Family Photo: The Priestleys Do Disneyland

02/25/2010 at 01:00 PM ET


Former 90210 star Jason Priestley, wife Naomi Lowde-Priestley and the couple’s two children — Ava Veronica, 2 ½, and Dashiell Orson, 7 months — had a dizzying good time on the Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland on Tuesday.

Jason and Naomi will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in May.

Ahmad Elatab / Splash News Online

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Brooke on

Just looking at the Teacups makes me nauseous. I have no idea how we rode that thing as children….

Dana on

Oh I love this family! And I love the fact that 2 weeks from today I’ll be riding those tea-cups, yeehaw 🙂 Jason seems like a great dad and his kids are very cute!

Luna on

How did those two little kids survive the teacups? Lol. Cute family, cute kids, nice picture.

Beth on

I thought Naomi was Nikki Taylor when I first looked at the picture…. What a beautiful family!!

CTBmom on

That is one good looking family 😉

robinepowell on

I didn’t think that the Priestly kids would be allowed on the Spinning Teacups. Isn’t there usually an age limit for these types of things?

Pinkdancer on

@robinepowell- I don’t think they have an age limit if an adult is with you. You don’t have to spin the actual teacup, you can just sit and ride around the track which is fairly mild. The fast spinning comes from spinning the wheel inside your own cup. They look like they are having fun though! 🙂

explosivesky on

FYI. The teacups barely spin unless you make it spin more 🙂 I have a problem with the spinning myself, makes me nauseous, so when I take my 10 month niece on it, we don’t even touch the wheel in the middle to make it spin, lol!

That be one gorgeous little boy! Heck… the whole family is gorgeous!

Cathryn on

This is slightly off topic but I’ve never been to Disneyland and I am considering taking my daughter. She would be 1 1/2 to 2 years old when we went. Does anyone have an opinion on whether a kid of this age would enjoy it? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but again, I’ve never been so I don’t know what to expect for really young ones!

Babymam on


Disneyland at that age would be amazing. There are a lot if rides you could go on–Peter Pan, Dumbo, the tea cups, to name a few. There’s also a parade. Don’t forget an autograph book so your daughter can get the chracters to sign it!

Jaclyn on

@Cathryn, I really think it depends on the child and your own expectations. If you’re prepared to go at a slower pace with lots of rest time, it could definitely be a positive family experience. Will your child remember it, probably not, but our son will be just be shy of 11 months old when we take him in October and we’re looking forward to it. My husband was never taken as a child and really wishes he was able to experience it at different stages of his development, so he’s pretty adamant that our son and future kiddos will get that chance.

Just be prepared that it may take her a bit to warm up – many kids love the characters that walk around and just as many are terrified at first. Knowing some of the quieter rest stops, how fast track works, and having a flexible schedule with a small stroller or carrier seems to help, as well.

Cathryn on

Babymam and Jaclyn, thanks so much for the information and for the heads up about the characters that walk around. She’s definately on the shy side so we’ll approach those slowly!

Tara on

God bless them, they are taking one for the team. I hate the teacups yet my children love them so much. I know I used to love them but now they make me sick LOL. I think the teacups are a right of passage to any parent in this world LOL. My father just laughed at me when I got off of them the first time as an adult with my kids and just said “Revenge is sweet” LOL.

NW Mamma on

What a great photo.
Cathryn, at any age Disneyland rocks!! There is so much to see and do without even going on a ride, our favorite was “It’s a small world” of course it has AC and when it is hot out what a lovely ride. Your daughter will have a great time. The shows are great and the early bird breakfast is a great opportunity to meet the charcaters in a quite atmosphere. Enjoy your trip! We sure did!

Glenn on

Have to say that there is nothing better than taking kids to Disneyland, but for me I’d rather take them when they are around 8 or 9. They just hold up better to a long day in the Park.

Mia on

Aw, he’s so cute.

Alyssa on

Regardless of how much fun Disneyland is or isn’t for a baby, that baby technically isn’t allowed on that ride. If they had spun the cup, could they have given him brain damage? Would Disney trust other parents like this?

shalay on

There’s no problem taking a baby on the teacups, as long as you don’t spin the wheel. It’s no different than riding a carousel.
Alyssa, yes I’m pretty sure Disney trusts that people will not elect to spin the wheel with infants. It’s basically common sense, but there are also signs warning against spinning for people with health conditions or young children.

That said, the Priestly family is gorgeous!

MiB on

Why on earth would spinning the tea cup cause the baby brain damage? Unless they dropped him? Movement is actually crucial for brain developement in infants, thats why they lovebeing rocked and bounced and thrown up in the air and caught again.

CelebBabyLover on

MiB- I agree! If he were a newborn that couldn’t hold his head up yet (and thus it could easily flop around on a spinning ride like that), that would be one thing. However, I doubt that going on a ride like that is going to affect a baby his age any differently than it would affect a toddler Ava’s age. 🙂