Mario Lopez Wants Baby’s Sex to Be a Surprise

03/29/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

When it comes to welcoming his first child this fall, Mario Lopez is all about the element of surprise — much to the dismay of his friends and family.

“People are very upset that I’m not finding out what the sex is going to be,” the Extra host tells Ellen DeGeneres during an episode airing Friday.

“I think that is one of life’s great surprises. I want to be, ‘Oh, it’s a girl’ and ‘Oh, it’s a boy.'”

And despite warnings that he and girlfriend Courtney Mazza won’t be prepared for baby’s arrival without knowing whether they’ll be buying pink or blue, Lopez insists stocking up on presents is the last thing on his mind.

“I’ll be all right with gifts and maybe a coat of paint on the wall,” he admits.

“Real excited” about fatherhood, Lopez, 36, is still brainstorming when it comes to a name.

“I don’t have names picked out. Maybe you can help me,” he prompted DeGeneres.

— Anya Leon

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Peggie on

Mario, I am the Mom of 4 grown adult children. We had a chance to find out every time if we wanted to know the sex of each child and each time we said no. The delivery was so much more “fun” finding out at the last minute. Wise choice and congrats!

debbie on

I had 4 sons and knew with all of them and it was still fun!

Delaina on

Please forgive me, but is the mother going to be in this baby’s life at all? There are a lot of “I”‘s in Mario’s statements above. “I am not finding out”, “I’ll be all right with gifts”, “I don’t have names picked out. Maybe you can help me”…

Bonnie on

Delaina, that was EXACTLY what I was thinking! I’m amazed he isn’t talking about how hard pregnancy is on him! You’d never know another was involved the way he talks about it. I hope for the mother’s and baby’s sake this man learns a little humility, fast.

hotrod on

Excuse me, Delaina!!! What is your problem, the guy is really excited. Why do people always look for negative stuff in life ???

Alisha on

Delaina, MY thoughts exactly!

Joy on

With my last child, we found out ‘it’s a boy.’ How wonderful for my husband to talk to my stomach and call our son by his name, which was (is) James Wyatt. I’d rather know beforehand..

J on

Why do people always seem to think there is ONLY Pink or Blue clothes for newborns? Believe it or not there are some colors like Yellow or Green that look good on either sex

Chris on

Although I am happy to hear when anyone is joyously expecting a child and that the child is very much wanted, I hope Mario finally grows up. He is a serial “cheater”…cheating on his 1st wife, Ally Landry,months after their marriage, then girlfriend Karina, and who knows how many others. He sounds as if he is committed to being a father, just wish he would grow up and commit to just one woman! Good luck Courtney…hope you know what you are getting into.

Carla on

Delania, I also agree. Most times it’s “we’re pregnant”, “we’re having a baby” from the Dad when we all know it’s the mom who is pregnant and having a baby. Through all four of my pregnancies, my husband has wonderfully been there for anything I needed, but knew I was the one with the real job. However, it was the “team” that put together the nursery, picked out the needed items and the name. The saying goes – there is no I in team. Hopefully Mario was just excited and as a first time dad, forgot it takes two to make a baby.

Traci on

Aw, this is really cute of him. :p

I’m sure that he was using so many “I’s” simply because he was the one being interviewed. When you’re excited, you don’t always think about being PC about how you word what you say.

As for the actual interview topic, I don’t find anything wrong with not wanting to find out. For some people keeping it a secret just isn’t for them, but one person’s way isn’t for everyone.

Also, I think the idea that they won’t be prepared if they don’t know what gender the child is…is ridiculous. People were having babies and getting prepared for upcoming children during a pregnancy long, long, long before people were able to find out for sure what the sex of the baby would be. Just because its easier if you know doesn’t mean its impossible if you don’t.

Becky on

Maybe, it’s because he was the one that Ellen was talking to that he said I..I think it’s great that they are waiting to find out the sex, because like he said, it is still one of life’s great surprises..

Amber on

I think Delaina hit the nail on the head. I hope he has learned a lot since he cheated on the Doritos model while on his own bachelor party. He seems a little egotistical to me…all 5’1″ 125 pounds of him!!

blessedx5 on

Seriously…………..does he think he has done this by himself?

Leila on

Give the guy a break. He’s only trying to convey his feelings of excitement about the whole thing. No need to over analyze everthing. With all his enthusiasm, he’ll make a great dad.

Fea on

Mario got a dose of humility when he lost DWTS to Emmitt Smith! Thought that was great.

anna on


Beanie Mom on

For years before all the technology parents were ready for which ever came boy or girl you go with the flow.

Pam on

I really don’t think that Delaina was being cruel. I too thought that he sounded like he was the only parent. Never we just I. Perhaps if you read it again, you’ll see what Delaina meant. The most important thing is for the Child to be born healthy. Girl or Boy, I’m sure it will be loved and cherrished. Best luck and health to BOTH Parents and the Child. Oh and it’s a personal choice if you want to know the sex before birth.

J on

People can find out and not really know….with my second, they said GIRL and out came a boy!

Elizabeth on

I’m pregnant and due in a matter of days and we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. Our nursery is fully stocked and cute as can be! In fact, not knowing if it was a boy or a girl forced friends and family to give functional, needed gifts, instead of, say, 100 pink or blue onesies, size 0-3 months.

I can’t wait to hear my husband tell me, “it’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl!” the moment after I deliver. It’s going to make the experience so incredibly special to us both.

me on

Besides all the “I’s” has there been any wedding news…NO! why? because I’m not surprised if he ends up being a “single” daddy! πŸ˜‰

Jackie on

I’m with Mario on this one!
Finding out the sex before hand- is like knowing what you are getting before Christmas….

I never found out with my son- and I am so glad I waited- you’ll never get another surprise like that……EVER!

Cheryl Evans on

Delaina, you are soooo right! What happened to we? All he talks about is I. So full of himself!

ecl on

I don’t really care if people find out or not. All I can say is that it’s a surprise to hear it’s a boy or girl at the ultrasound, too!

shocked girl on

Good heavens you women are catty!! I can tell you for a fact that my dear husband often said “I” while I was pregnant and I never took offense to it. Get off your little kitty scratching posts.

Clueless on

Am I clueless? When did Mario Lopez start thinking about babies? I don’t even know the woman becoming his baby-mama!!!! Personally, Mario really is the most “me” guy (well, other than Ryan Seacrest) in Hollywood. Now we know at least Mario can father a baby! :))

Anyhow, I would have MUCH preferred Mario stick with Karina Smirnoff from “Dancing with the Stars” to have beautiful children together.

Franki on

Seriously???? My gosh people! He is going to be a father he is excited! Give the guy a break. Some people can never see past someone’s past. He is having a child, can’t you just be happy for him instead of having to bash him for saying “I” instead of “WE”!? Wow! Never seen so many “Negative Nelly’s” about such a positive subject! CONGRATULATIONS MARIO!!!

Cathryn on

Finding out the gender of your baby is one of life’s great surprises REGARDLESS of whether it is before the baby is born or after. Finding out before doesn’t make it any less special in my opinion.

hanna on

Not to many big surprises in life, why rain on the biggest day of your life.gee wonder how women “prepared” before ultrasounds…..

Jennifer on

I agree with Franki. He was saying “I” because “he” was being interviewed. Seriously not that big of a deal. Get over the pety stuff girls! Good luck Mario and Courtney!

Amanda on

How many pregnant women featured on here over the years have said “I” when talking about their pregnancies? I don’t recall anybody getting up in arms about that. As far as Mario’s personal life goes…much of that has been reported by tabloids. None of us actually know him, in all likeliness, and therefore we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. People tend to forget that just because someone is a celebrity, that doesn’t mean that their feelings can’t be hurt by people who act as if they know every intimate detail of their lives, simply because select portions of their lives are played out in the public arena.

Eljay on

Sorry I can’t muster any excitement over this. I can’t believe any woman would want to have a child with him. He cheated on his wife during their honeymoon; when he dumped his DWTS partner he took the chicken way out and either left a voicemail or it was email.

I agree every other word is I – he’ll find out really quick that there is no I when you have a child.

The guy is what we call snarly.

Jan on

Right on Jon. I agree, what is it with all this pastel pink and blue and yellow? Ugh. We bought bright purple, orange, navy blue, green, turquoise, peach, lime, they were all beautiful. there ARE more than 3 colors that a baby can wear! And not knowing is GREAT. One surprise in life that should not be missed. Knowing does ruin it, I had several girlfriends that wished they hadn’t messed up and asked. No surprise then in the delivery room.

Liliana on

I choose to not find out the sex with either of my pregnancies and it worked best for me.

I can’t say the same for family and friends, though. They tried pressuring me into learning the sex, in large part, because it would make their shopping easier.

While I bought items that had any colors other than blue or pink, I did occassionally have to travel specifically to the boys or girls section for a few items because apparently, girls don’t wear lime green and boys don’t wear dark purple. For some reason, many stores just don’t cater to the shopper who wants to buy unisex items.

That said, I wouldn’t change my experience for the world. It was a nice added touch to both deliveries.

shalay on

This is dumb. If Ellen was interviewing Amy Adams, I’m sure she’d be answering “I” for all of the same questions. Does that mean she conceived and will be raising the baby by herself? No. It simply means that she is the famous star that the public is familiar with, so she’s answering for herself, since SHE is the one being interviewed. This girl Mario is with isn’t nearly as famous as he is. Ellen was interviewing Mario, so Mario was answering for himself. DUH he is isn’t doing this alone!

And if you’re gonna hate on the guy, you might as well choose something relevant to hate him for. His past with Ali Landry is shady, but it is history. She’s already re-married with a child. Many, many men have cheated on their past partners. Does that mean he can’t eventually one day find happiness?

Erica S. on

Crap… there goes my chance to have his first baby! πŸ˜‰

Crystal on

Some people just don’t learn from the past. We know who Mario was in the past and for you guys who think he can/will change are kidding themselves. He has shown us his true colors over and over again. Obviously his “baby mama” has chosen not to take heed. Good-Luck with that Courtney!

Jess from Ohio on

I think he says “I” just because he is the one being interviewed. I totally think they will have a little girl and name her something like Isabella or Arianna. Good luck to them!

Chris on

The only thing that strange is when he said he didn’t have any names picked out. It seems like he wouldn’ve said we don’t have any names picked out because that’s kind of a joint decision, usually. But maybe he isn’t thinking in terms of “we” because there is no “we” because they aren’t in that solid of a relationship. People don’t say “we” unless they’re in that mindset. Anyway I think it’s a great surprise and so exciting to find out the sex of the baby at birth. Babies don’t care what color their clothes are anyway!

JC on

For the most part around here and in interviews I see “We…” etc. We all know that Mario is at least a little bit self-centered from past experience.

ecl on

Sorry folks, but even if you do find out the sex of your baby before hand, it IS a surprise in the delivery room. The baby being handed to you isn’t just a penis or a vagina, it’s a person you are meeting for the first time. THAT is the special part in my mind.

Jennifer on

It’s a surprise when you go for the ultrasound! I enjoyed knowing I was having a boy from 20 weeks on. It made decorating, clothes shopping, and registering so much easier.

Anna on

He was speaking for himself, nothing wrong with that. I can’t believe the things people complain about on this website.

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda and shalay- Exactly what I was thinking!

As for finding out a baby’s gender before birth…..I don’t have kids, but if I ever were to have any, I’d probably wait until the birth to find out the gender. I also agree that you can certainly still prepare for a baby without knowing it’s gender.

As other posters have pointed out, there ARE unisex baby clothes out there, and there are several lovely gender-neutral colors that you can paint your nursery. πŸ™‚

Also, what if you, say find out you’re having a girl, decorate the nursery all in pink, buy all “girl” clothes, etc…..and then you end up having a boy? Ultrasounds are sometimes wrong!

Speaking of which, I also don’t see why people find it difficult to buy a shower gift if they don’t know the gender! I’ve been to several showers, and, if I’m buying clothes for the baby, I usually buy gender neutral even if the parents-to-be know and have shared the gender, just in case the ultrasound is wrong. Also, if all else fails, you can always buy diapers or bottles for a shower gift! πŸ™‚

plzzshop89 on

He was speaking for himself, nothing wrong with that. I can’t believe the things people complain about on this website.

Divinemsm on

Leave Mario alone and let him enjoy his glorious time during his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Mario was the person being interviewed, so any normal person would respond to questions with the word “I”. A single person being interviewed certainly would not be answering questions with a “WE”. What is the matter with you people? If Mario and his girlfriend had been interviewed together, then the approriate responses would have been “WE”.

Amanda on

I don’t know, when I was pregnant I said ‘I’ all the time I’m sure and my husband is very involved.

I’ve had 3 and found out with each one of them, I wouldn’t change a thing and if we have a 4th I’ll find out again even though we now have all the clothes/bedding we’d need for either gender. Finding out is nice for planning but that isn’t why I find out. I find I connect with my baby more personally when I know just who is growing in there. It’s not just ‘the baby’, or ‘Jane or John’, even though we didn’t name our son until after his birth I still knew he was my son while I was still pregnant with him. The births are exciting enough on their own. What day/time will they be born, how big will they be, what will they look like, eye color, hair color, and so on. Each experience was different and special even though we knew who we’d be meeting at the end of it.

snow day on

The “I” thing is very off-putting.

Priscilla on

OHh boohoo.. who cares Mario Lopez is Awesome and I love him. And not finding out the sex of the baby is exciting. I cant wait to hear what him and his girlfriend are having. Hope all goes well. xoxoxo

Niko on

Not a Mario Lopez fan, for obvious reasons!. I HOPE he’s finally done with his cheating ways now that he’s about to become a father. If he cheats on Courtney, he’d be cheating on his newborn as well, which is low, even for Mario.

Sage on

SO what he saids “I” I’ve heard a lot of pregnant women and expecting fathers’ say this before. It’s not grounds to call that person self centered.

As much as I hate Mario’s cheating ways I think he will be a good father. Also I would be surprised if these two stay together for the long haul, mark my words he will be a single daddy.

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda’s post made me remember something I meant to ask last night: For all of you have found out your baby’s sex before birth, whether to connect with him/her or for decorating purposes….What would you have done if the baby had turned out to be the opposite gender of what the ultrasound said?

I’m not trying to be snarky at all, I promise! I’ve just always been curious what people do when they decorate for a boy and have a girl, or bond with what they think is a girl, and have a boy. πŸ™‚

Tracie on

Well done Delaina! When I read the article it struck me how all he spoke of himself, not mentioning his poor girlfriend at all. Something tells me Mario is ill prepared for parenthood and won’t be around much after the baby is born.

lupe on