Seventh Child on the Way for Kevin Costner

03/17/2010 at 01:35 PM ET
Bryan Bedder/Getty

Kevin Costner is adding to his ever-expanding brood — a seventh child is on the way.

The actor, 55, and wife Christine Baumgartner Costner “are expecting in June,” rep Arnold Robinson confirms to PEOPLE.

The new arrival will join older siblings Hayes Logan, 13 months, Cayden Wyatt, 2 ½, Liam, 13, Joe, 22, Lily, 23, and Annie, 25.

Seven kids is a big family! How many children do you want? Tell us in the comments.

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Emma on

Maybe its alot of children but if he can afford it and give the child the love it needs then good luck to them 🙂

LL65 on

Awww another Congratulation for the day. Best wishes and happy pregnancy to Kevin & Christine. The perfect number is what’s perfect for each individual family.

christie on

congrats to him!!! he has 3 that are grown, so in his case, adding the 7th doesn’t seem too bad. =) best of luck!

LL65 on

Well I’m 44 and its probably too late for me to have children. But when I was younger I said I wanted 6 lol! Now I’d settle for 1.

janine on

Normally I’d say that 7 kids would be too many, but considering that the 3 oldest are all over 22, and his wife is still fairly young, I have no issue with it.

Ashleigh on

I have am 26 and have three wonderful young boys. I am pregnant with my fourth boy and would eventually like to have six. I am hoping for all boys.

DS on

Good for them!

Mandy on

I don’t remember his youngest son’s name. Vaguely lol. I almost forgot he was there. My bad!

Yeah, 7 is nothing when the 3 oldest are self-sufficient and on their own most likely. Even with 13 year old that’s not too bad.

Then again they’ll have 3 year old, close to 2 year old, and a newborn. That is also a handful in itself.

me on

well congrats to him and his wife, I’m sure they will have another gorgeous child. but I wonder if he counts Liam among his children. never heard him talk about that child.

Momma on

Well, I’m 30 years old and my husband and I have 7 children. We love having a big family. Our kids range from 13 to 3 years old. I think its great they are having more. Good for you guys!!

dee on

One is going to be enough for me.

shipra on

Best wishes and happy pregnancy to Kevin & Christine.

Cassandra on

I’m sure their new baby will be as beautiful as their boys!

I always wanted at least 5. Three adopted and two naturally. Child birth scares the daylights out of me. 😛

Luna on

7 can be a lot, but when the older ones are grown and one is teenaged, it’s kind of like having two families. That’s how my aunt and uncle’s family was. They had grown and adult children and littler ones. Anyway, I think it’s great that they get to expand their adorable brood.

Marilyn on

Wow, she’s already six months along. I think they live in Colorado so maybe that’s why we haven’t heard about it until now (not around the cameras a lot). I wonder if they know the sex of the baby. I already have four kids and that’s enough for me!

Liliana on

I thought they were still expecting their second child together. Where have I been?

While I couldn’t handle that many children, I think as long as each child is loved and provided for, not only financially but emotionally, I see no problem. Also, as some others have pointed out, it’s not as if all of his children are close in age. Three are grown and one is a teenager so really only the three youngest will need constant attention since they are so young.

Lila on

Congrats to them!

One was the perfect number for us. We love being a family of three and couldn’t imagine it any other way. Our daughter completes us!

B.J. on

Ideally, I would like 2 kids someday. I’ve only got 2 hands, so more than 2 is unthinkable for me. Would be content with just 1, but at 25, I can’t imagine having babies at this point and am quite happy with my childlessness!

Elle on

My husband and I have three children (two boys and a daughter). We have no set number, we will have as many children as we can afford, love, and provide the best quality of life for

Michelle on

I think it is great. They are a great, low-key family and the more the merrier if you ask me. I cant wait to hear what they will name it. They chose fabulous names. Hayes is one of mine too. 🙂

Amanda on

Wow, 3 under 3 (can’t remember when Cayden’s birthday is?)! With the spacing between their children I’m sure it isn’t like having 7 little ones, and they definitely have the money for it.
We have 3. I would like one more to even us out as a family of 6 but my husband insists he’s done. Our youngest is only 3 months old so we’ll see if he ends up changing his mind in time, once those early weeks of colic fade from his memory 😉

Toni on

The three oldest children are from his first marriage. I don’t think the teenager lives with him. That child was born under similar circumstances as Jude Law’s most recent child, the major difference being he admitted to paternity and supports him. (Maybe Law does support his child too, but with Costner, there was never a fuss) He will have three under three at home, which can be a handful.

Silly Mama on

I have three boys, the youngest of which is almost 4 months old and would ideally like one more.

If everyone in the world waited to have babies until they could “afford them”, many of us wouldn’t be here.

Tam on

Congrats to Kevin. I guess at 55 years old he still has enough energy to chase his little kids around.

My fiance and I are both only children, so we wouldn’t rule out having just one child. We’ve decided that we will have one and wait until they are at least a toddler before deciding to have a second child. Two kids will definitely be the max!

Niko on

Congrats Kevin & Christine!. I hope the Costners have a girl this time, but a boy is okay as well.

JMO on

7 is not a lot when they’re spread out in ages and your rich enough to hire help!!

God willing I’d like to have one. And if that goes well then maybe a second. But with the economy and college cost I pretty much think long term. I want to give my child everything and if I have more children I limit that ability to do so. So yes 1 seems nice. Alot of people in my family have opted for 1 child and none of them feel guilty about not having anymore (and they’re children are quite content being only children too). So we’ll see. I really don’ think about it much.

Gmuqt on

Well, I’m getting a late start but maybe 3 or 4!

Daisy! on

I am one of 8, when the youngest in our family was born the oldest was 16, so we are all quite close both agewise and in terms of our relationship with each other. I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I am now 23, my fiancee is an only child and we both want a big family 7 or 8 children. I come from a big family of big family’s, to me less then 5 children is a small family lol

Lee on

@Silly Mama, so true

Emily on

I used to want four… then I became a pre-school teacher and now I want two, with the option of three. Haha. And I want some years apart in there… no way do I want 3 kids under the age of 3. I have one male child in my class who is 4.5 and has THREE younger brothers. That’s just CRAZY to me. It works for some, but wow… I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

shannon on

No kids yet but I plan to draw the line at two, with enough of an age difference between them that the oldest is in school and fairly independent by the time the second arrives.

Mandy on

I want 4 children. Unfortunately hubby only wants 2 but I guess we will see. Mr. Costner can afford having all the children he wants. So I see no problem with him having number 7 now. Heck we’ve even got the Duggars who have 19 children, and the Bates who have 17,plus many other families who have many children. I say as long as you can afford them and WANT them, go for it!

Irish on

I used to dream of having (if I had my choice of genders) 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls so they can experience sister bonds and brother bonds.

Then you have a kid and reality hits. Its hard work and very expensive! I have 1 so far and I want only 1 more.

shalay on

Congrats to the Costners! I think 7 is a great number, especially since (as many of you pointed out) his older children are adults now and Kevin & Christine can still focus on the three youngest full-time.

I don’t have children yet, but I always find it interesting when people ask me how many I want. Um, at least two, so they can have a sibling, but who knows from there? It’s not something I expect to know until I’m actually a mother with a child. Maybe two will feel like enough. Maybe I’ll want to keep going until I get to 5! Who knows?

I have to admit, watching the Cosby Show makes me want a big family so that all the siblings can be close to each other and there can always be someone to talk to or hang out with. But realistically, I feel like the world is built for a family of 4. One parent for each child to go on rides with at Disneyland, you can spend one-on-one time with each child on a regular basis, and vacation packages seem to cater to families of 4.

jennie w. on

I have six children, which is what I always wanted. There is always lots of love and fun going on around here (and usually someone crying too!) While it’s true that my kids don’t have as many opportunities as smaller families (not everyone can do every sport and hobby they’d like to because of cost and the impossibility of being in too many places at once), they are learning things which my husband and I have decided are even more important: sharing and selflessness and hard work. Those things are hard to teach is this indulgent age!

Ratty on

Go them! I am one of four and I have always, always wanted a big family (at least 5 naturally, and I’d like to adopt too!). I too come from a family of big families – my dad was one of four, my mum of five and beyond that – 6, 7, 8, I think there is a 15 somewhere. One of my best friends had 2, 11 months apart and then at 21 decided she was done – couldn’t imagine that. But then again, we’ll see how I feel once I actually start having children! lol!

Anonymous on

Two’s ideal for us. Both have a younger sister, weren’t keen on just one, or a large family either for that matter – ideal compromise for us personally. Find I’m tempted at the idea of a 3rd now our daughter is just over 2 years though, as she gets older (being sentimental for baby stage at times, forgetting the middle of night feeds, etc!), but they don’t stay babies; don’t want to feel stretched. Just glad to have a healthy son and daughter, very thankful – at just on 38 yrs I’m done! Congrats on baby no. 7 on the way for the Costners tho’ – they can obviously afford it and she’s a fair bit younger than him, so good on them – and good luck, LOL>

Emily on

Wow 7 is a lot, but good on them! I think I’d like atleast 2 but would be very open on the idea of having 3. Definitely not 4 though.

Trish on

I would ideally like 4 kids. I have two daughters 11 and 7 from my first marriage and 1 son 5 months from my second marriage. I was pregnant again (already! What a shock!) but lost the baby. I’m hoping to try again once my son is a year old, normally it takes me a long while to get pregnant.

Good luck to the Costner’s. 3 under 3 will be allot of work but they can afford help if needed.

ComeShopPinkLemonade on

I want seven, but for sure at least two- it would be boring to be an only child!

sinclair on

“I have am 26 and have three wonderful young boys. I am pregnant with my fourth boy and would eventually like to have six. I am hoping for all boys.”

sounds like someone fears a little female competition in their household!

i don’t care what i have. 4 will be great–female or male. 2 girls and 2 boys would be nice. But having healthy kids is most important to me.

Rose on

Personally I think it’s quite irresponsible to consider having more than 2-3 children as our planet is already suffering the reprecussions of an overpopulated, nonsustainable Earth. Especially if you live in a developed nation consider the amount of resources your children will use-not to mention their children, grandchildren and etc. The only reason we are able to live the way we do is because of the conditions in developing nations where even though the TFR is high disease and malnutrition takes the lives of many. But imagine if they were to be able to afford what we-people in developed nations-could. We would magically have to produce more resources, public facilities, food, and etc. Humans aren’t puppies-we aren’t meant to have litters of children. Sure, babies are cute and cuddly and I have one of my own but I care about the earth more than passing on my genes. People procreate these days as if we’re living in Gilead or some other dystopian society where birth rates have decreased dramatically.

Bella Rose on

Yep, same here, we want at least five to seven children, we are currently expecting our first at any moment.

Christina on

I used to want a huge family and then after working at a daycare center and spending time with my nephews, I’m down to 3. I want to still have energy to do other things with my life, lol.

Elyse on

I don’t see him having seven kids as a big deal, especially since most are grown, or are able to care for themselves. Although 7 would be way too much for me. I would like 2 children, but I am going to play it by ear I may stop at one, who knows? lol. I want a good age gap between my kids too. Me and my brother have six years between us and I really like that gap. I am going to be 25 in July so I kind of feel the clock ticking. Although I am not ready now, am in college, and have no significant other, so I am guessing kids won’t come for quite some time lol!

CelebBabyLover on

sinclair- Or maybe she just likes little boys. 🙂 Anyway, I wonder if the Costners will have a girl this time around?

Jaedyn on

Congrats! My number would be 2 🙂 I think that will be enough for me 🙂

smith on

Aren’t lots of guys grandfathers at 55?

Penelope on

I DON’T THINK it’s selfish to have more than 3 children! It’s not large families that cause the world to suffer! It’s the corrupt people and governments who take the money for themselves instead of dispersing it properly, so that in developing countries, people don’t feel the need to have children to look after them in their old age or to help support the rest of the family! Large families aren’t causing the problems in the world. It’s the selfish idiots who steal money for their own pleasure

To blame large families is a much too simplistic view.Different cultures view children different. You’ll find in many countries a large family is a good thing.

Mel on

My husband and I have two boys. We decided two was perfect because then we have a one on one zone defense LOL

Rye on

I think 2 is the perfect number of kids, but I have to be honest…If I had two boys, I would want to go for a third to try for a girl…but, 3 would be the FINAL number, regardless of if it turned out a girl or not. I can’t believe people have more then 4 kids and can survive comfortably financially. I have a few friends who have 6-7 kids and I look at them and the chaos that overwhelms them at times and I could NOT do that. Definitely not for me!!!

April on

I have seven. Seven is fantastic. To assume that people who have seven children do not take in to account the state of the world in other places and then put that idea out there is irresponsible.

Sarah M. on

I want at least 5 or 6. Probably more. Some adopted and some biological. One of my cousins has 4 boys and her sister has 2 boys and 1 girl. I also have a 10 year old brother. There are several times in which we’re at one of their houses and there are AT LEAST 4 kids, if not all 8 (not including neighbors or friends that are over), there much of the time. When I’m only with 1 or 2 kids, I actually get bored because I’m used to more kids around!!! (I know there’s a HUGE difference between working with children and having your own, but I still want a lot despite that.)

Congrats Kevin and family! At least we know that baby will be loved my many!!

Terri on

My other half and I are both 29 and we have nine kids. Yes nine kids. The oldest is 8 and the youngest is 7 weeks. So that is 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 7 weeks. We want three more for that even 12. Three are in diapers so it’s constant work but it’s fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I noticed the younger generation tends to amazed and think we are crazy but the older generation appreciates it and always comments on what a good family we have.

Kira on

For me 3 is the magic number. Two girls and one boy or one girl and two boys. Just not all boys or all girls. I want to be a parent to both. 🙂

Rose T. on

My Husband and I have three children. Our oldest is four, a boy. Our wonderful middle child,a girl, is two and our brand new baby boy is about 2 weeks. All of our kids are close in age and it is very hectic. But we love them all. That’s it for us though. Congrats to Kevin!

Jessica on

Four, hopefully two boys and two girls, my family has a reputation of only concieving boys and I would love sons but I would also love atleast one daughter, I am the only girl of three boys so I do hope my husbands genes will provide some luck since he comes from a family of a lot of women. We are currently trying for our first and have been for three months so wish us luck!!Congrats to Kevin, who is an amazing actor and a loving father- from what I can tell : )

Marilyn on

CBB: Are they expecting a girl this time? Do you know something we don’t know? Your calendar bar is pink! I hope it’s a girl this time!

HT on

I only want 2. That’s enough. 7 is a lot of kids!

Marilyn on

I read today on Star magazine’s website that they are expecting a GIRL and the shower is April 11!