The Wonder Years‘s Danica McKellar Is Pregnant!

03/17/2010 at 09:05 AM ET
David Livingston/Getty

Danica McKellar and her husband, Mike Verta, are expecting their first child this fall, the mathematician and actress tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“I’m nearing the end of my first trimester and I’m so excited — I’ve been bursting to tell people,” says McKellar, 35, who played Winnie on The Wonder Years.

Now that she’s found her real-life Kevin Arnold and is starting a family, leave your well-wishes for Winnie here!

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M926 on

Ha! Ohhh, her, I don’t know why when they said Winnie Cooper, I thought of Topanga(Danielle Fishel) from ‘Boy Meets World’. Haha, Congrats to Danica and her husband!!!

Carla on

Congrats to both of you…wishing you the best of things to come…enjoy.

Wendy on

Wishing you and your husband all the very best on your first blessed joy. Have fun with the baby because they grow up SO quick.

Sherley on

I’m really happy for her. Unlike other hollywood stars, she did everything right. After the show she finished school, had her career, wrote books, met the man of her dreams and now starting a family. Good for her.

daniela on

Yay for Winnie! Loved her on the wonder years! And I agree, she did every thing right and didn’t become the child star casualty – Good for her!

Cyndie on

Congrats Danica! I loved you on the Wonder Years! You are as pretty as ever. As a Mom of 3 boys, all I can tell you is to love and embrace every moment of every stage, because it will be gone before you know it! My boys are 20, 18, and 14. Where did the time go? Wishing you both much happiness!

Patty on

Willine: You were and always will be someone I looked up. You are truly a beautiful, intelligent and wonderful person. You are going to be one AWESOME mom. Congratulations and many healthy wishes to you and your husband. God Bless you three.

Tammy on

I wish you the best. I am a high school math teacher and it is so great to see an child actress who became a math person.

GiannaG on

I just LOVE smart girls! You’re my hero, Danica!

Allie. on

Omg, I loved Wonder years, and Danica when she was Winnie Cooper! Congrats to her and her husband!

Lola Monroe on

I was just saying yesterday how much I MISSED this show & Winnie, LOL so funny! Congrats to her & her husband!!

Mom *:. xo on

Congratulations Sweetie. You and Mike will be great parents! πŸ™‚

Cathy on

Hurray-so happy for you!!!

Luna on

Yay for her! Congrats Danica and Mike.

Mr. Atl Guy on

Congratulations, Danica!!! Definitely congratulations!!! I grew up watching the The Wonder Years. Every Saturday was The Wonders Years day for me. It was one of my favorite shows. You, a true math wiz, you don’t realize how lucky you are. The world is yours. I absolutely wish I had a gift for numbers. But sadly, I don’t. But hey, again, congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

Kathy on

Congrads, to both of you!!!

You are a beautiful women and ya never really changed in looks since the show. I wish nothing but the best with this first child and many more, if your willing.


Kelly on

Awww ME TOO!! Due in August πŸ™‚ It’s a great time to be a mommy!! CONGRATS!!

sara on

I have such amazing memories attached to that show. Reminds me of my childhood. She’ll always be the Winnie all the boys in school very crazy about.

Michelle on

Hey Danica that is so awesome your baby is going to be gorgeous, just look at the momma, I bet it’s a GIRL, well can’t wait to find out what it is and see pics, I feel like I know u cause I grew up watching u on The Wonder Years:) Best Wishes & God Bless:)



MamaTo3BeautifulBoys on

Congratulations Danica! You will love being a Mom. It’s the best!

Chuckles on

You were every teen boy’s dream, and now you have grown to a brilliant and beautiful young woman. Sincere congratulations for you and your husband…even a math whiz knows 1+1=3. πŸ™‚

Z.K. on

“Now that she’s found her real-life Kevin Arnold and is starting a family…”

Not entirely true! Winnie and Kevin didn’t end up together. But I am very happy for them! πŸ™‚

a on

‘Me & Mike..” What poor English! I thought she was a brilliant person…guess english is NOT her forte!

Samara Jefferson on

Congrats on the baby. I am very happy for you and your husband.

Jim & Pat on

We are so very happy for you!!

Love and best wishes from St. Louis.

Jim & Pat

zeke aguero on

Hey Danica, i just wanna say congrats, and best wishes, i wish you too the very best,

Ruthie on

Congratulations! Danica and best wishes to you and your husband.

Melissa S. on

Congratulations to one of the truly sensible child stars & her husband! You have a great head on your shoulders in so many ways, and will make a wonderful mother – you will be in my prayers for an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Melissa S.

Ms.Garrett on

Iam happy for the both of you I am due in July it is a joy to bring life into the world Good Luck and I ope you enjoy your expierence!!!

susie marlier on

Hi Michael and Danika, I have known M 3 since the day he was born. His Mom and I were roomies in college many years ago and she was in our wedding 42 years ago this June. Kathy and I have kept in touch via birth announcements, ccards, moves, birthdays , ect. We have 4 grown sons and 8 grandchildren . It is so true life can pass you buy. enjoy each moment with this beautiful baby , I know it’s grandma will. Congrats to you both. xo

Peter on

Congratulations to you Danica and your husband Mike. Best wishes with your relationship and family.
Peter, NYC.

David on

know you will be a good mother

Anonymous on

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