Candace Cameron Bure: Daughter Is 'Dabbling In Showbiz'

03/04/2010 at 02:30 PM ET

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Having navigated the tumultuous terrain of former child stardom and emerged unscathed, Candace Cameron Bure is a member of an increasingly small group of actors. The happily married mom-of-three credits a tight-knit family with her continued success.

“Nothing is more important than them,” she tells OK! “They’re the ones that will stick with you and be there through the good times and the bad times. Keep your family close.” It is a lesson she is no doubt beginning to impart to daughter Natasha, 11, who is “dabbling in showbiz.”

“She’s done a few commercials. She’s auditioned for some movies and shows, so I’m letting her pursue that. I’m OK with it.”

Quick to clarify that “sports and school” remain the priority both for Natasha and her little brothers Lev, 10, and Maksim, 8, Candace says that husband Valeri Bure‘s athletic genes are definitely in play.

“One of my boys is playing hockey, and he just scored a goal in his last game,” the proud mom, 33, reports. “My other two compete in tennis and they’re doing quite well.”

As far as academics are concerned, Candace says that she and Valeri — a former professional hockey player — adhere to a few hard and fast rules. “We turn off the TV, video games and computer — except for homework — during the week,” she explains. “The TV is reserved for Friday night, Saturday and Sunday just because that’s the time to do homework, and it makes it that much less chaotic in our house.”

The mind-body connection is also something the Cameron-Bures believe strongly in. To that end, Candace says that her family of five sticks to home-cooked, healthy meals.

“Exercise is a huge part of our home … and making sure that their bodies get what they need, also, physically, because that helps them to relax and for them to do their schoolwork all the better.”

Click below to read about Candace’s thoughts on more children.

Married since 1996, Candace and Valeri stay connected with lunch dates. “It’s the perfect time … because the kids are all in school,” she explains. And while parenting three children with “very different” personalities is sometimes a challenge, Candace says it’s one she is up for.

“It’s hard to parent individually because there’s not one set formula that works. Different things work for different kids, and it’s finding the balance and the right techniques that the kids respond to.”

With that said, don’t expect the couple to add a fourth child to their brood anytime soon — if at all! “We’re done,” Candace promises. “Would I like more? Sure. I would love more. But we’re finished.”

“As my husband would say, when we travel and rent a car, we can all fit in a normal-sized car and not have to get an SUV for five seats. It’s all about the car.”

Calling motherhood “amazing,” Candace goes on to express gratitude for all Natasha, Lev and Maksim have taught her. “My kids have grown me in ways I never knew possible,” she confesses before adding,

“The patience I’ve received and the love I get from is just amazing.”

Candace’s new series Make It or Break It airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on the ABC Family Channel.

Source: OK!

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Rose on

Haha my husband also says we can’t have more kids because we’d need a new car.

paige procknow on

I love candace! nice to see someone with values. a good Christian family is hard to come by, but is definately refreshing!

sad on

she is so fabulous! such a wonderful role model!

Luna on

She just seems like such a great mother. Her kids seem very well rounded.

Y on

Why do people have to be Christian to be a good family? I don’t get that…

SportsFrog13 on

Y, nowhere in the article did I see it mention that you have to be Christian to be a good family. In fact the article didn’t even mention religion at all. I don’t get why you would have to bring that up if CBB or Candace didn’t even mention anything about it in this article.

Y on

I was responding to paige procknow’s comment.

Dana on

The two of them kind of look like sisters instead of mother and daughter! Very cute, nice photo 🙂 I think Candace is so grounded and looks to be a great mom!

Elizabeth on

Someone thinks they have the perfect life.

Reader on

Y, Paige did not say that was the case

Heidi K. on

I love Candace, she seems so great!! (And she has definitely mentioned in other interviews/articles that they are a Christian family, so I imagine that “paige procknow” just happened to remember that… I think it was an innocent comment drawing on previous knowledge) 🙂

JM on

sportsfrog, i was thinking a similar thing, but wasn’t going to say anything as the last time i said something against this family here that i personally disagreed with i got shouted down. i guess there really are some celebs who are “perfect”. but i see where you’re coming from. replace the word “christian” with “muslim” for example, wouldn’t there be people complaining here that that makes it sound like you can only be a good family if you are muslim? just a thought to ponder. not actually saying anything against this family! they do seem very loving and caring towards each other and very happy.

Y on

I just find it a very tacky and insulting thing to say-“a good Christian family is hard to come by,”, i.e. anyone who is not Christian is not a good family. Such a stupid statement.

BP on

Honestly, you people need to relax. It was a comment – a person’s personal opinion- that’s it.

Elle on

In Paige’s defense, she did not say you have to be Christian to be a good family, she just said they are a “good Christian family”. Why must people get soooo defensive? I have to agree — it isn’t often we read about families being Christian — that is not to say there aren’t Christian families, maybe the families we read about just don’t talk about it. I am, in no way, saying that being Christian is better than any other religion – we could just as easily say that someone has a good Jewish family, or a good Muslim family, etc. Sheesh.

It’s nice to hear about Candace’s family – she was my favourite actress as a child and she sounds like a great mother!

Molly on

I always thought Natasha favored Valeri, but she looks SO much like Candace here!

Amber on

Candace’s whole family is so beautiful. And they seem like such a good family, with great morals and I love how they put their kids and each other first.

And yeah, on the car thing. HAHA! We are expecting our 3rd together, but have joint custody of my stepdaughter, having her every other week for a week, so now we have to get a bigger vehicle. DOH!

Mary-Helen on

I’m not a Christian personally, but for those that are, perhaps it’s nice that they feel there is a famous family they can identify with. I don’t see the big deal, their beliefs are their business & perhaps Paige is just happy that someone is open with their religious views. Candace & her husband seem very happy & their children as well, so kudos to them for making it work for 14 years, something nearly unheard of in Hollywood!

Brownsugar1313 on

We weren’t allowed to watch tv during the week either. Television was reserved for weekends and holidays. My parents were HUGE on homework, activity and developing all the skills we would need to help us in the future.

As a result we became more well balanced and grounded so good for her. We live in a society were a lot of parents leave the parenting to teachers and babysitting to computers, television and videogames. I know times are hard for some parents but it is always important to try and stay connected to our kids.

So kudos for her, she seems grounded and proud of her kids and famil!!!