Jennifer Garner Forgoes Naps For Play Time With Violet

02/26/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Jen Lowery/Startraks

During a recent visit to Lopez Tonight, actress Jennifer Garner touched on some of the lifestyle changes that often accompany motherhood.

When asked by host George Lopez whether she finds herself fitting in showers late at night once daughters Violet Anne, 4, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 13 months, are asleep, the 37-year-old Valentine’s Day star suggested that some days even that is a tall order!

“It doesn’t mean I’m not clean,” she insisted. “I take care of what needs to be taken care of, but as far as taking a shower or putting on any mascara — no. That doesn’t happen.”

George then recalled that with his own daughter Mayan, he and wife Ana would lay down on the floor “like a fire drill” and nap whenever their baby did. Jennifer said that she has never been able to do the same, noting “that’s your time to do something else.”

“You think, ‘I need to take a nap. I should take a nap.’ But you don’t. [And] you can do that with one, but with the second [child], when the one goes down the other one is like, ‘Great! I have you to myself! Let’s go! Dollhouse. Let’s go!'”

Violet and Sera are Jennifer’s children with husband Ben Affleck.

Valentine’s Day is in theaters now.

Source: Lopez Tonight

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Molly on

Jennifer seems like the sweetest woman in the world, and it’s cute how her daughters think she sun rises and sets on her. I miss seeing pictures of them here! (Though I understand why she’s not comfortable with their being posted – I just miss seeing those cute li’l girls and their even cuter mommy! Violet is such a little ray of sunshine.)

All Women Stalker on

I like the fact that she cleans up rather nicely. It does look like she “forgets” about showering when she’s out and about with the kiddies 🙂

Lisa on

Personally, I have to take a shower daily to wake myself up and feel refreshed for the day with my trio. Also, if I do not wear any make-up at all, I feel kinda naked. Gotta have some lip gloss and a little blush to give me some girly-ness to my Mommy days.

Also, if I’m a wee bit tired and my other two kiddos are at school, I take that power nap while my 2 year old is napping. Gotta have that energy for the rest of the day for homework and after school activities.

Just wait Jen, it will get more challenging as they get older. She is lucky to have nannies to help here and there as well. Nice~

Anna on

I don’t understand parents that kind find the time to shower or put on mascara. I hardly wear make-up but mascara only takes minute! Especially in a family where both parents are present it’s not all that hard.

g!na on

she only has two kids and has nannies! i’m sure she can find time to take a shower! i’m a single mom with kids & i can take a daily shower! i think it’s her preference not to shower everyday because believe me i’ve seen pics of her with greasy hair! just saying! he he !

Meg on

Anna, I’m with you. I have a friend with a two-month-old and she claims she can’t take a shower. I’m like, put the child in his crib or in a bouncy chair on the floor in the bathroom. He’s eight-weeks-old. He’s not going anywhere. Enjoy an unmoving baby while you have one 🙂

m-dot on

I’m w many of you ladies, I take my showers daily and continue to look pretty and dress nice w kids. You make time for that just as you would anything else. To me it’s about priorities and time management. I’m a priority to myself, so i make the time. =)

Mary-Helen on

I have three girls & always find time for a shower. Maybe not makeup, but always hair brushed & shower. Jen seems like she’s trying to cultivate the perfect “down home mama” image. Not to say she doesn’t have that life, but sometimes it’s like she has to stress “I’m like you!” regardless, I’m glad she is loving life.

Molly on

I never got the impression that she was trying to form some sort of image. She has a thirteen-month-old and a four-year-old, both exhausting ages.

Or maybe she’s just a nighttime showerer. And not everyone wears makeup if they’re just going to be hanging out at home with the kids/going out with them. I never wear it – and I don’t have kids. I have the time to wear it, I just choose not to because I don’t like it. *shrug*

mrsh on

I don’t always get the chance to shower. I have a VERY high-needs 11-month old. Some days she just too grumpy for me to put her down for long. And when she gets upset, she cries until she vomits, so I seek to avoid that. I do always wear makeup, which I am able to do with her in the Mei Tei. I wear makeup because I like makeup, but for a woman who doesn’t like it, why wear it? Anyway, we don’t know what Seraphina is like, she could be very needy and clingy like my daughter. Never know.

Terri on

My mom said I would scream my head off whenever she put me down, so I understand. I don’t wear a full face of makeup either. As long as I have lip gloss I’m good. But then again, I don’t have kids. I might not even get on the lip gloss when I do have them.

Rebecca on

mrsh, take her in the shower with you.

When my youngest was little, I’d have her in a bouncer in the bathroom with me, and my oldest would come into the shower with me. If the youngest got cranky, she was in nothing but a diaper, I’d bring her in, we’d all be clean. Getting out took some doing (turn off water, wrap baby in her towel, put in bouncer, wrap 2 year old in towel, help her out of shower, wrap myself, put diaper on baby, get dressed, get 2 year old dressed, get baby dressed.) It takes some doing.

The nap thing is totally true though! The stars and planets have to be in alignment for both of my kids to take a nap at the same time! (If the oldest one even naps at all!)