Padma Lakshmi: My Life Has Changed from Night to Day

03/19/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Padma Lakshmi‘s on-and-off relationship with venture capitalist Adam Dell, who has been identified as the father of her newborn daughter Krishna Thea, is a topic the Top Chef host prefers to keep private — but the one person she is eager to talk about is her baby girl, now 4-weeks-old.

“She’s very independent and very funny. She’s a good communicator and is very witty already,” Lakshmi jokingly told PEOPLE at a launch event for Pampers with Dry Max, which was the perfect party for the new mom to attend.

“The girl changes her underwear like you would not believe,” said Lakshmi.

“She’s a big eater like her mom, so she has to go. We go through about 10 Pampers a day.”

Lashkmi is thankful she doesn’t have to juggle motherhood with her hosting duties on Top Chef just yet.

“Right now I’m not working, [but] when I go back to work I’ll have her with me,” she said. “[My life] is totally centered on my nursing schedule. I sleep in short spurts. It’s pretty intense, but I’m lucky.”

After years of struggling with endometriosis, a medical condition which affects the female reproductive system, the glowing mom describes giving birth as a “burst of joy.”

“I can only speak for myself obviously, but I don’t think you have cognitive thought [when you see your baby for the first time],” Lakshmi, 39, explains.

“It’s not a conceptual thing that you put into words. It’s almost like you don’t think, you just feel. Your heart just explodes with love. My life has changed from night to day.”

— Carlos Greer

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Tess on

Independent? She’s a month old.

Ms.orleans on

beautiful pic “It’s not a conceptual thing that you put into words. It’s almost like you don’t think, you just feel. Your heart just explodes with love. My life has changed from night to day.”i’m a single , i hope one day i’ll be a mother:)

emmajlh on

independant?? guess this has got lost in translation and must be sarcastic.

Cindy on

I think when she means independant she means she entertains herself etc. You took it too literally no need for snide comments really. I dont think she is changing her own diapers sheesh lady.

Tamara on

How independent can a 4 week old can be???

aim on

My 6 month old is a super genius too! And he’s the cutest baby EVER. Kidding. Give her a break…she obviously has First Mom-itis.

Selena on

Congratulations to Padma. I wish we reading about her going through 10 reusable diapers a day, instead of 10 disposables a day being thrown into our (already bursting at the seams) land fills. I also wonder how independent a 4 week old baby can be…eating, pooping, sleeping…hmmmm.

addilico on

She’s just excited. I’m sure she didn’t mean that her child is working and paying bills already;) Simmer down crazies:)

giftbox on

Good lord. She’s clearly being tongue-in-cheek with the “independent” comment.

Perky on

not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself

My baby was independent from day one. As a newborn she let me know when she was hungry, wanted cuddles, or just wanted to be left alone. I was not going to sway her with my schedule, she had her own idea of her wants and needs. She’s 20 and is going to be an awesome attorney 🙂 Go Padma for recognizing this and letting her be independent.

Ugbo on

Congratulations. Padma, The joys of motherhood. Enjoy it

nina32 on

i think what she means by independent is…some babies just like to cling on mommies all the time like mine did. some of the babies need to be incubated with mommy’s touch always. Some really dont care and stay independent, sleeping and playing on their own.

Lia on

Let’s hope for the child’s sake there is a stable father figure in her life. It seems curious embarking upon such a profound step with an off-on relationship.

Cindi on

Oh come on ladies, independent, father figure, whatever!
I usually don’t post to these things, I like to read them, but sometimes the caddy remarks get so silly!
I guess you need to be a Padma fan! I like her show, I cannot say as I know her personally, but she seems to be happy and you know what Lia, I was married to my daughter’s father and I still consider the fact I raised her myself, I’m just sayin!!!

Janna on

Sheesh, she was being SARCASTIC…. She was laughing that, like all moms, she thinks her kid is the best (most independent, good communicator). Did you not read where she says the baby changes her own underwear?!?!?

Get a sense of humor!

Christine on

Are you saying that a child can’t be raised properly by a single mom? My sister raised a child by herself with no help from her father. My niece is an extremely thoughtful, independent person with a great education. She has a lot more sense than most people I know that have a father-figure in their life. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge single mothers, and single parents for that matter.

Natalija on

I think everybody missed the “she said jokingly” bit after talking about how independent and witty she was.

Christy on

Padma is a lovely lady and I am so happy for her to have the incredible joy in her life. Her daughter is precious. Sweet…

Bob on

I loveeeeeeeeee Top Chef. Hopefully Padma will be back next season!!

Brenda on

Some people seem cut out for motherhood and Padma appears to be one of them. It’s delightful to see her so happy.

cassie on

so funny about the eating and dirty diapers =)

Ellena on

People please–can you not read? She JOKINGLY told PEOPLE (magazine) that her chid was independent and witty already.

Melissa on

Hey, when my kids were born, I thought they would be future presidents! So, what is wrong with saying her baby is independent? Someone commented she was inflicted with mommy-itis. How can you NOT be! You are exhausted, have raging hormones, and an endless stream of visitors. I think Padma will make a wonderful mother. If she can put up with some of the past contestants, she can take care of a baby. She is always gracious, even when spitting out someone’s food in her napkin! Congrats on a long journey well traveled.

Lake on

Pampers are vile evil things, shame on her!!!! Cloth cloth, washable diapers! I still have a bunch from when my son was an infant, and he’s 17. they are really useful! and not one ended up in a landfill or river or creek or ocean or…

Liliana on

The article said her first comments were mentioned JOKINGLY. Damn. Some of you will fish for anything to criticize.

Jon on

Good for her!

Tara on

What a cute picture! You can tell Padma’s really enjoying every moment of motherhood 🙂

Melanie on

Hello!! Is says in the article: ““She’s very independent and very funny. She’s a good communicator and is very witty already,” Lakshmi jokingly told PEOPLE”


I think some of you are just looking for reasons to jump down people’s throats. Go for a walk.

Congrats Padma!

Lisa on

Beautiful lady, beautiful daughter–love the picture!

Congrats Padma! I just had my first too, and its the most amazing experience.

Boston Mom on

Why women can’t support each other instead of tear each other down I’ll never know- get a grip everyone!

Roxy on

Lake, that’s a choice YOU made for YOUR child. Let her do whatever she wants with hers.

Anonymous on

my gosh, my baby at 6 is awesome! You don’t have to be a celebrity baby to be awesome!

CelebBabyLover on

I’m glad that the birth apparently went well, even though it appeared that Krishna was born a bit prematurely. 🙂

Cookie on

Those of you jabbing her for saying her daughter is independent obviously didn’t see “Lakshmi jokingly told PEOPLE”. It was a JOKE!

Anna on

I am happy that only a couple of people pull words into a different meaning. Let her enjoy the baby. Just remember she never expected to be a mom

Anonymous on

c’mon..the article says she said the thing about the baby, jokingly. “She’s very independent and very funny. She’s a good communicator and is very witty already,” Lakshmi JOKINGLY told PEOPLE