1 Trend, 3 Ways: Cute Leg (and Arm!) Warmers

03/03/2010 at 02:00 PM ET

Mini ’80s-style leg warmers are popping up all over Hollywood playgrounds.

Zuma Rossdale recently sported Dittany Baby‘s striped Skid Pants ($4.50) — the traditional way — while out and about with mom Gwen Stefani.

But as Bailey Baio (below in a Jolly Jill skull print pair by BabyLegs, $12) and big bro Kingston Rossdale prove, these cool slip-ons aren’t just for legs.

The Media Circuit/Fame; Splash News Online

Not only are they super cute, but they keep your tot’s legs and arms covered and warm on cool, breezy days. Want some for your little one?

Click below for more arm and leg warmers!

Courtesy of Snuggle Legs


Available in a variety of colors and patterns, Snuggle Luv‘s Snuggle Legs ($12 each) will make any outfit pop. Our favorites are Grape Soda (left) and Ska.

Courtesy of Itzy Bitzy Baby


No need to worry about frayed ends with these comfy leg warmers by Itzy Bitzy Legs. All the edges — including the Funky Blue style ($7, left) — are finished with a serger to prevent unraveling.

Courtesy of Old Navy

Bargain Buy

Whether you pair them with a skirt or a onesie, Old Navy‘s Striped Leg Warmers for Baby ($5) — which are also available in navy blue — add a fun nautical touch.

— Anya

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chels on

i dont get what the point is. especially on the arms.

Heather on

I have an even better idea! How about long pants and long sleeves shirts!! lol

Erika on

This is off topic, but I absolutely hate it when little kids are wearing skulls and crossbones- both Zuma and Bailey (who are 1 and 2 years old) are wearing them. I think it’s terrible to put a baby in something that represents death (to me).

donna b on

little zuma is soo cute ,,my grandson looks alot like him

Shay on

I used to think leg warmers were pointless for babies and I’m sure some do but when my daughter started to crawl I got her a few pair. She kept on getting her feet stuck in her pants when crawling or standing but when I took off her pants the floor would be too rough for her legs. I really like Leg Huggers and Crawl Covers.

Kyle on

We have been using Babylegs for 4.5 years now.way before they were considered “in style” as a comeback fashion.They are great for layering and around the house. A lot easier to change diapers with babylegs and a T shirt on. My 4 year old wears them under skirts and dresses in place of tights.

asdas on

I don’t get the point either. Why not just have her wear a long-sleeved shirt instead of a tank top?

fergette on

I like the concept of these a lot but Bailey looks like she has casts on her arms. lol

Elle on

I just think they are the cutest accessory for babies’ chubby legs, and they are a great layering item under pants on cold days (to prevent “gapiosis” as the Babylegs product description says)!

To those who just “don’t get it”… they are a fun accessory for little fashionistas. It’s not supposed to be a complex idea to “get”.

Shannon on

I just started using Babylegs when my 3rd baby was about 6 months old, and I gotta say I love them! They’re not necessarily meant to be taking the place of long sleeves or pants, they’re just another cute option. I personally like them more than pants for the baby, because they make diaper changes soo much easier! They were great for her when she was learning to crawl so her knees didn’t get all banged up. I think they’re much cuter than tights or pants. She is now 21 months, and still rocking them! My 6 year old wears her sister’s Babylegs on her arms with her T-shirts. As someone above said, they’re a fashion thing for her. Another cool accessory to wear.

Olivia on

I love legwarmers for my baby. They make diaper changes easier because I don’t have to take of her pants, and they are great for layering under pants when it is really cold. They also help hold her socks on and keep her skin covered when the pants legs rise up when I’m holding her.

jacky on

i think they are fantastic! i have been using them on my son for the past few years. they made diaper changes easier when he was small, and now they make great sleeves on days that he could wear a tshirt, but might be a little chilly (if he does get too warm i can just easily remove them).

but they best reason i found them for…. doctor’s visits. you just roll them down, the nurse gives a shot, puts a tissue on the spot, roll the babyleg up and voila! you can console your child while not holding a tissue down to make sure blood doesn’t get on anything.

Denise on

I like the patterns of the various arm/leg warmers for our little folks but I don’t understand the basic concept. If you want your infant in log sleeves, put them in a shirt that has them. If it’s too cold outside for shorts or a skirt, put them in pants or warm winter tights. I’d love to hear from moms and dads who use these products why they like them; I’m intrigued.

Dori on

Yes, it is mostly a fashion thing, but also very helpful. If I am correct they were first designed to be an easier way to keep babies covered without having to deal with pants when in diapers, and when potty training. I know MANY mom’s who, when potty training at home, let their kids go diaper/pullup/undie free, so the leg warmers help with that. As for the arms, it’s helpful when you are going out early when there is still a chill, but you know the day is going to warm up. Rather than having to lug around a shirt or jacket that you know your child will take off when it warms up, arm warmers fit very nicely in your purse, or even pocket, without taking up much space. My son never wore them (he hates wearing pants too, lol!) but I make them on a regular basis for children of my friends!

Lisa on

We use our BabyLegs all the time, love them! They are so soft. And have so many uses. This is one of those products that you don’t think about as a baby necessity, but when you have them you realize how handy they really are.

Lindsay on

I love Baby Legs! I have about 20 pairs for my 4 year old. We have been collecting them since she was an infant. It gets very cold here, and I hate seeing little kids being carried and their pant legs ride up and their legs are bare. That never happens with DD. Her legs are always covered in the winter.

sara on

They are great for potty training just let them run around in underwear adn baby legs. Also they are great under pants on cold days. I use them with our cloth diapers makes diaper changes faster.

Sam and Freya's mum on

I don’t get the point in them either. We live in NZ and don’t tend to see them here, so figured it’s some American fad?! Seem totally pointless – how about long sleeves if it’s cold, LOL, but each to their own>..

Lee on

Sam and Freya’s mum, people have explained the purpose for them in previous comments so your statement doesn’t make sense