Review: Orbit Baby G2 Stroller

02/27/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy of Orbit Baby

Orbit Baby‘s new G2 stroller ($750) is beautifully designed with loads of great details. Made with eco-friendly fabric and sturdily constructed, there’s so much about this clever stroller that’s worth raving about.

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What we like:

The most noteworthy feature is the adjustable seat, which both tilts from an upright to a fully reclining position, and swivels so your child can ride facing forward, facing sideways or facing you.

The seat has a hard plastic interior and a five-point restraint, but the fabric covering is soft and cozy especially when paired with the footmuff, an accessory also available from Orbit Baby.

We also love the fully extended canopy cover. It nearly covers the whole seat, making it perfect for naps. It keeps cold winds at bay during the winter and provides plenty of shade on sunny days.

Extremely maneuverable, the stroller — which comes in three versatile colorways (ruby/red, black/slate, mocha/khaki) — glides over curbs and uneven surfaces with ease and turns quickly and easily.

The frame is also solid, yet adaptable, especially the ergonomic handles which adjust easily to different heights. It also has no-pump tires so the wheels never deflate.

What we don’t like:

The wide wheel base makes it hard to get into tight spaces. And though it conveniently folds in half for storage, it still takes up a good deal of space.

Also, the under carriage cargo bag can be difficult to get to when your child is in the seat, although it’s detachable and sports a shoulder strap so you can use it as a diaper bag while you’re on-the-go.

CBB Rating:

This baby’s loaded with all the latest bells and whistles. Plus, it’s green. So if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, we’d suggest putting it high on your list.

Josh Hoeltzel

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Mira on

Actually, it looks pretty ugly to me.

sazzy on

i think its ugly too.. isnt this the one sarah michelle gellar has? x

katie on

Don’t like the look of it at all… and especially don’t like the price! Yikes.

Robin M. on

This is SO disappointing to me that they are now offering it in red. I bought my Orbit infant system about year ago and at the time they only offered the black or the mocha. Boooo! Love the new color and the G2’s sleeker styling! The Orbit works on a circular base so as you are getting the baby situated in the car seat you can have her turned toward you and once she’s fastened, you just rotate her around to rear facing! I just switched to the toddler car seat that works on the same car seat and stroller base so even though the price hurt a bit, the system will last us for years to come.

Cece on

Looks like the Bugaboo/Bee…

Anna on

Very ugly, but I thought the old Orbit was ugly too.

Mari on

Expensive? Yes.

Functional? Maybe.

Stylish? No.

De on

I don’t think you should tout the seat as “essentially a car seat” some idiot is going to buy this thing and figure since they blew $900 on it they can’t afford a car seat but since the seat is ‘essentially’ a car seat they can just use it as one. UGH.

The only orbit seat that should be used as a car seat ARE the car seats (which the toddler version carries a $360 price tag)

Orbit has a neat concept but the price is INSANE. Even if I had $900 to blow on this I wouldn’t. I’d find something I hated about it and would regret spending the money. For $900 that thing should have NO cons.

denise on

don’t like the design at all and the seat doesn’t look comfy either…

Louise on

Looks like a medical device…

JL on

I waited for this, and when I finally tried it out I could not see the floor in front of me when it had the stroller seat attached. I am 5’2.

Gunther Bunky on

Sounds like I need to provide you whiners a link to Walmart…?

There are plenty of cheapo strollers out there, and there are plenty in the Orbit price range as well. You get what you pay for. The Orbit is not just a stroller, but a complete travel system. We love ours and whenever you run into other Orbit owners, the reaction is the same: no buyer’s remorse, just pride of ownership and happy, safe babies.

M on

Lol! @ Louise – “Medical devise”. Good one! It’s REALLY ugly, and I don’t care how good it is, I would never buy that stroller. Yuck!!

denise on

well gunther, we did spend about 1000$ on our stroller, I still don’t like the orbit, neither the design nor do I think it is comfortable for the child.

“value” isn’t just about the amount of money you pay but what you get for your money.

De on

Spending $900 on a Travel System doesn’t guarantee safety.

If the seat is used wrong ever it’s the worst seat there is. I hate the thinking that blowing a ton of money magically means a kid is safe. Use it wrong it’s not safe. A $40 car seat used correctly is safer than a $900 one used wrong. Every time.

I have no problem spending money on a good car seat and a good stroller but I’m not going to blow money for the sake of blowing it. If the Orbit infant seat went up to 35# (like MANY other infant seats) and if buying JUST it instead of only as a TS were options, I might consider it. Currently though you’re forced to buy a 22# WL seat and a stroller that’s only useful for 4-6 months (the amount of time a 22# seat lasts most babies) before you have to buy a $360 toddler seat AND a stroller seat for $250 I think I’ll pass. It’s extortion.

Shanelle on

We have updated the post to clarify that the seat is not to be used as a car seat. Also, the stroller pictured is $750 and the G2 travel system is $900.

Thanks for your comments.

— CBB Staff

Gunther Bunky on

of course, spending the money doesn’t guarantee safety. research, design and testing and constant improvement do.

talk to actual orbit owners, and people in the industry – acclaim for the orbit, AND others strollers, is widespread.

some strollers, like bugaboo, are just about status. the orbit is about function and safety.

Angela Ohira on

I love the Orbit G2 system. The original system is wonderful and safer than any other system out on the market. My 2 1/2 year old is now if the toddler carseat and he is he most comfortable in that over our Britax – which is falling apart. We’re totally excited about the new G2 products coming out for our new baby due in May. We’ve seen it in person and it’s truly amazing. For us, it is about safety and comfort – 2 things the Orbit brand offers!! I have no doubts that this is the best stroller/carseat on the market for ppl willing to pay the price. Everything is not for everyone :-). But Orbit is definitely for our family!!

kat on

love LOVE the orbit concept, and it seems like they’ve improved the stroller considerably from the original! not sure if i’d spend that much money on a stroller alone, but the travel system looks so easy to use! De, most babies i know are not even 22# by the time they turn one. Seems like the infant car seat would be useful longer than 4-6 months. But i agree, it’s most important that car seats are used properly–cost doesn’t equal safety. still, i don’t think i have the strength to install most other car seats tightly (my husband would have to do that!) so i’d rather spend the money for an orbit car seat i could easily install myself.

De on

Kat- Most kids outgrow carseats by HEIGHT not weight. A Rear Facing car seat is outgrown when the child 1. Reaches the weight limit OR 2. has less than 1″ of hard shell above their head. Whichever happens first. And most babies outgrow 20-22# WL seats at 6 months (some as young as 4 months, others as late as 8 months).

Example… my youngest (who is 4 now) outgrew the Snugride car seat (22#) at 8 months old, and she’s a PEANUT by height (she didn’t hit 22# until 22 months) The Safe Seat 1 on the other hand (which has a 30# WL and is now called the Snugride 35 and has a 35# WL) she fit by height and weight until her 3rd birthday. It’s a bigger seat than the regular Snugride.

It’s the same for all car seats, more often then not they’re outgrown by height. 40#WL car seats are outgrown (by height) LONG before weight. My oldest outgrew EVERY 40# WL seat at 2 1/2yo weighing in at a “whopping” 33# her shoulders (FFing) were over the top harness slots, it was outgrown & unsafe to continue using. I had to buy her a Britax Marathon (my only option at the time) which she outgrew by height at 5 1/2yo. She still doesn’t weigh 65# which is what a Marathon CAN harness too, but she outgrew the seat by height.

So it’s not just a weight thing but the lower the WL the shorter the shell, the less time it lasts.

So yes you are right MOST babies don’t weigh 22# until 12months or more BUT they outgrow those seats by height long before they hit the weight limit.


Tanya Takahashi on

I own the orbit stroller now, and can’t wait for the new G2 Stroller seat to come in! We had the opportunity to view it in person, and this new seat is going to be such a great addition to an already GREAT system. Personally, I think the look fits our taste, but more importantly are the abundant features – covered snack tray, adjustable foot rest, umbrella shade, recline, 360 rotation, and the ability to fit an infant – 4 years. In person, the new G2 products look great. The pictures don’t really do it justice.

Remember parents, safety 1st, function then fashion!! And I feel this is accomplished with Orbit Baby’s philosophy. Until you’ve used an Orbit product, I don’t believe you can see how safe and well manufactured these products are, not to mention easier to use than other systems. We are HUGE fans of Orbit and their new products and will always recommend their brand. Plus they have the best customer service, which I know many Orbit parents can attest to!

Jill on

I don’t know how safe the Orbitz travel system is–in fact, it can’t even be sold in Canada because it didn’t pass safety testing.

kat on

De, thanks for the clarification!

Jill, I have a friend in Canada who’s been drooling over the Orbit and waiting for it to come there. She said there are just different safety standards than the US that you have to test, and Orbit wasn’t interested in doing that for their original line of car seats. For example, everything that’s written in english has to be translated to french also, which she thinks is crazy because everyone speaks english anyway… I think she mentioned the new G2 will be coming to Canada at some point this year or next, but I can’t remember when.

SRS on

The Orbit stroller is easily the best stroller on the market bar none. Ask any expert out there what the best stroller is, irrespective of price, and it’s this one when you compare everything from top to bottom. The great thing for consumers is that the G2 will be even better.

After countless hours of research, trials, speaking to consumers who had the first one, speaking to people who have every other type, this stroller is far and away the best. It’s the Rolls of strollers. The Bugaboo and Uppababy (Vista 2010) are also excellent strollers, but they aren’t in the same league right now.

While the price is high, if you can afford it or are lucky enough to have it given to you as a gift, then I would highly rec it as it doesn’t have any peers on the market.

We can’t wait for ours. It will be worth every penny.

Gunther Bunky on


Canadian approval for the Orbit was mostly labeling. And yes, it’s arrival is imminent. Yay!

SS on

Here is my review. I’m going to be a new parent, so this was really important for me. I was testing the Orbit G2, Uppa Baby Vista 2010, and Bugaboo Chamelion.

IMO, the Orbit G2 was really just the best one from top to bottom. We had a knowledgable sales rep from a specialty store go through the various models, and it just stood out head and shoulders above the rest. It’s expensive which is a negative, but, if price isn’t really an issue, it’s a great stroller.

Here is what I like about it:

1.) For a woman like my wife who is on the go and likes to do things, this stroller is so easy to get in and out of the car. The rotating system (hence the name Orbit) is just incredible and makes life very easy when getting a kid in and out of the car. That was a plus that nobody else had.

2.) It’s a portable stroller. While it’s not as light as the City Mini for example which is about 9 lbs, it’s not the same type of stroller. It can do so much more. I’m not sure if it’s even an apples to apples comparison. That being said, the Orbit G2 can fold with one hand, one movement. It’s not hard to open back up either. It’s not particularly heavy either. We didn’t find it too bulky.

3.) Going back to the rotational system, it’s nice for when you might be out at the zoo, park, restaurant, your kid can just be rotated towards the direction desired while the stroller can still be wheeled or stationed in the way that you want. I can’t stress how great that is and how cool that is.

4.) The materials, sunshade, sun protection, are top-notch and high-caliber. I haven’t seen another stroller exceed their quality. The sun shade covers the entire baby (they call it the paparazzi shield). It’s also eco-friendly if that matters for some of you.

5.) The brake is easy. The brake can be individually raised and will control both wheels.

6.) The wheels cannot go flat.

7.) There is a built in cup holder.

8.) It comes with a car seat but does not come with a bassinet, although the bassinet can be purchased. The bassinet is made again with top materials. It can even be placed on a rocker which also has to be purchased.

9.) The double handle bar system allows for diaper bag handles to be placed over them.

10.) It looks unique.


1.) Cost, cost, cost. We are going to pay $1900 and that doesn’t include the toddler system which we will get later. It does include 3 bases for our cars.

2.) The storage room underneath is okay. It wasn’t as good as the Uppa Baby.It should be noted that it does come with panniers to hang on the side which can carry things as well, but we still aren’t talking about a ton of storage.

3.) While the double handle is nice for the diaper bag, a single handle would allow for easier one hand pushing.

I think the Orbit is better than the Bugaboo Chamelion. We didn’t get a chance to test the new Bee b/c it’s not out yet. I did like the Orbit better than the Uppa Baby as well. If I had to rank these three, which are widely regarded as 3 of the best in the community, I would say Orbit and then Bugaboo because some features are just a bit better than the Uppa Baby, although the Uppa is right there close to the Bugaboo as well.

Finally…kids are expensive!


soccermom on

We own the original Orbit in black and just purchased the red G2. Yes, the price is high but worth every penny! All of your negative comments are very entertaining though.

LB on

Let me just start off by saying that I LOVE my Orbit travel system. Some of the comments on here seem so off base. Have any of you making these negative comments ever actually looked at an Orbit stroller in person or known anyone who had one? I just got the new G2 stroller seat for my 6 month old and he loves it. Maybe some of you don’t think the seat is attractive because it isn’t covered with monkeys and flowers or some other tacky pattern that seems to cover every other baby product in the market.

Safety, function and comfort were the most important things to me when selecting the Orbit. And their new G2 stroller exceeds every other stroller in these areas. I live in the South and in the summer it is extremely hot and humid. The G2 seat is vented in back so that air flows through the seat so my little one doesn’t end up sweaty and damp while sitting in his stroller while we go for a walk.

The sunshade is also superior to any other stroller’s. It actually shades the sun off of his face. I see all of these other poor babies squinting their eyes with sun shining on their faces in their strollers with sunshades that are basically decorative and serve no purpose.

The stroller seat also reclines with ease. I can adjust my son’s position from basically any angle since the levers to recline him are in the sides of the seat making it accessible from the front, back, and side.

Yes, obviously their are always cons to any product. I would imagine that the cons to the vast majority of other strollers are that they don’t shade your child, the seat is hot, and you can’t change the child’s position. My only issue with this stroller is that it is wide and does present some problems when I try to go shopping. But putting him in a compact umbrella type stroller just isn’t an option because the seats are so unsupportive and uncomfortable. His needs and his comfort come first.

And also, I never get anything but compliments about the looks of my Orbit stroller. People think it is the coolest stroller they’ve ever seen.

Nicole on

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!! I have the Orbit G2 infant car seat travel system. My baby was a preemie and she fits fine in it because of the additional head piece that comes in the stroller. It is SO CONVENIENT to take the car seat out of the car and attach to stroller base. The rotation is a very smart feature and so easy to manipulate. On top of that, I think it looks great and I get so many compliments on how stylish it looks. The Bugaboo is big and clunky to me, and harder to manuever. As far as price, by the time you buy a stroller and additional car seat you are almost spending the same amount of money anyway.
Great investment and glad I decided on this one!

nas on

I just came from the store to look at the G2 orbit TRAVEL SYSTEM yes it is expensive here in canada its around $1400 with taxes but i guess it is worth the money that i am going to spend on 2 of them. if i can spend a lot on an entertainment system why not pay for my new born safety in fact i wished they had made double strollers for twins… love the concept of it and for those who didn’t like it they just have to go see it in person.

heather on

I love the orbit. The price tag is very high especially after you add the bassinet and the stroller seat. But so worth it. My sister has this stroller and its really amazing!

barbara on

i got the orbit in black and white and i love it yeahh it was 900.00 but it was worth it i lot of people got them in my fam and the have no problem with them a lot of u just cant buy them thats why ur saying there ugly i like to see what u thinks pretty alot of u just have no tast in any thing good but i love my orbit g2

Gary on

In my opinion UGLY UGLY UGLY, and it take up a lot of space folded!! It has benefits, but in my opinion it’s too much expensive for as few stylish!! With marketing is more easy to convince celebrities!
See New York streets, for each orbit baby there are five bugaboo cameleon or frog!

Armando on

THE FRONT WHEELS FALL OFF for no reason…Orbit will NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. The wheel have been falling off when we are trying to get up on sidewalks. We just pop them back up and we just keep going. The wheel release knob is too sensitive -in my opinion-. The big problem is that we just went on our first plane trip and the wheel fell off and the airline couldn’t find it. Now we are on our trip with no stroller. Orbit customer service IS OF NO HELP. They said just to order a wheel online. We called a local retailer and they said they can’t help us either. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT TO SAY THE LEAST!!!

JG on

idk why ppl r talkin so badly about the orbit, if they have ever really seen one and tried it they fall in love! My husband and i did. the price IS way up there but its great quality. we r definately planning on buying the orbit. i couldnt find anything bad about it but the price. my husband and i feel like its definately worth it.

Matt on

We did extensive research on all the high end strollers (US and Euro) and picked the Orbit for obvious reasons. We own the entire first generation collection and just received our new G2 stroller and sidekick, we stuck with the mocha. It is by far the best system on the market (stroller, infant and toddler car seat, bassinet, panniers, sidekick, travel bag) We travel a lot and have taken this thing everywhere with no complaints. I think the people who don’t like the design have no style and the people who don’t like the price have no cash. That’s it.

orbitmom on

Love my Orbit G2 and I say the quality is what you pay for. I don’t know why some people say “if I had 900 bucks, I wouldn’t even buy it cuz it’s ugly”. Well, the problem you have is not cuz Orbit is ugly, but your checking account statement is ugly. Anyway, the engineer behind this product is amazing. I enjoy this stroller with my son and this is one of the purchases that we never regret. If orbit is ugly, I would not be stopped by other parents and ask about this cool looking stroller “at least” once a day. With crazy stormy weather down south, this stroller speaks for itself. It folds easily and takes no time to seat my baby back in the car while other parents still struggle dealing with their stroller and baby in the rain, we already heading our way out of the parking lot. Oh, and not to mention, my son loves the stroller. I see parents pick up their babies every now and then to calm them down and I never have to; because the little guy is always happy in there with smile.

Lesly on

My husband bought this for our first baby, and at first I wasn’t too happy about the price. But now I can say it is the BEST stroller you will buy. It comes with a carseat too. The stroller is so handy, so light and very easy to manuever. I reccomend this stroller to anyone. It’s so stylish and i get a lot of compliment, but that’s not why I like it. I like it cause it is just so easy to work with.

BB on

It’s horrendous……It looks like these free wheelchairs hospitals and themeparks have on a loan… Only thing I actually like about it is the brandname combined with the logo….All the rest sucks. Car seat isn’t approved in Europe, Middle East and Canada: There’s a reason for that!! If it would be just a bit of labeling any company in it’s right mind would change that immediately, but maybe they realize that in the rest of the world people actually do have style and would never buy it anyway………

ruby on

I’m confused, is the orbit g2 for an infant, or is it the toddler seat?

dominique on

Orbitmon you crack me up and it’s so true that those who say it is ugly just can’t afford it! I absolutely love my orbit g2 and i am looking forward to when my 5 month old can go into the toddler parts(We bought the whole set the moment we found out we were pregnant). I am stopped daily by people commenting on how awesome this stroller is and how great it looks.

I found the customer service to be amazing! I recently upgraded our g1 stroller to a g2 stroller and one of the wheels was a little wobbly so i had a whole new stroller sent out in 24 hours. It is light easy to use and easy to travel with. Love the panniers and think they should just charge the extra and include them with the stroller.

They have thought of everything. I love walking on the beach and when the sun changes directions i can just turn her seat slightly so the sun is not in her eyes or i can use the paparazzi shield. I see all these other bubs squinting in the sun.

Expensive but daily im glad we spent the money!!!

Julie on

I see nothing beautiful about this. I got a simple folding stroller that my carseat attached to similar to this, but actually attractive for under $40. And then I had a NICE stroller with storage for longer outings.

Mommy of 3 on

So yeah, the Orbit is SUPER HIDEOUS!!!! I would NEVER stop someone and comment on “how cute” it is, because it just isn’t. And $900!!!! WTF, who has money to piss away on something so hideous. All three of my kids had adorable, quite inexpensive Graco carseats and stroller sets. Never had a problem with them. And the kids were very comfy in them too. And for real, who babies their TODDLER so much that they still push them around in a stroller. Cut the umbilical cords, ladies!!!!

me on

poor people are jealous