAT???!!!!!

shellly on

โ€œUnfortunately, the night before we were at a drinking establishment and we had gotten over-served,โ€ jokes Wolf. โ€œSo I basically got on a plane and was recovering the whole way.โ€

the night before. So I highly doubt he was hammered on the plane. he mentions a head ahce..if anything he was hung over, not still drunk from the night before. relax, to each their own.

Crystal on

Over-drinking is for single, non-parents??? Yeah you make parenting sound so fun. My friend is a parent of three children and she and her husband enjoy going out and sometimes they over-drink. So what? Who cares! Does that make them less of parents because they go out and have fun? No! Irish, your way of thinking is closed-minded. He was enjoying himself after a long day at work. I say……….GO FOR IT!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hea on

Some people are so boring and super righteous that it almost scares me. Live a little. Let loose.

Kel on

Couldn’t have said it better Crystal! We’re all human. My hubby nver drinks but I do every now and then and I can’t wait to have a tall glass of wine after this baby arrives in May…maybe 2 tall glass hahahah

Liliana on

Funny story. Of course people, here, find fault with it.

As for the sentiment that drinking is for single people, that is hilarious. A person’s life doesn’t come to a grinding halt once he or she has children. That’s not to say it’s acceptable to attend keg parties every night but what’s the problem with going out for drinks every once in awhile?

As for the rest of the interview, Scott was clearly joking. It’s amazing how literal people take things especially given the fact he was on a late night show embellishing his story.

Maybe tonight, Scott and Jackson will watch Goodfellas, eat M&M’s, and kick back a case of Pepsi!

StotheG on

This is funny – get over it. Some people just don’t get sarcasm and so what if he was drunk? Life doesn’t end just because a baby is born. People who end their personal lives when the kids are born are the miserable people out there wondering whom they’ve become. It’s not the end of the world and makes for a funny story.

Alisa on

I find it a little weird, too, that he would go out and get drunk when his wife was ready to go into labor at any moment. I’m not at all against drinking while you’re a parent, but not if it gets in the way of your responsibilities. Like someone else said, I wouldn’t be bragging about this story if I were Mr. Wolf……

CelebBabyLover on

Am I the only one who missed the part where he’s bragging about getting drunk the night before his son was born?

Patrice on

I can’t say enough how much I love, love, love this couple!!!! I first started liking them when I saw them on a television special a few years back about how they try to live as “green” as possible with Kelly growing their own food and they had a totally “green” home built as well : ) Did anyone else see the video clip on “Extra” a coule of weeks ago with Jackson absolutely cracking up at his Dad’s golf swing?? It was hilarious! Scott and Kelly seem so laid back and un-Hollywood. I really love his sense of humor about life. He’s great : )

Patrice on

CeleBabylover and Alisa: Kelly had a natural birth i.e, nether one of them knew exactly when the baby was going to arrive! So, what, he should have been sober the whole last month of her pregnancy? Lol. Also, did you miss the part about how he was in CANADA at the time? Obviously Jack arrived a bit unexpectedly…I’m sure his son will look back on this stroy some day with his Dad and have a good laugh about it.