Mario Lopez, Girlfriend Expecting a Baby

03/10/2010 at 06:35 PM ET
Splash News Online

Already named PEOPLE’s 2008 Bachelor of the Year, Mario Lopez is now a frontrunner for a new title: sexiest father alive. The Extra host’s girlfriend is expecting their first child in the fall.

“I’m really excited. I’m happy. I can’t wait to be a dad,” Mario tells PEOPLE.

The actor, 36, and his girlfriend, actress Courtney Mazza, 28, met in 2008 when Mario starred in A Chorus Line on Broadway.

So is the former Dancing with the Stars competitor – and longtime playboy – ready for diaper duty?

“Of course,” Mario says. “I grew up in a large family. I’m fired up! I don’t know what we’re having. I’m going to wait to see [the baby’s sex] so it will be a surprise.”

Mario is also the host of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

— Monica Rizzo

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Lauren on

Seriously hope he has done some real growing up or will before this baby’s born. His girlfriend had better hope his days a la Ali Landry are over.

Chris on

That came out of nowhere!

Casandra on

Considering he’s cheated on Ali, Karina, and his other past gfs, I doubt this will last, but hopefully he’ll be a good father.

Lias on

I’m going to be positive and say congradulations to both Mario and his girlfriend! I wonder if he’s waiting till delivery to find out the sex or if he means he doesn’t know the sex yet! I didn’t know he had a girlfriend but best of luck to them both and the baby is going to be one good looking kid!

Luna on

Shocking! He seems like a nice guy and for Courtney’s sake, I hope he doesn’t cheat and is a good daddy.

Doreen on

He hasn’t changed since Saved by the Bell! I’m sure the baby will be gorgeous!!

Lynn on

Congratulations to him!

I can’t believe both he and Tiffani are having babies!

Shan on

I wonder if the little one will have Mario’s dimples. It is sure to be a gorgeous kid.

Lee on

Congrats to them :)I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend !

Rachael on

Wow! This one I didn’t expect, how exciting! Congrats to them both, that child will be beautiful!!

blue on

….wow. That came out of left field.

Meela on

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to have Mario’s baby!!!!
Oh well!! Congrats to them!

JMO on

No I wanted to have his baby!! Damn Damn Damn LOL 🙂

Jaclyn on

@Lauren & Casandra – ditto. Hope it works out, all babies deserve the most stable & loving environment possible.

Alicia on

Although I’m not a fan of his, I wish he and his girlfriend the very best. Despite his inability to commit to one woman at a time, I hope he’s matured enough to be a constant and active figure in his child’s life.

J on

Well that was a downer sandwich comment above. Good Lord.

True on

OH i also wanted to have his baby…LOL, congratulations i also did not know he had a girlfriend.

Bancie1031 on

WOW talk about springing a surprise on us! Congratulations to Mario and his girlfriend and I don’t want to sound like a broken record but for the baby’s sake I hope Mario has done a LOT of growing up since Ali ….. Either way I hope that he’s a good father and the baby is sure to be gorgeous/handsome because they’re a beautiful couple …..

didn’t even know he had a girlfriend!

MZ on

that’s going to be one adorable baby!!

Jennifer on

Oh wow! Well, a big congratulations as babies are wonderful news but I have reservations about Mario. Here’s hoping he steps up to the responsibility plate!

Mina on

I’m gonna stay neutral as well & wish Mario & Courtney all the best! A baby is always fantastic news! =D

Monique on

Won’t say anything but Congrats, hope he’s the best father he can be. Also, I hope he’s blessed with a little girl 🙂 Either way, I’m sure he’ll be great. He did say he has a lot of siblings 🙂 Good Luck……

Reader on

Meela and JMO, you probably could if you wanted to…

JessicaC on

Ive seen this before, he’ll be there because it’s all new and exciting, and all his friends are becoming dads so he thinks he should too, once the novelty wears off and he gets bored he’ll find someone new-LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES!

Lisa on

When I see these stories that come out of left field, I can’t help but think she trapped him. Of course that’s not always the case, but my cynical mind goes there every time. Every baby deserves a loving family, let’s hope this baby gets that.

Hurley on

I am pretty sure I read that he just adopted a dog, LOL! parenthood is a much bigger step, I hope he is ready, and hope they have a happy and health baby!

Alicia on

I don’t like Mario and never will. I can see right through that guy. He jumps from one girl to the next. Hopefully he doesn’t feel like he’s in a prison when the baby comes.

mom to 3 boys on

I hope he has a girl. And not to be spiteful, but I hope her boyfriends treat her the way he has treated a lot of women so he finally may get a clue about how to treat a woman. No word about him marrying the mama – hmmm…………

sara on

hey – what happened between him and ali? DId he cheat on her? Damn, I always thought he was nice. And hot, of course!

fuzibuni on

well that is going to be a beautiful child no doubt.

as for all the comments regarding mario’s personal life… i dont follow this guy, so this is all news to me. But sometimes men just need a few decades to mature… like a good bottle of wine.
At least here’s to hoping! Cheers to the pending arrival 🙂

Lauren on

sara, Mario and Aly married about 5 years ago, but within two weeks of their wedding, she filed for divorce. She found out that Mario had cheated on her multiple times, incuding at his bachelor party, and chose to leave him. And his reputation with women has gotten no better since their split. Personally, I do kind of hope this baby is a girl so she can teach him a thing or two about how to respect women. I read Marc Wahlberg say once that he got scared upon finding out his first child would be a girl until he realized it was his opportunity to understand the female perspective. But I would NEVER wish Mario’s treatment of women on his potential daughter. I think that’s an incredibly nasty thing to wish upon an innocent child.

J.J. on

What a surprise! I always had wished seeing Mario become a dad and it’s coming true! Congrats to them!!

GiannaG on

I agree with you, Lauren. I can’t imagine wishing that kind of horrible pain on Mario’s potential daughter because of the things HE’S done. Why does she deserve to be hurt? People say the most ridiculous, senseless things! If he does eventually learn whatever lessons he needs to learn, I hope it’s never at the expense of his child’s heart. What a disgrace to wish pain on a child.

Niko on

“Sexiest father alive”? Barf. Mario Lopez is BAD news, period. I have ZERO respect for any guy that cheats on his fiancee. It didn’t stop with Ali, he cheats on his GF(Karina Smirnoff) too!. The guy is a dog and a serial cheater. He’s gonna cheat on Courtney eventually. I can’t help but be cynical where he’s concerned.

Stella Bella on

Yeah, feeling kind of cynical about this one. 😦

luciana on

congrats to him, loved him on dwts and saved by the bell. I don’t know why everyone is mentioning his cheating ways, um most celebrities have cheated and most either end up divorced or have kids without being married, don’t see the difference with him. Anyway his sister has 3 kids who he adores, I bet he will be a good dad and it’s cute tiffani and him are both having babies. His gf is pretty. I picture him having a daughter, all those playboy type guys usually end up with girls I notice.

Kasey on

Luciana, I fail to see how getting a divorce after a failed marriage and having children out of wedlock compare to cheating. Not to mention, it hasn’t been a one time ordeal with him.

CelebBabyLover on

Kasey- I think Luciana means that other celebs have cheated, some even multiple times….and then have gone on to finally settle down with someone and have a child or children with them!

Lisa- I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that a woman can “trap” a man like that. Unless they skipped or slept through health class, men know full well how babies are made, and that no method of birth control except abstience is fool-proof! And really, why would a woman want to through pregnancy and birth with a baby she doesn’t really want?

fuzibuni- I agree 100 percent! Maybe it just took Mario awhile to mature, and perhaps he has finally found “the one” in Courtney. 🙂

Lee on

@CelebBabyLover, I agree that she probably didn’t trap him. Sometimes birth control accidents happen. She was also shocked too like most of us are now when she found out lol

Cynthia on

By some of the comments above, you would think that he cheated on them. Best wishes Mario.

Juanita on

Wow, all these people who personlly know Mario and know for a fact that he is a cheater….wish I knew celebs that well. I dont believe everything I read and think more people should do so as well. And even if it was true, has nothing to do with this wonderful news for him. Congrats to Mario and family….hoping for a healthy baby.

Alicia on

Juanita, perhaps you can tell that to Ali Landry. I’m sure she’d fully agree with you.

luciana on

kasey I’m talking about the celebrities that get divorced after cheating, and the ones who casually have kids out of wedlock, don’t end up with the child’s parent and still be a good parent. My point is plenty of celebrities have cheated and that doesn’t make them bad parents, don’t see the difference with mario. Not that cheating is ok by any which way, it’s just everyone is coming down hard on him meanwhile so many celebrities praised here for being great parents have interesting history’s of their own to say the least.

CelebBabyLover on

Juanita- I get where you’re coming from. It IS, I think, a pretty well known fact that he cheated on Ali Landry. However, if I’m remembering correctly, a lot of the other “reports” of him cheating (for example, the report of his cheating on Karina) are uncomfirmed. In fact, in the case of Karina, I don’t think they ever gave a reason as to why they split.

The fact is, we don’t know that he is, as some have claimed here, a serial cheater.

joyce delia on

I was listening to Ryan Seacrest show this morning when Mario Lopez was on..Ryan Seacrest kept referring to Mario as the “WE” are having a baby..What’s the “WE” all about! Courtney is the one having the baby not the “WE”..She is the one going through everything and most of the times the “SHE” goes through it by herself,the “WE” is no where to be found!!
I’m not bashing anyone by no means but I think if the “WE’s” would show more love and respect for what we go through to bring these beautiful MIRACLES to life and stay around for better or worse there would be a lot more of “US” than “I” will raise him alone..