Minnie Driver: There Is No 'Perfect Time' for Motherhood

03/07/2010 at 08:00 PM ET

At the age of 40, actress Minnie Driver is realistic about her odds of making son Henry Story, 18 months, a big brother.

“Growing up, I thought I’d have at least five kids,” she confesses in a new interview with the Times Online. “I’m surprised I have only one; I really want more.”

Although it was never her intention to wait until her late thirties to become a mom, Minnie says “it was never the right time, right place or right person.”

“Too many women put it off until everything is in place, but there’s never a perfect time, is there?”

Nonetheless, Minnie is quick to point out that she harbors no regrets about how life has unfolded.

“I wouldn’t change a thing about what I’ve done in the past because what may have been bad choices have all led me to this moment,” she insists. “I’m incredibly happy because I’ve got my beautiful baby and lovely partner.”

That partner — whom she again declines to identify, saying only that he is English, lives in California and is in the entertainment industry — is still very much a part of her life, and Henry’s. “Everybody is cool with the situation,” she reveals.

In Scotland to film The Deep, a new BBC drama, Minnie says that while she is happy to spend time in her native UK she remains very much a devoted Californian. “It’s been great for Henry to spend time with his cousins,” she explains before asking, “Could I move back? No.”

“I live my life outdoors, surfing, hiking, riding and running along the beach in the sunshine, having barbecues; even though I miss home, I could do the things I wanted to, personally and professionally.”

Click below to read about Minnie’s stance on crying it out.

Speaking of work, Minnie notes that her “entire pregnancy” with Henry — who walks like a “little drunk Frankenstein” — and first two years postpartum have been chronicled on the big screen in various films.

“Flabby stomach and giant boobs for all to see,” she goes on to quip.

Parenting guru Rachel Waddilove was instrumental in helping mom and baby settle into a routine, especially given the ever-changing surroundings that accompany each new set.

“There’s no way, as a new mum, I could have let Henry cry for long … a little bit, maybe,” she explains. “Besides, once you get your feeding sorted, their sleeping patterns fall into place.”

“I’ve never brought Henry into bed with me, which was very hard, but I wanted to teach him that his bed isn’t a scary, isolated place. Now he’s the happiest, funniest, sweetest and most adaptable baby; he has slept in more drawers, walk-in closets and hotel bathrooms than you can imagine. We’re proper gypsies.”

Source: Times Online

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Forever Moore on

Her comments really make me think thd daddy is Eddie Izzard!

mp on

Forever, I’ve never considered Eddie as a father … but you just may be right! Henry sure does resemble him!

Reader on

Forever Moore, why does everyone think that? Was she linked to him before? I was thinking she had a NEW partner, not the bio father. Or I guess they could have broken up and are back together? didn’t she make a point of saying he was not going to be with her at delivery?

Forever Moore on

It’s just a hunch…they were co-stars on The Riches around the time she got pg. Plus Henry does kinda looks like him, Eddie is English and living in the US and he’s in the entertainment industry. I just think it would be cool if he was the daddy, Eddie is a funny man!

Ilona on

ummm I was under the impression Eddie was out and proud gay? does this mean he’s bi?

meghan on

He certainly does fit with those clues.

Forever Moore on

Eddie is a cross dresser but he is a straight man. He cross dresses during performances but dresses “normally” otherwise. I saw one of his comedy shows a few years ago and he was dressed like a normal guy yet he was wearing eyeliner 😀

Anna on

I think it must be Cary Elwes… They did Ella Enchanted Together, and Henry looks just like him.


Lorus on

I couldn’t agree more with there isn’t the perfect time to have a baby. If you keep waiting for it then it will never come. Babies will fit into your life where ever and whenever.

Jen on

I really agree with Minnie…I don’t feel there is a perfect time for babies…because it will always be a challenge adjusting to your little one and fitting them into your life. Not to say it isn’t wonderful, but having a child changes everything. And I also like her stance on babies/sleeping. It is soooo hard. After trying everything to get my son to sleep (at 9 mo. of still getting up in the night), we just had to let him figure out that HE was okay and let him cry a bit….and he begin to realize it too. He loves his crib, sleeps all through the nite and our family is so much happier!

SAR on

I hope Minnie will be able to give Henry a sibling; she is obviously a very good mom and has a heart full of love for children. But it may not happen, and she’s cool with that too.

I’ve always wondered if it was a good idea for parents to bring their babies into their beds. I agree with Minnie that having the baby sleep in his own bed is the way to go.

MontanaMomma on

I think his father must be Cary Elwes too. It’s the brow line!

I liked Minnie’s interview. I hope life gives her more children.

MontanaMomma on

I guess Cary Elwes is married though, so hopefully he is not the father! Maybe Eddie Izzard…

Missy on

Am I the only one who read her comments re: the father and thought Simon Cowell???

amy on

def not eddie izzards babe. google “minnie driver man” and a bunch of pics of minnie and this guy (and some with baby) pop up. henry is a mini-whoever this guy is LOL

asdas on

Minnie has said more than once that the father is NOT a celebrity. So that rules out Eddie Izzard and Cary Elwes.

Brandi on

If I can be honest I have to say it really bothers me that every post about Minnie fails to focus on the topic and turns into “Guess Henry’s Dad.” If she wanted us to know she would tell us.

asdas on

Brandi, I agree. And since Minnie has said he is not a celebrity, it is puzzling to me why people still try to guess who he is, considering he is not someone we have heard of.

blessedwithboys on

does anyone else think its a tiny bit sad that minnie felt it so necessary to ignore her mama instinct wrt to so many areas of parenting? she felt it was hard to let him cry, but did it anyway. she wanted him in her bed but resisted. mamas of the world, trust yourselves!!! your instinct is there for a reason. 🙂

SH on

why would the baby have to sleep in a walk in closet or a hotel bathroom?

CelebBabyLover on

asdas- I agree! Minnie has also that said (including in this interview) that Henry’s father is in the entertainment industry…..but being in the entertainment industry doesn’t automatically make you a celebrity!

Henry’s dad could, for example, do “behind-the-scenes” work, such as operating the camera, working with sound, etc. 🙂

Isabella on

I’ve put my kids in the walk-in or bathroom at hotels all the time simply because their slightest move would awake me as I am not used to having them next as they sleep in their room at home.
Plus that way they have the darkness they are used to to fall asleep while mom and dad can read a bit or watch tv or stay on the balcony at resorts…

Mariel on

Amy, i agree!!!! I tougth the same thing when i saw those pics, Henry is all that guy!!!

Natural Cosmetics Girl on

Love her and I think she’s right. There is no perfect time. However, there are times that are better than others.