Pregnancy Makes Tiffani Thiessen Crave Red Meat

02/26/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
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With only three months left before giving birth to her first child, Tiffani Thiessen is “feeling great” — and feeling differently about her diet.

“I was a vegetarian for many, many, many years and all of a sudden I started to crave red meat,” Tiffani told PEOPLE at Thursday’s USA network and Vanity Fair bash in New York City.

“Crazy enough I had a steak before I left tonight and I would never have eaten one before. One day I just woke up and craved meat. It’s weird.”

The White Collar star, 36, is also craving foot rubs from her husband Brady Smith.

“He rubs my feet, my shoulders and he always gets anything for me even if I’m all hormonal,” she says. “I have the best husband and he’s a sweetheart.”

As for whether the two will be decorating the nursery pink or blue, it’s top secret. But it was a question that immediately had to be answered for the former Saved By the Bell star.

“I couldn’t wait to find out. Are you kidding?” she exclaims. “My husband I were way too excited to wait. We needed to know right away.”

While she remained mum on the baby’s sex and name, she is already dreaming about her little one.

“I had dreams about a child before I even was pregnant and my dreams now are about a boy or this girl that I don’t know and we are playing together. It’s weird, but I hear hormones make your brain go crazy.”

Click below to see why her costars think she’ll make a great mom and Tiffani’s take on her pregnancy curves!

Though she will be a first-time mom, the actress’ White Collar costar Matt Bomer says Tiffani’s maternal instincts are already in full gear on set.

“She’s totally the den mother of the show,” says Matt. “She keeps us guys all in check and she makes sure that we are gentlemen. She’s so organized and so loving and generous — that can only make her an absolutely amazing mom.”

Meanwhile, Tiffani’s White Collar husband Tim Dekay, a father-of-two, has already given the expectant mom some parenting wisdom of his own. “I told her that being a parent is like the Peace Corps. It’s the toughest job that you will ever love,” says Tim.

As for experiencing her changing body, Tiffani is taking advantages of her new curves. “The best part is not having to suck in your stomach anymore when wearing a tight dress. I love it!”

— Paul Chi

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Bren on

The way she worded that “a boy or this girl” makes me think girl! She looks very happy.

Grasiela on

She looks gorgeous!! I think her baby will be a girl!!

Sharone on

Oh my goodness, how stinkin cute is she?! Being pregnant really suites her, although she is gorgeous all the time anyways. Its nice to see her so happy knowing that she has been wanting a baby for a while now. I love her last comment…too funny!

daniela on

She really is adorable with the cutest heart shaped face! I wonder if her baby will have the same face shape? 🙂 My hair thinned out when I was preggers but look at hers – absolutely gorgeous! Lucky gal! 🙂

monica carbajosa on

She is so beautiful and glowing! Something tells me she is going to be a great mommy!

Melissa on

She looks gorgeous! I am thinking girl as well. Pregnancy really suits her, she looks so happy 🙂

Susan on

Super-adorable, she she seems like a sweet person. I can relate to her — had all but given up most meat and rarely ate eggs then, with my first pregnancy, suddenly had near-daily cravings for red meat and/or eggs. Then I learned these foods are great sources of a very important but not as well-known nutrient during pregnancy, choline. There’s a lot of wisdom in mommies’ instincts, and it seems even food cravings (hot fudge sundaes notwithstanding 🙂 tie into that. More info: and

JMO on

wow I haven’t eaten red meat in about 9 years and wondered if it’s essential to eat it while pregnant (because if I don’t have to or crave it I won’t). I can’t even imagine eating it again and don’t plan on giving it to my chidren either (but we’ll see – not sure how easy it will be to keep them from wanting to try a cheeseburger someday)!

Renee on

She looks amazing! I am so excited for her! I’m thinking girl too. Cant wait to find out what she had and the name. She has been my favorite actress since I was a little girl. Been waiting for her to become a mom for so long. She looks so happy. 🙂

RIP Michael on

I read once that craving meat, dirt, ice even chalk is a sign of low iron?

Renee on

actually I take that back. I’m thinking its a boy now from little things Ive seen. I really was hoping for a girl though just because she would be so pretty! 🙂

All Women Stalker on

Just like Phoebe on FRIENDS, craving meat. Haha. She looks gorgeous. Just positively glowing.

Simone on

I felt the same when i was pregnant with ouur firstborn…STEAK anytime of the day it tasted sooooo good so I totally understsnd her

CTBmom on

She looks lovely….absolutely glowing. Congrats to her and her husband =)

Ivonne on

She is quite adorable and I think she’s having a girl. Or maybe I just hope so!

So weird. I was a vegetarian for 4.5 years, straight through my first pregnancy with no problem. With my second pregnancy, my new ob told me flat out to eat red meat (low iron) and I flat out told him “NO”. Farther into my pregnancy, I began craving beef and couldn’t deny it. I finally ate a burger and it was glorious. Many times I wish I hadn’t (I’m cooking burgers right now, ha) and I miss being vegetarian but Beef, is what’s for dinner. Interesting that it’s happened to others.

Jennifer on

…a boy or THIS girl”? (emphasis/caps added) She’s having a girl. I almost guarantee it. Don’t know for sure, but by the way she phrased that, that’s my opinionated guess.

Paula on

I’m guessing boy, by the way she said “This girl that I don’t even know”.

KMP on

LOL I remember when Phoebe craved meat!!! Im thinking GIRL!

Suze on

I’m guessing boy, since for some reason boys create more iron deficiencies (a craving is your body’s way of telling you that you’re low in something it needs. Last year I ignored my intense craving for a banana for over a week and passed out in public. I was rushed to the hospital where they discovered that my potassium had bottomed out.)

Jen on

Craving meat makes me think she’s having a boy. 🙂

Kristin on

I think she’s having a boy – I couldn’t get enough red meat when I was pregnant with all 3 of my boys.

luciana on

I was her biggest fan on saved by bell and 90210, and had the pleasure of meeting her years ago, she was/is giorgeous and so so sweet. Rumor is she is having a girl, and by the way she looks and mentioned this girl, i’m almost positive it’ a girl. Hope it has tiffani’s dark hair and blue eyes, what a gorgeous girl that would be and she is due near my birthdate, so I hope she gives birth on my day lol. I’m looking forward to hearing the name too, it will be more of a normal/tradiional name she has said

Hea on

She’s so beautiful!

bea on

That’s the exact opposite of when I was pregnant – I couldn’t eat meat! I’ve been a lifelong carnivore, but during pregnancy, any kind of meat makes me sick. Weirdly enough, neither of my daughters will touch meat. They don’t like it at all.

Diana on

So many women I have known have been anemic during pregnancy. So I wonder if many women crave red meat because it is hard for you to get enough iron while pregnant?? Don’t know just know I would much prefer to eat red meat during pregnancy. While chicken I can only eat if its cooked certain ways; I’m very very picky about it.

Melissa on

I’ve always thought she was so pretty but she looks so good pregnant. It really suites her. Congrats to her and her husband. I bet she’ll make a great mommy!

Nella on

She looks gorgeous, she was my fave on Saved by the bell. I’m thinking she’s having a girl!! That child will be gorgeouss!

Brownsugar1313 on

She looks gorgeous…..I am currently pregnant and the site of red meat makes me want to hurl.

I have been having lots of dreams about boys and eating like a football player so I dunno….

But ya she is absolutely glowing….I need some of that glow right now…lol

Tara on

I wonder if you’ve never eaten meat, if you’d still be likely to get a craving. Can you crave something you’ve never tasted???

I’ve always thought Tiffani is so pretty. I hope it’s a girl because I think Tiffani is kind of a girly-girl and she’d have so much fun with her own little mini-me 🙂

From what I’ve seen of her husband, I can picture him totally into guy things with a little boy.

Happy for them!

Christina on

I’m predicting a boy. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in December, and before I was pregnant, I wasn’t a big fan of red meat. I ate mostly chicken and veggies. However, when I was pregnant, I wanted red meat all of the time, especially in the last trimester. It felt really strange. I also have a huge sweet tooth, but when I was pregnant, I craved salty foods more than sweet foods. Anyway, Tiffani looks gorgeous! I know her baby will be too!

Halley on

I went from being a vegetarian of almost 8 years to totally craving meat as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my son. So delicious!

Terri on

I think it’s a boy. Because she mentioned the boy first. It seems like she added the girl because she wasn’t supposed to be sharing the sex.

Bancie1031 on

I love Tiffani every since Saved By The Bell …. I wish we could see more of her on here …. She’s absolutely a gorgeous pregnant woman …. She’s actually GLOWING! LOL! Can’t wait to find out what she’s having and the name she and Brady chooses …. let alone seeing their baby 😀