Emily Mortimer: Firstborn Is 'Very Into' New Baby May

02/25/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Scott Kirkland/INF

With a new baby at home and a new film to promote, British actress Emily Mortimer certainly has her hands full.

Fortunately, 5-week-old May Rose has proven to be an easy baby to care for. “[She] is so sweet,” the 38-year-old Shutter Island star revealed to OK! at the film’s New York City premiere.

“It’s heartbreaking leaving her [for the] evening … I feel like it’s going to be such a long night, but I can’t wait to see the movie.”

New big brother Samuel John, 6, is also making the transition well, according to Emily.

“He’s being very, very sweet to her. He’s very into the baby. He’s not so much into me being into the baby. I have to pretend not to like the baby very much or my son will [get upset].”

From the sound of things, May gives Samuel plenty of reasons to be entertained. “She’s smiling,” Emily explained. “She’s only a month old, but she’s very advanced.”

Samuel and May are Emily’s children with husband Alessandro Nivola.

Shutter Island is in theaters now.

Source: OK!

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True on

I have to pretend not to like the baby very much or my son will [get upset].”………it must be so difficult for Samuel John to adjust when he had so much attention from his parents, but i’m sure when Emily and her husband try and show him that the baby is not going anywhere he wont mind sharing his parents LOL, emily seems to be so in love with baby Emily.

mrsh on

When a friend of mine had her second child last year, her first-born took it really badly. He would always call the baby “stupid” and would tell his mother that she was “stupid” all the time, too. He was really resentful of the baby and of the attention she got from his mother. I couldn’t imagine dealing with that when you’re trying to take care of a newborn. Makes me glad that we can’t have more children.

millie on

Its true age isn’t a determinate in whether the big sibling will ‘like’ the baby. For my friends/family it always seems like the older they were the more they resented the new addition, even though people tend to assume a 18 months or 2 years would be hardest and a six year old would be fine.

I think its also all in the approach, and its best to bring a good presnt home from the hospital for the eldest! Instant love!

Luna on

We had big age gaps between me and my siblings. We found that for our kids, in the beginning they’re just so in love with the baby, and then the novelty wears off and it’s like ‘on to the next thing.’ I think it’s all depending on the child, not the age difference.


I had my second child when my son was 3 1/2 and I was a stay at home mom to him since he was born. My husband and I were very worried about how he would take the new baby but he has shown NO signs of resentment or anger and it’s been 5 months, in fact he is so wonderful with her and very understanding when I need to feed her etc… I have heard that many people deal with the opposite, I guess we just got really lucky!

Sam and Freya's mum on

Allison, ditto! Have a similar gap, 3 years 4 mths in our case, and son is still good with little sis, 2 years down the line as a now-5 year old big brother to her now, very lucky, loves having the company of a sibling, good for him to have that, she idolises him and they play well togtether. Makes life easier that’s for sure – who knows what the teen years will hold though, LOL. He’s always been like a little old man in some ways, his teacher also saying he’s sensible & kind (always nice to hear), so think in some ways it’s the individual child’s nature too.

katie on

totally depends on personality. my friend’s little girl goes for the eye gouge every time her mother leaves the baby ungaurded… she also drags his rocker out the front door and down the front path (heading for the road i guess!)

Brownsugar1313 on

I can relate to her son. I was eight years old when my baby brother (the very last one) was born and I hated that little runt. OMG I would just sit there and wish he would fall off a table or roll off the bed or something…anything to just disappear.

Everyone fawned over him and treated him like he was gold or something. It was just insane how strongly I disliked him. I had another brother who was born after me and I remember not liking him much either but he became like a pest.

Everywhere I went he wanted to be, when I had to leave for school in the mornings he would run to the gate crying and screaming because he wanted to come with me. When I came home for lunch or in the evenings he was at the gate waiting in his little briefs, his blankie and sucking his thumb.

After awhile I begrunginly started to like him, he became my little gopher so when the other one came I was furious. Once I was told to watch him while my mom fetched a diaper and he was rolling around and I moved my hand and he fell off the “hassock” my mom FLIPPED, she was beside herself and I was scared to death….she suspected I let him fall on purpose but she didn’t outright accuse me of it. But I wasn’t allowed to watch him by myself after that.

So many other things happened, looking back in retrospect I was like a demon child. All because I felt it was unfair to add more kids to the mix and because no one asked me how I would feel. Now it was five, four boys and me all by myself.

I’m 31 now and he is 23 and he is the sweetest most gentle soul you will ever meet. Always has a big ole bear hug and a kiss and always calls just to say “hey sis, how are you? Well just calling to tell me my big sister I love her!” 🙂

Considering the way I treated him as a kid, I hope he doesn’t remember it because now I cant picture not having that big ole runt around now…lol

So ya I can relate to the sibling ‘dislike’