Kendra Wilkinson Says Body After Baby Will ‘Get Better’

03/04/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
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While new moms everywhere would gladly take Kendra Wilkinson‘s postpartum body, the 24-year-old reality star says that there is still room for improvement.

“I can’t say I’m back yet,” she tells the Jacksonville Observer. “I’m dieting. I’m going to get better.”

Noting that she’s under “a lot of pressure” to return to pre-baby form, Kendra reveals that she does “hardcore training” once per week and continues to nurse son Hank Randall IV, 3 months.

“I have to have some fat in me,” she explains. “Breastfeeding, you burn off so many calories.”

Lamenting the lack of understanding by some in the entertainment industry of how difficult it is to shed the pregnancy pounds, Kendra adds that a woman’s body may never be the same no matter how hard she works.

“I had this doctor come over yesterday, to my new house … [he] rubbed my belly and said, ‘There’s always going to be that small little pooch because your uterus is shrinking.'”

No matter what her weight, Kendra knows that her baby boy loves her unconditionally — and she him. “The bond between us, the love … He knows I’m his mom now,” she reveals. “Every time I walk away he cries, which is painful and a negative thing, but also, every time I’m there, he laughs and smiles.”

“Besides Hank [Baskett], I’m the only one my baby can recognize and have that immediate comfort with. Wherever we go, if I’m there, he’s happy.”

Click below to read why Kendra enjoys being a young mother.

Calling motherhood “the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Kendra says she’s happy to have conquered the milestone in her early twenties.

“I can guarantee, if I’d waited 10 years to have a baby, I’d be in so much more pain and stuff,” she insists. “I feel like Supermom. If I need to lift a stroller down the steps, I lift it myself. I’m young and strong.”

Source: Jacksonville Observer

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Just K on

It’s so refreshing to hear celebs say how hard it is to get in shape post baby. I know Kendra looks awesome, but I also know she’s working hard to get that, and as a somewhat new mom, it’s nice to be reminded of that.

Sandra on

how this girl could reveal on national television she had sex 5 weeks out of her delivery, I will never understand… I like this girl, but some things just need to be kept private.

At any rate, I would KILL her have her post baby body. Best of luck to her and her family.

Lola on

I don’t know if anyone saw Kendra & Hank on Chelsea Lately but personally, she looked amazing! She looks so great being a little thicker and seemed to love her new body. Granted, she is only like 5’2 I can see where she is coming from…but I still think she looked gorgeous!!

urbanadventurertales on

I’m so glad to see a celeb that isn’t down to size two 6 weeks post-pardem! It’s so true that your body changes. I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body definitely looks different after having twins (and especially after nursing them for 19 months lol!)

Courtney on

Kendra is perhaps the worst role model ever. I would hope no one would take her advice to heart. On any subject.

Jennifer on

It amuses me that she thinks a 34-year-old would be “old and frail” and unable to lift a stroller down the steps. I was 35 when I got pregnant (within 1 week of trying) and was fortunate to have the best pregnancy and an easy L&D experience. And, yes, I can lift strollers without huffing and puffing. Believe it or not, even geriatric 30-somethings can be “Supermom”s, too.

Valerie on

Jennifer- your comment was so true and funny!
I was laughing also at Kendra’s naive view that 10 years from now she would think of herself as too frail to lift a stroller. I actually think I am stronger in my 30s than I was in my 20s (and definitely wiser!!).

Holly on

I love Kendra! She is very real and down to earth and you can see she is a hands on mom.

Liliana on

Why is that, Courtney? She’s discussing her experiences thus far with motherhood. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Besides, Kendra never put herself out there as a roll model. She doesn’t have to please you or anyone else for that matter.

B on

“I’m going to get better.”

What, is carrying around some extra weight an illness now?

Rach on

Sandra, why does that shock you ? I dont really know much about Kendra, but she is on the playboy show here and she was a nude model and one of hugh hefners girlfriends.I would think sexual revelation is right up her alley,so to say.And it seems something common that she would be asked about.I came across the show many times while channel surfing..boy she is annoying..

I think motherhood has seemed to calm her down a bit.She seems like she is having a ball.

I can relate to what she is saying about the age thing.I dont think she is saying anything to insult older moms, she is just stating a fact she thinks to be true. For me personally. I def do not have the energy at 26 that I did at say 20. When I think of how funny life was, staying up to God knows what time and waking up early..running on sugar and two hours of sleep but still bright eyed and bushy tailed.Now, I am sound asleep by 10 pm..sometimes sooner lol.It wasnt always the case though,when my son was born,I think I was the only mom to sit there poking at the baby to wake up at 3am in the morning.I think children have a huge effect on you and your body.Even still though…nothing makes me feel worse than seeing active seniors that are more than twice my age, but still more active and energetic than I am lol.

urbanadventurertales on

I think some of you are misinterpreting what she was saying. I think she was saying that the pressure from the industry to get thin is so hard to live up to. She says that she’s trying, but she’s also okay with having her body change for her baby. Which I think it’s about as healthy a perspective as you can get living and working in Hollywood.


I love her honesty. I too am a young mom and would never trade having 2 children in my mid 20’s to beginning that process in my 30’s. I am married to my best friend, have a wonderful degree doing something that I love and am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with them. I will be 38 when my first child graduates from high school and 41 when my second does. My husband and I will be able to travel together and be able to be around our grandchildren longer than most people. We would not trade it for the world!

Reader on

Jennifer, I agree, BUT I do know what she’s saying. I think I had more energy at 24yo. And I probably said some very naive things too. Kendra is just like that though. I think she doesn’t mean to put anyone else down, but she feels ok with being a younger mom and wants to say that.

jess on

Give the girl a break. She suffered from post-partum depression. I also don’t think she was trying to be offensive. She knows her body and how well it works. I’m 28. I remember when I had my daughter only 4 years ago….I was much stronger and faster even 4 years ago. Kendra gets a bad wrap for no reason. It could be much much worse. She seems like a good mom who does the best for her son.

Reader on

Sandra, 5 weeks after delivery for sex is not abnormal, but most would rather keep it private

Anna on

Why is there pressure on her? She has no job! Maybe if she wants to be in Playboy again there is pressure but other than that….

Lee on

The haters of Kendra are back. I thought they would get over it but they obviously can’t get over the fact that some of us like her. I don’t see anything wrong with her comments. I don’t have the energy and strength that I had at 21. Who does? It’s part of getting older and why should we avoid talking about that

Lee on

Anna, why do you care? If you don’t like her, just ignore topics with her in them

Maya on

Women with children tend to age more quickly than women without. Typically, a 30 something year-old woman w/o children will look younger than a 20 something year-old woman with children. Also something to consider when having children earlier in life…

Valerie on

This thread is striking me funny and/or scaring me.. people are talking about not having as much strength and energy at age 26 as at age 20? Really? Oh, dear. I know many parents in their 30s with young children who are doing quite well energy and strength-wise! If you’re starting to feel your age already at age 26, you might consider what is causing that because, at least in my circle, that is quite unique!

The more I thought about Kendra’s comment, the less I am shocked by it though– she worked in an industry that values youth and image rather than age and substance. So I can imagine why she would think of herself as washed up and old at age 34, which is sad– that is when most people are really starting to peak!

katie on

age is pretty irrelevant to parenting. My grandma raised me when she was in her 50s and she was the most active, engaged and fun woman imaginable.

KatieKate on

Aren’t we all forgetting how she was on the cover of OK Magazine at around six weeks after birth in a bikini? The picture was clearly airbrushed and claimed she had dropped weight quickly. Then you saw pictures of her a week later obviously heavier. Then she is on Chelsea Lately talking about how she wears Spanx. Agreeing to be on the cover of a magazine airbrushed and giving a fake diet only infuriates women she have to walk past the magazine. Why can’t I bounce back into shape so soon after delivery? It is not realistic and not helpful.

Reader on

Anna, she does have a job. She does appearances and a reality show, probably would like to be the spokesperson for something etc. It makes sense that she would feel that pressure. As for energy differences from 20yo to 26yo I felt it. Or maybe it was just a maturity level that makes you calm down a bit? Nothing had changed in health. I still think moms who are 30 something do just as well and still have energy. I do! I just recognize a difference. Probably moms who are 40 something do just fine too, I am just not there to know what that’s like. Usually it all works out and people are pretty content with their timeline.

Reader on

Maya, that isn’t something to consider at all

Sandra on

Rach: doesnt SHOCK me, just grosses me out. The vagina hasnt even HEALED and she’s having intercourse? My personal opinion, it really didnt need to be shared with the rest of the world. A bit of TMI for the world..

Sandra on

I am the mother of three children, and couldnt fathom having intercourse 5 weeks after delivery. To each their own. I watched her Chelsea Lately interview and I like her, but I felt the interview… was gross! =)

cris on

I love Kendra!!! She seems like such a fun girl…I cannot help but laugh with her!!!

Reader on

Sandra, sometimes bleeding has stopped by then and it feels ok. There is no need to abstain if you don’t want to at that point. It’s different for everyone, and as I learned, for each pregnancy.

Rach on

Valerie, Im sorry that is weird to you that a single party gal workaholic full time student running around all over the place doing millions of things and a mother with health issues that developed over the last 6 years, have the same kind of energy levels. It is the slowing in pace that I was referring to. 6 years is a long time gal, and if you think you could keep up with your old life..more power to you, if you cant, that is fine too.No medals necessary. I have gotten so used to the slow paced lifestyle, it would be quite a toll..Like putting an office worker who sits around a computer all day being thrown into Starbucks during rush hour time…can be done..but not as well as you would want.Do what you must, I have settled from a life of coffee and red bull and kickboxing, to a nice glass of wine and yoga and the night garden.

Yes, I have 1 child and I babysit another, after running around with them all day, I am tired and I FEEL it more now, than I would have then,just in comparison to all the things I had going on and how my body dealt with it.Need an example ? My mother recently had to care for my 2 year old niece.After 1 week, she said she didnt know how she ever did that with 4 kids, but never rememered it being so hard, that coming from a woman who is at the gym everyday after working an 8 hour day. My mom is 44. To compare yourself to others is dumb, to ridicule strangers opinions and points of view just to make yourself feel better is quite rude. No one said anything bad about women at 34.Kendra said a comment about herself at 34, what she feels SHE would be like. I still dont understand why anyone was offended.

Sandra, I completely understand what you are saying. It was TMI, but from seeing her on her show and stuff, it totally fits in with her personality.A friend of mine had her baby and had sex the following week.She bled for like 2 days and she didnt need stitches or anything. The only reason it was brought up was because she was complaining it was a bit uncomfortable lol.

Hollie on

I’m 34 with a one year old. I’m running a marathon next month but I’m to old to lift a stroller. Good to know.

Hea on

“The vagina hasnt even HEALED and she’s having intercourse?”

Who said her vagina was even damaged during birth? Perhaps her uterus has stopped bleeding? Perhaps not. Who cares? You can have sex if you want but you should use a condom. It’s up to you and your body.

Amanda on

She never even insinuated that at age 34, women become weak and infirm. She simply said that right NOW, she feels super strong, and couldn’t imagine if she were a decade older. Also, her vagina is probably fine, being that she had a c-section. To those who said that was TMI…why is it okay to talk about breastfeeding but we can’t talk about post-partum sex? Isn’t that sort of a double standard? Breasts shouldn’t be considered strictly sexual, so neither should a vagina. Lastly, when Kendra said about her post baby body that she was “getting better,” she very obviously didn’t mean that she viewed her extra weight as a sickness. She meant that she’s getting better when it comes to how she takes care of herself and how she feels about herself. Some women love to read between the lines and see words that just aren’t there. This is what happens when just portions of quotes are published of an interview.

Kara on

34 is not old to have a child. My mom had me at 43. I’m 20 and don’t want kids until my 30s, nothing weird about that.

True on

He knows I’m his mom now,” she reveals. “Every time I walk away he cries, which is painful and a negative thing, but also, every time I’m there, he laughs and smiles………….ahhhhh this melts my heart how she is enjoying motherhood, and u can tell she is inlove with her son.

brannon on

Too much information to share that they had sex but not tmi to have a full on discussion about your own vagina and sexual preferences?

hayley on

oh get over yourselves!!!! some people here need to gt a grip, of its a well known medical fact tha people are at their ‘best’ in their 20’s …its just a fact, so stop geting in a twist because a yonger person said it.

i am a younger mum, and as i have said a midwife, i can see a diffrenc between older mothers and younger ones, there are positives in both, any one asking what she does for a living, should be telling us what they do… have time to log onto whatsupposed to be a nice lovely baby site ad write nasty comments so you can’t be that busy?? lets hope your children don’t pick up on your negative ways

lala21 on

Kendra is a bit of a know it all. She is always talking about how young she is. We get it you are young , one day you won’t be!
Also she talks her about baby weight constantly. Just let it go and enjoy…stop worrying about it already!

Em on

Have you ever thought that she talks about her baby weight all the time is because she’s asked questions about it? We only get parts of the interview and don’t know the questions she was asked. Kendra is out there right now trying to promote her show, so of course she’s going to be asked about baby weight, that’s hollywood.

Hollie on

oh get over yourselves!!!! some people here need to gt a grip, of its a well known medical fact tha people are at their ‘best’ in their 20’s …its just a fact, so stop geting in a twist because a yonger person said it.

People are at their “best” in their 20’s?? According to “well known medical facts”?? Can you back up this statement with said “facts”?


Hollie- women get pregnant faster in their 20’s that is a fact! They also recover quicker than that of an older mom, that is a fact. We also have more energy. Yes, there are some exceptions but for the most part, true! I will never understand why women in their 30’s who get pregnant defend their choices so much and get so angry when younger moms talk about their wonderful experiences. Maybe it’s just a bit of jelousy that they are just now starting the process…. I dunno

Tiffany on

It IS different having a baby at 25 and 35…sorry ive done both and it is extremely different…OF COURSE it can be done but you just have more energy when youre 25 lets be honest…but not always the most maturity so its a toss up! 😉

Hea on

Has it ever occured to some of you that there may be women out there who WANTS to read about these things? Just because you’re not one of them, doesn’t mean that this isn’t good topics to discuss. I for one am a-okay with women discussing postpartum sex becuase I know A LOT of women wonder about that and doesn’t dare bring it up to discussion with friends and family, doctors or whatever. Someone has to talk about topics such as these and if Kendra’s up for it than she should totally GO FOR IT.

momofmany on

I’ve had my children from my mid-20’s till my late 30’s and of course my body bounced back faster when I was younger…but the energy part is a little more complicated. I felt more tired with my first, as it was all new! By my fourth, even though I was busier with more children, I was used to sleeplessness and had way more patience, perspective and maturity. Really though, it’s parenthood. it’s good at all the ages.

KiraGrrl on

OK. So as far as Kendra mentioning she does not think she could be as strong ten years older….maybe she is just talking about her body PERSONALLY. We all know our bodies and know what they can handle. I don’t think she was making a statement about ALL women.
Some women are JUST as energetic at 35 as they were at 25. If this is you…YAY YOU! I think it depends on what kind of life you have. If you take care of your body then, yes, 35 is just fine to have a child and be full of energy.
We also have to think of how things are in HER world. In entertainment, 35, is getting pretty old. She dated a man who generally does not date women over 30, that HAS to give the girl a complex concerning age, and lets face it, flying from Vegas to NYC to Ohio to Paris…in one week, staying up late, drinking, dancing and partying will probably age your body pretty fast…I’m just saying…

lnatt on

Six weeks is a completely arbitrary rule for postpartum sex. There’s no medical basis for waiting past a) when lochia stops and b) when any tearing or sutures heal. Other than that, it’s all personal preference, and it widely varies. I was always ready by about 5 weeks, give or take. I agree that we need to be open to talking about it because it’s a hush-hush topic (and I used to teach childbirth classes, so I know how nervous people were even to ask in class about it) and, as many of us know, communication about baby comes is SO important and I hate to see husbands and wives on different pages when it comes to expectations about postpartum sexuality.

There should be respect that, depending on a lot of factors (ease of birth, ease of breastfeeding, feeling “touched-out”, PPD, marital dynamics, etc) sex might resume at 2 weeks or 2 months. Or 6 months (not that I would recommend waiting that long, but some couples have found themselves in that situation), or whatever feels right.

kaylee on

I understand where she is coming from. I had my children young. I was 18 when I had my 1 st, now I am 27 having my 4th and I feel so run down and tired! I def had more energy and strentgh during my teens and early twenties when I had my other children. I always said I was having 4 children before age 30! I did it! I am done, my 30s is for raising my kids, I could not imagine just starting out! LOL. (Not knocking anyone, my personal story) Love Kendra, can’t wait for the new season of her show!

hayley on

some of you guys are insane! you have jumped all over her for a few things she has said, screamed and stamped your feet about how you have the right express yur negative, nasty opinions on here but are having a go at kendra for the very same thing!!

for goodness sake there is a post on whitney houston! a well known DRUG user, around her daughter but none of you are comenting on that oh no you are saving your venom for a ‘yonger’ mum for saying she is glad she had her baby early in life….some of you need to get a grip

hayley on

being a midwife the amount of texts i have read on this very subject

From a medical standpoint, a woman’s twenties is often the ideal time to have a baby, since the risks of infertility, complications or genetic issues are relatively low. In general, women in their twenties have an 84 to 98 percent chance of conceiving within one year. Those in their early thirties have a 75 percent chance, or 65 percent by the late thirties. By age 40, the success rate is about 40 percent, and it drops sharply to 1 or 2 percent by the mid-forties. The risk of miscarriage is 10 percent for women in their 20s, while it’s 18 percent for women ages 35 to 39, and 34 percent for those from age 40 to 44. At age 20, a woman has a 1 in 1295 chance of conceiving a child with Down’s syndrome. At age 30, the odds are 1 in 759, and by 35, they’re 1 in 302. By 40, the risk is 1 in 82, and at 45 it’s 1 in 30. These issues are just one of many factors women should consider in determining the best age to have a baby.

….there are many diffrent books , tv programs, opinions on this hollie but this is an extract from ne of the medical texts i have.
so yes i can back it up.

AmandaP on

Uh, I had sex 3 weeks after my son was born. After a vaginal delivery. I had no problems. Some peoples bodies jump back into shape faster than others. I am also a young mom, and that’s what I prefer for my family. I can’t wait until the kids are in college and Hubby and I can travel and have fun. To me your 40’s are the prime of your life. I want those with my hubby, not with a little kid!

Lee on

How is talking about sex gross, Sandra? Sometimes I think some forget we aren’t in the 1940’s-1950’s. People talk about sex all the time.

katie on

i think energy levels have a LOT more to do with a) ease of birth, b) absence of post-partum complications like PPD or an unsettled infant and c) strength of ongoing support structures.

In my case i had a super easy birth (making dinner 8 hours later), a natural sleeper/eater and a husband that could afford to stay home with me for the first 6 months of our babies life so we could enjoy it all together. I had enormous amounts of energy. I was also 41.

sara on

Have people missed the fact that Kendra had a C-section? Why is everyone talking about the vagina? She did not have a vaginal delivery. She can have sex just a few weeks after the surgery.

Lorus on

I noticed a HUGE difference in my pregnancies and my girls were 7 years apart. I had my first at 22 and the pregnancy was super easy. My second at 29 took a lot more out of me even though I was in better shape than when I was 22!

Hea on

hayley – I totally agree but when I did try to comment on her, just pointing out the drug abuse and all that, my post got deleted. I swear, I was only asking a question.

Rebecca on

Maya, I’m 26 and have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. Today at the grocery store (husband was in the car with the kids while I ran in to get charcoal) I was talking to a lady while I was in line. She couldn’t believe I was 26, or even had children. I’m constantly mistaken for their babysitter, carded for everything, so I’d say if being a young mother has aged me, it’s good because otherwise I’d be mistaken for a tweenager.

My husband is 9 1/2 years older than me, and when we had our first child, he was 31 and I was 21. He had the hardest time keeping up, the lack of sleep was a killer. I, on the other hand, took it in stride. (He’s in the military, so it’s not like he’s in bad shape.) 10 years is a big difference, so I defend what she said about being a young mom. You might be able to lift a stroller and don’t feel geriatric (gosh, y’all got prickly!) but you’re probably dragging more than your younger counterparts.

Valerie on

Allison – you say
Maybe it’s just a bit of jelousy that they are just now starting the process…. I dunno”
That’s right- you don’t know. I had all of my 20s on my own, to spend wonderful times one-one with my family and friends, be spontaneous, travel on my own and with my husband, sleep in, and then in my 30s, I very happily “began the process”!


Valerie- It’s odd, you are defending your choices, however, you still sound angry and maybe a little envious to me. If you have your life in order, it is BEST to have your children in your 20’s. That way Valerie, you can travel in your prime, in your 40’s, with you husband etc… You won’t be doing that again until your late 50’s!!!!!

CelebBabyLover on

ALLISON- Maybe for you it was best to have kids in your 20s….but that’s not what’s best for everyone! 🙂

Letty on

wow this is one interesting dicussion pointless too. all i wanted was a bit of motivation from a young mom and i read all of this negative feedback from others…i just turned 20 about a month ago and about to have a baby any day now..i am so excited to be a mother and of course being at my age i do have a concern in getting my body back in shape regaining my endurance and appearance it’s important im a United States Marine my job requires me to be at certain weight according to my height and physical capabilities i am active duty and well my husband and i do the exact same thing we are engine mechanics for the av-8b harrier fighting jet plane.. during pregnancy working over 12 hours a day. with my husband deployed just looking forward to the future when he would be back after our little girl is born….i do worry if i’ll be able to run my PFT as fast as i used to my CFT as well. would i be able to shoot the same expert qual with my rifle? is the gas chamber going to frighten me now…is it going to be harder getting my quals for plane captain therefore effecting my pay grade in getting promoting….how is my husband going to react to everything overwhelmed i know but very supportive i appreciate advice i do im really young and got a lot to handle i wouldn’t have it any other way though and thank you to all the women that are supportive and try to give good advice it really helps

Jenny on

People should have children when they are financally ready. Babies are expensive. I have known friends who had their children in their 20s, but they did not have a secure job, and most of them were really not ready for a child. I am 26 years old and I am a college student who is studying Nursing for my future family. I have a boyfriend who is also in college studying to be a computer engineer. He both want 2 children, and we want to have start our family in our 30s. We both are very healthy. I know people who is as energectic in their 30s as they were in their 20s. So, I don’t think 34 is old to be pushing a stroller around.

jess on

Everyone is different. during my first pregnancy I was miserable-sick, tired, and 19. At 26 I felt great. My second pregnancy was barely noticed, except for the huge belly. I worked overtime and finished nursing school. I was young during both, but I must say my youngest pregnancy was way more draining than my latest.
Who cares anyway about youth and how it correlates to beauty. The real beautiful people stay beautiful-no matter what their age.