Family Photo: Scott Baio and His Lovely Ladies

03/01/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Smile! It was a family affair for Scott Baio when he headed into the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles on Monday. With daughter Bailey DeLuca, 2, in his arms and wife Renée by his side, the trio stopped for a quick photo before they made their way to the first annual Oscar Suite of 100 Stars.

The 82nd Academy Awards will air live Mar. 7th on ABC from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood starting at 8 p.m. ET.


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nettrice on

Sorry Scott but I had to go back and look at younger photos to be sure that she looks a lot like you. Cute!

Sarah on

I get the Charles in Charge theme in my head everytime I see a picture of him! I wish Bailey would smile. She never looks happy.

rb on

Really? I think she looks JUST like him now. She has more of Renee’s colouring, but that face is Scott!

Pam on

She’s a perfect mix of both Scott and Renee, and I love her outfit.

KMP on

She is ADORABLE, is it just me or does she look older? She looks like a 4 y/o to me lol.

luciana on

she looks just like renee, and renee’s older daughter. the nose, hair, blue eyes, complexion, I don’t see anything of scott in her looks.

Indigo on

What a little darling, Bailey is! I think just like her Daddy! Maybe she is more her Mummy in her colouring. But she is all her Daddy otherwise!! In my opinion anyway (for what it’s worth!!)

CTBmom on

So cute!! She got big fast! I agree….I think she favors Scott quite a bit, but has Renee’s coloring.

jessica on

call me crazy, but I think she looks just like Brian Austin Green.

Jenn on

Wow! She does look like Brian Austin Green. I don’t see Scott in her at all in my opinion. She is a big girl.

Ashley on

I totally agree. She looks just like Brian Austin Green! LOL

Solène on

Yeah, there is a slight resemblance with her dad, but honestly, even his step-daughter looks more like him.

PS : I can see Brian Austin Green too XD!

GT on

She looks nothing like Scott, IMO.

Little Lady on

Bailey looks sooo cute in that Ooh! La, La! Couture dress!!!

Luna on

Wow! She’s a mix of both of her parents! That’s amazing.

LauraLeigh on

She’s so cute, love her curly hair.
She reminds me of Erin Moran of “Happy Days” & “Joanie loves Chachi”

Lisa on

LOL, Brian Austin Green and Erin Moran… so funny and so true! She sure is a cutie!

Stephany on

I love the expression Bailey is giving to the cameras! She looks like she has long, little legs, too! She’s going to be a tall girl!

Erin on

The article said that the family was attending the first annual Oscar Suite of 100 Stars. I mean this with only minimal disrespect, but is Scott Baio someone they’d normally invite or welcome to such an event? Is he plugged into the upper echelon of Hollywood or is this just another grab-bag fest by companies to get attention for themselves by giving expensive products away to people who have plenty of money to buy them if they wanted (even if said “star” is only recently successful due to a reality show and marrying a Playboy model)? I know it’s a site about babies, but be serious. The days of Kate Hepburn and Cary Grant are officially OVER.

MollyB on

So, wait… did I just hear a rumour about Renee and Brian Austin Green??!! I had to go and look at her picture again, and she does totally look like him, ha ha. Maybe it’s just her expression. Well, whoever her dad is 😉 she is very cute!!

Michelle on

Erin – couldn’t agree more. It is quite vulgar to think about how much money is thrown at celebs these days by companies. Would be nice if these goodies bags were either given to poor families or converted into money and given away! Maybe this does happen and we just don’t know about it – doubt it!

Melissa on

Scott Baio looks ANCIENT next to his wife and daughter. Old or sickly, one of the two. I agree about the Brian Austin Green comment too. Cute kid though.

Rebecca on

Erin, I was thinking that too, the only time we see them on this site is when they’re at some gifting session. I googled “Oscar Suite of 100 Stars” and confirmed, it is just a gifting suite. These people are some of the greediest celebs that I’ve ever seen, it seems whenever someone in Hollywood is giving something away for free, they’re there, being photographed.

Cathy on

Erin & Rebecca, Did you happen to notice that Bailey is holding BBAF (Bailey Baio Angel Foundation cards for their Non-Profit for special needs children) Scott & Renee Baio go to these events to “Network” for their foundation. They are far from being greedy people. Last year they had a fundraiser. Mostly from making contacts with the EXACT companies that give away swag to celebs. They go to ask them to give to their children’s events. Scott & Renee pulled in over 78 companies including Stride Rite as the host providing over 450 pairs of shoes to sell at the event (& Stride Rite is an Angel of the month sponsor, donating shoes to these children in need). They also go to these events asking companies to sponsor BBAF angels in need with the item/product if the child could benefit from it. Please don’t be so quick to “judge” a person/persons just from a picture. The Baio’s are doing great things & are making a huge difference in families effected by O.A. disorders. WHAT are you doing to make a difference in a special needs child’s life?

Erin on

Cathy, don’t question other people’s integrity because they point out the obvious. I’m sure they care about their daughter, her health and the health of other kids in situations like hers. That doesn’t mean they aren’t above getting free loot, right? It also doesn’t mean they’re saints – did you see what Mr. Baio said recently about Michelle Obama? Yeah. He’s a class act. Between his super close-to-crossing-the-line, racially charged remarks and his history of only dating women who appear in Playboy, I think you might want to cozy up to some other never-was Hollywood talent before going on and on about this one’s pure heart. Is their charity a registered non-profit? What’s their overhead? What’s the foundation’s score with organizations that rate a charity’s efficacy?

Erin on

Apologies, apparently the foundation is a registered non-profit. I stand by the the other stuff I said, but I do respect that they’ve done things the right way in terms of their charity.

chloe on

Michelle Life just isn’t fair.

Rebecca on

Cathy, no, I didn’t notice, because I don’t zoom in on small things in these pictures. The fact of the matter is, there is very little press about them on this site other than them at freebie events. I don’t go googling them, they weren’t in a “caught caring” post, so I, like many Americans I’m sure, find him irrelevant, I’ve probably seen more of him than the average American simply because of this site.

Erin, I had to google what happened with him and Michelle Obama. I love how he’s like, “I’m not racist, look, my friend’s wife is black!” and “I’m not racist, look my wife’s friend is black!” And then he goes on to say he wasn’t making fun of anyone? Uhhh, yes you were! You were calling the First Lady ugly and you thought you weren’t going to get called out on it. Now that you are you’re playing the innocent card? Please. He’s a first rate hack. He may do a lot of good things with his charity, but I’m sure his wife has more to do with it than him. He comes across as shallow, and his wife seems to be all about the glitz, that she can get to having a, what, 19 year old child? Not a lot of “stars” want to get with that baggage. I wonder if she’d have gone on “Rock of Love” if it didn’t work out with Scott.

Cathy on

Rebecca, If you are a fan & reader of this site, YOU would have seen RENEE BAIO “Caught Caring” about a month ago for Jayneoni’s “Playdate for Haiti” She was there and worked/volunteered for the event. AND SHE WASN’T PHOTOGRAPHED IN THE GROUP CELEBRITY SHOT. She WAS pictured working (she had a white newspaper boy hat on next to Matt) As for the JOKE Mr. Baio made it was just that, a joke. Scott NEVER called her UGLY, he also did NOT say or do anything Racist. The media & people perhaps like yourself assumed that was his thoughts. It was marital humor that happened to come from a Conservative man. Had it been from George Lopez bashing Former Gov. Palin NOTHING gets said about him disrespecting a former Gov. a woman, or him being racist. (and people even pay folks like him to act that way. shame ) As for Renee having a child at a very very young age I ask you this Rebecca. How do you know what happened to her 20 years ago?????? I KNOW, as I have known her for 15 years. I won’t go into detail but I will say she had her innocence “Taken” from her & she DID choose to take on the responsibility to raise her on her own & without public assistance. If you DID google the BBAF charity you would have seen Mr. Baio speaking at Children’s UCLA (& Renee’) you would have seen that they both work with Save Babies Through Screening. (the ONLY other foundation that promotes Comp. Newborn screening.. NO the March of Dimes does NOT, as they Do promote NBS but NOT ENBS) Renee is about to be on the National Committee for Newborn Screening and that will allow her and Scott to lobby and push forward to get these state screenings passed into law sooner rather than later. It IS because of Scott Baio’s celebrity that people are listening and learning about O.A.’s. If you were to read the open forum on their website, you’d see that the Baio’s HAVE SAVED BABIES LIVES AND QUALITY OF LIFE FOR OTHERS because they have provided aid and comp. screening to folks that live in states that do NOT screen. Lastly I would highly suggest that people should do some research on a charity and the person/persons behind it BEFORE spewing hatful, rude comments. It’s really uncalled for and makes YOU look ugly. P.S. a person no matter “who” they are can tell a joke & should NEVER receive death threats to their family. Every 1st lady has been the “joke” for every stand up late night comedian & no one said BOO to them & they certainly didn’t get death threats or labeled as a racist.

Cathy on

Rebecca, Also Renee has known Scott since 1991 as she worked on Baywatch (stuntwoman) They were friends for over a decade before she dated him. Scott & Renee’ were also MARRIED BEFORE SHE HAD BAILEY. Don’t let reality TV fool you. Again Rebecca look at yourself before you “Judge” others. Lastly have you seen ANY pictures of the Baio’s taking the “Loot or Swag” at these gifting events? Most celebs actually bring someone to carry the swag they receive. And have you ever seen a nanny with the Baio’s???? NO, Renee’ insist on being a hands on parent. You also don’t ever see them out in Hollywood partying and such. Better to view them on CBB, a baby website rather than on other rag-mag sites.

Rebecca on

Cathy, apparently you don’t understand the point of “He wakes up to this every morning?” It’s not a nice thing to say, it’s saying basically that he pities President Obama. I don’t think what he said was racist, but I think his defense against the people saying he’s racist was funny. “I’m not racist because my best friend’s wife is black.” and “I’m not racist because my wife’s best friend is black.” Yeah, so? That doesn’t mean a thing about YOU.

I don’t care how Kaylyn was conceived (I’m sorry if she was in fact raped, and I have to say, if I was Renee, I’d be pissed that a “friend” was telling people that!) I had my oldest at 21, there’s no shame in being a young mom, I’m saying a lot of Hollywood types won’t date a woman with kids, it’s baggage. Heck, a lot of men in general won’t date a woman with kids.’

The other people posted in pics at freebie sites don’t always have pics of them accepting the gifts, but what’s the point of going to these things if you’re not going to pick stuff up? Do they think it’s the only way they can network with people? If they did do a “caught caring” a month ago, that’s great, I must have missed it because I was in the middle of a move from PA to AZ. I saw this and just thought, dang, these guys are always at gifting things, how grabby!

Charity work doesn’t automatically make you a good person, you can be a total skeeze and still do charity work. Your posts really don’t make me think any different of them, just that they have a loose lipped friend (which makes me pity them a bit.)

Erin on

Cathy – I sincerely hope you’re the Baio’s a) best friend or b) on their payroll. You have a lot of free time apparently. I’m not responsible for the idiots who allegedly threatened the Baios’ lives. Don’t put that on me. The guy has said a bunch of anti-Obama stuff which is fine. I just find it absolutely hysterical that a guy who’s slept his way through all the talentless babes from Playboy now wants to spout off about being a conservative, family-values type. Uh, okay. Believe whatever it is you want to believe in. That’s fine. But don’t attack me for calling Scott a complete and utter hypocrite when he lived one way for a long time while belonging to a party whose very underpinnings are antithetical to that lifestyle. If I was Scott I wouldn’t be “joking” about the Obama family and their values when he was basically a never-charged criminal for dating Nicole Eggert while she was (much) underage. I’d be more careful who I defended in the future. I throw people I share a political party with under the bus all the time if they deserve it. You might consider doing the same. (P.S. – maybe he’ll take all that free swag he got and auction it off for his daughter’s charity? Gosh let’s hope so.)

Cathy on

You two girls are sure tore up over Scott Baio marring Renee’ & finding happiness & a full life. Wow get over it. Erin you forgot to add the word “Allegedly” when you falsely accused Scott of having sex with a minor. Shame shame! Hollywood is full of smoke & mirrors you should have known better. Those rumors are all hearsay as he WAS with her AFTER she was on Baywatch (she herself has stated this fact)…… Everytime you point your finger at someone YOU have 3 of your faults pointing back at yourself. You both should accept the fact that the Baios do great things for children with special needs, and they also have a great since of humor. Take a page out of their book and relax & enjoy you lives. Stop hating on someone’s “BLISS”

Erin on

Cathy – my final thought on this back-and-forth nonsense is if you spent as much time boning up on the fundamentals of English grammar, spelling, etc. as you do on the personal life of a couple you are apparently (“allegedly”) obsessed with you might be taken more seriously. Just a thought. (Note to self: you have wasted a good twenty minutes of your life on a moron and his fan. Move on.)