Tori & Dean Tote Their Little Dragons

03/24/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Dan Steinberg/AP

Celebs and their kids stepped out for Sunday’s premiere of How to Train Your Dragon, held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif.

Among the attendees? Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, who brought along kids Liam Aaron, 3, and Stella Doreen, 21 months.

The family is gearing up for the new season of their reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, which returns April 5th on Oxygen.

Click below for more photos from the premiere!

Todd Williamson/WireImage

Former Will & Grace star Eric McCormack brought along son Finnigan Holden, 7 ½, and a pal — the trio posed with one of the movie’s stars.


Let’s Make a Deal host Wayne Brady cuddled up to his 7-year-old daughter, Maile Masako, on the red carpet.


Kim Raver, who’s enjoying a new role on Grey’s Anatomy, got close to son Luke West, 7 ½. The actress is also mom to son Leo Kipling, 2.

Hugh Williams/LE/Splash News Online

Flyin’ high! Comedian Carlos Mencia gives son Lucas Pablo, 4, a lift at the premiere.

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DS on

I find it interesting how Tori managed to stand in just the right place, to have dragon wings coming out of either side of her head. I wonder if she realizes this. It’s a cute picture, but it’s pretty funny too.

lisa on

thats funny..i hadnt even noticed that!!!I like her show though..shes so funny.

erin on

I noticed the dragon wings too! And the tail as well…

Luna on

I noticed the wing and tail. The kids are such little sweeties. So cute!

kelsey on

I hate to say this b/c weight is such a sensitive issue but Tori needs to eat a couple of cheeseburgers, she looks skeletal and doesn’t look like she even has good color. She has a beautiful family though and I love looking at the pictures of the families. Carlos Mencia’s son is too cute.

robinepowell on

When I first saw the picture of Tori, for a minute there, I thought she was wearing a pair of dragon ears on her head, lol!

I guess she doesn’t use a stoller (single or double) because her and Dean always have the kids in their arms. 😉

Sam on

I noticed the wings on Tori but thought they were part of another costume she was wearing. Sure wish Jack was around more, would love to see him growing too. Maybe he is around some but also at school in Toronto.

Little Pablo Mencia is adorable. Looks like he has a fun time with his daddy. (I’m not familiar with them but such a little cutie patootie!)

ang on

jack lives in L.A. with his mother not far from tori and dean.dean often tweets about the stuff he does with jack after school, like guitar practice and goin out for after school treats etc. tori= @torianddean, dean=deanracer

mommashane on

I’ve been holding back this comment for a while but figured I’d just come right out and say it, but is it just me…I notice that Tori Spelling seems to favor her daughter over her son. She’s always pictured holding her daughter and the son is always in her husband’s hands. I even noticed this in the recent pictures of her son’s birthday party. Same thing. My comment isn’t to say that she doesn’t love her son, but I just see that she favors her daughter more. I’d hate to see her duplicate the problems she has with her own mother through her relationship with her son. Just a thought.

Noelle on

I’m thinking Tori holds the daughter because she weighs less than Liam does, and with Tori as skinny as she is, she probably can’t handle Liams weight for too long.

That picture of her in that dress is horrible. You can see the outline of her right leg under the dress and it’s rail thin. She really needs to gain some weight. She’s not just thin, she’s scary skinny and looks very unhealthy.

Noelle on

Does anyone recognize the shoes Stella is wearing? I love them.


And here I was thinking that I was the only one noticing Tori’s ears! That’s so funny! Plus they are colour coordinated with her dress.

Eric McCormack’s son is looks so much like his dad!

And to respond to Sam’s query about Jack: as Amy mentioned he does live in LA now. His mother (Mary Jo Eustace) has given interviews to Canadian media mentioning her refusal to allow Jack to participate in the Spelling/McDermott reality shows.

JMO on

mommashane…I don’t see that and if you watch their show you will know that Liam is very much a daddy’s boy!! I also think that sometimes when a child is older the father will take on the lugging of the heavier child. Look at Tori I’m sure Liam weighs almost as much as she does!!!!

Luna on

@Mommashane: I have noticed what you noticed, but I have thought that maybe, just possibly, Liam prefers Daddy, Stella prefers Mommy, or Liam is heavy and Tori just assumes hold the lighter weight child. I know when my kids were little, I held the smaller one and my hubby held the smaller one. It was just easier to hold the smaller baby, not that I couldn’t hold the bigger one. It was just easier. But I see what you’re saying. I hope that isn’t the case.

Jen DC on

Re: Tori favoring her daughter. Perhaps her son prefers to be with Dad! Dad’s taller and he’s “a boy,” which for a lot of little boys is really important. Other than that, what I noticed in the family photo is the outline of Tori’s leg in her dress. Although it’s becoming a recurring theme here, and I hate to pile on, but man… She’s looking very thin, and not “healthy thin” either.

Maile Brady looks a lot like Daddy too, whereas Luke looks like Mom (Kim Raver)! What eyes and cheekbones he has – future heartbreaker, right there.

Sam on

I didn’t know that Mary Jo moved back to LA. She was doing another show with Ken Kostick and I thought it was in Toronto too. Maybe I need some catching up to do! It would be so much better if Jack was closer. Dean is amazing with his kids, not so good with the wife thing, but he is very active with and you can easily see he loves his children.

As for the Tori favouring Liam thing, I don’t think so. There are a lot of times on their show that Tori just takes Liam out, shopping, to the race track, to the park. I think this happens in a huge way with Britney Spears. She has her favourite in Jayden and it is evident in pictures I’ve seen.

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with the commentors who have said that maybe Liam is simply more of a daddy’s boy. Similarly, Stella may be very much a mommy’s girl! I think that’s at least part of what’s going on with Britney and her sons, too. Jayden’s probably very much a mommy’s boy, and Preston might be more of a daddy’s boy.

In any case, as long as the kids are happy, which Liam, Stella, Preston, and Jayden all seem to be, I don’t think it really matters who’s held the most in pictures. 🙂