Jenna Elfman Welcomes Son Easton Quinn Monroe

03/05/2010 at 02:55 PM ET
CBS/Mark Davis/Landov

In a case of life imitating art, Jenna Elfman has delivered a baby boy — just before her Accidentally on Purpose character Billie gives birth to her own child.

The actress and husband Bodhi Elfman welcomed a second son, Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman, at 7:53 a.m. Tuesday, Mar. 2nd in Los Angeles, Jenna announced via Twitter Friday. Her rep confirms the birth to PEOPLE, adding that Easton weighed in at 7 lbs., 12 oz.

“He’s an impressive sleeper (thank god!) & I’m his biggest fan,” says the star’s tweet.

The actress’s husband, Bodhi, also took to Twitter Friday, writing, “Shazaam! Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman. Born March 2 @ 7:53AM. Triple Word Score, Grand Slam, Royal Flush! Digging this guy big time.”

Easton joins big brother Story Elias, 2 ½.

Jenna, 38, admits the pregnancy was planned around her show’s shooting schedule.

“It was like an afterthought perk. I thought, ‘Well, if the show gets picked up that could be cool. I can have my next kid and I won’t have to hide it.’ You know, I’m not in my early twenties so I got to get busy.”

The Elfmans, who recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, announced the pregnancy in September.

Click here to look back at Jenna’s maternity style!

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Monique on

I love the name and a huge Congrats out to Jenna, Bodhi, and Story…. 🙂

shirese on


Now let the name bashing begin. Oh bother…(shakes head.)

Julia on

Congrats to them! I read the name Easton, then I said out loud “Easton?” and then I was like hey that’s a really cute name;P
I’m from Iceland so don’t think I live in a cave or something because I find that name unique because I have no idea if that name is popular or not. Ok now I’m mumbling;D

Mandy on

I was seriously JUST thinking about her. That’s too funny!

Congrats! Story and Easton sound great together! I bet he’s thrilled his little brother is finally here!

Cecilia on

When it rains celeb baby news, it pours!

Congrats to the Elfmans!

ljss123 on

Congrats to Jenna, Bodhi & Story.

shirese on

Disregard my post. I thought his name was something else, which was equally as acceptable as his actual name (because I am a firm believer of people naming their what they want as long as it is not vulgar). Anyway, the name I misread I assumed would send some people in a fury.

Kylee on

I love the name! It is unique without being bizarre! Congratulations Mom and Dad and big brother, Story!

Sara on

Congrats. I love the name!

Nella on

Congrats to Jenna and her family! I really like the name Easton. It’s unique, but it’s cute. It’s actually one of my fave names. Also I think Story and Easton go well together.

Brooklyn on

Aw! Congrats to the whole family. I have always LOVED the name Easton!

Sash on

LOL Shirese, I’m dying to know what you thought the name was!

Luna on

OMG I ALMOST HAD AN EASTON! Easton Elfman is kind of vowel-y for my taste as is Elias Elfman, but I love their names as a whole, especially Easton’s name. Congrats Bodhi, Jenna, and Story on baby Easton Quinn Monroe.

Brooke on

I like the name in general, but don’t like the flow with Elfman. Regardless…Congrats to Jenna and Bodhi!!

sar on

my first son is an Easton, so of course i love the name!
congrats to the happy family 🙂

I♥CBB on

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I ♥ the name!! Very nice!! I wonder if he looks like Story?!?

Pinkdancer on

@Julia- I totally thought the same thing but then your comment made me say it out loud, and it’s so cute! I also love the name Quinn and Easton goes well with Story. Congrats to them all!

Rachel on

Congratulations!! Wow, I really like the name!

Erika on

I really don’t like the name at all. It’s too long and trendy.

KellyJ on

Easton is a cute name, I’ve met probably 5 or so before. It’s unique but not extremely out there!

Philippa on

Aw congrats to them. That’s a lovely name, and it matches nicely with the name Story.

But I still don’t get why people don’t give their children the same amount of names i.e. 2 or 3. Same with Heidi Klum and Seal, their daughters have either 1 or 2 names and their boys have 4. Perhaps this is a cultural difference I haven’t picked up on (I’m Dutch), because where I live, siblings usually have an equal amount of names.

J.J. on

I honestly prefer Easton for a girl, but Easton Monroe is a nice and trendy name for a little boy! I like it! Congratulations to Jenna, Bodhi, big brother Story and the entire Elfman family!!!!!!

L on

Aww!! Congrats! I love the name Easton, I’m planning on using it one day!! (Hope it doesn’t get insanely popular!!)

crg on

The name is nice, but I don’t understand why so many people give their kids first names that are exactly the wrong fit for their last name (in my opinion). Easton Elfman? Maybe they’ll call him Quinn. Same thing goes for Bronx Wentz. Bronx is okay, trendy and quirky, but he probably has the one last name that just doesn’t go with it! Congratulations!!

maman on

Love the name Easton, it was on my shortlist! 🙂

Lauren on

Funny—Easton and Quinn are both on our baby name list, but for girls 🙂 We do have Weston on the list for boys, though. Just can’t have an Easton AND a Weston 😉

Miche on

I’m due in a week and a half and if I have a boy, his name will be Eastin – which is a family name and my DH’s middle name.

Congrats to her and their family!

JMO on

I much prefer Easton for a girl. But East for short sounds more masculine! Congrats to them!

Alex on

LOVE the name! Love love love it!

Congrats to them!

Babymam on

Haha, Lauren. You sound like my cousin. Her first was a boy, named Jordan. Her second, her husband wanted to name Morgan. She said she couldn’t have a Jordan and a Morgan–too similar. Of course, she couldn’t use the ONE name she’d always wanted for a child–Harrison. Because the man she married had the last name Harris. Harrison Harris…can you imagine?

Shirese on

@Sash it first appeared in my personal mailbox as “TK.” They have since done some editing because I have the original mail from CBB to prove it.

TK is a magazine journalism reference indicating missing information. It sounds like perhaps you inadvertently received the prewrite of the baby announcement. Our apologies.

CBB Staff

Aussie Mum on

Babymam–LOL I always liked the name Thomas,but my partners surname is Tomlonson,so that name is off the list.
I agreee with other’s–the name Easton is great(not to weird)but not sure if it flows with Elfman–but obviously it’s their choice to make. I hope Jenna,Bodhi,Story & little Easton are all doing great! They all seem really happy & smiley

Jane on

I don’t care for Easton but it’s better than Story.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! 🙂

acorrado on

I can’t believe that baby only weighed 7 lbs! I was guessing at least 8.5 lbs.

Niko on

Other than a Surname-ish “Monroe”, nothing wrong with the name, just a mouthful, that’s all. Congrats!

ReyesPhile on

Lovely name 🙂

daniela on

Don’t care for Easton, but like a PP stated it’s much better than Story. LOVE Quinn tho! Congrats to Jenna and family!

Nancy on

I prefer keeping my opinion about the name to myself, since I have a high preference for casual/common names… Congrats to the family!!!! I bet the baby’s just as cute as Story though! :o) Can’t wait to see picture…

Leah on

I love this!! I delivered my son the same day (though a few hours earlier!) – I had wondered if Jenna and I would have our babes the same day!

Erika on

Congrats on your son too Leah! And it will be so cool, to tell him that he was born on the exact same day as this boy, especially when he sees paparazzi photos!

Andre on

Easton is ok, Quinn I really like. Both are boy names only for me.

All Women Stalker on

Aww, I expected a more fun name. Haha. Anyway, best wishes to the little family 🙂

C on

I don’t know why people complain about the different lengths of kids names. In my family, we all just have a first and middle name – except for my youngest sister, she has two middle names. None of us ever cared or even thought anything of it. We all just figured that my mom knew it would be her last one so this was her last chance to use a name! Also, with four older siblings, the longer name was partly the result of all of us brainstorming names and insisting that we had a say!!

katie on

is it an american tradition to give kids names that sound like last names? just wondering because in the UK it is all daisy, poppy, elliott, oliver and then in the US it seems to be emery, easton, addison, brooksley.

of course, i’m no baby name expert but just wondering….

CelebBabyLover on

katie- Actually, Elliot and Oliver are both last names as well here in the U.S. 🙂

Nicole on

Love his name!! Easton is actually on my list for our newest little one!

justjaQ on

awww, congrats to them! i was waiting on this announcement. i love jenna and family! she’s so “fun”! one month and two days after my little guy was born, too! 😀