Family Photo: Sacha, Isla and Olive’s Paris Promenade

03/18/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
KCSPresse/Splash News Online

Looking très chic in a beret, Isla Fisher takes advantage of a break in filming, strolling the streets of Paris with Sacha Baron Cohen and their daughter Olive on Tuesday in France.

Olive, 2, is the only child for the actress and her funnyman fiancé of six years.

The family is currently splitting their time between London and Paris while Fisher films Burke and Hare, a black comedy about 19th century grave robbers. The movie is due out later this year.

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Jenn on

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen all three of them together. I was wondering if Isla and Sacha were still together. Olive is such a cutie!

Romy on

Is she pregnant? The open coat looks like it

Julie on

Olive’s grown so much! She looks just like Isla. Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture or the shape of the coat she’s wearing, but Isla’s tummy looks a little round. Or maybe I’m just hoping for another adorable Baron Cohen baby. 😉

Liliana on

Olive is adorable! Definitely looks like Isla.

Ashandra on

Somehow I think these two will never marry. Who is engaged for six years with a child and doesn’t marry?

Romy on

Ashandra, sometimes people finally do it later because their kids bug them to. I thought they got engaged after she was pg with Olive. I didn’t realize it has been 6 years! I know she had to convert to Judaism, though, so it seems they would have gotten married by now.

Emma on

It seems so long since weve seen them look how long Olives hair has got, shes gorgous and does look alot like her mom, she does look a little pregnant, we can hope!

Molly on

She doesn’t look pregnant to me, but who knows. Olive is so cute – she looks like Isla, who is just adorable, so it makes sense.

lizzielui on

Where on Earth do people see a bump on Isla?

elizabeth on

I don’t think I have ever seen all 3 of them together! Olive is such a doll. She definitely takes after Isla.

Romy- I believe they did get engaged right around the time Olive was born. I think what the caption meant to say was that he was her beau of 6 six years.

julie on

The Daily Mail, an English newspaper, first reported that Sacha and Isla were a couple in 2000 and that that they were engaged in 2002. They have been living together for at least over seven or eight years.

Sacha is Isla’s third or fourth live-in reported boyfriend or “fiance.” The two of them plan and then postpone a wedding approximately once a year. The last date reported for a wedding was February 26, a few weeks ago. Now the English press is saying they will marry this August.

Isla converted to Judaism in the fall of 2006. I find it hard to believe that religion is what is keeping him from marrying her.

Luna on

Wow looks it’s Sacha, Isla, and Baby Isla. Olive is such a sweet little baby. I hope they have another.

CelebBabyLover on

julie- Considering Sacha is, as you say, Isla’s third or fourth boyfriend/fiance, it could very well be that SHE’S the one that’s resisting marriage!

julie on

Hi Celeb Baby Lover,

I’ve seen quotes from her where she talks about wanting to marry him. That,along with her conversion which says to me that she’s willing to make big changes to get married, make me think it’s him who is not motivated.
I also find it hard to understand why a woman would want to make a baby with a man she didn’t want to marry and then stay with the man. People do have accidents, but they usually don’t stick around telling magazines that do anything tbe married to the babydaddy.
But, who knows? Maybe she lies to the press. Maybe it lies about her.

Chris on

Maybe they’re not together anymore and are just taking a walk with their daughter as coparents. You never know. Olive is adorable!

emilyc on

I’ve been with the same man for over six years, we’ve been engaged for three of those and have a 2.5 year old and a 14 month old. Maybe, like my fiance and myself, Isla and Sacha are not in any kind of rush and feel like they are already married. Sometimes people just do things differently. Really a ceremony or a legal document are not what make a loving family!

CelebBabyLover on

emilyc- I understand that, but then I wonder….why even get engaged? Why not just stay committed, long-term partners?

CelebBabyLover on

Let me clarify that last comment. Obviously becoming engaged doesn’t mean you aren’t committed, long-term partners any more. I just meant, if you don’t feel the need to get married, then why not just stay long-term partners rather than getting engaged?

Also, I meant to say this in my last comment as far as Sacha rarely being seen with Isla and Olive: From what I’ve read, Sacha is very camera shy when he’s not in character, to ensure that when he IS in character, it’s believable (or something along those lines). 🙂

julie on

CBL–You ask, “Why be in engaged if you don’t intend to marry??” It used to be that being engaged meant that two people had promised each other that they would marry each other within a reasonable period of time. After they married, they would share everything and hopefully be together until they were parted by death. Many people now, for various reasons, no longer believe that is possible. Therefore, many people feel unready or don’t even want to try. An engagement now signals a less involved,primarily emotional commitment in which assets are separate. An engagement can last indefinitely. There are really no strings attached to an engagement, so when one person tires of the other, that person can leave quickly and easily. If there are kids, there may be child support and custody issues to be resolved, but there are no remaining responsibilities towards each other. Being engaged for a long period of time gives you a marriage-like relationship that you can walk away from with fewer problems. Unless the woman is very wealthy, the relationship really favors the man, especially where the woman has stayed home to take care of kids. A woman with kids probably will get child support from an ex-fiance, but if only his name is on the shared property, she can find herself and kids with little recourse if the guy leaves. I think that most men who are resistant to marrying understand this.

Luciana on

Ok, so I’m not crazy! This is the first time I’ve seen the three of them together!!!!! Sooo cute!!!!

(bad english, I know..)

Bella Mama on

Congratulations to Isla and Sacha on their marriage!!

Rachel on

Just read that they were married last week – congrats to this beautiful family!!

Annie on

Little did we all know that Sasha and Isla had actually gotten married the day beforehand in Paris!

elby on

Apparently they just got married so I guess they always intended to do it.
Personally I’d rather see a photo of Sacha’s brother Simon because I don’t find SB-C very funny and admire Simon’s work very much but this isn’t that sort of site.

lizzielui on

Just goes to show you that people do things in their own time and when it feels right for them. Congrats to the happy couple

CelebBabyLover on

Where did you guys read that they got married? If it’s true, it’s fantastic, but I want to make sure that it wasn’t some gossip site that reported it before I get all excited and believe it! 🙂

emilyc on

Would you look at that. Married, after an “unthinkably long” engagement! Lol! Congrats to Sacha and Isla!

Jen on

People magazine is reporting that they’ve gotten married.