Joey Lawrence Welcomes Daughter Liberty Grace

03/04/2010 at 09:00 PM ET
Ben Dome/Pacific Coast News

It’s a girl for Joey Lawrence and wife Chandie, who welcomed their second daughter on Thursday, Mar. 4th.

Liberty Grace Lawrence weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 oz and joins big sister Charleston, 3 ½. “We’re extremely happy,” the actor said in a statement. “The baby is beautiful and healthy.”

The couple announced the pregnancy in November, sharing the baby’s name at the same time. In explaining their choices, Joey remarked that “Liberty is something I’ve always loved,” while Grace is in honor of his grandmother, who passed away last year.

Chandie, who was recently diagnosed with Rh disease, had been due Apr. 3rd.

Source: Life & Style; PEOPLE

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Karm on

Charlie and Libby! Cute. 🙂

JM on

congrats to the happy family. really don’t like the name, but not my baby…. i hope everyone is healthy and resting.

robinepowell on

Congratulations to the Lawerence family. Their daugther was born on my birthday! 😀

katie on

don’t know who these people are but i really like liberty grace.

Luna on

Liberty Lawrence isn’t my favorite name combo, but her whole name is beautiful. Charli is so frickin adorable and i’m sure Liberty will be too. Liberty by itself is beautiful. Congrats to Joey, Chandi, and Charli, on baby Liberty Grace.

Heather on

Today is my sons birthday!!! It’s a good day for a birthday and I’m sure you’d agree Robinepowell.. Happy Birthday to you as well 🙂

Reader on

an all American theme for them. I love the nickname Libby.

shannon on


Erin on

Liberty is the name of a character on As The World Turns, and I surprisingly love it!

Micheley on

I just adore the name Liberty. I think it is so beautiful and unique, and is one of my fav.’s

True on

Congratulations, it seems like this year is a year for girls, last year lots of boys where being born, i like the name Liberty.i bet she is adorable.

CelebBabyLover on

Whoa! Reading this was almost like reading my own mother’s birth story! She and her mother also had the Rh incompatibility thing, and she, like Liberty, was born a month early!

CelebBabyLover on

And not meaning to be nit-picky, but Chandi was most likely diagnosed with Rh Incompatibility (meaning she is RH negative and her husband is RH postive, so the baby most likely is as well, since being RH positive is a dominate trait.), not RH disease, since RH disease is actually a disease of the fetus, not the mother (per the link CBB provided, it is a potential fatal form of anemia, caused by the mother’s antibodies destroying the fetus’s red blood cells, that fetuses can get when they and their mother are RH incompatible.

robinepowell on

Heather, I do agree with you!! 😀

Lacey on

Joey’s awesome! Congratulations! I love the name Liberty Grace. Beautiful!

Tracie on

Good choice! Liberty is my daughter’s middle name!

MominMacomb on

Congrats to the couple. I’m sure that there is no relation to the children’s names, but it seems like the couple are history and U.S. fans. Charleston (SC)-so much history there and a few different states can represent Liberty.

Isabell on

Silly question and again I live in Canada so things may be different there then here and vice versa. I am Rh negative and my hubby is positive. Now I am not sure on the technical details but I do I know that I received a win-row shot at 17 weeks (partly because of me bleeding-I also had ITP). How does it work down in the states?? Is there a way to prevent or protect the mother/child?? Glad to hear everyone is healthly and safe.

Marilyn on

I wonder if they had the baby early intentionally because of the Rh problem, seeing as she was due April 3.

CelebBabyLover on

Isabell- Women here in the states usually get the shot, too (assuming your shot is the same as ours, that is. The shot here is meant to stop the mother’s body from making antibodies against the baby’s RH postive blood.). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

MominMacomb- Not to mention the Liberty bell and the Statue of Liberty! 🙂

Allyson on

I love the name Liberty. It makes me think of America’s greatest emblem- Lady Liberty. She is not only patriotic, but also strong yet gracious. Good choice.

John on

We are Aussies and named our girl Liberty Rose several years ago. It is nice to see another Liberty.
Yes she was named after the statue who is surely the most well known lady we have ever known/visited/seen.
Our Liberty has a younger sister Gypsy Rose

mom to 3 boys on

what’s happened to all of the Lawrence Brothers?

KiwiKiki on

Beautiful name! I have Rh negative blood. I gave birth to three Rh positive babies. That meant after the first baby, each successive positive baby was at risk. I received Rhogam, a vaccine that has to be given within 72 hours of giving birth, to prevent the mother’s body from developing antibodies that would attack a positive baby, protecting any future babies. If you have an Rh negative baby, there is no danger of Rh Disease occurring in that child because no antibodies develop. And a previous poster is correct…the mother does not get Rh Disease…the fetus/newborn does. The mother is not harmed and is considered to have Rh Incompatibility if she is carrying/has delivered an Rh positive baby. Rhogam prevents Rh Disease in the future newborn. Many women (due to previous miscarriages or abortions of Rh positive babies) never know they’ve been exposed to Rh positive blood. Therefore, they don’t know they have developed the antibodies and have the potential of a future positive baby with Rh Disease. An Rh positive mother can give birth to an Rh negative baby without incidence because no antibodies develop; it’s only when the MOTHER is Rh negative that there is concern for any future Rh positive babies.

Beth on

My daughter’s name is Liberty Grace as well – good choice! 🙂 Best to you both….