Family Photo: The Kidman-Urbans Go Down Under

03/10/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

She’s a little Keith-ette!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban hold hands while the actress totes daughter Sunday Rose as they arrive in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

The couple and their 20-month-old had touched down after visits to Vancouver and Los Angeles over the past two weeks.

Country singer Keith and his “ladyhair” even made time to appear in Jimmy Kimmel‘s latest skit!

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mt on

Sunday is growing so fast! Look at those long legs! She looks beautiful and happy to be with her parents, doesn’t she?

AMB on

Sunday has really grown up! Seems like just yesterday she was born:)

Amanda on

Beautiful little girl! I think this is the first picture I’ve seen where I think she looks more like her mommy than her daddy.

blackrose on

Sunday is gorgeous!!

Brooke on

She is getting so big. And I agree with the post above, she def. looks like Nicole in this pic.

JM on

wow she seemed to jump from baby to toddler over night. she’s a cutie.

Alexis on

I’m with you, Amanda. This was the first series of photos I’ve seen of Sunday smiling, and when she does, she looks so much like Nicole. She’s getting so cute!

Laura on

Gorgeous little girl, and I love how Nicole and Keith are holding hands. Very sweet family.

Philippa on

Sunday is beautiful and she looks a lot like Nicole!

fuzibuni on

aw, what a cute smile sunday’s giving the camera. sweet sweet sweet!
she really looks like nicole in this photo. I didn’t see the resemblance before. i would say she is a little nicolette. don’t really see the keith-ette in this pic.

Lisa on

I notice the little things but I love how it seems Nicole and Keith are always holding hands. I feel once married life comes across some of the cute things couples do ends so it’s refreshing to see them holding hands and looking so in love! Anyways, I think Sunday gets cuter and cuter everytime we see her! She does have long legs! Wonder if they will have another child

eva on

I love Sunday’s dress and sandals.That’s how I used to dress my little lady.Also,I see some resemblance between Sunday and her sister Isabella.It’s hard to tell,I never saw a picture of Isabella at this age,but there’s a small something in their faces.

nettrice on

The Handsome Men’s Club is soooo FUNNY!

Luna on

Regardless of who she looks like, Sunday looks like an angel in this pic.

Shirese on

She grew up so fast.

Jen on

More like a little Nicole-ette! She looks so much like her mama in this picture! She is really cute! Nicole and Keith are so in love with her. Very sweet family!

anna on

Sunday is very pretty just like her mommy.

Cammie on

shelooks just like Nicole when she smiles. Wow, Sunday is already very tall!~

Shawna on

#12 Eva – Isabella is adopted, there wouldn’t be any resemblance between them.

CelebBabyLover on

AWWWW! She’s so cute!

True on

OMG, Keith is gorgeous, and so is little sunday, but goodness that man!!!!!!

Lola Marie on

I’m finally seeing a little of Nicole in Sunday! πŸ™‚

Kathleen on

Aww Sunday’s starting to look like Nicole. She’s adorable!

missy on

Wow she’s a dead ringer for Nicole in this pic. So cute! And daddy’s not bad either πŸ™‚

Dolores on

I remember Nicole coining the “Keith-etter” moniker for Sunday Rose in an interview once. And, although she does look a whole lot like her father, I see a lot of Nicole in her, too. We moms never see ourselves in our children, I think. My daughter looks so much like my husband, and people who know him well say she looks just like him. But, people who know me well say she looks just like me.

Nicole and Keith look so happy and content. I think Nicole made a very good decision the second time around.

Shellsey on

Welcome Home Keith, Nicole and Little Sunday.
They are to celebrate Nicole’s mother Janelle Kidman’s 70th Birthday.
God Bless them.
PS…. how much is little Sunday like her daddy.

moose on

Nicole and Keith are obv. very in love. Sunday has really long legs doesn’t she?

CelebBabyLover on

Shawna- Isabella IS adopted, but adopted children often wind up resembling their adoptive parents, and sometimes even siblings that are the bio children of their adoptive parents. Mostly it’s the expressions that they make that end up looking alike. πŸ™‚

Shannon on

Awwww! She is just a month younger than my littlest, and I swear she reminds me sooo much of my own daughter! Maybe it’s the age, or the fact that they have the same coloring, or what, but every time I see her, I think of my Kate! She is just darling. I love Keith and Nicole-you can tell they are soo in love with each other.

Amy on

What a great family picture! They look very happy together…

FC on

Adorable. Look at those long legs. I think she’s definitely going to take after Nicole and be a tall girl.

Hmm, and I never knew Keith had a huge chest tattoo. It just happened to catch my eye. πŸ˜€

Ronda on

Wonderful family photo! Sunday is growing up fast! I see both Nic and in her, but this one has Nicole in striking resemblance. She is a little cutie for sure! Continued blessings to this family. I would rejoice at news of another little Urban on the way. As Nicole answered the last time, “It’s in God’s hands.” So I hope she gets the chance to give Sunday a sibling one day.

Ronda on

Sorry, but meant to add Keith into the equation of Sunday’s growth! She is growing right up! Continued blessings to the Urban-Kidmans.

eva on

I know Isabella is adopted.Why is it impossible for two females of the same species to resemble one another even if they are not related genetically?

CelebBabyLover on

FC- If I’m remembering correctly, he just got it not too long ago. I think he said it was a birthday gift from Nicole. πŸ™‚

ss on

perfect family

Jennifer on

Sunday Rose is growing up so fast…such a beautiful little girl! And I’m definitely starting to see a little more Nicole in her.

Anonymous on

Happiness to a Beautiful Family.

iame on

Love seeing pics of this family! Espeically when that cute Keith is in them. He’s just a doll.

Iloveyouu! on

Sunday looks gergous! She must get her good looks from her father, keith:)