Ludacris: Daughter Karma's My 'Road Dog'

03/11/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Eric Charbonneau/Wireimage

Of all his titles — rapper, actor, restaurant owner and philanthropist — Chris ‘LudacrisBridges says that it is the role of dad which brings him the most happiness.

Calling daughter Karma, 8, his “best friend,” the entertainer tells USA Today he is never lonely. “She rolls with me,” he reveals.

“Whenever I’m at the restaurant, she’s there trying to help out the servers and she gets paid for that. And whenever I’m acting, she’ll come on set and root me on.”

Karma even gets a glimpse of her dad working the stage.

“I’ll bring her to some of my shows,” Ludacris, 32, says, clarifying that his daughter only attends “the clean ones I do at festivals where there are other kids.” He adds,

“She’s my road dog and she loves it.”

Karma is Ludacris’ only child.

Source: USA Today

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Monique on

Karma is such a cutie…..Love that she’s his road dog, ha!!! Ludacris seems like an amazing daddy 🙂

blackrose on

i love the name Karma!! shes so cute!

waffle on

Ludacris seems like an awesome dad & in addition to that an awesome godfather to monica’s two little boys.

HeatherR on

I love Ludacris! He seems like he always has such a positive outlook. 🙂

Gabrielle on

What a CUTIE she is!!

Chris on

That is so sweet.

Lola on

She is sooo adorable! Luda is such a great guy, all the things Monica has said about him & him always watching her boys, really made me have a whole new respect for him!!

Janna on

Google him and his lyrics, then tell me again about his positive outlook.

Someday that beautiful, precious child will look at her father and know that he sings about women like her being only b*tches and ho*s.


Laydacris on

@ Jenna
Please do your research!!
He is an entertainer who entertains also an Actor and Philanthropist. He gives back constantly to the community constantly.
Now what are you doing with your life???
I cant stand people who are on their high horse.
Keep up the good work Luda!!!

Liliana on

He seems to be a good father to Karma. I’d also love to see him in more television shows and movies

Janna, if you compare him to many in the industry, he’s tame. Perhaps that particular genre of music does not appeal to you so you wouldn’t know any different but if you’re harping on the content of the lyrics, there are other rappers, who’ve been featured on this site, who say much worse.

Patrice on

This story is so cute, I can’t stand it! I was always the biggest Daddy’s girl, so I love to hear stories like this : )

Daisha on

@Janna, if don’t have anything positive to say, why say anything at all? This is an article about a father calling his little girl his road dog & his best friend, leave it at that!

Niko on

Janna=typical hater. Nuff said….

Maria on

@ Janna

Wow, are you really going to compare him to his music? He’s a business man, and he did what he had to do to make money. His real life has nothing to do with his song lyrics. He most likely did not even write his own lyrics since most popular rap artists do not. Its just an image, not reality.

He sounds like a great father and a great man.

Molly on

She looks a lot like her daddy, too!

eva on

Love Ludacris and Karma sounds like a smart and independent little girl.

And Janna, I doubt Karma will know her own father as a musician or a performer. He is after all her father,that’s all that will ever matter to her.What matters to children is what we are when we’re with them and the time,love and support we give them. So unless you believe that Ludacris calls the women in his life b*tch and h*e you are complaining for absolutely no reason…unless what you actually meant to say was about how you feel and not what you presume Karma feels or will feel towards her dad.

HeatherR on

Janna, I know his music has a lot of sexual-themed lyrics but I am not judging him on that. He is a great performer….I love his acting! I know that he is college-educated and I find him to be very articulate and well spoken. I love the fact that he is a very upbeat person and always seems to have a smile on his face 🙂 He seems like a doting father too.

Erica on

Karma’s adorable! It sounds like they have an awesome relationship.

LeFleur on

“know that he sings about WOMEN LIKE HER being only b*tches and ho*s.”

Nah, you really can’t assume his daughter will fall into that category….because surely you must admit that SOME women do carry those titles well.

CelebBabyLover on

Does anyone know who Karma’s mother is, and whether she and Ludacris are still together? I’m very curious, as I’ve never seen the mother mentioned!

True on

Lovely story, she seems like an independant gal.

Jane on

She’s a cutie! She looks a lot like her dad.

Shaunie on

@ CelebBabyLover from what I’ve heard, Karma’s mothers name is Christine, and she is an attorney in Atlanta. And no she and Ludacris are no longer a couple.

Photo of them together:

Brownsugar1313 on

UGH…how adorable is she?????? I have always liked Ludacris and you know what he is becoming a really good actor as well.
I think he is doing a great job w/ his daughter and as such people like Jana need to give it a rest w/ the negativity….

Bancie1031 on

Luda seems like such a loving dad! Karma is SO Beautiful! She resembles her daddy a lot ….

It’s so great to hear a dad call his DAUGHTER his best friend not to mention his road dog lol ….. love it!

monet on

that is so cute i wish me and my dad was like that!ludachris is a good father

keep doing good luda!!!!!!!!!!!!