Spotted: Naomi Watts and Sons Catch a Cab!

03/10/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Douglas Phillip/Startraks


Naomi Watts has her hands full with her boisterous boys — sons Samuel Kai, 14 months, and Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete Schreiber, 2 ½ — while hailing a cab on Sunday in Manhattan.

The actress, 41, recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Blog about Kai’s latest milestones, saying,

“Kai is definitely starting to talk. He says ‘book,’ ‘apple’ and ‘banana,’ ‘Sasha’ — his brother’s name — and ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy.’”

The boys are her sons with fiancé Liev Schreiber.

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Jen on

Sammy is adorable! Too cute!

Xan on

Little Kai looks like he could be the third child of Melissa Joan Hart and her husband!

megan on

Car seats? We have our own car, but how do people that live in the cities and use public transportation or cabs safely buckle their children in?

Chris on

She has her hands full! 🙂

HeatherB on

That is a good point Megan, I’ve never actually thought about that! What a cutie Kai is!

Amity on

Her kids look like cherubs! Is that how you spell that? LoL

Seriously they need to have more kids to grace the earth with their cuteness. I foresee the next “Brad Pitts”. I hope she gets them into modeling or acting. Such cuteness should not go to waste!

blackrose on

they are so blond!! how come their hair does not change color like other kids?!
Cute boys!

zetta69 on

I live in NY and used a convertible car seat that had retractable wheels and could be used as a stroller. Otherwise people often have their children on their laps, which is not the best choice but better than some alternatives like having a car seat and getting into a cab without seatbelts to keep the seat secure. This dilemma and the hassle of taking the bus and subway with a stroller are why I now have a car.Lol

Lisa on

Wow! When we first saw Kai he had brown hair and ever since then it’s been getting lighter and lighter, making him look more and more like his brother! They are both very cute boys! For the car seats I mean if you lived in a perfect world yeah it would be nice to have car seats in taxi cabs and sometimes the taxi has a car seat in the trunk that they can use but i know safety comes first, but just for a short ride, it’s so much easier to put one kid on your lap and the other on your husbands lap. Liev was with them during this picture so i’m sure that’s what they did!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Cute boys. My kids are 5 1/2 and 2 years & are both as blonde as Naomi’s beautiful lads. I was fair as a kid and didn’t darken til I was about 15!

MAS on

Lisa, Kai never had brown hair. He has always been blonde. Another website posted a picture outside of their apartment building claiming it was Kai and his nanny, but it wasn’t. Both boys are adorable.

ecl on

They should be using car seats. I don’t care how short the ride is. People are always trying to get me to take a cab when I don’t have a car seat with me, but I refuse. Besides, why should Britney Spears get in trouble for doing the same thing, then?

HeatherR on

All three of them have the exact same color hair. They are adorable 🙂 I love to see a mom with her boys!

Jaclyn on

Such adorable boys!

mamabear on

ecl, britney was driving. that’s a big difference than sitting in the back seat of a car. nyc is known for its traffic so its not like cabs go at 70 mph. if they crash at 30 mph, mom and dad’s arms will shield the babies.

Hannah W. on

ecl, Britney was driving. I’m sorry, but that is way different. She was trying to control a car and her child. Naomi was simply riding in the back of a taxi. I do agree, car seats are important, however I guess I just think of cabs, like I do busses. Neither have seat belts. So are you just never going to go on a bus or taxi your entire life, because having no seat belts isn’t exactly safe either.

True on

She has her hands full. 🙂

Lola Marie on

Ooooo Samuel is such a cute celeb baby! Adorable.

Lol @ Naomi. Does she not look like the mom of two active little boys? No makeup, finger-combed hair and jeans…and she still looks great!

Mary-Helen on

Poor Kai is losing his coat! My daughter is forever trying to ditch hers, so I’ve been there lol! Those boys are just too precious & Naomi is just too gorgeous for words.

Hea on

“if they crash at 30 mph, mom and dad’s arms will shield the babies.”

I sooo wouldn’t count on that.

h on

Knowing what it’s like to manage a 2 year old while holding a baby,i’d be freaked out if i was Naomi right now: alone with two little boys boys in the activ streets of NY with the paps right in front of me! Plus sasha looks like he’s about to get away from his mom

Allyson on

Those are two of the cutest kids I have ever seen. Not surprised, though. Liev and Naomi are both super-attractive. Love their movies and hope them make many more!!! Cheers!!!!!

Lila on

I feel like I have been hearing the name Kai alot lately. My neighbor named her son Kai, plus Jennifer Connelly’s son, Naomi Watts’ son, Coleen Rooney’s son…and I saw it in a parenting magazine too. I think it’s a cute name!

I♥CBB on

Seat belts are not required in New York cabs so it isn’t against the law. I think it’s fine to go a short distance in a cab without a car seat. They’ve made it this far so I’m sure it’s fine. Everyone in NY does it and they don’t have a high risk of accidents or child endangerment so I think it’s okay. On a brighter note, those kids are adorable. Little toe-heads. Super cute! 🙂

Lee on

@Lola Marie, even when she has on a bad outfit, she looks awesome. Lucky woman 😉

Zoe on

We see Naomi and her children, but what we don’t see in the photo is either her assistant or a nanny with them. So, we don’t know for sure whether her “people” carry the stuff for her, as celebs normally don’t travel alone, so let’s not jump the gun about a car seat before we have all the facts.

fuzibuni on

i’m not taking sides in the car seat debate…
but just want to point out that taxi’s in manhattan go like 5-15 miles an hour.