Joey Fatone Confused By Daughter Kloey’s Cries

03/16/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Kevin Winter/Getty

As a former member of ‘NSYNC, girls crying in his presence is old hat to Joey Fatone. The wails he’s still trying to interpret? Those of his 9-week-old daughter, Kloey Alexandra.

“When she cries, [I’ve] already fed her, [I’ve] already changed her — I’m like, ‘What is wrong?!’ Fatone, 33, told reporters at the N.Y.C. opening of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Union Square on Wednesday.

“I turn you this way, I turn you that way, do I have to hold you, do I have to rock you? What’s the deal?’”

The Dancing With the Stars alum and his wife, Kelly Baldwin Fatone, welcomed the latest addition to their brood  — which also includes elder daughter Briahna — in January.

And it seems like Briahna, who turns 9 next week, is stepping up and accepting her big sister duties — except for one, that is.

“She won’t change the diapers yet,” notes Fatone. “But she will feed the baby, she’ll burp her, she’ll hold her, she’ll make sure she doesn’t cry. She’s loving it, she’s awesome.”

As for his status as the lone man in a family of females, Fatone jokes, “It’s my karma for being in a boy band surrounded by screaming girls.”

— Shruti Dhalwala

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Jen DC on

She’s crying because she’s going to have to explain how to spell her name – which has a beautiful traditional spelling that most people know – all her life and she is angry about it. That, or it’s colic.

Roxy on

Jen DC, their kid, their choice.

Jessicad on

She’ll have nothing to be angry about if people would stop being rude and making fun of it.

His comment about karma was cute! 🙂

Lee on

Exactly Roxy.

Cortney on

The spelling of the name is fine. But obviously somebody is a fan of the Kardashians…Thats Kloe Kardashians full name!

new name girl on

I have a pretty common name that has an irregular spelling and I hate it. I hated years of misspellings and having to tell the story of why my name is spelled that way, that I legally changed it when I turned 20.

Anonymous on

She’s crying because she’s not getting breast milk!

Anonymous on

Did anyone ever think that maybe her name comes from her parents- Kelly & Joey= Kl oey

netluvgrl on

Or maybe she is crying because she can already sense the world is full of idiots. BTW know of many babies who are being/were bottle fed and they are just as healthy and smart as breastfed babies. If you believe the propaganda then don’t blame the rest of us when your little darling comes home puking with the flu and an F on her/his report card. Blame your bad milk or genes.

Tracy on

Great another breastfeeding nazi !!!!

km on

Ha! Totally agree with jendc!

Breastfeeding mom on

My thoughts exactly, anonymous!

andria on

umm ppl
plus he said its a commbination of Kelly + Joey
im soo happy 4 him

Jen DC on

Is it *really* their kid? Wow, I was confused on that point…

It is certainly their choice to name their child and spell it however they want, just as it’s my choice to mock them for it – particularly when given the space and encouraged to do so by so many blank “your opinion here” spaces. I happen to find “Briahna” tortured as well. I mean, really, Joey Fatone? I guess phonics will work in her favor at least; no one can mispronounce the “ah” in her name legitimately…

@ New Name Girl: I hear ya. One of the redeeming features of my name (both first and last names are boring!) is that I never have to spell it for any reason. And it fits on all forms, is easily pronounced and familiar in many countries.

OK, flame on! I got my fire-retardant britches on.

erica on

Oh please Anonymous, breastmilk is overrated. You fanatics should get over yourselves and find another way of having self-esteem. The baby will be perfectly fine. There is no difference between breastmilk babies and formula babies (no matter what the propaganda says). Period!

Jen DC on

Really? It’s their kid? Gosh, I would never have guessed!

It is their choice to spell/modify/or “create” (Kl+oey) name they wish, just as it’s my choice to mock them for it. Furthermore, that’s kind of the point of commentary opportunities such as this one: To comment, preferably on topic. Which I also accomplished. A+ for me.

@ New name: I hear ya. The ease of spelling and recognition my absolutely boring moniker receives is, all in all, mostly worth it for never having to be asked how to spell or pronounce it. That, plus it fits on ALL forms with limited letter spaces.

OK, I got my flame-retardant britches on: Give me your best burn for my mockery. (BTW, not mocking the baby, just her parents for their terrible lack of forethought or originality. I’m sure Kloey is a sweet kid and won’t be made fun of nearly as severely as Bri-AH-na, her sister’s tortured name. And maybe it really is colic.)

erica on

netluvgrl, I am so with you. Breastmilk can actually be worse than formula, especially if the mother has a poor diet or high intake of alcohol/drugs. The WHO propaganda should only apply to countries that has no clean water for mixing. Countries with clean water need not worry.

Diana on

hmm well if your going to complain about names and say they named her after other celebs…. maybe you should spell the celebs name right! It is KHLOE Kardashian!!!
I dont dig the way they spelled either kids name, but it is there choice not ours!!!
And yeah breast milk has nothing to do with it, just beacause some of us dont BF does not mean you have the right to open your big mouth and claim that is what is wrong!!! Trust me I have 3 kids, none were BF and all were perfectly fine…. and an FYI on breastfeeding…. my hubby was the only child breast feed in his family of 4 and he was the sickest child…. has TONS of allergies and asthma. None of his siblings do!

nd on

Kloey is the combination of their names. It’s cute.

Anonymous on

The name is a combination of the parent’s name. It’s in this article announcing her birth,,20336346,00.html

Anonymous on

I think the breastfeeding comment was more of an attachment comment, the article makes it seem as if he’s not able to connect with her yet, and the 8 yr. old can, and mom is completely not mentioned! Very strange article I wouldn’t be pleased if I read this about my family. Breastfeeding is more than the extra IQ points and natural immunities it provides, it allows a child to be mothered, nurtured, and attached in a whole different way. Ask any mom who has done both. Babies who are held and breastfed cry much less, if in doubt you put the baby to the breast, it works for “I want to be held, I’m thirsty, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m cold, I want to smell you, I need to toot, my siblings are driving me crazy, I don’t want to be passed around anymore” and on and on.

Beth on

You’re right netluvgrl, the world is full of idiots, like the people who give their babies formula, when the first ingredient is corn syrup solids. Don’t blame the rest of us when those little darlings you talk about are obese and suffer from diabetes and ADD at the age of 4.

Monica on

So because she is drinking from a bottle it means she is having formula? You know there is this new fangled contraption called a breast pump these days! Shocking I know! I was able to feed my daughter breast milk with a bottle because of it.

christina on

Wow, how do you know she’s not getting breastmilk? There are such things as pumps!!! idiot

Elle on

Who says she’s not getting breast milk? There ARE things known as pumps these days.

08girl on

Yeah. That is a weird spelling. Chloe is the coolest way. Just my opinion though. I don’t think weird spellings are always bad. I think it can make the name look cooler…if you don’t go overboard.


It is not a big deal that a 9 year old can feed and burp a baby and I am surprised that People is making this a story-

Sarah on

Honestly, I dont know why People allows comments on stories. There are a few who always seem to think it’s room to be nasty, judgemental and frankly in some cases above, ignorant.

Signed, a successful productive member of society with a college degree (and who was indeed bottle fed).

susan on

Joey said when the baby was born right here on that the spelling of the name Kloey was a combination of Kelly and Joey. Don’t know why that bothers some people. Alot of parents spell the names of their chilren different then the usual spelling. I think it’s cute.

ponymom on

Why isn’t she being nursed? She may be getting too much air when sucking.

Anonymous on

Babies cry for all sorts of reasons, and I doubt it has anything to do with her name! I like her name and love the spelling!

Chill Out, Man on

how do you know that she isn’t being bottle fed expressed breast milk. you people are so quick to judge.

Nicole on

netluvgrl WE believe the propaganda? Choice to do with your baby what you will, but breast milk doesn’t fit into any propaganda. It’s free, and natural. Meanwhile others choose to spend hundreds of dollars on an artificial substance that is claiming to be the same as natural milk. Get a grip!

Anonymous on

I think it’s funny that just because someone else is feeding her, some idiot is obsessed with the idea it could be formula. Ever heard of pumping? Dads get to bond that way, too, and clearly big sister could as well. Geez. (FWIW, my boy is 6, is NEVER sick and has an IQ of 149. He was – GASP – formula fed.)

I think it’s great that his daughter gets to help out! Stronger family that way! Good to hear about family stuff and not always sex-crazed, who’s dumping who BS on these sites! 🙂

new name girl on

@Anonymous no. 2 ….. That much is obvious. The reason for the unique spelling was stated when they annouced the birth. However, not everyone knows that on the first day school, job interview, credit card companies, etc etc.

Liliana on

Why is it anyone’s business how the baby is fed? You do what’s best for your children and they’ll do what’s best for theirs.

Even as someone who’s nursed both of her children, I’m not stupid enough to believe that because of it, I’m a better mother.

Some of you need to get over yourselves. This site has gotten worse and worse over the past year or so. The stuff people complain about is absolutely ridiculous.

Kristina on

To Anonymous who said that breastfed babies are so much happier than formula fed babies, I beg to differ. I have worked with babies for going on five years and will tell you the breastfed babies, more often than not, are much crabbier babies. Why is this? For most of them, mom uses her breast as a pacifier, a sooth all and then that baby has no idea how to comfort him or herself. I’m not saying all moms do this, but if a baby is crying and you’ve done everything else than of course you are going to try and breastfeed to see if they are hungry. This is a comfort thing to the baby and once they get to daycare their caregiver cannot give them a breast and it is HELL!!! I had one son that was stricktly formula fed (I didn’t get any milk in with him) and my second son was primarily breastfed for the first 4 months. My formula fed baby has been much healthier than the breastfed one. Genetics? Luck? Who knows, but obviously the breastfeeding did little for my second son.

Lynn on

Um..breastfed babies cry to. Did any of you nipple nazi’s consider that mom is on Med’s preventing her from breastfeeding. She was diagnosed with some medical condition before the birth.

Alice on

Jen DC, terribly sorry for the confusion but yes, Joey’s wife carried the baby for nine months and it is a product of the both of them. Hope that’s clear enough for you!

When it starts concerning you, let me know.

As for her feeding, there are these wonderful items called breast pumps that are now readily available. Even if she is bottlefed, it’s no one’s business.

I’m not down playing the benefits of breastfeeding but unless it’s your child, you have no right to say anything. In regards to formula fed children being obious, I know a few family members, some who were formula fed and others breastfed, that are struggling with weight issues. It takes a lot more than formula to make a child obese.

Anonymous on

Who cares how they spell her name it is there little girl so they can spell her name how they want to.

Kristen on

Breast milk is full of the nutrients that a baby needs. It is sad when parents are too self-absorbed (or lack intelligence) to at least attempt breast feeding. On the other hand, who is to say this isn’t breast milk? It could be milk that was pumped.

Tiffany on

I think the name is pretty, and it’s their choice! My daughters name is different (Amaya) and I love it. It’s their choice. As for the baby being bottle fed, you don’t know that it’s not breast milk. Even if it is formula, that doesn’t make them bad parents. Lots of women can not breast feed. I do believe that the mother had a condition before the pregnancy, so what if she has to take medications? Medications secrete through the breast milk so she may not be able to. My daughter was breast fed for 3 months and is now on formula. It does not make me a bad mother because I choose to feed her formula. So @ Kristen, it doesn’t make parents self absorbed or un-intelligent. It’s their choice as for what they should do. What’s sad is your judgment.

omg people on

1. WHO CARES how they spell their kid’s name. While I personally don’t like crazy spellings for simple names, its personal preference. Kloey can change it if she really wants to. Not my kid, so who gives a rip.

2. Seriously, why is there a debate about breastmilk? Women wouldn’t have milk producing boobs for no reason. It is proven breastmilk contains more nutrients and antibodies you cant imitate in formula. If someone doesnt wanna breastfeed- its their choice to not go with nature. But it doesnt mean their kid is going to be sick as a dog either. Some kids will get sick or have allergies regardless. Now, if people wanna debate breastmilk isnt healthy really needs to start getting their info together because you dont deserve to call yourself human, especially if the debate is about drugs being present as stated in an earlier post. Well, of course if mom is on drugs that will pass through, but that is by choice for mom to do that, nature on its own doesnt produce cocaine-milk.

River on

I am so tired of other mothers judging what another Mother does. I take offense to Beth’s comment. I brestfed my daughter for almost a month but had to stop because I couldn’t keep up with her and we switched her over to formula and my daughter is not obese, she is a very active 21 month old. Have you ever thought about the fact that what a child eats and how active they are affects if they are going to be obese or not.
To all the Mothers that judge another Mother for what THEY choose for THEIR child(ren) how dare you for judging. If our children are happy, content, well mannered, productive members of society please do us a favor and butt out. We really know what we are doing. We have talked with our Doctors and GUESS What……. We are doing a great job.

Vikki on

Dear Monica
I have an 11 month old baby and tried desperately for over a month to breastfeed my baby boy, but nothing I had tried worked. I had lactation consultants, breast pumps..etc etc.
The problem was that I did not produce enough milk.
Soooo maybe before you open your big mouth and say stupid things like “has she heard of a breast pump” maybe you should look up the meaning in a dictionary (you have heard of a dictionary right)? of the word “education” and educate yourself with “knowledge” (something else you should look up in a dictionary)of the said subject.

Vikki on

beth + monica= uneducated boobs! I’m soo sure that people that were not breastfed never get diabetes..hahaaaa..maybe they become superheroes too. Get off your high horses, the oxygen level may be running low.

proudformulamom on

Kristen- call me self absorbed if you must because I have chosen to give my children formula.
I like that my baby can go 3-4 hours without having to eat. BTW my baby isn’t even 2 months old and sleeps through the night. I don’t need my baby stuck to my breast 24-7. I do have a 4 year old that needs my time as well. Most breast fed babies take longer to sleep through the night. They eat more often and cry just as much if not more than a formula fed baby. I know quite a few adults that were breast fed and they are dumber than a box of nails, have a ton of allergies and surprise they are obese. So you were saying?

KellyJS on

Wow CBB is letting through some comments they never would have before. Their baby = their choice. You don’t HAVE TO breastfeed.

New Mom on

I’m a new Mom, me and my husband named our daughter after his late mother and father. His mom’s name was Jacqueline and his Dad’s name was Marvin Ray. We named our daughter Jacquelyn Rae. Both are very common names and when we looked into how we’d spell the name for our daughter, these two were the most common spellings for those names over any other. We wanted her to keep most of the spelling of her grandmother’s name but wanted it a bit different since the middle name would be spelt different. No one had dogged us on how we spelt her name or had any bad comments about it. Everyone thinks it is beautiful and unique. You hear names like Apple, Bronx, Pear, Peach…and you are dogging them because they spelt it Kloey instead of Chloe?? How stupid! And as for breast feeding I also had the lacation consultant and everything, my daughter just simply never wanted to lacth on. I kept a great diet my whole pregnancy and after and the consultant told us that some women just don’t produce the right amount so the baby simple knows not to latch, and she was right, when my daughter was a week old, I lost my breast milk. She is happy and healthy feeding off formula and not overweight.

Ish on

I love how people come up on these comment boards and pass judgement on others. So what if you bottle or breast feed! As long as the kid is happy and healthy, that’s the only thing that matter. I really loathe the holier than thou people who believe that their better than someone else because they breastfeed. Some mothers cannot! I breastfed my first child, then couldn’t breastfeed my 2 younger children because I’m on strong anti-epileptic medication and I do NOT want my babies to be like zombies from drinking the medicine through my breast milk. Not only that, like some previous posts have expressed, you do not know if she pumped her milk so daddy and big sister could have bonding time with baby too.

I and my sisters were all bottle fed, I skipped a grade and I have an IQ of 152, my baby sister is in 8th grade at 11 years old and has an IQ of 154, and my 3 other sisters are all A students. The bottlefeeding didnt make a difference. And you know what!? My breast fed child has ADHD and learning disabilities….but he’s still quite brilliant. So all those “studies” are BS. Not everything works for everyone.

So to all my breast feeding mommies out there, please keep the holier than thou attitudes to yourselves because if you want people to accept you guys for who you are, you have to accept others for whom they are. Its the same as being discriminated for breastfeeding in public to try to shame someone for not breastfeeding, so stop being hypocritical.

Monica on


Maybe you should learn how to read before you comment on others posts. I never said “has she heard of a breast pump” My comment was in reference to another person’s comment.

CelebBabyLover on

Tiffany- Excellent point!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and while I fully support breastfeeding and think that all women (barring something that makes it impossible, such as having had a double-masectomy or needing to take medicine that isn’t safe to take while breastfeeding) should at least try to breastfeed, I DO get where the people who have mentioned that forumla doesn’t neccesarily equally sicker babies, children, etc. are coming from.

I was primarily formula fed (my mother breastfeed me for three months, but then had to stop due to the fact that I wasn’t gaining weight), and I rarely ever get sick except for the occasional cold. 🙂

Name Police on

What’s with the stupid spelling of the name? Confusion for the rest of her life.

Denise on

Where did it say she wasn’t getting breast milk?

Luna on

Does it really matter how she’s fed as long as she’s being fed? People in third world countries are starving and people on this site are arguing over how Joey Fatone and his wife feed their child. It’s not your bottle, formula, or breast so who gives a flip. Her name looks how it’s pronounced so she won’t be given too much crap. Everyone needs to calm it down!

Michelle on

Shes crying over BREAST MILK? Are you kidding me???? Some mothers need “out of the home jobs”. Thats ridiculous.

TLD on

I can not believe all the immature comments from this one little article.

mother of 2 on

why did this turn into a breastfeeding debate? women have different reasons for not breastfeeding. i tried with both of my daughters and couldn’t. hardly anything came out. i don’t feel bad about giving them formula. my oldest has ADHD, my youngest is fine. you never know. my nephew was breastfed and he is not very healthy. i know other children that were breastfed that ending up being failure to thrive. you never know what you are going to be dealt in life. why is it that women feel the need to tear each other down? we all go through so much of the same things in life. shouldn’t we be supportive of each other? it seems like any message board on here there are people arguing. Enough. be thankful for what you have in your life and be glad that you have your children, period.

Monica on


That is NOT true. My daughter was breast fed and started sleeping through the night right after she turned a month old. She was a very healthy and happy baby.

Breast feeding formula feeding is a PERSONAL choice that the mother must make. I don’t understand why people get into such a frenzy judging and “defending” their decisions to do one thing or the other.


Were you formula fed? With your poor lack of reading comprehension it shows 😉

(Totally kidding but really you really have no right to tell people to get educated on anything when you can’t even comprehend small paragraphs.)

Amanda Babin on

It sounds like the Fatone family has their hands full for now! I can’t wait to see what Kloey looks like! =D
I’m guessing this will be their last child since Kelly had a tough pregnancy after discovering that she had a genetic disorder that could be life-threatening to her and her child if she were to get pregnant again. ='(
LOL Funny thing about the Karma, has this affected any other Nsync boybander. XD

And do you research before accusing the parents of misspelling their daugher’s name! It certainly doesn’t have to do with the Kardashians. Kloey is the combination of her parent’s names, Kelly + Joey.

CelebBabyLover on

Ish- I don’t think all the studies are BS (too many of them have been done, IMO, for ALL of them to be wrong), but I also don’t think they should be taken as gospel. Of course everyone’s different, so not all babies will behave and grow up exactly like the studies say! 🙂

As for Kloey’s name….believe me, even having a “normal” name with a “normal” spelling doesn’t guarantee you won’t have to spell it for people. I have a “normal” name with a “normal” spelling, but I still get asked to spell it from time to time!

Jennie on

First off i can’t believe you are actually going back and forth about breast milk and formula, or even attacking them for the name. Like your always perfect? PLEASE! 2nd off not ALL OF US MOTHER’S have the ability to breast feed. When i had my child and was told i would never be able to produce milk what was i supposed to do? I didn’t have a choice but to formula feed, and guess what? My child is perfectly healthy, smart, and fine. Trolls.