Angela Kinsey: Jenna Fischer Will Be a 'Great Mom'

03/05/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
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The Office costars Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer are the best of friends away from the set, and at no time was that more apparent than when Angela welcomed daughter Isabel Ruby, 22 months.

“Jenna was with me in the hospital when I had my baby,” she notes. “It was my mom, Jenna and my husband Warren [Lieberstein], and that’s who was there.”

Jenna’s “first-hand” experience that day — and in the days since — served her well as the actress shot Thursday’s episode, where her character Pam finally became a mom.

“I remember after we read the script for the baby [episode], I was like, ‘But wait! Jenna do you remember?’ And she was like, ‘Oh yeah, I remember … I had to turn away,'” Angela, 38, recalls. “It gave her some really good perspective.”

Spending time with Isabel has been beneficial for Jenna in other ways as well! Angela shares,

“She recently told me this very sweet story that I gave her a little tip about how to quiet a baby. And she was able to use that … with her sister’s baby, and her whole family was like, ‘How’d you do that?’ And she [said], ‘Angela showed me that.'”

From the sound of things, Jenna — who is engaged to Lee Kirk — will always be able to rely on her costar for a vote of confidence.

“Jenna’s going to be a great mom,” Angela predicts. “I, of course, want her to get pregnant yesterday because — come on — Isabel, my bff … we need to have bff babies!”

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Nella on

Heheh What a cute interview! I love that they became such close friends to the point where Jenna was in the hospital for the birth of Angela’s child. That’s great. I hope Jenna becomes a mom soon 🙂

maggie on

oh that interview was so cute! 🙂 i love the office and the baby episode was super cute and funny.

Liz on

Agreed, very cute. I had no idea they were best friends in real life, that’s so awesome.

Lynn on

I love Angela and Jenna. They’re both awesome.

Can’t wait until Jenna has a baby!

Babymam on

The episode was hilarious…breast feeding the wrong baby? Haha…

CTBmom on

I agree…how awesome that Angela and Jenna are so close in real life. Last nights episodes was SO funny, lol. Yes, Babymam, the breast feeding the wrong baby was hilarious! Oh, and Jim diapering everything….including Angela’s cat, lol.

Liliana on

I adored the episode last night.

I think it’s sweet that Jenna opted to name Jim and Pam’s little girl after her niece. I’m sure her family was shocked and thrilled.

Hanna on

Thought the episode was realistic except the breastfeeding the wrong baby. That was so not politically correct because of the correlation between breast feeding and HIV transmission. I guess everyone forgot about that….

Daisy on

Hanna, realistic? It’s a comedy. If it were realistic, it would be boring. Maybe you’re just not a comedy person and don’t get how humor works? Whatever. I think the episode was super cute and sweet as was this interview. Plus I about died when Jim was teling Pam to “pull” during delivery. Awesome.

Molly on

Hanna, I don’t get what that has to do with political correctness.

I love how close these two are, especially considering that we live in a world where women are practically encouraged to be nasty towards one another.

Diana on

Cute interview:)