Pump Hands-Free with Simple Wishes!

03/07/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Simple Wishes

If you’re a busy mom on-the-go, you’ll love the pumping bra ($35) by Simple Wishes.

Now, you can express your breastmilk hands-free whether you’re at work, putting the baby to sleep or getting ready for a night on the town. Just hook it up and you’re all set.

Available in soft pink, it comes with convertible straps so you can change up the style (strapless, halter, tank, racerback) to match your top. It also features two front zippers and a Velcro back panel so it’s easy to adjust to your ever-changing postpartum bosom.

Interested? Buy the bra here.


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Hea on

I’d feel like a cow but hands-free sounds convenient.

Erin on

Take an old bra, cut holes in each cup a bit smaller than flange opening…..now you have your own hands-free pumping bra and spent nothing! Hooray!

mary on

I went from a 32A to a 34DD with my second child. (I was actually accused of have breast augmentation) I was soooo huge and I love it! I was going to wear great fitting nursing bras to support my “new” shape. This bra looks awful! No shape whatsoever, no definition. Pumping never took up that much time for me to justify getting and paying for an ugly bra. Sorry, but no thanks

Francois on

Sounds like such a good idea but not sure how popular it will prove to be. It really must make a woman feel like a milk producing machine.

Something About Baby on

As ridiculous as I feel and look pumping, it sure comes in handy for working mothers.

colleen on

As I travel a lot for work (within my own city), I can’t tell you how tempting this kind of model would be to do in my car while driving. Put a little nursing wrap over it while driving – ha! I’m not currently nursing anyone, but I can’t begin to tell you how many times I was sitting in a parking lot or something pumping wishing I had a better solution.

Mari on

Well, I’m thinking that if they re-purpose an old backpack…mum could carry the machine part around with her on her back as she races around doing all those so-much-more-important things.

Seriously, if you need to free up that much time, maybe you’re doing too much for too many people…

Christine on

I’m thinking about getting something like this for when I go back to work. I’ll only get two short breaks to pump, and it would be convienent to be able to work or eat while pumping. As far as what the other posters said, I already feel like a cow when I pump, so might as well be a “hands free” cow. And since my other bras cost $60+ each, there’s no way I’d cut a hole in them!

Megan on

That bra is dreadful looking.

Louise on

Mari, I would say that is a bit judgemental- many women here have no choice but to work, and I think that something like this would really help out. After all, breast milk is best for a baby and if this helps to continue breastfeeding longer it seems like a good idea to me.

Julie on

An old friend of mine did this, but she just cut some holes in a sportsbra (the kind with hooks in the front.) Her son was a 26-weeker and never developed a good latch, but this way she could do something (read a book, surf the web, eat, knit) and not just watch t.v. while she pumped.

Rae on

Love this. I currently pump at work, holding one side with my hand and the other by leaning forward on my desk to hold it in place… at least I can type with one hand! I receive 100+ emails a day so it’s so nice to be able to return them, even if it’s slowly. My baby is 9 months, and if I couldn’t do ANYTHING while pumping, I’d find it harder to stick with it. This is just one more way to make it easier for mothers.

I agree, the shape is a little concerning. I love the ideas of taking a current bra and cutting the holes in it.

Tee on

I bought this for myself a year and a half ago when I had to go back to work after 2 months off with my newborn. I loved it – I could pump hands free at lunchtime and actually get to eat lunch. My daughter is 16 months now and I am still nursing her. For those of you who have to go back to work, it will be a lifesaver and keep you from giving up on the whole pump at work desire.

@ mary – it is NOT meant to be worn all day – duh. You wear it to pump and then take it off.

Soña on

There are many hands free pumping bras on the market. My favorite is a tube style that simply zips on over your existing bra to be used solely for pumping. It’s really a necessity for some working moms like me but I’d bet it’s great for anyone who’d like to multitask through those pump breaks.

Ceebs on

I have this bra, and before I got it, I thought it was meant to be put on when it was time to pump. But when I discovered the strap was adjustable to accomodate different tops, I discovered it can be worn longer. However it’s not super-flattering under fitted tops. Fortunately I wear scrubs, so nobody notices ! At home, I put it on when I need it, but to save time at work when pumping time is limited, I wear it as a regular bra.

To those of you against hands-free pumping: I’m thinking you must never have pumped. Pumping can take a half hour at times. And the position you need to use to hold the pumps is VERY uncomfortable. Try holing your hands in a painful position doing nothing for 30 minutes while your baby cries or your toddler gets into the toilet. Hands-free saves time AND sanity !

Simone on

Reading all of this iam GLAD i never had to pump!!!!!

ncmum on

You can easily make your own pumping bra for a fraction of the cost. You just need to buy an inexpensive sports bra and cut a hole in each one that is just big enough for the pumps plastic tube part. The bra will need to be a tight fit to hold the cones in place, but it works!

sara on

Louise, breastfeeding is not neccesarily best for a baby. Especially not if the mother has a poor diet or high intake of drugs/alcohol. It all depends.

steph on

I have one of the bras that sona described. They call it a pumping bustier I think. I am a stay at home mom and only have to pump for outings, but even so, I can’t imagine pumping without one of these. I would consider it a must have for all pumping mothers. You don’t need a fancy one that you wear all day though. That one looks like it would give you uniboob and show under all your shirts. You can just zip one on over your normal nursing bra and zip it off when you’re done.

Jill on

Sara, breastfeeding is most certainly best for a baby. Even if a mother is malnourished herself, she can still produce enough milk to sustain healthy development of her baby. There are very few mothers who have such poor diets that they can’t produce high quality milk. It is a myth that the mother has to eat perfectly to make milk.

Moderate alcohol is absolutely permitted during breastfeeding. A glass of wine or beer or a mixed drink does no harm to a child. Extreme cases of alcoholism perhaps, but social drinking is 100% safe. Illegal drugs, yes are dangerous but most prescription drugs are perfectly safe to take while nursing. There are exceptions of course, but the vast majority of women who drink socially, eat crappy foods and take the odd OTC medication have no problems with nursing.

Paula Alvarez on

This is a great product, I highly recommend it!