Meet Krishna Thea Lakshmi!

03/12/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Somebody’s sleepy!

Padma Lakshmi was photographed gazing at yawning daughter Krishna Thea, 3 weeks, while sitting on a park bench Thursday in Manhattan.

The Top Chef judge, 39, delivered her baby girl on Feb. 20th. “Mother and baby are well and happy,” her rep said in a statement.

What does the future hold for baby Krishna?

“I would be delighted if my baby was a chef,” Padma says, “as long as she was a good one!”

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Brie on

oh my goodness she is just a little peanut 🙂 what a precious photo

Liliana on

How adorable!

Ruby on

Ahwwww – that’s the cutest picture ! ❤ 😀

Maddie on

She’s so cute! You forget how little they are at that age! Love the colour of Krishna’s top

Crystal S. on

They are both so beautiful. Krishna looks so tiny and sweet.

Mina on

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!!! OMG!!! This is such a precious pic! Padma should get this framed!!! <3<3

Lynn on

Aww, she’s so tiny and adorable!

kmb on

this photo is so cute!!!! adorable! and so tiny!

Molly on

omg, she’s so TINY! I’ve seen newborns bigger…too precious for words1

cassie on


Mary-Helen on

Sooooo cute!

Michelle Z. on

Aww…so tiny and perfect! What a sweet picture.

k on

What an adorable picture!

Noelle on

What an absolutely adorable picture. So cute, and Krishna is so tiny!

Pinkdancer on

What a precious pic! I cannot believe how tiny she is. It’s kind of a bummer though that her baby was debuted via papparazzi pic instead of an interview or magazine article of her choosing. Still, that is a great pic, and I wish her the best!

JMO on

So precious…makes me want to go have one. Suddenly I just remembered I’m single….darn 😉

Anna on

Pinkdancer, I think she choose to introduce her by paparazzi pic.
She probably just wanted to get over “introducing” the baby without having to sell out and sell photos to a magazine.

This is the easy and quick way.

Lola Marie on

I want a baby 😦

Elyse on

Right there with you JMO and Lola Marie! Sometimes I don’t think this sight is good for me because it makes me depressed to see all the happy people with new babies. Makes me more aware of my singelness LOL!

Krishna is just such a cute little acorn! She is tiny, and the yawn on both mom and baby, too cute!

Sophia on

AWWWWWWW She is so tiny and perfect!
Makes you want a baby 🙂

Laura on

WOW!, That is a cute picture. She’s doll God bless her. I’m broody now. Congrats to her ;). I can only wish her the very best of luck with her new baby.

Jacki on

I thought her baby was due in April. So if her baby was a premie, that makes it really amazing that her baby is out of the hospital after only 3 weeks.

kmb on

Elyse, JMO, and Lola Marie, I completely agree!!
My ovaries ache (hahah) seeing such an adorable newborn photo!
Singleness, ugh. lol

CelebBabyLover on

Krishna is so little….and adorable! 🙂

Ashandra on

Padma is single and has a baby. Still, I think you would probably be happier if you waited until you met someone special and got married- it’s easier than this route.

T. on

Padma is just gorgeous. Krishna is so tiny I surprised to see her out already…

lover on

this totally melted my heart. what a beautiful pair. this makes me want a baby even morethan i already do!!!!!! babydust to all you other aspiring mommas 🙂

GiannaG on

Wow…Padma herself looks gorgeous! Ahh, those supermodel genes, lol.

Kresta on

My babies were never that tiny and they grew bigger so quickly. It would have been nice to have a tiny baby so it would be like a newborn for longer.

Mary on

I love the name Krishna although I thought it was a boy name, I new a Krishna growing up. There’s a Krishna river in India. Anyway, beautiful name and babe!!!!

SiervaMaría on

I love this picture. Knowing Padma (not personally of course) mother and daughter are going to have some beautiful adventures.


Golly-Padma is just beautiful! She has that new mom “glow”! Her daughter looks so cute too!

alisha on

This is too adorable.

nettrice on

I don’t want a baby but I think Krishna Thea is beautiful!

TC on


I have an 8 month old and a friend just had a baby who is 3 weeks old, they are so precious at that age and you forget just in a few months just how small they really are.

Sarah K. on

Ashandra. Padma looks perfectly happy to me. She was married before, but it didn’t work out. So, she knew what she was doing and I’m sure she made the decision that was right for her family. She has a beautiful, healthy baby girl. What else could she need?

JessicaC on

Beautiful, but I have to admit this pic made me cringe a little. This is obviously an intimate moment between a mother and her newborn, and perhaps she wasnt ready to share pics with the world, and I just imagine some sleeze crouching in a bush to make a profit of of her provate moment.

Luna on

What a cute and teeny little baby. She’s precious! Padma looks fantastic. I bet she’s really thrilled with Krishna, seeing as she’s a preemie (?) and is already out of the hospital.

April on

Jessica, this is a picture by Startracks, the agency that sets up photo shoots with Tori Spelling etc. Most likely they set up this shoot with Padma to let her introduce the baby. In other pictures from the set it’s clear Padma knows she’s having her photo taken.

Krishna is adorable and so small!

Liliana on

Ashandra, Padma looks perfectly happy and content with her beautiful daughter. That’s all that matters.

As a single mother, I’m no less happy because I don’t have a partner by my side. To be honest, the thought rarely crosses my mind. My focus is on my children and providing the very best for them which can be done with or without a man.

Emma on

Wow thats a tiny baby, she looks beautiful though, this pictures is precious!

Anonymous on

Padma looks so happy and her little tiny baby is adorable.

Basil on

Liliana, don’t be so defensive. I’m a single mom by choice but I can totally see how much better it would be to have someone to share these experiences with. The fact is that many women like Padma have to decide at their age if they want to wait for that Mr. Right (or in her case Mr. Right take 2) and possibly give up a chance at children or just go it alone? She made the best decision for her and I respect that, just as I respect the decision you and I made, but geez, no need to get so touchy about it. Single moms tend to have chips on their shoulders which is a shame since it only reenforces the idea that we’re victims somehow.

fay on

i’m so happy for her… because of her condition she thought for so long she wouldn’t be able to, now she has her beautiful perfect little daughter… i’m sure she’s just happy to have a healthy baby no matter if she has a partner or not

*and not to open up a can of worms, but some of my married friends often say that having a partner is like having a bigger kid… (smile)

Kat on

I hope for their privacy, that this photo was shot from a distance… but I also hope that, as it is such a great shot, that a good copy was sent to Padma so she could get it blown up (maybe in black & white) for her wall… it’s so sweet.

Dolores on

What an adorable photo. From what I’ve read, Padma really wanted this baby, it was totally planned, and she is very happy. Her previous marriage and relationships didn’t work out, and she wanted to be a mother, so more power to her. I think she will be a great mother. I am sure Krishna will want for nothing in her life, be it love or physical comforts.

Rye on

I LOVVVVE this picture!!! It is so nice to see Padma with her baby girl. Especially knowing the fertility troubles she had to deal with.

Ashandra, I think one single, stable, happy parent is far better then two, unhappy, unstable ones. Padma has money, stability, and an abundance of love she can offer to her daughter. People will complain that a parent needs both a mother and a father, but I believe that children just need stability and healthy, happy people around them.

I know FAR too many unhappy couples who married, had kids and are now in the divorce process to buy into the “happily ever after” process. Padma is going to raise her daughter with love and lots and lots of amazing food. 🙂

Brownsugar1313 on

All I can say is aaaaawwwwwwwwwwww now I cant wait to meet my own lil peanut in June 🙂

True on


Liliana on

Excuse me, Basil?

I was simply stating my opinion. My comment did not come across as “touchy” or “defensive” so perhaps you’re just overly sensative. You don’t know me so please don’t assume I have some metaphorical chip on my shoulder. I am no better than the mom with three children and a husband nor is that woman better than me.

I never set out to be a single mother. The father of my first child passed away while the father of my second and I are no longer together. Despite it not being by choice, I’m completely content with the life I lead. Would it be easier to have someone else helping out with parenting duties? Absolutely. But it’s not everything. My children are happy and healthy, well-adjusted human beings and that is more than I could ever ask for.

FC on

Aww, Krishna is such a tiny beauty! And that shot is just as adorable as all get out! 😀

karen on

I agree with Liliana…I too did not chose to be a single mum to four young children but my world came crumbling down when I learned of my husbands double life and affair. Being a single mum is very very hard but it is duable and I would not swap my life for my husbands life as I have the most precious gift of all my sons. They love me unconditionally and I do them, but it is and can be at times an overwhelming responsibility being a lone parent. Padma is lucky in that financially she is ok to provide for Krishna and that really helps unlike the majority of us who are left behind to fight their ex’s to support not just them but the children they brought into this world together. My heart is broken and I don’t enjoy explaining to people that I am a single mum to four as personally I don’t know why any woman would chose to go-it-alone, as it is the hardest job ever being both mum and dad and disciplinarian, but I guess it really does help if you have money so you can have the help when needed and to be able to have some time off for ‘ me ‘ .Good luck to Padma and her gorgeous little peanut !

johanna on

what`s the temperature in N.Y.? No gloves etc. on a such a little baby..

Ava on

Krishna in Sanskrit means “The dark one”. Sanskrit words have been used for both genders many times.

It is beautiful that Padma used a little bit of different cultures to name the baby.

CelebBabyLover on

johanna- Considering the fact that Padma doesn’t have gloves on either, or a hat, I’m guessing it wasn’t that cold. Plus, Krishna is clearly wrapped in a blanket (speaking of which, it just occured to me that, because of the blanket, we can’t see her lower body in this picture, so we actually don’t know how big or small she is!) and has a jacket on. So I’m sure she’s fine.

Plus, I’ve never seen a baby that age with gloves on. I’m not sure they even make gloves for newborns.

Anonymous on

I’m a single mom…not by choice. The father of my children left me when I was 4 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I had to make a choice to go it alone or have an abortion. I choose life and Im so glad I did. My husband was like a 4th child. He left me for a “girl” that was neither educated nor employed. After 2 years of “laying up” with her he realized the err of his ways. Unfortunately for him I met a man that had no children and had never been married. He came into my life at a time when I was trying to figure out how to make ends meet with no child support (my ex did what he could to block it until recently.) Single moms doing it alone are not all bitter. If I had been bitter and living in the past I may have blocked my blessing (meeting a gentleman.) I’m engaged and my fiancee is helping me to raise my children and adopting my youngest who is 2 years old. Life is good. Padma…heres my advice. Don’t wait for a man to define you in life. Do you! Enjoy your life! Your baby is precious!

Rach on

This has got to be the best celebrity baby picture I have ever seen !

johanna on

It says she`s 3 weeks in the pic, so I`m guessing has to be pretty small.. Haven`t seen gloves, mittens etc. on a newborn? You`ve got to kidding! But all bickering aside, the two of them do look so cute together!

CelebBabyLover on

johanna- No, I’m not kidding. Pretty much everyone I’ve known or have spotted with a newborn either has the newborn wrapped in a blanket when they take them out, or they take them out in their carseat and put a carseat cover or blanket over the carseat to keep their newborns warm. 🙂

yes on

About the comments from some people that are saying Krishna is a boy’s name, it is actually a unisex name in India (although oldfashioned especially for girls). But if a girl is named “Krishna” it is usually appended with another name (kind of like a middle name) to make it more feminine. For example, it would be Krishna-Kumari or Krishna-Veni or Krishna-Priya etc. When you add a second name like that, it shows that it is a girl’s name. But Krishna Thea, like Padma named her daughter, is kind of unique…. I never heard of Thea but it seems cool.

Anonymous on

Not to sound rude, but if you’d take a closer look at the picture, you’d notice that the baby is clearly wearing a pink hat….just noticed it, and thought it might clear up some “issues”

Ms.orleans on

I’m single…i want a baby.this is such a cute pic:)

Helen on

Adorable picture of mother and daughter. For those of you who are not Greek, ¨Thea¨ means goddess!!

gail on

Krishna is adorable but unfortunately Padma is putting her baby at risk bringing her out at such an early age. Infants are most vulnerable the first 6-8 weeks of their life and thus new parents are instructed that the babies should not be out of the house during these first weeks except for doctor visits. Exposing your child to potentially harmful conditions (i.e., bacteria, weather, etc.) is risking a lot just for a photo op.

Lisa on

Don’t know where you got your instructions, Gail, but beyond the first week of life parents are encouraged to take their babies out and about. One might be cautious if there is a flu epidemic rampant, but exposing little ones to the environment is what builds up their immunity (plus breast-feeding gives great antibodies, too). Babies are not supposed to be in a protective bubble!

Marny on

Sad that your child hasn’t the right to ask that her father be in her life.

I wish her well.