Inside Barron Trump’s Intrepid Fourth Birthday Party

03/25/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Melania Trump

When he grows up, Barron William Trump “says he will be a businessman and golfer like his daddy” Donald Trump, notes Melania Trump. But based on his recent fourth birthday bash, you’d think he’d be gunning for his pilot’s license!

Along with the Donald, Melania — who launches a jewelry line April 30 on QVC — toasted the littlest Trump at Manhattan’s Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum this past Friday.

The two-hour affair featured submarine and helicopter tours, chicken nuggets and pizza — all enjoyed by 20 of Barron’s new preschool friends.

“Barron loves helicopters and airplanes,” the model mom explains of the high-flying theme, enhanced by an airplane-shaped chocolate-and-vanilla cake, modeled after Trump’s private jet.

“It said ‘Barron Trump’ on it, just like his daddy’s plane,” she says. “The children had a blast.”

Though this was Barron’s first birthday party in New York — the Trumps normally celebrate at their Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach — Melania kept certain elements consistent with parties past.

“Every year Barron has huge balloons with [his age] on them. It’s nice to have at least one tradition,” she says. “Barron was in a great party mood, and Donald had a great time too.”

Sounds a lot less intense than firing celebrities in the boardroom, no?

“Well, I guess it’s a little bit more relaxing for my husband, being around 4-year-old kids running everywhere,” says Melania. “But even with them, you never know!”

Check out additional photos of Barron’s birthday party on Melania’s Facebook page.

— Suzanne Zuckerman

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Why Is She Always Squinting? on

Cute kid and Melania (when she is not squinting) is a very beautiful woman. However, she kills the picture when she tries too hard to “look” beautiful by pouting and squinting.

Jessica on

I was just wondering the same thing….I wonder why she always has that look on her face. I couldn’t agree with you more. They are a gorgeous family. I think Donald is an excellent father.

Ella on

Goodness, Barron is such a handsome young boy! I can’t believe he’s already four! That is a gorgeous smile he has there, so full of delight. I bet they had a fun party. Melania and Donald seem like great parents 🙂 Happy Birthday, Barron! 🙂

Astrid on

I think Barron is just gorgeous- he’ll be such a handsome man. All of Donald’s children seem to have turned out well. However, I find these children’s birthday parties- including cookies shaped like Daddy’s private jet- to be so incredibly sickening. My mother comes from a very, very wealthy family and they would have rather died than had such a display of conspicuous consumption for a child. The kids at that party probably preferred the pizza to anything else. Let kids be kids, and leave the show-off parties for the adults.

Anonymous on

It actually sound like a pretty down to earth party to me. Pizza, chicken nuggets… and the kid likes planes. Why not a plane shape cake that he probably admires of his daddy’s plane

Rosie on

Astrid-I agree with you on one point, about Barron being a gorgeous boy, however, I think you’ve misinterpreted the comment about “cake that looks like daddy’s plane.” First of all, a 4-year old boy LOVES (emphasis added in the article) helicopters and planes, so to have his very own birthday cake, that looks like his dad’s, is probably something very special to him. I’m sure they wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t at least a little meaningful. Just because they have tons of money doesn’t mean they raise bad kids….and thats coming from someone who was raised with no money at all and in a single-parent household. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but money does buy a kid a birthday cake which makes him happy because it looks just like his dads.

CelebBabyLover on

Rosie- I agree! The party actually doesn’t sound that different from a party that non-celeb parents would throw for their kids. It’s not, for example, at all uncommon for non-celeb kids to have their birthday at a public place (whether that be Chuck E Cheese, a water park, or, yes, a musuem that features something the birthday child loves!).

It’s also not uncommon for non-celeb parents to make or buy shaped cakes for their kids. 🙂 Themed birthday parties aren’t uncommon, either. In fact, my own brother’s 5th birthday was airplane-themed (which even included, albeit a few days after his actual birthday, a ride with our dad and a friend of our dad’s on the friend’s personal plane- and by that I mean the type of plane that people who fly as a hobby use, not a huge private jet!). 🙂

maggie on

i LOVE the Intrepid air and space museum!

Mary on

Actually, Astrid doesn’t seem to have a problem with the cute cake – lots of kids have more lavious parties – this one seems very down to earth. I think what she really wanted us all to know, is that her mother comes from a very very wealthy family. Grow up! People who are very very wealthy don’t need to say so.

Eebs on

I’m surprised everyone here is under the impression that the Trumps are great parents. A large majority, although definitely not all, of children raised by celebrity or wealthy parents are in fact raised by their nannies.

eeldude on

Astrid, I have a 4 yr old and three of my son’s 4 birthday cakes have had a theme of whatever he happened to love at that moment (Blues Clues, Chicka Chicka 123, and Cars)…it is not extravagant to do and makes a big impression on the birthday boy. Bakers do custom cakes all the time and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Pizza, Nuggets, a public museum and 20 classmates…what a perfect little party! It’s not like the party was ON the plane!

Carla on

Cute kid! And the party sounds like a fun time. I agree with Mary though..I think Astrid was just looking for a way to tell us all how fabulously wealthy her family is. Two words; Who cares?

pam on

look like she is trying to channel the donalds look

Sarah Glen on

Dad certainly is beaming with pride and happiness and the boy looks very, very happy. Nice looking mom. Nice looking family.

Head Diva In Charge on

The only interesting thing about this story is that Trump is still married to the mother.

Anonymous on

Donald couldn’t look any happier!

Alisha on

Great article, beautiful family. I can’t believe he’s 4 already. Happy birthday Barron!

Kara on

I’ve always wondered why Melania squinted in photos too. I wonder if she needs glasses or contacts but is too vain to wear them? Doesn’t she realize how awful it looks in photos?
Happy bday to the big boy. Sounds like a fun and traditional bday party. Barron is the one child that didn’t seem to take after Donald’s looks-Thank goodness!

Carla C. on

All of Donald’s kids were brought up exceptional! He admits he wasn’t around much as they were growing up but he sure gave them tough love when they work for him – they have to be as educated and bright as his employees! no easy rides because their last names are like his! I think Donald and his wives have done an amazing job! and Baron is no exception! Happy Birthday Baron!

Terri on

Of course themed birthday parties are most common, even having them away from home at a place, one year we had our daughter and 6 of her friends birthday party at a ceramic shop at the mall, it was great fun, each girl got to choose a piece to paint and take home.

Let’s face it, Barron lives the lifestyle of a kid who has very rich parents, so since the day he was born he has been surrounded by lavishness and opulence so he doesn’t live the life of a middle class or poor child for pete’s sake.

I agree with the reader who said that most children of rich parents are raised by nannies, that’s customary. The parent or parents usually have a busy schedule of appearances, promotions, as well as whatever line of work they do, so the kids do not go to a daycare like other working parents kids. It’s pretty well known that even if parents take their kids to work (on set let’s say) the children are watched by their nanny or nannies while the parent is shooting.

Kristen on

I don’t understand the issue with nannies being with the kids. I work 40+ hours a week and my daughter is in daycare. Does that mean I didn’t raise her? Does that mean that my daycare provider is responsible for how awesome and smart she is? Heck no. Same goes for the celebs, IMO.

The party seemed very down to earth and just plain fun! The kids enjoyed it! But if it WAS extravagant, who cares? They work hard to make that money and if they have it to spend, they should be able to.

R on

Kristen, many celebs like to gloat about being super parents – some will complain about them, some will praise them no matter what. Some are raised by nannies, their schedule is not like yours, chances are your schedule is pretty constant, you’re not in make up chair at 4 am and then back home at midnight. You are also probably not flying around the world at a moment’s notice, or away in a foreign country for months at a time filming a movie. Princess Diana was furious when she realized that baby Harry (could have been William, but I think it was Harry) believed that the nanny was his mommy, since she was essentially raising him at that point (Diana was off internationally doing Princess duties with her husband). I think Diana fired the nanny after that. You have to face facts that many people who can afford it, do let nannies raise their kids, but that does not mean all. I don’t think Barron is raised by nannies, but I once remember Melania said that “she wouldn’t be attracted to Donald if it wasn’t for the money, and he wouldn’t be attracted to her if it wasn’t for her looks”. What a nice superficial thing for Barron to know, they might love him, but hopefully he won’t grow up to be full of himself like poppa is. money can buy lots of things, but not class, I hope the kid will be humble. The kid is a cutie however.

Jenn on

What a down to earth party for a celebrity couple! Sounds really simple, cute and fun.

Sam on

He isn’t the youngest Trump, but he is the youngest of THE Donald’s children. There are two younger Trumps, THE Donald’s grandchildren. Looks like that wee boy is ready to run and play – I bet he is a ball full of energy.

Janna on

Kristen: Strictly on a numbers basis, I think that it *does* mean that, at least partially.

Taking out 8 hours for sleep, if your child spends 8 hours with you and 8 hours in a day care, you and the daycare are each caring for your child 50% of the time. Don’t they get *some* of the credit?

Isn’t that why we stress so much about which daycare, nanny, babysitter, etc to choose for our kids?

Suzi on

On the subject of Donald Trump’s children and their raising I am so impressed with his 3 older children. I know he has a daughter that is a teen also but I don’t know anything about her. These 3 children have never been any trouble and believe me if they had been the press would make a major deal out of it. They have graduated from top notch colleges are holding major positions in their Father’s company and appear to be doing a good job with that.
They are personable and I’ve never heard or seen anything out of them where they are flaunting their wealth! There aren’t many parents that can say that and especially children of celebraties.

Julie on

Barron is adorable! It sounds he had a fun birthday!

boohoo on

Harry birthday to Barron. He seems like a beautiful little boy. Lucky to have his dad with “some money” and hopefully his dad won’t divorce his mom like Donald did to Marla.

melania on

Kristen- you should take all the credit. Don’t listen to what others say about it. I have 4 children and stayed home with the younger 2 and the older 2 went to daycare. They are equally awesome, brillant, and fun. So I don’t give daycare any of the credit. Plus, once when I was feeling guilty about sending my son to daycare, my mom said: “He won’t even remember their names or faces in 2 years.” People make a big deal about daycare providers raising kids, etc. My kids couldn’t even name one of those people who “raised” them.

Lorus on

Melania – Just because he can’t name the names of the people who cared for him full time doesn’t mean they weren’t a huge influence in his life. I think it’s sad when people don’t give caregivers the credit they deserve. Taking care of children full-time is a lot of work be it a SAHM, nanny, or daycare worker.

g!na on

Melania- I was a daycare provider some kids were in daycare from 6am to 6pm. We are overworked and underpaid. We love your children! we feed them,change diapers,play with them and fall in love with them! We are their for your kids 100% when their in our care. Most parents praise us for being there for their children! It’s parents like you we can’t stand! parents who give us no praise for being good to their children!you just showed disrespect to child care workers who don’t deserve to be treated like that! remember they have a big responsibilty! The care of your children’s safety and believe me they are so underpaid!

dfs on

“Taking out 8 hours for sleep, if your child spends 8 hours with you and 8 hours in a day care, you and the daycare are each caring for your child 50% of the time.”

Um, your numbers only add up if the kid spends SEVEN DAYS a week in day care, including holidays. Most kids aren’t in day care every single day.

Anonymous on

I agree wholeheartedly, Suzi! As the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis was once quoted as having said, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” The older Trump children seem to have received a good upbringing and grown into industrious adults. 🙂

Debbie Mendelsohn on

What a great picture that came from such a fun birthday party! well done, look forward to seeing more shots of Barron too. I loved when my kids were that age, such fun and the real joy to life