Ava Sambora Hits the Runway for Dad Richie’s Line

03/22/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Todd Williamson/WireImage

While mom Heather Locklear looked on, Ava Sambora made her modeling debut in the White Trash Beautiful show last Friday at L.A. Fashion Week.

“I’m very, very proud of her. I’m very excited, and I’m here to support her,” Locklear told PEOPLE.

“And the minute she’s done I’m going to grab her and wipe off her makeup and get her into her PJs.”

It’s no surprise Ava made her catwalk debut for this fashion line — it’s a collaboration between dad Bon Jovi rocker Richie Sambora and designer Nikki Lund.

Proud papa Sambora couldn’t make the show due to a last-minute scheduling conflict, but Lund was sending him photos the whole time.

From a black A-line minidress to a heart print tee paired with a red pencil skirt, the 12-year-old walked the runway in four edgy, yet feminine looks.

Asked if the tween seemed nervous before the show, Lund said, “No, she’s a diva! She’s ready to rock it, she’s amazing!”

Michelle Ward

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Salster on

Congrats to Ava on the beginning of her modeling carreer! 🙂

Julie on

She’s only twelve? Wow, she looks to be at least fourteen! Such a pretty girl. Maybe this will be the start of a modeling career. 🙂

daria on

She’s stunning!!! WOW!!!!She looks exactly like her mommy

Mina on

Ava looks beautiful! The clothes look nice too but…”White Trash Beautiful”? It’s “white trash” an insult?

Brooke on

I am just glad that Heather is putting this into perspective and letting her know she is still a little girl and Mom’s in charge.

Fifi on

She looks so much like Miley Cyrus

lisa on

well at this age it is still hard to get the full affect of how they look.I reember kate hudson at this age..she changed so much..I do not even resemble myself at 13 ..thank god!!

Jane on

Ava is just beautiful! I think she looks like Richie and Heather.

Stephany on

She is so beautiful. She looked so poised and graceful as well.

Anonymous on

Personally I think she looks better in the pic w/ her mom than in the clothes she’s wearing on the runway. She is a beautiful girl. Congrats to heather and Richie.

Bren on

She is a good mix of both parents. Beautiful girl!

Valerie on

The one with the short dress is not good-
she is dressed inappropriately for her age. Bad judgement.

Noelle on

Ava’s beautiful but her poor mother sure botched up her face. She looks horrible, and that’s really too bad because I’ve always thought she was beautiful and aging well. Not anymore.

Irish on

She is so adorable. Very girl next door, which is good that her parents arent slutting her out. And she does not look like Miley. I’m jealous that she can walk in such heels at age 12! I can’t do that now and I am 27!

Hea on

She’s gorgeous and it makes me think about just how common it is that the models we see everywhere are very young. A lot of them are really only about 12-15 years old.

Rye on

She is getting so gorgeous as she gets older! I feel like just yesterday we were seeing pictures of Richie Sambora carrying her around! TIME FLIES!!! She definitely is the perfect mix of both parents. I see a lot of Heather in the eyes though!

Also gotta agree with the post about how kids look so different when they are early teens then they do when they grow up. I literally looked like a different person facially then I did when I was 13. It’s crazy how much you keep changing up until your late teens!

Allie-Rose on

I won’t lie, Ava is a gorgeous girl and she’s probably going to break as many, if not more, hearts than her mom … but she looks older than 12

steph on

i find it so wrong that she (and any other 12 year old for that matter)are modelling like this. She is a child, not even a teenager and i think its wrong to project this idea that its ok to wear skirts just past your bum when you’re still a child. There is a reason girls are sexually active so early and its cos people like miley cyrus make it look ok to be sexy and provocative when you’re not even old enough to drink!! Grrr

mom of 3 on

that black mini-dress is WAY to short for any young lady. Seriously, what mom would let her daughter walk out of the house like that? Ava is very pretty though.

Mary-Helen on

How is it Miley’s fault that girls are sexually active? She’s only a girl herself! Maybe parents should blame THEMSELVES for expecting their kids to look to a peer for guidance instead of actually parenting. My daughter loves Miley but I’ve also told her Miley’s shorts are too short & she didn’t watch the Teen Choice awards because it was on past bedtime & not for her age group. Sorry, but I hate when people blame a teen girl for society’s woes instead of educating your children.

As for Ava, she’s gorgeous! I think she’s a little young for those fashions, but if Heather & Richie feel they’re okay, then that’s all that matters. I doubt she wears em to school or anything.

Caroline on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with her modeling these clothes. It is her father’s line so it is nice that she is involved in some way. If she was walking around with that one dress on then I would probably have a problem with it. But I see nothing wrong with her walking down a runway in them.

Tammie on

I think Ava is a beautiful girl, and I think both Richie and Heather are very proud parents and are very protective of her and wouldn’t be subjecting her to things that were not checked out first.
I bet Richie nor heather would not subject their daughter to anything harmful

Allie-Rose on

I don’t see how Miley Cyrus is responsible for girls being sexually active earlier. I think parents are to blame for not teaching their children properly and/or not being careful enough. Now, if you want to blame celebrity influence, then I think there are other women out there who were in their teens 10 years ago and over-sexualized and whose image was projected to little girls

Hea on

I agree with Mary-Helen. Miley is not responsible for an entire generation of teens and neither will Ava be. The parents are responsible whether they like it or not. Seriously, people are blaming Miley Cyrus for teens being sexually active? I didn’t know.

Terri on

Ava looks so much like her mother. I’m trying really hard to see the Richie in her.

g!na on

she’s pretty. it looks like she colored her hair to a pretty auburn. her hair was blonde before but i like both colors.

Melanie F. on

She’s very pretty, I think she is a great mixture of both her parents. And I agree teen celebs should not be SOLE role models for other children. Parents need to definitely guide their own children and even then it doesn’t mean that all children will listen to their parents but if you teach your child right from wrong and they decide to do wrong, you still did your job as a parent. IMO.

Tesse on

i’m glad to see that quite a few people on this thread have a real problem with a 12-year old girl walking down a runway with a leather strapless dress on that barely covers her butt. she’s 12!!! not 21…12!

when i was first reading all the congratulatory messages saying she is “so beautiful” i thought i was in a world of my own. that black leather dress is highly inappropriate for a girl who is the 7th or 8th grade.

why are so many congratulating a tween girl dressing like that, whether it’s for a runway show or not?

Lyl on

what’s that bad about wearing a dress like that on a runway? i think it’s pretty ok, of course it would be a problem if she went like that to school or on a public but it’s a fashion show created by her father. I guess it’s their decision how they want their daughter to raise

CelebBabyLover on

Tesse- Considering that this article quotes Heather as saying that after the show, she was going to take Ava straight home, wipe off all her make-up, and then put her in her pjs, it seems pretty evident that she and Richie are letting Ava know that dressing like this, and wearing make-up, is only acceptable when she’s modeling. 🙂

Sprmcandy on

Gorgeous kid.