Bethenny Frankel Gets Her First Maternity Jeans

03/17/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

She’s seven months pregnant, but Real Housewives of New York‘s Bethenny Frankel is just now slipping into her first pair of maternity jeans.

“I got them today at a photo shoot and bought them [on the set],” she tells Moms & Babies of her Mylo Dweck Maternity skinny jeans ($60) at the New York premiere of The Bounty Hunter on Tuesday.

“I feel great. I love it!”

The Skinny Girl chef and her growing bump hit the red carpet in her new denim, paired with a striped silver Vince tunic, sparkly jewels and Jimmy Choo heels.

So far, dressing as a mom-to-be has been a cinch, but what’s Frankel doing to prep for the big day?

“I do yoga, so I think I’ll be okay,” says the reality TV star. “I don’t think I will do breathing classes.”

“Either I’ve had what I think is an easy pregnancy, or everyone is overly dramatic. I’m not the obsessed pregnant person,” Frankel, 39, explains. “I’m not the first person who has ever been pregnant, and I won’t be the last.”

We can only assume Simon, Kelly, Jill, or Ramona are ruled out. But have she and fiancé Jason Hoppy picked a name for their June arrival?

“No,” answered Frankel. “We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but we’ve thought of a couple of family names. The brother of my fiancé passed away, so we may name the baby after him, but I don’t know yet.”

Jeffrey Slonim

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Treva on

I adore Bethenay and wish her well. I am happy she got her dream and the man!!

work it, girl

Anon on

Bethany looks beautiful here… that glow. She does look healthier with bit more weight — always felt she was a bit too skinny. Happy for her!

Andi on

Maybe she should trade her skinny jeans for some morals.

mommyof2 on

“Either I’ve had what I think is an easy pregnancy, or everyone is overly dramatic. ”
She has no right to say this even being her own opinion… She’s lucky she’s had an easy pregnancy– A lot of people are sick, tired, run down, not comfortable.. wait till she gets to 9 months and is ready to pop, it’s not comfortable being so big and baby kicking and elbowing you from, the inside.

bammm24 on

i love those jeans!!! i am 6 months pregnant myslef where could i get myself a pair!?

Karen on

I was green as grass throwing up during my pregnancies. Not overly dramatic, just sick. Oh, and hemorrhoids? Can we talk? Glad she’s had an easy pregnancy, though. I say ditch the skinny jeans whether you’re pregnant or not. Life’s too short!!

jenn on

Someone always has to get offended by things Bethenny says. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her comment. She has nothing to compare her pregnancy to, but for her it’s been easy. That’s all she was saying.

Head Diva In Charge on

Good for her – totally shocked she isn’t an obsessed pregnant person though. She is a little high strung…..

WahWah on

It could not make me happier to hear her statements. She calls like she sees it and I love it. I am tired of women acting like they should get an award for doing what millions of women have been doing for thousands of years.

shannon on

I agree w/Head Diva in Chicago – I would think Bethenny would be just a little psycho about the pregnancy. C’mon, isn’t everyone a little whackadoo over their first??

Jennifer on

I don’t think anyone thinks they should get an award for being pregnant but every pregnancy is different for different reasons. Some people have morning, noon and night sickness and can’t gain weight enough to keep themselves or their babies well. Some have big babies that press on you spine or wind up coming our breach. I love Bethanny too but she has nothing to compare her pregnancy to…happy that she’s having an easy one but alot of women don’t!

Lisa on

I think Bethenny is great! Good for her that she has had an easy pregnancy, I think way to many women ARE overly dramatic when they’re pregnant! I love how she says it the way it is!! Can’t wait to see pics of the baby!!

Deborah on

I love Bethenny! and I also LOVE IT when I was pregnant!
Yes towards the end it was a little uncomfortable (waking to pee every 1/2 hr and sciatic nerve problems) but that’s just “mother nature” getting you ready for sleepless nights and the pains of giving birth. I was very lucky , I ate well and my husband spoiled me rotten! I was back in size 2 jeans in no time, even after my 2nd baby, (just because your pregnant, doesn’t give you a right to eat junk food) Congrats Bethenny and best wishes!

Susan on

She is fabulous and I am happy for her! I hope she has a little girl!

momof3 on

“Either I’ve had what I think is an easy pregnancy, or everyone is overly dramatic. ”
There is nothing wrong with this comment. She just said that she has had an easy pregnancy people who took it any other way are just overly dramatic. And really need to stop taking everything in a negative way. beacuse in the long run you are not going to be a very happy person.

Loretta on

I’m so happy for both of you. You’ve wanted a baby for awhile. I hope mom and baby will always do well.

Dawn on

And I bet she won’t have one stretch mark on her!!! Some gals are lucky, easy pregnancy, easy delivery and back on the run way in 2 months (Ms. Klum). 15 years later and I am still trying to get the extra weight off and don’t get me started on stretch marks – I had twins! Well, good for her and I hope her delivery is easy and that she and the happy are healthy. And PS: some women are overly dramatic!!! during pregnancy and after.

Coco on

She FINALLY looks legitimately pregnant. Thank goodness . . . I was beginning to worry about her!

mamaof2 on

Well I really don’t care what she said about having an easy pregnancy, but some of you people on here are totally offensive!
Deborah: awesome for you that you got back into your size 2 jeans right away..obviously obsessed with your weight!
Lisa: so obviously you also had an easy pregnancy?
I have had 3 pregnancies and 2 live births and none of them were easy, I couldn’t not even hold down water and I had to be hospitalized (which was not fun) do you people think that we women that have a rough pregnancy want it that way? GET REAL! I wish I had a great pregnancy each time and it didnt, I didnt go around crying about it, I just took it like it was. You people need to get off your high horse! Geez

Lyoness on

I don’t have a problem with her comments. She has no frame of reference b/c this is her first. Maybe people have told her horror stories about morning sickness and other things. Maybe she had some nauseau but it wasn’t bad or scary in her opinion. She is 39. Maybe just being able to have the baby is enough for her. :0) I must admit, I am surprised she isn’t more high strung but c’est la vie.

esp on

@mommyof2, she has the right to voice her opinion just like you have the right to be hateful, ignorant and judgemental. Obviously some womens’ pregnacies are more stressful or uncomfortable than others, but in general we all deal with the same crap. Just because some women whine about it more loudly doesn’t make them more heroic. I could do with much less of the “oh poor me” attitude from pregnant women. If you choose to have a baby, you choose to deal with all that it entails. Thank goodness for sensible and humble moms to be like Ms. Frankel.

jay on

I hope this changes her disposition , at first I thought she was witty and funny but this season she is down right mean.Not a good spot for a MOm to be. Will her sarcasm spill over to her child , I hope not.

teetee on

ummm, she still looks like a gremlin but a pregnant one.
not gorgeous in my opinion and I think this pregnancy saved her life, she was anorexic and paranoid.loud and crass.JMO

I hope this man keeps her in line, she’s the type that needs that, she’ll go overboard like she used to.

My boss lives in her building, shes had her share of Bethanny rants.

beth on

i’m over her. next

linda on

I am happy for Bethenny and wish her and Jason the best. She looks so tiny at 7 mos pregnant and lucky girl that she’s feeling so great. Yeah some people do get over the top about their pregnancy but some really do have a bad time. I had my twins this past November and I had a very rough pregnancy and dealt with everything from five months of extreme nausea, vomiting, and excessive weight loss to bedrest. In the end I couldnt be happier with my babies but I wouldn’t wish that kind of pregnancy on anyone…Anyway so glad that Bethenny is feeling great and has found happiness.

Marla on

I love, love, love Bethany! She looks fabulous at seven months pregnant. You go girl.

Iliana T. on

Bethany I’m soooo happy for you. You have a gorgeous man and finally a baby on the way. Congrats! I’m a big housewives fan, although I have to admit that OC and NJ are my favorite mommies. You look fab; I love your attitude and spunk; You’re no nonsense shoot from the hips and I love that. Again congrats!

Taty on

She is an awkward-looking pregnant woman.

ctl on

Ugh. She seems to have had a lot of plastic surgery done on her face, and it’s pretty ironic that she would be lecturing other woman about healthy pregnancies, or health anything.

I hope she does not have a little girl, because the poor daughter would certainly be growing up in the shadow of an appearance/weight-obsessed woman. Not fun for a little girl.

Melania on

Does everyone agree that the NY Housewives are acting like a bunch of five year olds in Kindergarden this season??

All they say is “she called me this name”, “he called me that name”, He said this, she said that, I’m so angry, blah blah blah. Does Jill know how ridiculous she sounds when she says that she is furious because Bethenny said to *gasp* get a Hobby? Is Jill nuts?

And Ramona adding insult to injury, insulting Countess, when Jill speaks to her about her apologizing to Countess re husband’s Countless remark. They all sound like complete morons.

And that Raccoon makeup on Jill’s eyes only adds to her looking foolish.

m-dot on

She looks great!

Barbie on

I have had easy pregnancies myself so its not impossible. With my second I was going through a separation from my husband and yet my pregnancy was good and the delivery, well lets just say I made the EMS worker quesy because he was afraid I was going to deliver before arriving at the hospital. Oh the memories. !

Ella on

@mommyof2, I think you’re the one who needs to get off of their high horse. You are attacking other people who have done nothing but speak about their previous expieriences of pregnancy, and apparently it annoys you because your expieriences weren’t as good. I noticed that the people you targeted in your comment disagreed with what you said originally, though not always directly, so you clearly think you are right and they have no right to an opinion. Shame on you.

Ella on

@ ctl- You’re kidding, right? Can you actually prove she has had plastic surgery or that she is a looks-obsessed person? No, so you need to quit acting like you know everything. And seriously, any daughter of Bethenny’s would be far more well-adjusted than any child of yours. You’ve made it very clear that you an extremely narrow-minded person who assumes the worst of people based on looks. If you have a daughter, I hope she never acts like you do.

Ninja on

My fiance’s brother? That was such a strange way to say it.

KatieB on

I used to think Bethenny was funny and witty, while still maintaining a good heart. However, this season she appears to have lost her kindness. She seems mean and self-absorbed. The girl has no sense of self-reflection. If she saw how she looks on TV to the rest of the world, she should be mortified. Its behavior unbecoming. Pithy remarks are not attractive at the expense of someone else.

denise on

Bethany can do NO wrong in my book!
I just love her; she is so adorable.
High Strung????? She’s freakin happy, ever
hear of that people….
can’t everyone just be happy for her??

sara c. on

has it occurred to any of you that this show is edited. we really have no idea what the circumstances of bethenny’s side of the story are. i think the show has misled viewers with jill and luanns versions. good luck bethenny, jason, and baby hoppy. i was puzzled about what bethenny was supposed to call her fiance’s brother. what else should she call him?

Missy on

Another celebrity who lives in fear of gaining more than ten pounds while pregnant…

Jenny on

I’ve been watching the show since the beginning&my favorite people on the show were Bethenny&Jill.This season I don’t even know who Bethenny is with her over the top meanspiritedness.And Jill’s turned out to be a complete phony with all the constant bragging.Last season Kelly was the one that annoyed the crap outta me.The episode with her running down the street in traffic was especially ridiculous&I absolutely agreed with Bethenny about her outlandish behavior.Kelly needs to get over herself in a big way.I’m happy for Bethenny finding love&hope it makes her a better person,because she really comes off as someone filled with rage.I understand why people might be put off by her because of her abrasiveness.Her snarky comments need to be toned down.Everyone needs to remember what karma is-because it always comes back around..