Exclusive: Meet Willie Garson's New Son Nathen!

03/05/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
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As Stanford Blatch, Carrie Bradshaw’s gay confidant on Sex and the City, Willie Garson was always unlucky in love.

But that all changed the day the actor, whose paternal clock had begun ticking loudly, met the boy who would become his son.

Attending an L.A. adoption fair in Oct. 2008, Willie spotted a vivacious 7-year-old named Nathen.

“He has a spark. He was balancing himself on a curb, and I was like, ‘That’s my kid,'” says Willie. “I knew it right then.”

Now everyone does. After more than a year of screenings and paperwork, Nathen, now 8, was officially deemed Willie’s son in January.

While Willie’s career is soaring — he stars in the hit USA drama White Collar and appears in this summer’s Sex and the City movie sequel — it’s clear that his new family life is what’s keeping the actor, 46, in a constant state of bliss.

Says a beaming Willie: “It couldn’t have gone any better.”

More from the article and additional photos below!

Christa Renee for PEOPLE for use on CBB

In a perfect world, Willie imagined he would get married and start a family. But three years ago, realizing he was no closer to finding the woman of his dreams, “I just reached a point of, ‘What am I waiting for?'” he says. “I don’t care if I ever get married, but if I never have a kid?”

So Willie contacted the Alliance for Children’s Rights, a kids’ advocacy group in L.A., and the Westside Children’s Center, who guided him through the adoption process.

“Most people want infants,” says Willie, “but I fell in love with Nathen.”

After the adoption fair, Willie and Nathen bonded over several months of supervised play visits and sleepovers. Nathen moved into Willie’s three-bedroom L.A. home in Feb. 2009, and when the adoption was finalized in Jan., they celebrated at famed Hollywood eatery Musso & Frank Grill.

“We wore suits and we split a steak, and Manny the waiter did magic tricks,” Willie says.

Now in the third grade, Nathen has settled comfortably into family life. “I like to play with Willie on the Wii and give him kisses and hugs,” says Nathen with a squeal. “He is the best dad ever.”

He’s even showing signs of following in Dad’s footsteps by recently acting in his first school play, Grease. “He played Doody,” says the proud papa. “It was the finest production of Grease in history.”

While Willie is loving every minute of being a dad, he’s already dreading the day when Nathen won’t need him anymore. Some nights, when Nathen can’t sleep, “he comes to my room and I say, ‘Nathen, in four years you’re not going to want to talk to me.’ And he says, ‘No, Dad, I’m always going to want to hug and kiss you.'”

Christa Renee for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Source: PEOPLE; March 15th issue

— Monica Rizzo

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{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After on

Awwww, I loved this! It totally made me happy!

marina on

I’m very happy for both of them 🙂

Chris K. on

That is pure love! What a great duo.

lis on

I am so, so happy for this family! they obviously share a lot of love, it’s great.

I’m also really pleased that Willie has chosen to share his story with us all.. it’s so rare that you hear about 1) single male parent adoptions 2) local children adoptions and 3) older children adoptions! There are so many kids that need parents.

Brooke on

Absolutely gorgeous little boy!!!

Chris on

What a beautiful family! Nathen is gorgeous! All the happiness to you both.

Grandma2ThreeAlmost4 on

:*) Bless them both!

Philippa on

This is truly heart warming. He’s obviously a very sweet and loving person and so ready to be a father, and now he’s given this boy a chance of a new life and it has obviously made both of them so happy. This is definitely a good example for people who’d like to adopt, to show that you don’t necessarily need to get an infant for the adoption to work out.

Again, very beautiful 😀

April on

This story makes me so happy! How great that they found each other. I feel bad for the older kids because they often get overlooked so kudos to Willie for giving this sweet boy a loving home.

janine on

that’s the sweetest thing.

alice jane on

This interview brought tears to my eyes; they both just seem so happy! What a beautiful story, and I wish Nathen and Willie nothing but the best. It’s families and stories like these that just reinforce my hopes to adopt one day, and especially an older child.

Lacey on

Beautiful interview! 😀

Kim on

Those pics just made me totally happy! They really seem to be meant to be as father and son and it is great that Willie has been able to given an ‘older’ child a great life by taking him in and become a family together.
Lol, I have to admit though that I had to read it twice when the article said that he hasn’t been able to find the woman of his dreams yet. I hope it doesn’t sound silly but I was under the impression Willie was gay. Perhaps he will always be Stanford to me! 🙂

Cathy B on

Bless him!! his son is so hansome!!

Lola on

Omg what a fabolous story! Congrats to them both, Nathen is such a handsome young man…both are blessed to have found eachother!

meghan on

I’m tearing up and smiling at the same time! Willie seems like such a sweet man. I’m thrilled that his dream of fatherhood is now real! He and Nathen are blessed to have found each other!

Kacy on

Thank you so much for following along with his adoption. This is one of the more interesting stories I have seen you do when it come to celebrities and their families. I am so happy for Willie and Nathen both. I hope they will be a happy family forever and bring so much to each others’ lives.

JM on

such a wonderful story, and so lovely to hear from someone who adopted an older child. really lovely! (and i also thought he was gay btw 🙂 i guess it just means he’s a great actor).

brannon on

Love this story – and the pictures even more!

Sophie on

That is such a beautiful, beautiful story. You can tell there is so much love there already and its amazing to see. I wish them both only the best, they are so lucky to have found eachother.

Erin on

Ditto what every other person has said. Ditto ditto ditto!

Sam on

The pictures are sweet but the story is beyond sweet. Best of every single thing, to both father and son. 🙂

B.J. on

Most uplifting story I’ve read in ages. My heart is melting! What a sweet pair!! They were made for each other.

tobeornottobe on

Fantastic! What a gorgeous child! He looks like a mini model.

Mia on

Very cute.

I was also a little confused about the “Woman of my dreams part”. I was pretty positive Willie Garson was gay, oh well LOL.

Congrats to them!

LWC on

Congrats Willie & Nathen for finding each other! That’s so great!

Jenna on

I love this story. So happy that Willie and Nathen found each other:)

T. on

every time i hear of this story it just makes me smile he is an amazing man and has made a miraculous change this childs life

Dana on

What a lovely story! I’m so happy for both of them!

Kaylie on

This really makes me smile. They are so cute together! Good for him!

Mina on

I agree with everything commenter 4 said & Nathan is such a cute kid! I can see the love between the too! I’m glad he shed light on adopting older children. You CAN bond with an older child!

Meesh on

Out of all the families I have seen on CBB over the years, this is the family I am the happiest for. Bless you Willie and Nathen!

Anna on

I bet this boy didn’t think he had a big chance of finding a family at his age, this is really great!

I also thought Willie was gay, must be the SatC part!

french gigi on

i have goosebumps at the absolute beauty of this entire article. they have been blessed with each other. ❤

meghan on

beautiful little boy! what a great story!

Lena on

I am glad for Willie and Nathen to have found eachother but I honestly wouldn’t consider 7 or 8 and older child. My sister works with helping children get adopted in NYC and most of the kids she has are 12 and older, with one child even being 22! Like I said I am very happy for his family and I will continue to read about them as long as they post. Thanks.

Laura on

This story made warmed my heart and made me smile. If kindness and love were shown like this every day,the world would be a better place. A family is made up of people who truly love each other and will be there for each other. This story further confirms our decision to become foster parents and foster to adopt. Congrats to Willie and Nathen and many happy years of happiness together *hugs*

Karen on

I saw him recently at USA network party where I congratulated him on his recent adoption (which I knew thanks CBB)..LOL. He was so happy and proud without me asking he showed me a picture of Nathen. He so excited and said that’s my boy. It was so cute.

And, Kim, I would have best my last dollar on him being gay. So glad I never did. I would have been very broke.

nico on

cute story!

but… I really don’t want to start anything here, but what is an adoption fair? never heard of it over here, and I have to say… it sounds a bit wrong…

CelebBabyLover on

I love how the article details all the steps Willie had to go through before he was allowed to offically adopted. It’s obvious that he’s one celeb that did not get or ask for special treatment because of being a celeb! 🙂

Hea on

Aww, I’m crying here. haha I LOVE this story. Thank you for sharing Willie and Nathen! You two sure made my day bright as sunshine.

Billie on

You just had to make me tear up, didn’t you… 😀

Still Life in Southeast Asia on

Beautiful story. Congratulations Willie and Nathen! I’m so happy for you.

Thanks CBB.

blackrose on

That is so beautiful!! God bless them both!:)

Kylee on

I never knew much about Willie, until I started reading about his adoption journey on CBB. Congratulation on his adoption of Nathan! May God bless them both!

L on

I’m beyond happy for both of them. Such a heartwarming story.

Laura on

It’s so heartwarming to see adoption in the spotlight, especially the adoption of an older child.

Milla on

awesome!!!!! i love willie! ❤

SY on

They’re so cute together and they both obviously adore each other. Great story and great family, thanks for sharing it with us.

JMO on

that’s a beautiful story!

Rachel on

I LOVE that first picture! What a beautiful family :O)

And Nico — an adoption fair (I agree, it sounds very strange), but actually it’s basically like a job fair, where adoption and foster care set up areas so that potential adoptive/foster parents can come and receive information and talk to other parents. It’s not like adoptive children are placed on display or anything (which one might think from reading this article – lol). More often than not, foster systems will bring children along because you never know what events might transpire and who might fall in love at first sight! :O)

Courtney on

Gorgeous story!

CTBmom on

Awww. How wonderful they found each other. Nathan is adorable!

Mama to Monkeys on

I *love* it. Every child deserves to have a parent who loves him, regardless of sexual identity.

Something About Baby on

What a lovely story and so heartwarming that they found one another.

Rachel on

Mama to monkeys — I agree… but I’m not sure where “sexual identity” comes into play in this story. As far as I’m aware, Willie Garson is perfectly heterosexual — he even mentions in the article that he’d had hopes of finding the woman of his dreams and getting married, but it just never happened…

nico on

thanks for the explanation! 🙂

fuzibuni on

sweet sweet story.

and yah folks, willie garson is hetero. he’s stated in interviews that he has been typecast from playing Stanford on satc. he said that everyone who doesn’t know him assumes he is gay even though he is not.

Brianne on

They look like a perfect match!

All Women Stalker on

Aww that photo just melted my heart! Happy for him 🙂

Luna on

I have never read anything more heartwarming in my life. I thought he was gay too, guess he’s not. I’m so glad Willie found Nathen. Nathen seems so happy. Thank you CBB for making my day.

crimpe on

That boy is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And they are so happy!!! Love it. Perfect match.

Jennifer on

They are an adorable family, I’m so happy for the both of them. Clearly made for eachother! 🙂

VW on

As a woman in her mid-twenties, I’m increasingly thinking about how I’d like to build my family. I always wanted to adopt an infant but several nights ago, I was researching adoption and wound up on a site that features older children who are waiting to be adopted. Their stories and smiles really touched my heart. Reading about Willie and Nathen has further convinced me that, while it’s not for everyone, adopting an older child can be an amazing blessing for some people. It’s definitely something I’m going to research and explore further when the time is right. 🙂

christy on

Beautiful story! I am so happy for them both!

mp on

Nathen is a charming young man! Such a ham! It’s clear he and Willie were destined for each other.

Ellen Smith on

A beautiful new family. Congrats on giving a child a home, love, and acceptance.

TexasGal on

what a wonderful family!!!!! Their happiness is palpable even through the computer.

Michelle on

omigod- I’m crying right now.
I love this story. Congrats to the both of them.

FC on

I love this little family of two already! And if I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve thought Nathen was borne from Willie’s genes. They share the same facial expressions in almost every photo. 🙂

Nathen and Willie seemed predestined to be a family, from the traits they share and what appears to be a mutual love of acting, et cetera. It’s just amazing how life can work out sometimes. :)Not only can you find your potential soulmate in life, you can find a child that was meant for you, too.

Jaybyrd on

It is wonderful to see the adoption of older children.

Brownsugar1313 on

I’m happy for him. I think its awesome when single people are allowed to adopt. There are so many kids out there who aren’t babies and they need homes with loving parents.

Too often all people want are babies….I would love to adopt an older child. I fostered when I was in my 20’s.

I was 25 and had four teenaged girls and they came and went and I went through some really hard times and some really good times with all of them.

I’m 31 and a couple of them already made me grandma…haha
But it was a learning experience I will never forget and when they all see me or get in touch with me I’m still “mom”

Kudos for Willie and Nathan 🙂

Lori on

It is great to hear about an older kid being adopted! Way to go, Willie!

mc on

What a gorgeous story. Willie sounds like an amazing person, and Nathen sounds like a wonderful kid as well.

Yazmira on

This is just adorable, but I’m not sure why willie garson is single. I mean, he’s a hard working and amazing actor, and by the looks of it, he has an incridible heart. He’s my type of wonderful man, and I would date him in a heart beat. He’s a sweet heart. =)

mikkay on

What a wonderful tale…..both are so lucky to have each other !!!!!!

Lisa on

As an aunt of an adopted child, I think this is wonderful!! I love Willie Garson and I think it is great that he adopted an older child. Good luck to you!!

michelle on

Wow this is a great interview…congrats to both of them

Therese on

I am so happy for Willie and Nathen. So seldom does anyone choose an older child anymore and it seems everyone wants to go overseas to get a child like Angelina Jolie trying to adopt from every country but her own. Way to go Mozzie!!! I hope you and Nathen will be very happy.

Ivett on

I met these guy these weekend in Yosemite. We were helping him with his tires chains for the snow. We didn’t know who he was until after the whole thing. He was very nice and his little boy is cute.

Mary on

Whether Willie is gay or not makes no never-mind. Is he a good father and the answer seems to be, ‘yes’! We need more men like Willie.

Edith Kinney on

Best wishes. Great pictures of you and Nathan. Watch you regularly on “White Collar”. You probably don’t remember me, but I was a secretary at HPHS and I remember you. Edie Kinney

Maria on

So happy Nathen finally found a home, after a while there I thought he was lost, but now I see he is found and in a better home. Willie take good care of my nephew.

Hollie on

I waited on Willie and his son tonight at the restaurant I work at in Oxnard. They were very cute together. Willie is very affectionate with his son. It was sweet to see!!

Geeky Grandma on

Definitely a soul connection there!

hyacinth69 on

Don’t be ashamed if you want to adopt an infant or an older child. Both can be done. I used an adoption facilitator in California. It was costly, but as a 45 year old female I was chosen by a young woman to adopt her child, yet born. My husband and I witnessed the birth and this boy now 15 is the love of our lives and is OUR child. It feels great and is great. We are a testimony that private adoption works and that there are infants available. My son is Caucasian.