Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart Name Daughter Billie Beatrice

03/10/2010 at 05:40 PM ET
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Update: The couple have named their daughter Billie Beatrice Dane, their rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Originally posted Mar. 4th: Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart are new parents to a baby girl.

The couple’s daughter arrived on Wednesday, Mar. 3rd in Los Angeles, rep Nanci Ryder tells the Associated Press. β€œMother, father and daughter are doing great,” said Ryder.

A name has not yet been released, but the Grey’s Anatomy star, 37, had previously said Rebecca, 38, wanted to meet the baby before making a final decision.

“I’m really excited,” Eric told Ellen DeGeneres last month. “I’m going to stay close to my wife and make sure that she is all right.”

The actors, who wed in Las Vegas in 2004, announced the pregnancy in November.

Source: Associated Press

— Catherine Donaldson-Evans

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Shelly Lockhart on

Congrats to them. They are a lovely couple and I’m sure that their new daughter is just as lovely!

Ashley on

Can’t wait to see what they name her! Congrats!

Alycia on

Congrats! I wonder what they call her… πŸ™‚

Molly on

Finally! I bet she’s relieved to have her little girl out in the world! I can’t wait to hear what they’ve named her.

True on


Elizabeth on

She’s so beautiful and I covet her hair.. I’m happy the little one is finally here, i’m sure they are both over the moon!

nicole on

can’t wait to see their lovely baby girl
must be so gorgeous as them ,right!??

Luna on

Yay! I wonder what they will name her.

Jen on

How exciting! And Ellen’s baby on Grey’s will have a little friend to play with! πŸ™‚ I bet she is a beautiful baby and I can’t wait to hear her name!

Pinkdancer on

Yay, congrats to them! I knew she had had the baby because they kept on saying she was due any day and there haven’t been any posts about her lately so I figured that she had been born but they weren’t telling the public yet. Now I really want to know her name! I’m sure it will be adorable. Best wishes! πŸ™‚

shirese on

Congrats to them.

Julia on

Congrats to them! Naleigh (Katie, 15 months), Anniston (Chyler, 10 mon), Stella Luna (Ellen,5 1/2 mon) and their daughter are gonna be like the four musketeers ;P

Brooklynn on

Congratulations!!1 I am SO happy for them!!!!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them. I wonder what the name is!

Mandy on

How gorgeous is this baby? I’m sure she’s a stunner!

So anxious to hear the name they chose.

Congrats McSteamy and Rebecca!

cynthia on

Congrats to them πŸ™‚

h on

i’m thinking Charlotte or Juliet

Brie on

I too have been thinking Charlotte πŸ™‚ I keep checking to see if they have named her yet… 3 days and counting:)

Elle on

OMG, I have also been thinking Charlotte!! That’s bizarre that I’m not the only one! Can’t wait to hear if we’re correct.

Nathalia on

Congrats to them!! I can`t wait to know the name that they have choosen! I`m sure the baby is gorgeous (there is no way she isn`t)!

blue on

Still no name? I’m dying over here!

K on

Congraaaatz! I bet the baby is going 2 be a stunning little girl. With those parents. I cant wait for the name. Until then im going 2 call her jane dane lol.

Iβ™₯CBB on

I don’t like the name AT ALL! Billie??? I’m not a fan. I do like Beatrice though. That’s my great-grandmother’s name. I would have thought they would have gone for a more traditional name like Charlotte or Grace. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to Eric and Rebecca on baby Billie! πŸ™‚

KellyJ on

Not a fan of the name. Billie Gayheart. Oh well, to each their own.

Laura on

Hmmm Billie is cute… not fussed on Beatrice, but hey it’s not my baby.

maggie on

not that wild about the name, it sounds like billy zane (guy who played rose’s fiance in the movie TITANIC) but i’m sure she’s beautiful. congrats to mcsteamy and rebecca! πŸ™‚

Elle on

Seriously?! That makes me kind of sad. I think of them as more spunky people but Billie?! I’m so not a fan of unisex names. Beatrice is super cute. Why not Beatrice Billie? :o(

Chris on

Wasn’t expecting that name. Interesting choice!

Laura on

They’re using Dane as the baby’s surname – not Gayheart.
Think it’s a bit odd when others say I thought they would have named the baby ‘(insert name here)’… names are such a personal thing.

chrissy on

awww, I think it’s a cute name πŸ™‚ and often people call Beatrice “Bea”… so she’s called Billie Bea ❀
if the parents are happy with it, i don't see why we should blame them πŸ™‚

Lauren on

Hoooo boy. Lightyears away from any name I would have used, but not my kid, not my choice. Still….oof.

eljika on

Not my first choice, however she’s not my little girl. Billie Dane has a nice ring to it though…

dashi on

Billie Dane. I like it. I grew up with a friend named Billie and she was the coolest girl on the block. Hot and she could play football like nobody’s business, drove all the boys mad. Congrats Rebecca and Eric.

Molly on

Billie Dane sounds masculine. I thought they’d pick something girlie and traditional. Billie Beatrice is cute and catchy, but Billie on it’s own is bland. How about Billie Bea for a nickname?! LOL πŸ™‚ I agree, Laura, names are such a personal choice. I shouldn’t be judgmental of their choice and I’m sure it will grow on me! I’m sure she is a sweetie pie and I wish them all the best.

Lynn on

I like the name. It’s interesting and normal!

Carol A. on

I wonder if they’ll end up using the nickname BeeBee, like my husband’s family does with his cousin Bea. Don’t like the name Billie so much, it’s awfully masculine, but it’s their kid.

meghan on

Yes, because Billie Holiday was SO manly. This is why people can’t announce a baby name ahead of time. Everyone thinks they have the right to weigh in on such personal choices. It’s none of our business. Famous or not, we have no right to criticize a name, unless it’s Sin or Hitler.

Alice on

I love the name Billie, it’s like Billie Holiday. That is lots of Bs but Billie Dane actually sounds really nice!!! You don’t call a child by their full name, second names are rarely used.

kendrajoi on

Meh. Not a big fan of the name, but they are still one of my favorite families!

Simone on

Nothing is wrong with the names Billie reminds me of Lisa Rinnas role in Days of our Lives nothing masculine to me its super cute

Beatrice is a nice name as well (Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands) here comes the BUT…the names together I dont like it much but its their baby their choice!

One thing is sure she is gonna be another cute celeb baby with that gene pool πŸ™‚

Sam and Freya's mum on

Surprised at her name. I would’ve gone for something similar sounding like Millie personally (can’t see Billie for eg on a 40 or 50 year old as much?!), but their daughter so no one else’s opinion matters but we all (naturally) have an opinion! Prefer Beatrice/Bea, cute.

Jess on

Too masculine? Come on. Billie Holiday, anyone?

Erin on

It’s funny, when I hear names for kids that can be attached to either gender I always for an insta-second consider the spelling and so I never think – oh, too masculine or vice-versa. Also, Holly Peete has a daughter named Ryan and I never think of a boy when I see her name. After maybe a day you equate the name with the baby and all the rest of it goes out the window.

eljika on

oh Meghan…actually we do have EVERY right to voice our opinion…whether it’s in favor or against! welcome to the good ol’ USA, or maybe you’re not in the US…?!

KellyJ on

Oh whoops, I forgot Gayheart was her last name! Billie Dane is a little bit better.

trina on

i really like the name. i don’t particularly think of it as masculine at all…probably because it’s not spelled BILLY. why does everyone assume they would have gone “girly” or “more traditional?” we don’t know them at all.

Shannon on

I like it! It’d be so cute if they called her B.B. like the little girl off of Kill Bill

Ally on

I wonder if those are family names–they are a little old-fashioned. If so, I would imagine they have special meaning to the couple. Billie is a fine name, not too silly or fussy.

Besides, as cute as this kid is bound to be, they could have named her Mud Pie and it wouldn’t have mattered.

luny on

hate the name!billie is awfully masculine but i love beatrice is classic and feminine but it does not go with aside rhis baby will be so cute!

Daisy on

I think parents should name their child something they themselves would want if they were changing their name. If Rebecca would want to be named Billie, so be it. Personally, I wouldn’t like that name for myself (Billie Holiday, notwithstanding, the name seems kinda hillbilly) so I wouldn’t give it to my daughter. Different tastes is all. Maybe they would hate my daughters’ names too?

Casey from NZ on

Billie Bea sounds like a super cute nickname πŸ™‚ nothing wrong with billie, babys healthy and they love the name so who are you to judge??

Iβ™₯CBB on

I don’t think it’s odd at all for people to weigh in on what celebrities name their children. If you are a fan of the person of the couple you tend to know their likes and dislkikes even if you don’t know them personally. Plus, they ususally give their fans tidbits into their lives so that also makes a difference. I think it’s weird when people come onto a CELEBRITY BABY BLOG and then judge the comments. That’s weird indeed!

Amanda on

I like it. Eric’s middle name is William. Perhaps William with the nickname Billie is a family name. Beatrice is family name for me so I like that too.

Lorelei on

Personally prefer other names, but their daughter, their choice. I wish every happiness on their beautiful family.
BTW,Billie Holiday was born Eleanora and chose Billie as a professional name.

Luna on

Personally am not a fan of Billie for a girl. I don’t care how many women are named Billie, it’s my dad’s nickname and it will always be masculine to me. Anyway, I like Beatrice (not sure about Billie Beatrice), and Billie Dane sounds cute. I knew a girl named Beatrice who everyone called Trixie. I never really understood that.

Amy in Oregon on

Certainly not what I had expected! I really thought it would be something frilly and feminine, boy was I way off! Congrats to them both though, I imagine she is beautiful!

Shay on

Love the name!

robinepowell on

Billie Beatrice? Sounds like the name was picked at the last minute….

Shirese on

@Laura ITA. Names are a personal thing.

JessicaC on

hmm, not really a fan of it. I dont like Billie for a boy or a girl. I too thought they would have gone with something super feminine

Kelsey on

Definitely not what I expected for them to name her, but I really like it. Congratulations!!

Jen on

I like Beatrice…very English and pretty. But, Billie just seems so boyish to me. Oh well. Congratulations to them! I bet she is just a beauty!

J on

Sadly Meghan, it’s apparently the thing to make a negative comment and then add a smiley face and a “but it’s not my kid” to make it seem polite. Then these people get defensive and shout “it’s a free country”.

I’m sure these celebs hear worse things from better people so they can take these boards with a grain of salt if they even look here.

Brooke on

I like it…I think Billie on a little girl is very sweet, and Beatrice is lovely.

Good choice, Rebecca and Eric!!!

Jaxson on

I love the name it’s very cute and very simple

daniela on

Billie Beatrice? Not fond of the name at all. Actually I love Beatrice cause it’s the name of my mom’s favorite sister, just not with Billie. Oh well, I’m sure she is a cutie!

lipsy on

Maybe it’s just surprising because Eric made a comment before about the name being ‘straight down the middle’ and not unusual or odd. It’s a name that’s obviously taken people by surprise! Not many people like Emma or Ava 20 years ago, but its everywhere now!

lipsy on

What I meant was that Emma and Ava are now popular and maybe Billie will be next!

Liliana on

Robinepowell, I doubt it.

Just because you dislike the name doesn’t mean they are not pleased with their choice. Afterall, they may not like the name you choose for your child. Different styles and tastes.

Emily on

When he said straight down the middle I took it to mean not weird and super conservative. Somewhere between. I think it fits. Like someone mentioned though, i’ll never be able to hear of her without thinking of Billy ZANE.

JustMe on

LOL… wow. In my mind Billie is so hillbilly (no pun intended) and Beatrice so regal. I like both names but would have never come up with that combo.

ZBP on

Awww i love it! its beautiful!

jammaj on

I think it’s really cute.. it reminds me of Billie Piper, so to me it sounds quite feminine.

nicole on

I think that name is pretty good
but bot too girlish…….

Kylee on

I absolutely love the name! True, Billie is a more masculine name and Beatrice is feminine, but both of the names balance each other out and work well together! Congratulations of the Dane/Gayheart families!!

m. on

that’s my niece’s name, its a nice strong name for a girl.

Beth on

Not liking that name at all….. oh well congrats to the new parents

dee on

Love It. All the Billie’s I know are old ladies. So for me it’s a name that will age better than the Madison’s, and McKinley’s out there.

Erin on

eljika (#45) – Thank you for reminding us that in America you can voice your opinions openly. Yes, obviously. But do you also walk up to someone you find unattractive and tell them so? The old free speech card is trite at this point. There’s a difference between understanding your rights and mocking a baby’s name. Just saying!

Meredith on

I think Billie is actually a really cute name. Definitely something I could picture on a little ballerina or a rough and tumble, play in the mud kind of girl. Not sure about the flow with Beatrice, but its definitely not bad and something that will sound better then more you hear it.
Also, Amanda (54) pointed out that Eric’s middle name is William. Maybe naming their daughter Billie was a family connection like how sons can be named after their fathers.
Anyway, congrats to the family! I love him on Grey’s…

Jaclyn on

Cute name choice!

christina on

It’s growing on me already! Could have been much worse! :)I wish them the best.

kate on

Sweet name and it seems to be very personal to the couple which is important. Many names run in families or are a tribute to someone (my middle name is my grandma’s; my daughter’s middle name is her grandma’s) plus there can be cultural influences. If she had been called Wilhelmina Beatrice I’m sure there would have been a heap of criticism there!!


Sophia on

I just ADORE the name they’ve chosen! I don’t really know what I was expecting, but maybe something less “cute”, like Charlotte or Olivia. Billie Beatrice is just so sweet-sounding, and I like that both her names share an initial. They could call her Bebe as a nickname πŸ™‚
So happy for this new little family πŸ™‚

Electra on

Billie is a nice nickname, not incredibly mature sounding and I’m not a fan of alliteration in names at all. Billie Dane sounds super masculine to me.

Aussie Mum on

I like Billie as a girl’s name! These things go in cycles,when I was a kid Taylor was a def BOYS name and Charlie(Charli)was a def Boys name.Then slowly Taylor became a uni-sex name,but back then if a girl named Taylor had arrived..they’d be teasing in the play-ground. Anyway as long as they are happy with it..that’s all that matters

#26 I find your comment..Can RG&ED please think of something more feminine like Charlotte…Well Megan they have decided on Billie weather you like it or not and asking then to change it is disrepectful.

Sarah M. on

Meghan (#38) – I agree! At least she’s not named after a disease, mass murderer, body part or something that would offend many people of many religions!!

Erin (#44) – I’m the same as you. When I hear a name that is more gender neutral, I look at the spelling first. Billy/Billie (m/f), Adrian/Adrienne (m/f), Andy/Andie (m/f), Aaron/Erin (m/f), Jesse/Jessie (m/f), Reilly/Riley (m/f), etc. It’s Taylor, Morgan, Logan, Quinn, etc. that are hard because they’re used for both genders but really only 1 way to spell them (IMO).

I like the name. Not the biggest fan of Beatrice. But I plan on giving a daughter the middle name ‘Marguerite’, not because I like it but because I want to honor my grandmother and that was her middle name. (Her first name was Iola, and I much prefer Marguerite over Iola.)

Anna on

Cute name!

Nola on

I actually always liked Billie for a girl, for some bizarre reason. It’s strange, as I never liked Bill,Will etc and William either. It’s utterly unexpected, but Billie seems feisty and possible sultry to me, because of Billie Holiday.Beatrice isn’t my vibe, but there’s nothing wrong with it. The name is EXACTLY as they said it would be : different without being unheard of or weird. I think their daughter will be beautiful

I’m just grateful it’s not another Ava

Bancie1031 on

Awe Congratulations to Rebecca and Eric! Not a fan of her name yet …. but I’m sure as I see it in print more it’ll grow on me.

Lorus on

I knew a girl named Billie Jude growing up. I thought it was the neatest name. Good choice!

True on

i love the name, it reminds me of BILLIE in Days of our lives, i was not expecting it but i love it, congratulations again.

Jane on

I don’t like Billie on a girl at all. Or as a given name in general. I love older names, but not Beatrice.

h on

well, she’s no Charlotte like i had expected! Billie is a cute name. Remember in Charmed, there was a billie, and she was super feminine. I want to see what she looks like now!

zarab on

Waaaay too close to Billy Zane for my liking… I love Beatrice though.

Hea on

Love it.

blue on

I’m probably in the minority here, but I LOVE Billie Beatrice! I was saying it to myself all last night and it finaly dawned on me – not only will she be the only female Billie in her class, but it’s cute, different, spunky, and could have been a whooooole lot worse. Plus, if they waited to see the baby before naming her we KNOW Billie will fit her personality/looks….so what else matters? I think it’s great!

Congrats to Eric and Rebecca! πŸ™‚

Reader on

Billie? ouch

Robin M. on

I like the name! As many others have said, I’m surprised that this couple chose that particular name, but I think it is adorable.

Andre on

Actually Sarah M, Reilly/Riley doesn’t work that way, Riley is by far the most common male spelling of the name. And all the other names you mentioned apart from Adrian/Adrienne are boy names no matter what spelling. Plus no matter how you spell it, its a BOYS name anyway, like all the unisex names that aren’t nicknames…

I think a few of the members here need to check out their names before criticising others, most of you have boy names. There’s a Maredith here, an Erin, a Kelly, an Ashley, a Shannon, a Kelsey, a Lauren, a Shay, a Casey, a Mandy, a Brooke, an Ally and a Lynn! And yeah some of those are more commonly female names now, but at one point they were more popular for boys, and started as male names, so you’re all running around with boy names.

shirese on

@Andre I will add that Madelyn, Evelyn, Tracy, Stacy, and Alexis are all boy names.

Leah on

When I first read the name it threw me a bit. Other readers say they expected Charlotte and that seems to fit so well with the names Eric and Rebecca. But the more I repeat Billie to myself it is kind of cute. It would not be my choice, but I think many would say the same of my choices. Names really are a personal thing and discussing (positive or negative)name choices is a natural thing. That is true for non-famous people. I was told by several people just last weekend that I have an “unusual” name. On the flip side of that I have others come up to me all the time saying they know someone named Leah (I wear a name tag for work).

So everyone…relax. Liking or disliking a name doesn’t harm anyone. That is the reason for a comment section on this website. Discussion makes life interesting. Imagine if everyone just praised everything they heard in life. It would sound so fake and trite.

So congrats Eric and Rebecca! May all your hopes and wishes come true in little Billie Beatrice Dane.

K on

Congrats!!! I don’t like the name at all!

Sarah M. on

Andre (#101) – I know they were all originally boy names. But…with most of those names, they are used more for girls than boys anymore, I think. (With the majority I know several girls with the name, but no boys.) So when I hear them, I automatically think girl and not boy. As to the ones I mentioned wit 2 different spellings, I see those as girl or boy names. When I see them written, though, I lean more toward one gender or the other based on the spelling. As per the examples I listed above in my previous comment. That’s just ME, though. For some people they will always be boy names no matter how many girls wind up getting named that. For others, they can become more unisex or more for the other gender than they originally started out as. As with everything, everyone will have their own opinion on ANY subject. Names aren’t excluded.

fuzibuni on

to me, this conversation is similar to the one about shiloh jolie pitt having short hair. most the people who seem not to like it are saying it’s a boys name.

but in all reality, this name is pretty standard… women have been called billie for long before most of us were born.

I think it is a very sweet name, and probably suits this baby well. It is unique and old fashioned at the same time! Dig it.

sara on

I don’t think its masculine mostly cos of the sp. Billie Piper, Billie Holiday and Billie Jean [although she’s not real!] are all super cool names! First i thought Billie didn’t go so well with Beatrice, which is just a so-so name IMHO. But its growing on me and as someone mentioned Billie Bea is just the sweetest nickname! πŸ™‚ plus Billie is a good name because i can imagine it on a girly girl who likes barbies and doll-houses, as well as on a tomboy who climbs trees and gets dirt all over her clothes! So overall, good choice eric and rebecca! Have always liked the name Billie cos its my cousin’s nickname!

Anna on

Not so sure about the name….with both parents having such traditional names, you would think she would have picked something a little more “girly”.

deborahduehringwilley on


Erica on

Their child and their choice in the name, but there are a million other ones that are MUCH better than that for a little girl!

Brooklyn on

Hmm. I’m on the fence about this name. I don’t think I like it though!

moose on

I knew a few Sybilla’s growing up and billie is a pretty common nickname for that. And I know a little girl called billie. I like it personally…but then I have a daughter who gets called Frankie (Francesca) a fair bit.

Alicia on

Erica, that’s your opinion.

Perhaps they think Billie is the best and most beautiful name for their little girl. Who are you to say it’s not?

Lola Marie on

Billie Dane…not what I was expecting.

Shannon on

I like it! I think it’s a cute sounding name. I have known a few girls named Billie though, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t phase me. Someone above mentioned above that it would sound weird on a 40 or 50 year old, but one of the Billies I knew was in her 50’s and her name never sounded strange at all. Good for them!

PookieSue on

I believe Carrie Fisher’s daughter’s name is Billie.

Sandra on

Congrats to them
Billie: I found this name not elegant (But I’m not American, I am French), it can be a good name there.

smile on

i love the name billie for a girl. it reminds me off the character billie that was, maybe still is on days of our lives. i dont watch it anymore, so not sure if that charcter is still on. when i watched it, it was played by lisa rina. i never liked unisex names, then i had a daughter and named her samantha.i refused to let my friends and family or myself call her sam. by the time she hit middle school everyone called her sam, including me! now i have a son named jaydon. which could be a girl name also, although it has become extremely popular since i had my son over three years ago as a boy name spelled different ways. congrats eric (keep up the good work in grays anatomy) and rebecca.

Billie on

I know no one will ever read this because it is now January 2012, but I just read all of these comments and I have to speak up! I have to say that some of the comments about the name Billie are very hurtful!! “Hillbilly”!!!! Really? My name is Billie…..and I am 56 years old! I am definitely NOT a hillbilly! I am very feminine and love my name! It fits me! I was named after my dad, William and very proud to tell people that. It is sad that people make such a big thing about other people’s choices for names.

kendaqll on

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