Julianna Margulies on Her Baby Name Backfire

03/22/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Dave Allocca/Startraks

Having already chosen a name for their first child prior to his birth, Julianna Margulies and husband Keith Lieberthal thought they were ahead of the game.

That is, until they welcomed Kieran Lindsay, a beautiful — but bald — baby boy.

“He came out bald, which was [a] shock. We were like, ‘Okay, who are you?'” the actress, 43, joked during a Tuesday visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

And when her bald baby, now 2, eventually transformed into a towheaded toddler, Margulies’ decision to choose a name before meeting her son suddenly backfired.

“My husband’s hair is as dark as mine,” she explains. “Kieran in Celtic means ‘little dark one,’ and we just assumed … So the joke’s on us!”

Fortunately, Lieberthal’s mother stepped in — albeit a bit too late, according to The Good Wife actress.

“Then I found out my husband was blond until he was 3-years-old, thank God,” notes Margulies. “I told my [mother-in-law], ‘You could have told me earlier so I didn’t panic when the blond hair started coming in!'”

— Anya Leon

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Daisy! on

I love Julianna, have been suprisingly impressed by The Good Wife. In school we had a dark haired Fionnuala and a white blonde Ciara. Fionnuala meaning fair and Ciara dark is was quite funny.

Going to be ridiculously nitpicky….but it’s either Irish or Gaelic, that is how you describe a language. Celtic is used to describe a people.

L's mom on

I have a similar concern about my son who is due in a few months. My husband wants to name him Calvin. There are several reasons for the name. But Calvin means “bald”. And all the men in my family are very bald. It almost feels cruel to name him that. 🙂

Shannon on

LOL. My almost 2 year old is named Kieran Avery and he is about as blonde and fair as you can get. Oh well… the name still really fits him and we often call him Kierie.

Alicia on

L’s mom, my friend had similar concerns when she welcomed her son five months ago. She went back and forth between Calvin and Cameron but never cared to check either name’s meaning. As you said, Calvin means bald and Cameron means crooked nose. She ended up naming him Calder.

Julie on

I love the name Kieran Lindsay – her husband must be Irish. I’d love to see pictures of this little guy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him and Julianna on here.

Beautiful couple!

Stephany on

Kieran is on my baby names list as one of my favorites! I love that name! I think this story is hilarious because he doesn’t really “look” like a Kieran but it’s still cute.

Jack and Sally on

I had a similar experience. My husband and I both have very dark, nearly jet black hair. So it was a big shock whem my daughter was born blonde. Later, my mother-in-law sent us photos of my husband as a toddler – with blonde hair.

My daughter is seven now and her hair is now a medium/mousy brown. I expect it will turn dark brown in a few years.

Crystal on

I’ve loved Julianna since her days on ER. This story cracked me up. I want to see pictures of little Kieran. I’m sure he’s adorable. I ♥ The Good Wife. I watch it religiously every Tuesday. 🙂

Jurnee on

Leiberthal is a Jewish name. Maybe Julianna is Irish?

Anna on

I was born bald too, than it got blonde and it’s gotten gradually darker for years. It’s now very dark brown.

Patrice on

This is too funny! It just goes to show, that no matter how hard you might try to figure out who your kids are for them before they get here, it’s impossible : ) Lol. Love her sense of humor here.

Luna on

Julianna’s husband is Irish and Jewish or as she said on Ellen, “a man who can think and drink.” I had a similar situation. We ALMOST named our son Riley which means a small stream and my husband had negative peeing connotations (eye roll). There were a lot of other situations like that and I’ve found it’s best to name them something that just means something positive.