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03/24/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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Amanda on

Bull, bull, bull on the chubby babies turning into obese adults! I really hope they don’t push this too far. Babies need to eat when they are hungry and parents need to feed them without worrying about their babies weight. I was 20lbs BY 6 months old and am now 5’3 and am usually somewhere between 110 and 120lbs (130 now but my 3rd child is only 3 months old). My first was always in the 80-90% for weight as a baby and is now in the 30th%! My husband was under 20lbs at a year old and has more problems with his weight than I do. Please moms, do NOT worry about your infants weight! And if you worry about your toddler/preschoolers all you have to do is replace the juice with water and the fruit snacks/chips/other unhealthy snacks with snacks like apple slices, raisins, yogurt and other healthy choices!

Erika on

Chubby babies are not necessarily obese adults. My cousin was the chubbiest baby and is not pretty thin.

Josie Duggar is beautiful and I hope she can come home soon. I’m sure all parents of preemies are worried about germs as well.

And I can’t like Curt Schilling, as a Yankee fan, but his son is cute, and I’m glad he is getting the help he needs. I also applaud the family for speaking out on it!

Alice on

Well I’m not too surprised that 1 in 10 children under 2 are overweight, but around 2 they are not babies anymore, they are closer to toddlers and at that point as Amanda says it should be easy to solve a possible problem with healthy foods. Thankfully all the advice they give in the article has nothing to do with restricting the babies or feeding them less or anything. I believe until they walk they can be as big as they want!!

Rach on

I agree, my son was a preemie and we were so corncerned with germs. It was not a big deal for everyone, they just washed their hands before they held him etc. Sick ppl were not allowed until they were better, until then, they had facebook and could see his pictures.

Caesarian births are crazy in Canada, if not more I would think, because they are free. If anything, I feel like they are pushed on you because the dr gets a larger fee and the baby is born on schedule rather than waiting hours in labour etc. I felt it even more because my son was supposed to be born a few days before christmas, so I was very pressured into having a scheduled c section because my preeclampsia meant that I would have to be induced either way.I stood my ground and had a normal and quick vaginal birth,even though I was induced.This too posh to push thing is out of control.

Rachel on

I saw the Duggar episode last night and while I can totally understand Jim Bob Duggar not wanting to take his cold germs to the hospital where Josie is (that’s against NICU regs anyway), I wonder if they’ve really stopped to think about the fact that in probably just a couple weeks Josie should, according to statistics that most babies go home around their due date, be going home. And when baby Josie goes home, she’ll be going home to a house full of other children (11 of whom are under the age of 15 — 16 if you count the granddaughter)… all of whom will carry germs and all of whom are clearly (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve watched the show) used to being able to cart around their little siblings like sacks of potatoes.

I just wonder if they’ve prepared theses children at all for the difference that’s going to be tiny little Josie’s first year or so of life?

I hope so.

Lola Marie on

My eyes played tricks on my mind because 4 just a second I thought Gwen was an Asian woman.