Taye Diggs on His Son’s Numerous Nicknames

03/23/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

His birth certificate may read Walker Nathaniel Diggs, but Taye Diggs and wife Idina Menzel are calling their baby boy anything but his given name.

“I’m worried that he doesn’t know his name because we have so many nicknames for him,” the Private Practice star told Ellen DeGeneres during a Friday appearance on her show.

Often referring to the 6-month-old as Skywalker, Walkman, Walkathon, and Little Papa, Diggs’ favorite seems to be Swirl.

“Because he’s chocolate and vanilla swirl … and then on the back of his head he’s got a little swirl,” he explains, adding, “I love him so much!”

Courtesy Taye Diggs

And Walker isn’t the only one with a new moniker — Diggs laughs that his own first name is a thing of the past. “These days my name has turned into, ‘Honey, could you just,'” he jokes.

“‘Honey, could you just get me some tea? Honey could you just get the baby seat?’ It’s always right when I’m about to sit down. ‘Honey, could you just…’ ‘Yes, baby!’ ‘Honey, could you just…’ ‘Yep, I’m right there!'”

— Anya Leon

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Lisa on

Walker is very cute! They seem like such a fun and loving family! From this article you can tell how much they all love eachother! I love how they call him “swirl” and lighten the subject of their biracial baby. BTW I may not have the voice, but I am like Idina Menzel in the fact I give my husband the same nickname!! An absolutly beautiful family… families come in different shapes and forms and it is wonderful to see such a successful family that has nothing to do with being biracial, it’s all love!

christie on

oh my goodness, i just love his face!!! what a sweet little baby! and i think all moms out there have that same nickname for our husbands. =) i know i do!

Mom Of Twins on

Oh what a beautiful baby.

Dani on

That is an extremely hilarious picture.

FC on

Taye’s hilarious. And Walker is such a cutie. 🙂

Jon on

Hahahah, that is so cute!

trsquare on

Obviously, this is a very happy family. Lots of love, lots of laughter.

christine on

TOO damn cute!!! What a gorgeous little boy!! And if they’re singing skills… watch out world!

Kira on

What an adorable baby! His expression is too cute. And I think when I have a baby, my husband’s nickname will be exactly the same as Taye’s new nickname. LOL.

Stephanie on

Walker is an adorable little boy. He looks like a perfect blend of both his parents. I saw the interview and Taye’s love and devotion to his family is a beautiful sight. This man is NEVER afraid to gush about his wife and praise her for giving him a child he clearly adores. Beautiful family!

Jennifer on

Omg Walker actually is the cutest baby EVER. Like Ellen said “that’s the cutest thing you coulda made”. Walker should win some kind of award for being that cute!

Delaina on

Did NOT think it was possible for me to adore Taye Diggs anymore than I already did, but yep, this article just sent my adoration into the stratosphere!!!

Not only he an amazing actor, he’s a great role model for husbands and new dads too, how he’s never afraid to broadcast his love for his wife and child!! So awesome!!!

And Walker………good grief could he be ANY stinking cuter?

Steph on

What a cutie!! and the baby is cute too 😉 Looks like he can make funny faces just like his dad.

Jill on

Omg, What an Adorable “Little Man”. Okay and “Big Papa Diggs” is too. That face and those wide open eyes are adorable.
Has you ever noticed that mixed babies are always beautiful. I don’t know why but I have never seen one that wasn’t.

Just think when Taye has a Little Girl…..

CTBmom on

ok…Walker is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Good job Idina and Taye = )

steph on

AWE so cute… GOD BLESS

Stephanie on

I wonder if they want more children. This one is beyond adorable. I would love to see them with a daughter as well.

Beth on

he’s so cute and so is his daddy!

Liliana on

That face is priceless!

Walker is a beautiful baby and Taye and Idina seem so in love with him.

Luna on

Wow, that baby is cute. I love his nicknames.

Lake on

He forgot Walkabout. and WalkerTexasRanger. and Cock of the Walk, and Walk Three Times on the Ceiling if you Want Me

Kelly on

I have a 6 year old named Walker also. Don’t hear it as a first name too often.

brannon on

This is the cutest picture EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

daniela on

Gorgeous!!! Oh and the baby is a cutie pie too! 🙂

Kelly on

Seriously a very cute baby that has a very sexy daddy!

Marky on

I’ve always been impressed with how much Taye Diggs seems to love his wife and now his baby. He seems so special! Please don’t disappoint us, Taye! We’ve sure been let down a lot, lately, and you see, to be on of the best husbands and fathers around! That has got to be one of the cutest babies EVER!! How do they leave him to go to work? LOL

marye on

what a beautiful baby..so happy for his parents..nice to see a couple in the entertainment world enjoying a normal life..without drama

Niko on

Hahaha…look at that “So what?” face of Walker’s. How cute.

Lola Monroe on

Gorgeous father…gorgeous baby…beautiful family!!!

Kat on

OMG… such a cutie… and I totally get the nickname “Swirl” for him… he really does look like the perfect mix of his parents’ complexions.

Obviously, he’ll learn his name… all too quickly… when he starts getting in trouble and hears the whole thing all too often.

Taye is such a sexy daddy and I agree… he best not disappoint us… lol.

Idina is very lucky to have these two gorgeous men… but I’m sure they are equally lucky to have her.

Rach on

Taye is so awesome !

I used to always think that I would have that problem as well. My son has a long name as it is, but we all seem to call him by his nicknames..and boy do we have alot for him. My mom calls him puppy and froggie.My dad calls him monkey.My aunt calls him coconuts. I call him Kiki, Kai,Kaiu (I pronounce it like Caillou.. the show)and so many more. I think the only ppl that ever say Kaius, happen to be ppl that arent close. When he was younger I would worry that he didnt know his name etc,when low and behold..at 1 he answers to all of them !

Liz on

Walker’s so cute!! I love Taye and Idina they’re awesome and I actually laughed when I read that they call him Skywalker

dash on

Wow and wow!

m on

I could eat him up.