Baby Boy on the Way for Jeff Gordon!

03/16/2010 at 01:20 PM ET
Isaac Brekken/WireImage

The baby Jeff Gordon and wife Ingrid Vandebosch expect in August is a boy, the NASCAR racer announced Tuesday.

“I wanted to let all of my fans on know first that Ingrid and I are having a boy!” Gordon, 38, announced in a statement on his Web site.

As parents to daughter Ella Sofia, 2 ยฝ, the couple already know what it’s like to have a daughter, but what do they need to know about parenting a son? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Nana on

Congratulations Jeff and Ingrid!! My advice is to cherish each moment you can. They grow up soooo fast. Pretty soon Ella will be going to school and you’ll wonder what happened to the time.

I’ve been a Jeff Gordon fan ever since you started, but I’m even more of a fan now, since my name is Carol and my granddaughter’s is Ella.

Ella on

Jeff and Ingrid, I am so happy for you and hope that your family prospers with the addition of your new member. Congratulations to you too and Ella Sofia on becoming a big sister.

PS- Please give your son a name that fits well with Ella and isn’t crazy celeb

Linda on

Congratulations on the news of you having a baby boy. It is wonderful news and raising a boy is the most precious thing in the world.

sinclair on

“It is wonderful news and raising a boy is the most precious thing in the world.”

linda, raising a child, period, is the most precious thing in the world–female or male.

as for CBB’s question, they don’t need to do anything differently, just love their children equally and take it as it comes.

Jennie on

Congrats to Jeff, Ingrid, and little Ella on the impending birth! My one piece of advice for dealing with a little boy comes in the diaper changing department. I highly recommend that he not be “exposed” for too long or else he will “baptize” everything! Unfortunately, I neglected to follow that bit of advice once and I still regret it to this day…so definitely either cover him up or just use your speed skills and make a quick change of the diaper!

blessedwithboys on

please investigate routine infant circumcision. it is cosmetic surgery and totally unnecessary. your son will thank you for leaving his anatomy intact!

Luna on

Congrats Jeff, Ingrid, and Ella. My advice would be to remember that no matte how badly he behaves one moment, your kids are your babies and those I love yous are worth all the bad times. Also, boys are way different than boys. Watch out when you change a diaper. And above all, love him with all your heart. Congrats again on baby boy Gordon.

James Piccarreto on

Congrats Jeff, Ingrid & Ella, Maybe A New Superstar Of NASCAR Someday!

Nella on

Congrats to Ingrid, Jeff and little Ella. Sinclair I totally agree with you, just raising a child is amazing. So I would say enjoy it as much as possible.

Regarding the circumcission it’s a personal choice, to some people even a religious one so it’s up to the parents whether to go through with it.Personally, I do not agree with infant circumcission, I believe it should be a choice the child should make when they’re older what to do with their body, since in most cases it isn’t a life or death situation.I know in the U.S. it’s highly recommended and it’s a common procedure, but lot of people just do the procedure because that’s the way it should be. I’m not criticissing people who decide to go through with it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own reasoning behind it and I respect that, I’m simply stating my own opinion on it before anyone misunderstands me.

Brittany on

I think Elias is a great name and it definitely goes with Ella ๐Ÿ™‚

Jen on

Congrats to them! How exciting! As a mommy of a 4 yr. old daughter and a 1 yr. old son, I have to say that there are many differences between girls and boys. My son is very active and seems to be more physical…did everything physical early and my daughter is more calm and likes to play more quietly. But, it could also be that he tries to keep up with her as well. Because he adores his big sis! We have had to babyproof much earlier with him! But, it has been wonderful experiencing both genders…and they are very attached to one another. She protects him and he thinks she is the best! Yes, diaper changes…that is fun. And now he won’t stay still for one…he wants to roll off and walk away in the midst of it! Enjoy!

Loralie on

Congrats to Ingrid and Jeff. I’m sure Ella will be a great big sister. Can’t wait to see what “lil Jeff” will look like. ๐Ÿ™‚

Monica on

As long as he is healthy, thats all that matters…

ecl on

my advice it to treat the kids as individuals rather than as a boy or as a girl

CelebBabyLover on

blessedwithboys- Actually, from what I’ve read, there ARE some health benefits that come with circumcision. But ultimately, like Nella said, it IS a matter of personal choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shannon on

Congrats to them. My advice is to have lots of Band-Aids on hand. My boys definitely had alot more skinned knees than my girls did. Boys just seem to play a little rougher.

Luna on

Oops. I meant boys are way different than girls.

lisa on

I bet that kid will be a speedracer! I bet hell be welcomed to the world with little toddler racing cars..I can see it!

Alice on

Aside from anatomy, I can’t say that it’s so much about boys being different from girls as it is two children having different personalities.

Even when a person is expecting their second son or daughter, they should ultimately expect the unexpected. I have two daughters and they could not be more different if they tried. Not only are their interests polar opposites from one another but so are their personalities. Of course I didn’t expect them to be clones of one another but we’re talking about completely drastic shifts as individuals.

Again, I don’t think there’s any specific advice one can give a person when he or she is having a son vs a daughter. Just because someone else son or daughter may act a certain way does not mean yours will so it’s best to wait and see what personality your son will develop as time goes on.

carol on

congrats Jeff and Ingrid really happy for you been a fan for years and wish the best of luck to you and your family your daughter is so cute and i know how proud of her you both are i had three boys and i had them circumcision i think that is up to you it isnt any ones concern what you do but i think its best because of health reasons again good luck to you both and your precious daughter
carol of lakeview ohio and grandmother of fourteen love to your family

Amy on

blessedwithboys – Actually my husband is uncircumsized and he is very vocal about his mothers decision. He hates it, and wishes his mom would have had him circumsized when he was born. As for me, it doesnt really matter. I love him and the way he is is 100% fine with me.

I just wanted to let you know that some men despise their parents for not doing the “norm”. (provided it is not a religious practice – as my comments have nothing to do with religion)

maria on

Forget everything you’ve learned with your beautiful daughter because a son will throw ya for a loop, having 3 sons and 1 daughter aged 6,4,3,18mths my daughter being the 3rd. They play harder are not so cautious have stromger wills in general but they will bring you rays of sunshine and laughter that nothing will ever compare. Now just a forwarning when he is big enough the two will be partners in crime and will create shenanigans you could not even imagine that all you could do is laugh so you dont cry or pull your hair. Enjoy the ride because it flies but is so fun!!!! Congratulations

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- Interesting that you said that. The situation was the exact opposite with my brother and I when we were kids. I was constantly getting skinned knees and the like, wheras my brother rarely injured himself. Not surprisingly, I was the one who played rougher, while my brother was more cautious. ๐Ÿ™‚

crayon maker on

Congrats Jeff!! Now you have a complete set of boy-girl children. My two-cent piece would be that, prefer to have your impending baby breastfed even just for a month or so. This will help build your baby’s resistance higher and establish a good bond with Ingrid; this is aside from the fact that youโ€™re feeding your baby real โ€œhuman food”. Good luck and enjoy your second baby!!! =)

Dawn on

My husband is a HUGE Gordon fan. Literally, probably the biggest fan. lol Although he would LOVE for your son to be named after him (Kenneth), he suggested Ethan for his name. Just wanted to pass it on. Best of luck & CONGRATS!!!!

michele Ball on

Congrats Jeff and Ingrid!! You both have alot of times with your two babies. My advice to you both is enjoy this time while the kids are still little. They grow up so fast. I know my two children are 4 and 3. They do not stay little for long. And just remember this they are god’s little micracles from heaven.

Julie on

Jeff and Ingrid, congrats on the wonderful news – been a Jeff Gordon racing fan for about 6 years now. All God’s blessings to you! My advice is similar to the person who posted about reconsidering circumsion, but with regard to vaccination. PLEASE – do the SERious research, this is eSPECially important with regard to boys. Two EXcellent websites are and It’s sooo important to understand the info on these two sites – if I could go back and research this information before having vaccinated my son, I would. I’m not 100% anti-vaccine and whether or not it is right for your son I could not say, but in all seriousness, not EVery child can handle the vaccines, my son could not. Please check the sites out and you will feel better whatever decision you make knowing you did your research. All the best!

Doris Dowers on

Congrats: Jeff G is the greatest racer to ever graced any track. Sofia is just a dorable. Will this little boy be the next “wonder boy” love and hold on to them as long as you can, as time slips away so quickly. Your #1 fan

Cindy on

Congratulations to our two favorite people. My husband has been your biggest fan since you came into racing. He would love the opportunity to meet you some day. As far as boys, we have two, and the most important thing is to love them lots and change the diaper fast! They are definitely different than girls but just as wonderful. Thank you for posting family pictures of Ella. We look at your site weekly to find more. Please post of the new baby as well. We love it. Best wishes to you all.