Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker and Tabitha Go Undercover

03/25/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Rain, rain go away!

Sarah Jessica Parker keeps her 9-month-old daughter Tabitha Hodge dry Monday while leaving their New York City home with twin Loretta, son James and husband Matthew Broderick (not pictured).

The Sex and the City star recently said that Tabitha thinks that her 7-year-old brother “hung the moon.”

“Her head can turn literally 360 degrees to follow him anywhere …. she’s really, really smitten,” Parker, 45, explains.

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Emma on

Awww look at her hair, She beautiful..

vjw on

When the girls’ middle names were first released, I thought they were a little strange, but after seeing SJP’s story on “Who Do You Think You Are?” they are are fitting tribute to her ancestors. 🙂 Lovely.

mommaruthsays on

I don’t know if I’d be gutsy enough to name one daughter over the other as my son’s favorite. Maybe that’s just me.

Totally cute baby girl, though!

LL65 on

Love the hair!

shirabee on

i totally agree with vjw – i thought they were interesting choices but when i saw her on the show and heard the names, i said to myself that those were the names she named her kiddies!!! true to her family, sjp honours everyone!!! beautiful little girl too

Manon on

I am pretty certain that’s Tabitha.

Love SJP! Didn’t really like the “favourite sister” comment much either.

You’re right – our apologies! Thanks for the correction.

daniela on

OMG!!! Love the sticky up hair – So cute! I could eat her up!!! 🙂

brannon on

kind of feel bad for tabitha every time she says James like loretta better 😦 adorable little girl though

Alice on

I’d let my son name the house goldfish, not one of my kids. Besides, she lets James name one, and then everyone ignores the first name and calls her what SJP wanted any way?! Don’t care if they’re family names: Marion/Loretta/Tabitha are all names one would hear at a bingo hall. Blech!

lover on

@alice, not to be rude but alice is a bingo hall name too!

Cape Town Mum on

Very cute girl but where I’m from Tabitha is a cats name 😦

Tia on

I’m confused by all of the comments about “favorite sister.” I didn’t read that anywhere in the article. She says that Tabitha is smitten with James Wilkie but she never says anything about him preferring one sister over the other.

The article text was changed since Manon gave us a heads up about the misidentified twin.

Andrea on

It seems a lot of people here haven’t read the article properly: SJP is leaving with Tabitha under the umbrella. Loretta, along with James and husband Matthew, aren’t pictured. She doesn’t say James prefers Loretta: she says Tabitha loves James a lot. Read and understand before you make silly, judgmental comments!

pam on

do you people read she didn’t say one was a “favorite” or her son’s favorite, she said the baby thinks her son hung the moon and will do a 360 to follow him anywhere, never did she say the baby herself was a “favorite” this is how internet rumors get started, can’t believe two readers read that wrong

laurie on

cape town mum… not to be rude but maybe u need to get out more…my youngest (23) is named tabitha and trust me she’s no cat…tabitha is not that unheard of i know of 3-4

lizzielui on

LOL @ Lover. I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

Sarah K. on

She did previously say that James loves Loretta the best, but I don’t really see the big deal. I doubt anyone is judging a 7 year old for having a favorite baby. It was a cute story and it’s not like she said Tabitha was bad so James didn’t like her. James likes Loretta for arbitrary reasons (she looks like him) because he’s 7. That’s what 7 year olds do and it was cute.

Sarah K. on

And Andrea, the story in the caption was changed because the baby in the picture was previously identified as Loretta. That’s why people were commenting on the favorite baby story.

Minnie on

@ Alice, so what if you don’t care if those are family names? If it has a special signifigance to them, so let them use those names!