Mario Lopez Won’t ‘Get too Creative’ with Baby’s Name

03/15/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
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Mario Lopez and his actress girlfriend, Courtney Mazza, just announced their pregnancy last week, but the Extra host is already fretting over baby names.

“I don’t know what to do about the name thing,” Lopez, 36, told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show Monday.

“I like names that mean something. I don’t want to get too creative.”

Lopez and Mazza, 28, have decided not to find out whether the baby is a boy or girl, though of course that just makes the naming process that much harder. And their family trees don’t offer much help either.

“I always tease her because she’s 100 percent Italian, and I thought she would have some exotic name like Isabella or Francesca. And it’s Courtney,” jokes Lopez. “That’s what you get when you’re born in the ’80s.”

Despite the challenges of picking a name, the America’s Best Dance Crew host is otherwise thrilled at the prospect of fatherhood.

“I am so excited. I’m fired up. I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas,” he says. “I feel like such a kid myself still. I was like, ‘Whoa! Does this mean I have to grow up?'”

— Tim Nudd

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Mel on

Uh, he’s 36. He’s long overdue for some serious growing up.

Bea on

What is wrong with Isabella? My granddaughter was born in 2009 and we chose Izabella Rose.

Angie on

Nothing is wrong with Isabella…he was teasing her that since she’s 100% Italian he figured she’d have an Italian name, instead it’s just Courtney.

Teresa on

Mario Lopez is a mama’s boy so as long as he has his mom around he will never have to grow up…I hope his girlfriend knows what kind of family is just herself into…You know Mexican mother-in-laws are the worst they are always in there son’s life. Good luck Courtney yur going to need it…LOL

Reese on

That’s adorable!

Bea: There’s nothing wrong with Isabella — she was just an 80’s baby and one of the most popular names then was Courtney; that’s what Mario meant.

CC on

Good for him! I thought he was gay to be honest. LOL

Sharon on

He should be fired up about marriage too.

Rose on

I am not mexican and I have a mexican mother-in-law and I have had a white mother-in-law. And let me tell you, there is no difference, they are both “human beings” with a beating heart, one is just a little darker than the other (not much tho) You people look for things to bitch about. If you don’t like Mario Lopez or you think he’s a momma’s boy, keep your thoughts to yourself. He’s a very nice, very respected young man who happens to love his mother, so be it. You guys have way too much time on your hands. Get a Life!!!!

Congrats to Mario and his family…..

Jill on

Congrats Mario!!!! Whatever you and your girlfriend have, I hope the baby has your adorable dimples.

As for the one who thought you were gay, probably their upper lip talking.

Randa on

Amen to Sharon’s remark! I don’t understand why the “stars” seems to think it is “fun” to have a baby but don’t give a thought to getting married first!

Anonymous on

Ummm doesn’t anyone get married before having kids together anymore? I think a child is more of a commitment to each other than marriage……

Donna on

Now, I just hope he does the right thing and marries her. Of course that is my opinion. Many might not share this same opinion. You don’t have to.

Dee on

I give them a year, tops….once a cheater always a cheater. The fact that she is the mother of his child won’t mean anything to someone like him.

beth on

Mario has cheated on every girl he has ever dated, including one that he married (marriage annuled). I highly doubt that qualifies him to be a “nice, respected” man.

Dolores on

I give kudos to Mario! It’s wonderful to be so happy for this happy event. These days’, it seems marriage is thing of the past for a few people but the child doesn’t have the stigma that they use to have if parents were not married.
Good Luck

Deb on

Mario cheated on Ali and now he has knocked up Courtney.
Grow up Mario. It’s time to stop cheating and do the right thing.

Dolores on

Congrats to Mario and Courtney, have a happy and healthy baby

indianagrl on

bea your right there is nothing wrong with isabella but in reference to your remark we named our grandchild izabella rose give mario a break if he does not have her parents sticking their nose into matters they should not like nameing the baby the couple just might make it

Celeste on

What is the point of marriage? Marriage does not prove a thing! Who’s a cheater? Where is the proof? Take care of your own life & stay out of others’.

indianagrl on

right on celeste!!!!!!

Kim on

Get fired up and grow up & marry the girl first!!!!!!!

Sue on

What ever happened to getting engaged . . then married . . then starting a family. He’s fired up about being a dad but does not respect her enough to marry her and make the baby legit.

ester on

congratulations mario and courtney enjoy the journey.

Luna on

I wish I knew the whole story behind Mario and Courtney’s relationship to see if they are the domestic partner committed relationship serious and not cheating type or if they were dating and she got pregnant. I really hope for the sake of the baby that they are secure enough that they stay together or try to work it out for the baby. Congrats to Mario and Courtney and I hope your lives are happy, healthy and blessed ones. The same to your baby.

robinepowell on

Well maybe they’ll comprimise on a name. Mario’s what Mexican/Spanish? Either way they’re both from Latino families. 😉

I just realized this is the year for Save by the Bell babie, since Tiffani Thiesen is expecting a baby too. 😀

Snow on

Celeste – Ummm, here’s the proof:,,636482,00.html

He’s a serial cheater and has cheated on just about everyone he has gone out with, including his ex-wife.

Roxanne on

Marry her? Why be so cruel to that girl? His 1st marriage lasted all of 2 weeks before Ali Landry kicked him to the curb for cheating on her at his bachelor party. A leopard never changes their spots – that’s all I got to say.

Celeste on

Did he cheat on you Snow?

Bridgette on

He is such a nice and OMG super hot guy. He will make a great DAD! They will be a beautiful family! 🙂 CONGRATZ

Crystal on

Who cares if they are married or not? It’s not our business if they are married. People get way to into the whole marriage thing, you can have a great family and not be married. If he’s a momma’s boy as well, well let him be that. I don’t understand why everyone has to try to bring out the worst in people or degrade them because of how they choose to live THEIR life. Notice it’s their life not mine or anyone else’s to judge. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

Chris on

He seems really excited about becoming a dad! Yeah Mario this means it’s time to grow up 🙂

Elizabeth on

Congrats Mario you are going to become a wonderful dad good luck with everything

Roxy on

Celeste, is he your bestfriend? He cheated. End of story. Of course he could be an excellent father but that doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat on his ex wife.

I know this from experience. My mom cheated on three of her past partners (two were husbands and one was a boyfriend) including my father. She’s a wonderful and devoted mother to all of her children but she’s not a girlfriend/wife I would ever wish on any man.

david on

Celeste, you call an article in People Magazine with quotes by the infamous “source close to the couple” proof? Not in any court of law in this country darlin.

B on

I’m happy for this couple and their little-one-to-be…

As for everyone who thinks they should be married first…umm..hello!! It’s the twenty-first century. It is no longer taboo to be pregnant with no wedding ring. There is no step-by-step formula for life, and you don’t have to do things in the order that your grandparents did. If they want to have a baby before a wedding- who’s business is it but theirs? It certainly isn’t yours because you won’t be the one raising the baby, or making the marriage work. I’m pregnant, not married, and in a healthy, committed relationship. If you can’t have a good relationship without the stigma of “marriage” on it, then maybe you are the one with the problem. just sayin…

Whit on

To be completely honest just because Courtney is pregnant does that mean they should get married!? You shouldn’t force a marriage just because she got knocked up. When that happens there is not doubt in my mind they’d be divorced in less than a year. I agree with whoever said if they don’t want to get married that’s their business. We don’t have to do what our grandparents did!

Lisa on

B, the “stigma” of marriage? Really? Just because you got pregnant without being married doesn’t make marriage a stigma. Marriage is a partnership where two people love each other, and is the best possible environment to raise a child. I hope your “significant other” decides you’re worth marrying…otherwise, look elsewhere.

Lizzy on

Ok….. yes he cheated in the past. So what? He is living the present now. We don’t know, This relationship might be different. This child could change him.
Remember this is all Gossip. We don’t know him! So Stop JUDGING!!!!…………………….

j on

Marry her BEFORE the baby is born. She’s 100% Italian, non disgrazia per favore. Ciaio, Bellisima!

GiannaG on

I think it’s hilarious how many people are suggesting Mario get married to ‘honor’ this girl and to make the baby ‘legit’. Do people still look down on babies of unwed couples that way? Oh PLEASE. If they’re not interested in marriage why should they do it to satisfy a bunch of critics throwing stones on the internet?

I also find it funny that the moralists pick and choose which cheaters they despise. There’s a certain sainted couple (unmarried too! gasp!) with a similar history, frequently appearing on this site with their large brood, and people screech and drool over them, quivering with praise. What makes Mario so much worse than them I would love to know. All this moralizing seems very phony and hypocritical.

Roxy on

Lisa, there’s no one, best possible environment for a child to be raised in. Just because a child’s parents are married does not mean that child will be better off in the same sense that even though a child’s parents may not be together, they are destined for unhappiness.

There’s a slew of different family make ups and no single one is better than another. It’s all about what works best for each family.

marhartm19586 on

How do you know the girls he has been with haven’t cheated on him too? Woman cheat just as well as men cheat. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet or in the gossip magazines. Unless you know him personally you have to right to criticize him. It takes two people to make a relationship and two to mess one up. Maybe becoming a father made him grow up, ask yourself that. Heaven forbid if you do anything wrong in your life. The only difference between him and anyone else is that he acts for a living and is always in the public eye. No matter what these stars do someone will always believe lies the media tells or even the truth which they usually embellish on anyway. If you don’t like him that is okay but, until you have been in his shoes leave him and his girlfriend alone. Pregnancy is hard enough without having jealous people knock you down. If it is meant to be with them then it will be.

Me on

Very attractive couple.

Anonymous on

Good luck, these 2 are going to need it!

JM on

i don’t really know who these people are, but i just wanted to say that it’s incredibly naive to think that marriage will make a person NOT cheat. and i don’t get all of this “doing the right thing and getting married before having a baby” business. the right thing according to whom exactly? what does a piece of paper changed. i personally am married and loved getting married and having a wedding, but i would never presume that just because i chose to do that and then have kids that my way is the right/better way. how arrogant! seriously people, it’s like you’re fed a mantra and repeat without actually critically thinking about what it means and about whether what you are talking about actually makes logical sense. remember, logical sense?

Liliana on

J, your comment made me laugh.

Anonymous on

He is making fun of the fact she was born in the 80’s? Then why are you dating her? I guess all the women around his age are not interested in him because he is immature. Go figure!

shannon on

Anyone else think he should name the kid Slater, regardless of gender?

Donna Cobb on

Their child will be so beautiful, look at them Both! Congrats to mario and his woman

CelebBabyLover on

GiannaG- Um, because according to all the reliable sources (i.e., the people actually involve, as well TWO of the one person’s best friends- the one that was alledgly cheated on to boot!-), there was, in fact, no cheating involved in that case!

That being said, I do agree with you about Mario. Unless we know him or any of his ex’s personally, we can’t possibly know that he’s cheated on every girl he’s ever been with. Also, people DO change. Look at Nicole Richie, for example. Granted, she’s never been a cheater (at least as far as I know), but she WAS quite the “wild child”, partying, getting arrested for DUI, etc. But then, when she met Joel and had Harlow, she changed (and virtually overnight, to boot!).

Perhaps Mario has finally found “the one” in Courtney, and perhaps, like Harlow did with Nicole, his baby will help him grow up. 🙂

Anyway, I also agree with all the posters who say that Mario and Courtney shouldn’t get married just because she’s pregnant. IMO, couples should never get married just because the woman is pregnant!

Lisa- Why does it bother you so much that B and her partner are perfectly happy being unmarried? Personally, I could never have a child with someone or even live together with someone without being married, but that’s just what I feel. Not everyone feels the same way. I have a family member, for example, who lives with their partner, and the two of them are happily unmarried. In fact, my family affectionately refers to them as “married, but not” (meaning that they aren’t legally married, but are basically married in all other aspects of the word!). That’s what works for them, and I don’t judge them for it just because I wouldn’t make that same decison myself. 🙂

Okay, I’ve just about written a novel here! 🙂

robinepowell on

Maybe becoming a father will help Mario to grow up and realize his priorities. It works for some men. 🙂

JillS on

Look at the age difference on this one. He would never date anyone HIS age. Women are probably “over the hill” to him at 36. Sooo once she hits her 30’s he’ll dump her for another 26 year old. Have fun!!!!

LisaLisa on

Sorry but marriage is a gift from God. It seems like B and all the other supporters of illegitimate babies have lost all morals along with everyone else in the 21st century. A lack of morals is what is going to ruin this world. A loving married couple has a 40% better chance of raising a responsible adult who will not get pregnant as a teen or end up in jail. A responsible single mother has the same percentage of raising an adult that will not be as successful. Come on people think about the future! Married families=successful adults=happy communities! Have some morals and marry like the lord intended us to do. Why does marriage exist then????

Jill on

“Um, because according to all the reliable sources (i.e., the people actually involve, as well TWO of the one person’s best friends- the one that was alledgly cheated on to boot!-), there was, in fact, no cheating involved in that case!”

😮 😮

My dear, please contact me as soon as possible. I’m selling a bridge in Brooklyn that you may be interested in purchasing.

JM on

lisalisa riiiiiiiight, and if you clap 3 times the sky turns yellow. come on, don’t be so naive. the notion of god is irrelevant to many of us, as some of us don’t think he exists. so he can’t really be used as an argument for marriage. i’m sorry to burst your bubble but life isn’t as simple as “Married families=successful adults=happy communities” that is so naive. there is a lot more that goes to creating happy and succesful adults than mummy and daddy having a slip of paper that binds them together. i hope you don’t think that that’s all it takes because otherwise you are heading for a tough wake-up call. pretty much everything else you will do as a parent will be more important than whether or not you are wearing a ring.

GiannaG on

“all the other supporters of illegitimate babies have lost all morals”

LisaLisa, the fact that you would stigmatize an innocent baby this way says a lot more about YOU than the baby, or even the baby’s parents. ‘Supporters of illegitimate babies’? What should we do if not support them? Burn them at the stake?

For the record when Christ came to earth, he had nothing to do with self righteous charlatans, but broke bread with the sinners and tax collectors. Maybe if you climbed down off that high horse you would receive his message better.

Jessi on

I am pretty happy that he is having a child! First Tiffany and now Mario!!

CelebBabyLover on

JM- You just said exactly what I was trying to say earlier! Thank you! 🙂

Nanlisa on

Mario Lopez and his girlfriend are the latest in a string of celebrity couples who are having children out of wedlock. I don’t care if this is the 21st Century: God’s plan is a husband and wife with children: not a boyfriend and girlfriend with children. All sex outside of marriage is wrong! The is against the teachings of the Bible and the Catholic Church. St. Paul clearly calls this fornication and that’s the bottom line. What was considered scandalous 50 or 60 years ago is now accepted.

Let’s go back to the 1930’s. Loretta Young got pregnant from an affair that she had with Clark Gable while they were making the movie Call of the Wild. Clark Gable was still married at that time. Because she was a devout Catholic, this was a mortal sin, and she khad to keep her pregnancy secret. Back in those days, morals clauses were put into the stars’ contracts. If the studios ever found out, their careers would have been destroyed. Loretta Young secretly had the baby: a baby girl named Judy, in which she and her second husband, Tom Lewis, “adopted”. Years later, she privately acknowledged that Judy was her biologicl daughter by Clark Gable, but she refused to do so publicly, and they didn’t speak for several years. Before Loretta Young died in 2000, she publicly acknowledged that Judy Lewis was her biological daughter by Clark Gable.

Back in the late 40’s, Ingrid Bergman left her first husband, Dr. Peter Lindstrom, for the Italian film director, Roberto Rosselini. She got pregnant, she had the baby, and it caused a huge scandal. She was denounced in Congress and called a “free love cultist”. Eventually we forgave her.

Nowadays, people want to throw away God’s laws, especially when it comes to sex, marriage, relationships, and family, and choose to live on their own terms. That’s not right! This nation is headed for judgment if we don’t turn back to God and His ways of living! II Chronicles 7:14 says: “If My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven. I will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Regardless whether or not it’s 2010: God doesn’t change, and neither do His laws. His ways are the best ways to live by.

Thank you.

Jessi on

Nanlisa, I understand your point. But there are some situations that are beyond your control. Such as the point with my first child. Liam (who is my second child and born at 24w2d and is doing so well) was born out of a situation that was not something that I like to admit. But some situations such as Liam’s conceiving was stupid. I don’t regret it because I have my son, but I do wish that I was in a relationship. I WAS on birth control and thought I was being safe. But I obviously wasn’t because now I have a beautiful cherub baby boy.
Maybe they were on birth control, maybe they don’t want to get married. You don’t know their situation. Neither do I. I honestly don’t know if I ever want to get married.

Abigail (angel) and Liam’s Momma

Nanlisa on


I was raised in a pre-Vatican II Catholic Christiam family, and I was taught the Biblical and Catholic Church’s view of sex, marriage, family, and relationships. All forms of artificial birth contraol are also against the teachings of the Church.

Yes, Jesus commanded us not to judge others, but He gave us guidelines for us to live by. Jerry Falwell said back in the 1980’s that living by God’s principles brings a nation to greatness, but violating them brings a nation to shame. God hates sin; but he loves everybody.

Yes, have the marriages in this country end up in divorce, but you just simply can’t throw away God’s laws. Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family has said that children do well in a two-parent home: with both parents married.

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, but you or anybody can simply seeks God’s forgiveness. But as Christians, we have to speak out against unrighteousness and that’s the bottom line.

I’m sorry, but I’m very old-fashioned when it comes to sex, marriage, family, and relationships; and the bottom line.

Nanlisa on

A lot of Hollywood marriages over the years have ended up in divorce. But there have been some couples in Hollywood over the years who have stayed married, no matter what: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Allen Ludden and Betty White, Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss, Danny Thomas and his wife, Lawrence Welk and his wife, Charlton Heston and his wife, Bob Hope and his wife (who were married for 60 years), Art Linkletter and his wife, Dick Cavett and Carrie Nye, Dick Van Patten and his wife, Lawrence Welk and his wife, one of the Lennon Sisters and her husband (they’ll be married 50 years this year), Lucille Ball and Gary Morton (although she and Desi Arnaz were divorced), and so forth.

If these couples can make it, so can Mario Lopez and his girlfriend. Do it right. Do it God’s way. Get married first.

Thank you.

Jessi on

Times have changed. But yes you are right maybe it is the right way to do it, but things have changed. 1 in 2 marriages end up in a divorce.

Jamie on

Congratulations to Mario and Courtney. 🙂 Hopefully, this will turn out wonderfully for them.

Roxanne, I agree with you. If a man cheats, getting married won’t really change that. He’ll still cheat. Just look at all the married men in Hollywood and professional sports these days who cheat on their wives all the time. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Marriage doesn’t really prove anything anymore, because people don’t take their wedding vows seriously these days. It doesn’t guarantee fidelity of any kind, and there’s a lot more to lose if the man does cheat. A lot more harm can be done. The bottom line is, there’s hardly any respect left for the institution of marriage. People don’t stay true to the promises they made when they got married, because it’s more about marriage being convenient for them until they get tired of it, rather than truly committing to someone for life. The sanctity of it has been lost over the years.

Whit, I definitely agree with you on that. I was raised in a very Catholic family, where my father’s side is southern Italian and my mother’s side is Puerto Rican. If I were in this situation, my parents would make sure the man married me. Thank God, I don’t have that problem. LOL That being said, having children outside of marriage isn’t so taboo anymore.
A child deserves to grow up in a loving home with two parents who love each other, and aren’t married solely because the woman got pregnant. I don’t believe that’s the right reason to get married, but that’s just my personal opinion. I’ve seen it end in somebody cheating at some point, with a very messy divorce later on, and the child being hurt the most out of everyone involved. People can be in committed relationships and have loving families without getting married first. What works for one couple may not work for another couple. To each their own.