Check Out Our Latest Gallery: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s Tomboy-Chic Style!

02/25/2010 at 07:00 AM ET

Unlike her 5-year-old big sis Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, Shiloh Nouvel’s no girlie girl. From fedoras to ties to … monkey ears, she’s proving to be quite the fashion rebel.

And the 3 ½-year-old (left) has a super cute new ‘do to match! On Tuesday, she debuted a new pageboy hairstyle while shopping in Paris, France, with dad Brad Pitt.

See our fashion timeline of Shiloh’s tomboy-chic style here.

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Diane on

It’s a cute hair cut, but now she looks like a boy. I did the same thing to my oldest daughter, when she was that age. I still have not lived that one down, almost 18 years later.

Chloe on

Sorry but why would they dress their daughter like a boy? I don’t get it.

Jessica on

I didn’t think the monkey ears was that big of a deal. It’s just a hat and so are skull caps. So has cool style, I love this getup.

andrea on

she looks cute with her hair like that, but very boyish i babysit a little boy who looks just like her now. oh well if she likes it that is all that matters.

Kresta on

She looks like a mini-Brad.

annie on

I think Shiloh looks cuite cute here and to each his own but I can say from personal experience when I was a child my mother cut ny hair very short and put me in tomboyish clothes which I used to like it until people kept asking my mom, ”oh your boy is so cute how old is he?’ That really used to annoy me and I asked my mom to dress me a bit more girly after that lol.

JM on

she is a little cutie, and i am pretty sure that they did it because she wanted it. she clearly has a tomboy personality.

Kat on

I wonder if the hair cut was “intentional” or if Shi or one of her siblings decided she needed a haircut and this was the resulting style. When my sister was about the same age, 3 or 4, she decided it was a good idea to cut one of her pigtails off. The only way my Mom could fix it was to give her a similar style to Shi’s.

Regardless, she is a beautiful little girl!! 🙂

Nicole on

I somehow think that between the skull clothing, the swords, and the generally awesome little outfits that Shiloh wears, this haircut may have been more her idea than anybody else’s. If anybody has to live it down, Diane, it may be her 🙂

That said, I love it! I was just thinking last night of how great my hair looks when I get it cut that length…even though it often ends up looking not so nice a month or so later. Shiloh’s great cut is making me want to do it even more!

ab on

aww, she looks adorable! I like that phrase “tomboy-chic” … haha.

millie on

That sounds plausable Kat, I know my sis gave herself a little ‘haircut’ when she was around three. Chopped a lump out of her fringe, and hid it in the washing machine! She still hasnt lived that one down, 20 years later!

But also, Zahara’s hair is quite short, as is both the boys and Brads, so maybe it was Shilohs idea, more because of the time it took to wash, comb, you no sort it out, if she took longer than the others, maybe she wanted short hair like them? I know when
I was little I was like that! Anyway she looks adorable, and it will grow back!

Moi on

I dont think the girl is chic, she looks like a boy! At that age, she is no the one choosing her wardrobe; is her mother and she must be nuts! Well, Im sure she is…

Emma on

Maybe shes just i tomboy, i think whens she older she`ll grow out of this, shes a gorgeous little girl i think at the min she just likes to copy he brothers!

True on

Moi, if you look at the post of the whole family in Paris more specialy at the comments, you would find that most of the comments state that at 3years of age, SHE can choose her wardrobe and i dont think its fair to call her mother nuts for allowing her daughter to express her personality, maybe this is how little Shiloh wants to dress, we dont know but i find it cute.

shirese on

I think she is adorable and so glad that her parents are not forcing her to be a girly girl. That is fine for the little girls like Z that like that but not all little kids fit neatly into the stereotypes.

Angi on

I think she looks very cute. I think some people are hung up on clothes that the y think are supposed to go with the gender. Many grown women wear outfits like this little girl. Why is it a big deal if a female child does it?

CTBmom on

I think she looks adorable! And Moi, yes…at 3 years old, she is definitely old enough to know what she likes and doesn’t like to wear. I know my son at 3, although he wasn’t especially picky about what he wore, still let me know that there were certain shirts that I bought him that he HATED….so they ended up going to Goodwill.

Momof3 on

She looks like a boy! My 5 year old went through a phase (she was about 3) where she always wanted to wear boys t-shirts, I went along with it for a while but then I told her no more. You’re a girl, be proud, they have nicer clothes than boys, get over it………

Sonya on

Oh, how cute!
I had a similar haircut when I was 4-5. I hated washing and drying my long hair and begged to get a haircut.

Reader on

I don’t find this stylish, I find it boyish. If my 3yo daughter wanted a shorter haircut I would consider it, but I would also understand that she’s 3 and doesn’t really get to decide yet. I would maybe cut it to her chin or something. I just can’t see dressing a girl like a boy and giving her a boy’s haircut at 3yo. You can get girls’ clothes that aren’t ‘girly’.

Belle on

It is so funny how little girls with chopped off hair is ok but people about go in to the vapors over a little boy with long hair. To each their own I guess. She would be beautiful if she had a buzz cut. That child’s features are gorgeous.

Allie-Rose on

I think it’s cute and goes very well with Shiloh tomboy style.

HeatherR on

I do not find this look to be cute. If she wasn’t a celebrity baby, I would have no idea that she is a GIRL. I think kids should be able to express themselves but there should be a limit to it. As parents we are there to guide them and I for one, would not let a 3 year make all of those decisions.

bite me on

moi, so her mother is nuts, for allowing HER CHILD to express herself, some of you people are so closed minded, how dreadful…

shirese on

@Belle little boys with long hair are fine to me. I just don’t understand why people make such a big deal about the packaging as if we were born innately believing girls should have long hair and wear dresses and boys should have short hair an play with trucks. That is insane in my opinion.

Bug on

Wow, maybe they just aren’t as into rigid gender roles and stereotypes as you are Chloe etc.

lis on

I’m amazed at how many people are totally hung up on the girl not looking “girly”.. Sheesh.

Also I think in a household of quite a few kids in the same age group it’s totally reasonable for them to mix and match.. so what if she finds some of her brother’s t-shirts to be favourites instead of the dresses?

She’s dressed and clean!

Alison on

I think Shiloh’s outfit and haircut are both adorable, and I’m fairly certain that no one would take issue with her wardrobe if it were in various shades of pink. The kid likes neutrals – nothing wrong with that!

Three years old is definitely old enough to start developing a personality and style, especially when the child is being raised in a more liberal household where the kids are given a lot of freedom. Shiloh probably looks up to her big brothers and wants to dress like them, and as long as she’s clean and well-groomed, I don’t see a problem with it. Compare her to Suri Cruise: Little Suri dresses like a Disney princess all the time, but I constantly feel the urge to give her a bath, a haircut, and a warm coat. I definitely prefer Shiloh’s “tomboy chic.”

lyla on

she’s not anti-stylish, her mom is. and i think it’s silly. i have never been a fan of this couple but find their kids too cute. nonetheless, it’s like angelina is trying to show her rebellious side via her children now. if you don’t like girly girl clothes that’s fine. but this extreme look is not cool, imo.
i remember reading somewhere that brad’s mom hates it that angelina does this to shiloh, i’d feel the same way if i was brad’s mom.

urbanadventurertales on

I agree with what Reader said. I think a 3 yr old is too young to decide on a haircut. That being said, it’s quite possible that her parents chose this for her and that’s fine. Whatever.

I actually thought it was a picture of Brittany Spear’s son when I first saw it, though!

CC on

Wow, some of you are way harsh… There are lots of little girls that have hair cuts like that (I know that i did), and it doesn’t make them a boy…. I think she looks very cute with her little pixie-bob hair cut… What is so wrong with letting a 3yr old (or any child for that matter) express their feelings and personality. I mean come on we are talking about a hair, and clothes… you know hair does grow back, and clothes can be changed… This is how kids learn about what they like and don’t like…..

Philippa on

So Suri only wears dresses and everyone goes nuts, and now the same things happens because Shiloh wears “boy clothes”. I honestly don’t get all these “you’re a girl, get over it” and “she looks like a boy” statements. She’s just a 3 year old girl and she looks sweet. I don’t think her parents consciously put her in boy’s clothes, since their other daughter clearly wears girlie outfits. Has it ever occured to anyone of you that perhaps she just feels more comfortable in these outfits? I’m a girlie girl myself, but I know a lot of girls who never wear dresses and absolutely hate the colour pink. It is possible you know!

Having said that, I think Shiloh’s a doll and very cute! 🙂

ecl on

Why are people so threatened by people who aren’t into rigid gender roles? Do you find your masculinity/femininity to be so fragile that if someone doesn’t conform they are some how threatening you as well? Your little girls are not dolls, they are people. Thank god Angelina and Brad seem to know that. Some of the comments on here reek of homophobia even though I’m sure the commentators don’t actually know that’s the place their comments are coming from.

Jessicad on

I don’t understand why Shiloh is allowed to decide what she wears but Suri is controlling and her parents get ripped apart for letting her do the exact same thing, makes no sense.

I personally wouldn’t want my daughter to be so boyish, but I don’t have a problem with the way other people raise their kids! Shiloh is gorgeous either way.

Sandra on

You know what, if the little girl wants to look like a little tomboy and wear clothes like a little tomboy, let her be. The reason I am saying that is that I have two daughters and they couldn’t be more opposite! My first is a girlie girl and the second one is a tomboy. She does not want to wear girlie clothes and is into the boy sports. It bothered me in the beginning, but I just let her be and do her own thing. It all works out in the end.

Kerri on

You know, it’s OK to wear clothing to deviates from what we traditionally think of as “girl” and “boy” clothing. People freak out over the length of hair, the way kids dress, the type of toys they play with. I don’t plan on forcing my kids into gender stereotypes. That’s a society expectation, and nothing more.

Kudos to Brad and Angelina for allowing their girl to express herself. She’s always dressed appropriately in terms of the weather and comfort. If she wants to dress like a tomboy, let her dress like a tomboy. I think she looks cute 🙂

mrsh on

Love the judgmental/stupid attitudes of so many on here. It’s their child, they can let her choose her clothing and hair style. I would let my daughter do the same thing, and I don’t give a darn what you busybodies would think of it, as I’m sure this family couldn’t care less what you all think about it. But to insist that “Angelina does this to her” (such a dumb comment) or that Shiloh is somehow less attractive because she’s a tomboy, is offensive. This site is getting so old because of all you people. Don’t like girls that “look like boys?” Then don’t do that with your children and mind your own business about what others do with their children. Seriously.

millie on

I like the fact its Angies fault Shiloh has short hair and bought boys clothes. Didn’t the article in People say that Brad took them shopping and Brad let Shiloh pick clothes from whatever section she wanted. How do we know Brad didnt chop off her hair and say “Look what I did hunnie, she looks like me!”

Ellen on

This could well be because she idolizes her older brothers. I wish I had been a little less rigid with my daughter and let her express herself a bit more. Her clothing is appropriate for the weather. It isn’t hurting anyone or anything.

Amy on

I had short hair as a little girl as well. I expect Shiloh probably asked to have short hair, she probably looks up to her big brothers. On the plus side for Brad and Angelina, with 6 kids to get ready on a morning, Shiloh having short hair must definitely save them some time. I think everybody wins in this situation. It does seem to me like Shiloh is a little tomboy and as long as she is happy then so should everyone else be. Zahara clearly likes dressing like a little girl and no one seems to be forcing her into boys clothes.

Caroline on

I don’t think Angie is trying to make Shiloh anything but what Shiloh wants to be. Who cares what she wears! She is 3 years old. Kudos to Brad and Angie for not caring and just letting Shiloh be Shiloh. I was a HUGE tomboy as a kid and my mom let me be that way. Who is it hurting if she looks like a little boy? Plus as some have stated for all we know she cut her own hair.

Mimi on

i love that they are letting her choose her own clothes and haircut rather than forcing her to look how they want her too. i was exactly the same at that age, i knew my own mind.

Blackrose on

lis i think many people are hung up on Shiloh being dressed like a little girl is because she is such a beautiful girl and many people would love to see her dressed in dresses , has her hair done etc…
but if Shiloh wants her hair like this and wants to be dressed like a boy , then let it be she is beautiful either way.

When i was about 3-4 my mother used to always give me this haircut & i hated now at 22 my hair is always long!

Yes children are different my cousin who is 4 loves long hair , she wants her hair to be like Little Mermaid and would kill anyone who will even try to cut it.. she never had a haircut in her life 🙂

gigi on

And they dyed Shiloh’s hair brown too. She was super blonde a few weeks ago. Dont tell me that this was Shiloh’s idea! I cared more about my toys then my hair at age 3.

sarah on

i personally think she looks like a young hayley mills from when she was in parent trap (years back!) she is adorable!

MB on

i think she looks like a mini Ellen DeGeneres!

Val on

So many people are talking about Shiloh’s choices and personality. I have never seen her in anything girly from very early on. Her parents chose this look for her. There is a photo of her at NINE months old in black booties with skulls and crossbones. At that age, it was not her decision. If she is choosing it now, it is because that is how she is used to being dressed. I don’t care for it, but look how Angelina dresses. The only times she looks ultra feminine is on the red carpet. She generally wears the same blacks,greys, and neutrals her kids sport. I am not saying she doesn’t look beautiful, it just would not be what I chose for such an attractive woman(and kids).

Felicia on

It’s obvious that Shiloh chooses her own outfits and that her parents don’t dress her in a boy-ish way on purpose. Z is always in dresses and sparkle shoes! These kids are allowed to dress how they want, have their hair how they want and I think it’s great. Remember when Pax had long hair and one blonde streak? Or the numerous high-lights that Maddox has had? You people are SO QUICK to judge and assume that Shiloh’s mother is ‘nuts’. It’s really unappealing. I used to really enjoy looking at these comment boards because everyone was SO nice. If I want to see adults bashing children and how their parents raise them, I’d go to instead. Heck, even HE was nicer about Shiloh’s look than some of the posters here. Not every girl needs to wear a pink dress and party shoes with her pair in pig tails.

jpc on

Has anyone considered that perhaps the reason behind the cut is not Brad and Angie trying to push some gender agenda, but just ease of maintenance? Some toddlers can be handfuls in the bath with hair-washing (I know I was), and this may have been the easiest solution, in addition to day-to-day care.

That being said, kudos to “ecl” (#35) and others…not long ago there was an article in Elle magazine that discussed women desperately trying to conceive girls so that they would have someone to dress up and be a best friend to them all day. It made me terribly sad, as do many of the comments here.

Amanda on

Completely agree with ecl. When did ‘tomboy’ become such a dirty word? Why is it that in 2010 we still have such rigid gender roles for boys and girls? Since when did pinks, frills and pigtails = girl and blues, trousers and cropped hair = boy? Shiloh’s look is very preppy to me, very cool. And her hair reminds me of similar looks worn by Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams and Mia Farrow. You’ve got to have the face to pull it off and amazingly, at only 3 1/2, Shiloh does.

Shiloh is going to be 4 in a few months, more than old enough to have an opinion on what she wears and how she styles her hair. My son at 4 wanted his hair shaved off like his Daddy; he got it. The way I see it, if he’s not hurting himself or other people, who cares what other people think? He’s a human, with a personality and I absolutely want him to assert his individuality and I will allow him to do that in the within the widest parameters. Shiloh’s got plenty of time to care what other people think about the way she looks when she’s older to. I say rock on and do your thing Shiloh.

Oh, and I do laugh at people that put this all down to crazy Angelina. Because she’s the only parent these children have and all decisions regarding them are made by her. Lol! Pull the other one…it’s got bells on.

lilly on

i dont see the big deal, i mean so what if shes a tom boy or she likes to dress liker her brothers, that outfit is actually nice, its not boyish to me. The yellow on the shirt makes it more girlie. ALso her haircut, it looks like a pixie cut to me, tinkerbell it reminds me of, and we all know she’s a fan of peter pan, so maybe she wanted her hair like hers, who knows, shes 3 yrs old, and let her be, shes a child.

Shannon on

LOL this cracks me up! My 3 yr old has been telling me for 6 months that she wanted her hair cut like her Nana’s. (My mom recently had breast cancer and her hair is just now growing back, so it is super short) I cut her hair chin lenght thinking that would placate her but it did not. Right before Thanksgiving she cut ALL of her hair off, so now she has the exact same hair cut as Shiloh. Well actually when she did it her hair was a lot shorter but now that it has grown out, it is the same lenght.

Kellykc on

I hate when people claim Brad & Angelina just don’t follow gender rules. Let me know when you see Maddox, Pax or Knox in a dress and then we’ll talk about gender rules. Shiloh’s just a tomboy, it’s not about their beliefs on gender rules.

Mrs.B on

Girls are so lucky! They can dress with “boy” clothes and still be cute. It’s a totally diferent story if a 3yo boy goes out with a dress and tiara.

3yo can have a preferences about clothes and shoes. My son(will be 3 in May) is into skateboards and all the clothes have to be a “skateboard” clothes. He will tell me if he thinks something is cute.

Bre on

I think she looks really cute. Just b/c she’s a girl and there are nice and pretty girl clothes doesn’t mean Shiloh or any other girl should be made to look like a cupcake with pink frosting. Children aren’t possessions and as parents I don’t think it’s right to try to relive your childhood through them. If your daughter likes sports and action figures and you force her into pink and frilly nonsense, it’s not gonna make them like sports and action figures any less.

JessicaC on

as far as her hair, it’s only hair- whatever, but I do have to comment on the big clothing debate. It’s not my business how others raise their kids, but I’d just like to point out to all teh posters who think it’s Shiloh choosing to dress that way, and all that. I don’t know about anyone else, but I dont give my 3 year old my credit card and send him off shopping to buy what he wants. Children can only choose to wear from what is bought for them. So yes, her parents are responsible to an extent. Also, if you remember, the first magazine cover shoot when she was born, they had her in a very boyish blue onesie. And yes, I know it’s all this “we should be free to be and wear what we want” while that may be so, I’d like to see those posters reactions when their sons want to wear dresses.

JMO on

Well I would NEVER allow my baby girl to dress like that and would probably fight her tooth and nail on it (after all I’m the mommy) But I would make exceptions. Like if she did’t want dresses fine but there would be no I’d chop her hair off. One thing I can say either way Shiloh is still really cute.

JMO on

btw there are MANY pics of Shiloh dressed in dresses as a baby. The one I recall is when she was on set with Brad at about 9 mos old and she had a pretty white dress and little white mary janes on! So she was dressed as a girl and as all children do she grew a personality and found her style. I do not blame Brad or Angie for “making” her this way. This is more or less a child that has found it more comfortable to be in pants and wear hats then to walk around in dresses. Zahara is dressed very girly and looks like a Ms. Diva. And even baby Viv has been seen in girly outfits.

renae on

Who cares how they dress their kids? They, like other parents, have the right to dress them how they see fit.

dee on

My nephew whose the only boy of 4 children (he’s the second born so they weren’t trying for a boy after having 3 of the same gender) carried a little black purse around from the age of 2 to 4 and it was always filled with his cars, dinosaur, or an action figure. He’s a now a healthy well adjusted first grader who plays basketball, likes to fish, and riding his bike. My sister and her husband could have made a big stink about it, but they just felt that would have done more damage than letting him carry a purse around.

On another note, his three and a half year old sister told me her favorite color wasn’t pink anymore but red…I almost shed a tear of joy.

Motherof a3yearold on

While I have no problem with the way she is dressed, I went through a very tomboyish stage in my life as well. I wonder if everyone would be as accepting if a celebrity parent allowed thier 3 year son to dress in “girl” clothes.

Hea on

So many stupid and ignorant comments…

Gender is not in clothes, people. You can’t make someone into a different gender. We are what we are and there is nothing wrong with that. If Shiloh likes this then that’s great for her and for her parents who obviously has the understanding that gender roles should be revised because they are outdated and OLD.

/Helena, 25, wearing black pants and a Black Label Society t-shirt, red nail polish, tattoos AND skull earrings. And yes, I know I’m a girl AND I’m straight.

katie on

Who cares what she is wearing? She’s always dressed for the weather and seems happy and healthy. Who cares if she’s a tomboy? Guess what! I’m 25 and I’m STILL a tomboy, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hea on

Besides, why are so many of you assuming Angelina did this and didn’t do that? Shiloh has a mother and a father who seemingly raise their children as a unit which is great but… could it be that you are a weeee bit locked up in old gender roles here?

a on

I think it’s cute, although I have a feeling she got ahold of a pair of scissors (or one of her siblings). Her bangs look really crooked. Still, she is beautiful!

Jessie on

I think she looks great! Obviously her parents let her choose her clothes since Zahara is always dressed girlie. As for the haircut, so what? My parents let me choose my own hair when I was little at the hair salon … I chose a “boy” cut once, hated it, never asked for it again, but I learned. Other girls like it and kept it – no big! The difference between Shiloh and Suri is that Angelina and Brad are letting her choose her clothes within reason – they are still appropriate for the weather. Suri’s are not.

SY on

I think she’s adorable…I’d much rather see a child dressed like this than that of Suri Cruise. BTW, which century are we in when we must say that a girl must wear her hair long and dress “girly.” Between the comments here and the fact that some kids dropped off of my son’s baseball team b/c a girl was on it, I’m beginning to wonder if we are regressing!

JM on

i commented on the other jolie-pitt topic but it didn’t get posted for some reason.
i just want to say that i think it is sad there are such narrow-minded adults around as here on this blog. i hope you don’t pass that attitude on to your kids, because i would be embarrassed if i was the parent of the kid in the class who makes fun of the boys who wear pink or the girls who are tomboys, or if they thought there was something wrong with it. you guys should be ashamed of yourselves, how can you expect your kids to be tolerant if you can’t even be tolerant of a little girl who is clearly a tomboy and likes this style? what makes adults behave this way?
i for one am proud that none of my five kids would think there is anything wrong with a girl being a tomboy, having boys clothes and dressing up like a pirate, peter pan, footballer whatever, or a boy wearing something that was pink. i would find it sad though if adults thought there was something with kids like that just because of their own insecurities…

Erin on

I actually don’t fine that outfit all that “boyish” to be honest. She is in a polo with a sweater and pants. Oh no, send out the fashion gender police!! Is it the black pants? Is it because the sweater is gray? If the SAME pants were beige and not black and the SAME sweater were pink and not gray, I bet these comments would be very different. And funny the only thing different on Shiloh would be the colors.

People really do amuse me.

Jennifer on

MB- you are SO right! She does look like a mini-Ellen! I laughed out loud when I read that.. so true!

Shiloh is probably just experimenting with different looks and what she feels most comfy in. I would imagine that’s normal for a child that age.

I’m a girly girl, but I had a haircut like that when I was eight. I was in third grade. I had really long hair and just decided oh, I’m tired of it, I want it to be short. My mom tried to talk me out of it and cried when all my hair got cut off at the salon, but I was a determined kid: I wanted it short. I liked it for about a week, then it hit me and I cried and cried and cried, I wanted my long hair back so bad. Everyday I would stand on the toilet to look into the mirror and see if it had grown back. I did this for MONTHS. Every single day, I would measure the length and was beyond excited when I could finally put it in the tiniest ponytail ever created. When it finally grew back long enough I never went back to hair that short again and that’s been 25 years lol!

Amy on

With regard to Shiloh’s hair being dyed. I do not believe that for a minute. My brother had such blond hair it was practically white as a toddler and it changed to Shiloh’s shade and now is quite a dirty blonde/brown colour. Children’s hair often darkens with age. When Shiloh has blue hair I will believe it has been dyed. Until then, I’m sure it is all natural. She is a beautiful little girl.

Lau on

Absolutely gorgeous. That’s all I have to say.

Erin on

Also in other pictures she is holding her PINK jacket. It just isn’t that serious people.

celebsarah on

I like that Shiloh seems to have her own unique style. I’m not a fan of the outfit, but it’s not hurting anyone. Cute hair, though she does look a lot like Jayden Federline here!

Cece on

In the early to mid 1970’s I had a very short haircut/bangs. Now that I look at it I think, those girls with those long braids, or Nelly Olson “Little House on the Prairie” curls were cute, but it was easy to take care of and worked, until I was about eight and let it grow longer. She’s just a little kid! Let her have fun. She’s got plenty of time before I Carly creeps into her life….

MB on

I think we are regressing SY, go in to the nearest shop and try buying girls clothes that aren’t pink. This hairstyle was actually very popular for girls in the 60’s and 70’s and I think Shiloh is super cute in it. With regards to the colour of her hair, I don’t doubt it has gotten darker, a lot of kids’ hair does, but I am surprised that no one seems to notice that the picture is taken through what looks like a tinted shop window, makin everything in the picture darker than usual.

btw_2010 on

I totally dislike this hair cut. poor Shiloh…

Lisa on

It is refreshing for mom’s with girls that are tomboys to see a good role model. My 4 year old hates dresses and dolls and loves soccer and baseball and plays with boys.I began to fret last year when we were invited to a “Dress as your favorite Disney princess or prince,” birthday party last year. She did not want to dress as a princess, but was dressing as a prince going too far? Ha Ha
Luckily she wore a plain t shirt dress with the Disney princesses sewn on, but she did wear her big jacket to hide her dress in 90 degree heat. Oh well!

Yvonne on

My daughter gave herself a “haircut” at 3 and the only solution was to cut it into a much shorter than this pixie cut. It was much prettier han the mullet she had given herself! My sister in law cut her 4 year old daughters hair short when she wouldn’t allow mom to wash it or brush it. She’s adorable regardless of the reason for the new cut.

I agree with JM, the gender role bias is intolerable. My son started growing his hair long when he was 5, it’s what he wanted. He was often mistaken for a girl and it upset him at first until we explained people just didn’t expect a boy his age to have long hair. You see far more little boys now with long hair. It’s ironic, women complain about the gender roles we have forced on us as adults but we are obviously guilty of perpetuating them in the next generation, which we are raising. Maybe our daughters will be the generation to break the cycle.

Lola on

I just cant help but laugh at some of you people getting so worked up about this child. She’s happy..healthy..and blessed beyond belief. She is still gorgeous & is going through a “tom-boy” phase, who’s fun to see all of the different personalities in the Jolie-Pitt house!!

MrsDevilDoc on

She’s adorable! It’s only hair, it will grow again and she can choose to have her hair cut short again.

Kati on

I love her new hairstyle! It suits her very well.It´s wonderful to see this little girl because she most definitely has a style of her own. If she feels more comfortable by wearing pants and a sweater rather than a pink dress so be it. I had many girlfriends who dressed up like that as a child and now they all are very feminine. But from time to time they still wear jeans and sweaters. Shi´s clothes don´t mean that she´s gonna be a lesbian when she grows up. So stop judging her style! She could wear a potato sack and still look beautiful!

DonkeysMom on

I have never commented on this site before, but feel the need to on this topic.

Do people on here have absolutely nothing better to do with your time than criticize how people that you will never meet dress their child? She is loved, healthy and well cared for. That should be the biggest concern. Perhaps your time and energy should be focused on helping children who would actually benefit from a little care and concern.

I’m just amazed that grown women have nothing better to do with their time than argue back and forth about a child’s haircut. At the end of the day, is your life going to be negatively affected by Shiloh’s hair and clothes? Didn’t think so. Let kids be kids and get over it already!

JessicaC on

So tired of hearing people complain about “gender roles” yeah big deal, some boys wear their hair long…put your son in a dress then you can preach to the world about how we should all be ashamed of ourselves for perpetuating gender roles.

marina on

JessicaC – I agree with you, she can only choose from what her parent buy, but there are three boys at her house as well, two of them older and she can fit on their clothe easily. So even if Brand and Angelina don’t buy her “boy clothe” she still have from where to choose.

I have an girly girl older sister, from the moment she was born all she wanted was to “play mum”, were dresses, pink and all of that. I was born five years later and i liked to either boy clothe or naked, play fight, and play basketball. No one make me that way, I just needed to be myself and separated from my sister, whatever she did I did the opposite. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t love her, I just was trying to be me. Maybe Shi is trying that herself.

by the way I’m a straight woman now, in a steady relationship and sometime wear dresses.

Ally on

I’m sorry… I think the haircut is terrible. If it were a “pixie” cut, it would be a little more even. This looks like someone cut it at home.

ashley on

A 3 year old child can not be chic. It is not cute for a girl, it isn’t even cute for a little boy. I get she is probably the one dressing herself at this point but who buys the clothes? To each their own but it just looks silly. The hair is awful!

Trinh on

she lost her blonde overnight! omg w/ six kids under 7, does anyone really think the working parents have time to determine/dictate how their kids’ style evolves? y would they then make one girly and one not? shiloh looks SOO cute. i can’t wait to see her grow up and watch her fashion choices evolve through the years.

Lily on

Blackrose, me too! My hair looked just like Shiloh’s when I was three and four and I never thought it was particularly cute on me. I’d say it looks better on Shiloh.

marina on

I forgot to add, that if she indeed enjoy being dress like this it’s much more healthier to let her than make her dress the way she want behind their backs.

And my godfather(very religious may I add) let her son wear a bright pink sweater because he liked and was comfortable on it! Believe that sweater was so pink that it hurt my eyes!

Veronica on

I really don’t like that they dress this little girl like a boy. I haven’t seen her in a dress since she was like 2. But she has older brothers so maybe she wants to wear what they wear. But it kinds looks like they get Z. and Shi dressed in anything within reach, like they are kids who cars what they wear. I agree and I disagree. But when you have 6 young kids to dress you do the best you can to get out the door. LOL All of those children are adorable in that family.

eljika on

Everyone is just so hilarious. We know absolutely NOTHING about this family, except what we see in photos. We do not know them, therefore stop saying that this child is “…happy..healthy..and blessed beyond belief.” Granted we also don’t know that she’s not. We don’t know if the few glimpses we see of these kids are the ONLY times the parents spend with the kids and the remainder of the time they’re with nannies. I like to think that they are very loved and cared for and from what we see in photos it appears that way, but the bottom line is WE DO NOT KNOW! Stop pretending you do!!!!!!!

Mrs. R. on

Growing up there were 3 little girls in my school who had this EXACT same haircut. I seem to remember there was a time when ALL little girls wanted short ‘boyish’ hair (the Dorthy Hammel anyone?)

When most grown up women have short hair, why would it be ‘boyish’ for a little girl to have short hair? And what little girl DOESN’T wear jeans and a sweater sometimes?

And what IF Shiloh is a tomboy? What’s wrong with that? It’s not like it means anything other than she’s rough and tumble at 3… She might completely switch gears at 4. These kids are so tiny, to read too much into what they wear or what their hair looks like does such a disservice to letting them grow up to be who they are going to be.

Mary-Helen on

So, lemme get this straight: Suri Cruise’s parents are overindulgent for allowing Suri to wear what she likes but Shiloh’s are progressive? Also, Suri’s dresses are bad, but Shiloh’s tomboy chic is bad too. What the heck are these kids supposed to wear? My 3 year old is VERY stubborn & there isn’t a person alive who could make her wear anything. I’m not a fan of Shi’s haircut or clothes, but she’s not my kid. If she was, she would prally wear it because it’s really no big. My daughters have a nice range of jeans and dresses that they’ve picked out & are happy. We have enough trouble fighting with teen girls about clothes, why fight about a sweater?

Amber on

I saw 97 comments on here, took a deep breath and entered with caution.

Shi on

I was the ultimate tomboy myself unil I was in the fifth grade. ALL of the kids close to my age in my neighborhood were boys, except one girl who was a couple of years younger and she was my opposite, an ultimate girly girl. I couldn’t stand that and hardly wanted to play with her. Whatever the boys were playing, that’s what I wanted to play; kickball, dodgeball, basketball, whatever. I played as hard as they and was as good as they were and I was pretty rough. Everyone, including my coach at school, thought for sure that I would be a great athelete because I was so good at sports. During my tomboy phase you would have never mistaken me for a boy. Because my parents were the ones paying for my clothes, they were also the ones choosing what I would wear and that was that. Except for Sundays or other days that I needed to dress up I wore mostly shorts and pants but always in typical girl fashion and colors. My hair was usually always in ponytails and bows. I was still rough and played with boys all day everyday with my pink and purple outfit and matching bows. The only time my parents complained was if I got my “good clothes” dirty. Other than that, they let their kid be a kid. To be honest, I really didn’t care about what I had on that much until I was in the fifth grade and then I became a prissy little girl, always in the mirror and loving all things purple and with butterflies. My point is, I think nothing is wrong with being a tomboy but from experience, you can be a tomboy without actually looking like a boy. Of course I didn’t care about the clothes that much, but I’m not Shiloh.

I personally don’t like Shiloh’s clothes and haircut, but I don’t think Brad and Angie are bad parents for it. From the very little that I can tell about them as parents through interviews and pictures, I happen to think that they are probably really good parents. As long as she is a happy and well-provided for little girl, I really could care less what she has on. But I love seeing Zahara becoming more and more girly. She is such a beautiful little girl and she looks even more adorable these days in her diva girl fashion. But in 20 years she can very well decide to dress like Ellen and Shiloh like Kim Kardashian (is that good??? Well she is girly).

As I’ve always said, we have to allow for parents to parent their OWN children. As long as they aren’t hurting them, who cares. But at the same time, people do have the right to say that thay don’t like it and wouldn’t allow it for their own kids. That doesn’t make them a bad parent either…IMO.

Erica on

She’s clean, healthy, dressed appropriately for the weather and almost always looks happy in photos–what’s there not to like?

P.S. I’d more readily agree with those who think Angelina and Brad are forcing this on Shiloh if 1) we’d never seen her in dresses (which we have) and 2) if it wasn’t so obvious that Zahara loves frilly-girly things. They are almost the same size so it would actually be easier for them to let the sisters share clothing. Obviously their budding personalities are divergent on the style track, and the difference is not a statement by their parents IMO.

nettrice on

Shiloh is being herself and loving it! I love it for her. If what some of your were saying about the Jolie-Pitts forcing boy clothes and hairstyles on their girl children then why is Zahara dressed and styled so girl-y? It does not add up.

People are showing their conditioning and it’s SAD.

Shiloh was all long-haired and blond in white dresses until she was able to communicate that she wanted to be Peter Pan and at that point her parents allowed her to explore that which made their little girl very happy and she is becoming who she wants to be, not what fits in with stereotypes. I applaud the Jolie-Pitts for allowing their children the freedom to explore and express themselves.

They will become leaders, not followers. I’d put money on that.

mimi on

It’s clear to me that Angie and Brad are going with the flow of Shiloh’s gender vibe. It may be a reality, or it may not. Let’s wait and see. No need to traumatize the poor child.

Reader on

I’m surprised they let her wear yellow. Usually the whole family is in shades of black, brown, white etc.

Luna on

Oh my goodness. People this is a three-year-old child. Let her look how she wants. If she wants short hair, fine. If that’s how her parents let her look, fine. Live and let live. It’s her body, her opinions, and her hair. Let her cut it how she wants. I think she looks cute and if she doesn’t like it, it’s hair. Hair grows back. Maybe she just wants to look different from others. I know my little girl always wanted to look different than anybody else (but she’s an identical twin so maybe that’s why). Anyway, she wanted to wear the most out there clothes she could, and we let her. Now, she wears more normal things. Maybe this is just a phase. We don’t know.

Dana on

Wow, I didn’t even know this was Shiloh—I thought it was an ad for some clothing that you sometimes see here! I love Shiloh, however she is, she is one of my favorite celeb-“babies”. Let her be, she has the right to be whoever she is and express herself. Don’t really care for the hairdo, but it’s not my hair, so whatever 🙂

ang on

omg i thought it was one of britney’s boys!

Beverley on

Substitute my dark brown hair for her light hair and this could be a picture of me in 1976. I totally rocked that haircut and would always choose my brothers hand me down over my girly sister’s stuff. I would rather be jumping in puddles and rolling in mud and not worring about my clothes and shoes. I did get called a boy a lot, but I just told people I was a girl. I don’t have a complex from it and I outgrew this mode when I was 12. I had that haircut for 12 years and then I asked to grow my hair and my mom was happy. I still am happier in a t-shirt and jeans than girly stuff. Go ahead, Shiloh, don’t follow what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

Nicole on

Personally, I think she’s adorable no matter what she wears. I think it’s great that they’re letting her decide what to wear or how to look. I try to give my preschooler the freedom to choose his wardrobe, etc, within reason so I totally understand the crazy things they sometimes come up with. She still looks totally cute and she has soooo much time for dresses, skirts and being girly in her life. Let her be who she wants to be. It’s not your kid, so why care so much??

Jackelynn on

Couldn’t really care less how they’re dressing her, but WOW thought this picture was one of Britney Spears’ boys at first glance. She really looks like she could be another brother in that family!!

Yoco on

Veronica, there are plenty of pics of her in a dress . She was in a dress when she and Brad and Angie and Zahara were spotted at a grocery stone in Long Island last Spring. So this nonsense about Brad and Angie suddenly deciding to dress her as a boy is absurd. I guess they forced her to wear Brad’s ties, carry a sword and wear soccer cleats to dance class.GMAB

Gem on

Well, my son has that exact haircut and everyone always thinks he’s a girl and call him a ‘she’ so it can’t be that boyish can it?

Lauren on

As someone who studies psychology of gender, I find these comments highly interesting. There are several reasons for this, some of which have already been mentioned:

1) Many people talk a good game when it come to smashing steroetypes-for girls. By and large, it is actually boys who suffer from more rigid stereotypes than girls. It is acceptable for girls to play soccer, wear clothing of all colors, and engage in video game wars. I wonder if all of you who are ready to pat Brad and Angelina on the back would say the same if Mad or Pax was walking around in lipstick and a tutu. This is one of the reasons I personally can’t stand traditionally male names on girls; in addition to all the gorgeous female names available, I have yet to come across a boy named Sophia. Until that day comes, the “gender neutral/equality” argument is bogus.

2) There are boy’s clothes in lighter pastels (ie, girly) colors, just as there are girls’ clothes in darker colors. You can dress in clothing designed for your sex without conforming to “gender stereoypes.”

3) Te exact same people yakking about Shloh wearing what makes her happy are the same people bashing Suri for wearing what makes her hppy. So which is it? Are children supposed to wear what makes THEM happy? Or YOU happy? If many were being honest with themselves, it would be te latter, meaning the crows about individuality and tolerance are totaly disingeuous, as they only apply to your personal preferences.

4) While Shiloh did wear white and dresses more often than not as a toddler, her first introductory photo was of her wearing a gray skulland bones Kingsley shirt specifically designed for a boy. She was also seen in skull booties at a few months old. Unless you want to claim she had this preference for such clothes coming out of the womb, Brad and Angie projected this image onto her in some manner before she was too young to have a say. They did not, notably, do this with Zahara or Viv.

Bottom line: There is a major difference between being a “tomboy” and wanting to be and take on the gender of boy. She is a female, and short of surgery, that will never change. But right now, she is self-identifying as a boy. THAT is what gets people talking.

Lauren on

PS. Apologies for the multiple spelling errors. Bad Internet connection.

J on

So Suri gets picked on for being too girly and Shiloh gets picked on for being a tomboy and dressing like a boy. What is the happy medium with some people? 😦

Erica on

Lauren, I actually agree with you 100% on your first point re: gender and baby names. It aggravates me also when people say “a name is just a name” after some celeb has called their little girl an overtly masculine name such as Jagger or Presley, when most everyone knows if the child had been a boy called Jennifer there would be an uproar. lol.

At the same time, I can understand the sensitivity of many in this post; I’m someone who thinks the way Suri Cruise dresses is completely adorable because it’s so obviously what she likes. Likewise, Shiloh looks happy in her little fedoras and swashbuckling outfits–so I think the difference between giving a girl child a boy’s name (or vice versa) and letting them dress the way they want is vast.

Isabella on

I think letting kids express themselves is fine— but when it gets to the point where you can’t even tell if the child is male or female, then I think it’s gone a little too far. Shiloh doesn’t even look like a tomboy, she just looks like a boy. I honestly thought I was looking at a picture of Jayden James Federline before I read the title. JMO

Kristine on

Who cares if she looks like a boy. She can express herself in any way that she likes. None of us have any say. She’s not your kid. So drop it.

Yoco on

Lauren,” They did not do this with Viv or Zahara” Really! There are pics of Zahara in boyish clothes as a baby and toddler wearing her brothers hand me downs. Actually there are far more pics of Shiloh in dresses than Zahara. So because in the People Magazine shoot Shiloh is in a Kingsley tshirt they have projected this image on to her.GMAB. So the pic of her at 3 weeks old defines her . What about all the other pics of her between 3 weeks old and 3 y.o.? We should ignore all those images ,right As for Viv she has only been seen in public 5 times in 19 months so we DK how she is usully dressed.Maybe she is wearing skull booties right now as we speak we don’t know . Well any way I like the haircut and hairstylists interviewed are predicting moms may start requesting it because it makes fine hair appear thicker and healthier. BTW there are pics of Pax visiting AJ on set today on

shirese on

Some do pick on Suri for being too girly and that is wrong. Most people pick on Tom and Katie for letting her go out in zero degree weather with an open light jacket though.

Karm on

I think it is so encouraging that Brad and Angelina are interested in supporting their child’ idea of what they like.

Please notice that I said SUPPORT, not cater to.

Kandi on

Shiloh has the elegant Princess Diana hair-do. Princess Diana was also a so-called tomboy when she was a child and Princess Diana had the same hair style as a child and kept the look as an adult. Shiloh is the new version of a mini-Princess Diana.

lover on

i say the jolie pitts make a website just for taking polls. for example: they can put 4 different pictures of haircuts and ask: which haircut for OUR child would make YOU, a complete stranger, happy?

you people are all hilarious. I really hope your children are perfectly dressed within “gender roles” and i hope their haircuts are perfect.

YOU don’t pay their bills, therefore NONE of you get to say ANYTHING about their lives.

samantha on

shiloh is too pretty to be dressing like that

Liliana on

Lover, very good comment.

I agree. People stick their two cents in like it actually matters. It’s one thing to have an opinion but it’s another to blatantly criticize parents saying they’re doing harm to their child just because they aren’t raising him/her the way others see fit. Then again, as with many families on this site, posters can find fault with the way they breathe.

If Shiloh in fact does identify as a boy, as a poster mentioned, I still don’t see the uproar. She is going to be exactly who she wants to be whether it’s now or 20 years from now. Perhaps it’s just a phase; maybe it’s not. Either way, as long as she’s happy, healthy, and well-cared for, I don’t see the problem.

I may be in the minority but I find the comments about Angelina and Brad making her said way to be complete crap. If the behavior and attire is what Shiloh identifies with, then let her be. Just because society deems it unnacceptable doesn’t mean she has to adhere to anyone or thing besides herself. Let’s be honest, society’s opinions, as a whole, tend to be ridiculous.

Maybe it stems from one’s own insecurities or makes others feel uncomfortable but saying Shiloh’s behavior and clothing are wrong is, in and of itself wrong. Is she wearing a tube top and lace underwear? I didn’t think so. Is she treating people poorly and acting malicious? Seeing as I don’t know the family, I can’t say for sure but I’m going to go out on a limb and say no.

All things considering, I think some individual posters are being ridiculous; not Shiloh, Angelina, or Brad.

Erin on

Lauren I respectfully disagree on many of your points, particularly the notion they didn’t do this with the others girls. For one we have seen Viv how many times? And as for Zahara, I remember people going on and on about them not dressing Zahara more girly (whatever that means because she wasn’t dressed like a boy. Not wearing pink and not being in dresses doesn’t equal boy like people seem to think, but I digress) They said she was “wearing Maddox’s hangmedowns” and yet she is pretty girly right now.

And as a child Shiloh wore dresses and dressed “feminine” as many like to claim it. So why does her introduction photo have to mean anything? After that she was in dresses. Or does those not count because now she prefers swords over tutus?

As far as names go. I know boys named Kelsey, Ashley, Jamie, Casey, Loren, Ariel, and Kim. I also know girls named James, Christopher, Parker, and Lee. And I won’t even count all the folk with names that go either way like Billy/Billie, Erin/Aaron, Sam, Jess, etc. Besides many are family names passed on. It is only a big deal if YOU make it one. If their names were Banana Peel, then I could see the concern.

But I do agree on this point. “Are children supposed to wear what makes THEM happy? Or YOU happy? If many were being honest with themselves, it would be te latter, meaning the crows about individuality and tolerance are totaly disingeuous, as they only apply to your personal preferences.”

That is ALL this thread is about. People trying to disguise their concerns with their own personal opinions and agendas. Most aren’t honest with themselves. People fight so hard to “break down barriers” but fail to see that they are the main ones keeping them up, especially when it comes to societal images.

Hell, my great-great-grandmother (age 98!) still doesn’t wear pants and thinks it is ridiculous for ladies to be in suits. But that’s her upbringing. Not mine.

Janna on

Isabella: “I think letting kids express themselves is fine— but when it gets to the point where you can’t even tell if the child is male or female, then I think it’s gone a little too far”.

Why do you care if YOU can tell whether a total stranger is a boy or a girl? What difference does it make to YOU?

My (now adult) daughter is mistaken for a boy all the time. Doesn’t bother her in the slightest. She knows that by choosing the haircut she does and wearing traditionally “boy” clothes that people will mistake her for a boy.

But SO WHAT?? Who’s it hurting?? Keep in mind that the chances are good that Shiloh Jolie Pitt and her family do not care (and should not care) about what you, or 99.9% of the rest of the world’s population, thinks.

Tams8312 on

More power to Angelina and Brad. I was a tomboy as a child, and wanted short hair just like my brother. My parents were against it as they thought all girls should have long hair and as a compromise let me have a mullet. Let me tell you I hated the mullet, even at age 8 I knew it was hideous.

I’m glad to see Angelina and Brad allowing Shiloh to express, and wish my parents let me do the same. They even made my sister and I dress up in similar outfits, and she is five years younger…a big gap when you’re growing up. My mom even bought us similar jackets at Christmas a couple years back so much for self expression. Luckily, I lived in England and my sister was still in Canada so we didn’t have to deal with “OMG, you’re wearing matching outfits!” something we dealt with all our lives.

Lee on

I have to agree with other posters, some of these comments sound for homophobic which is disappointing. What I hear when people say “she should dress like a little girl’ is if she doesn’t dress girlie, she will end up gay which is disgusting to them. I believe some of you need to rethink your ideas about gender.Btw, Katie, it’s nice to meet another to tomboy in their twenties 🙂

Just K on

I think she looks cute, would I cut my daughter’s hair that short? No… but I’ve got an almost 2 year old who loves blue jeans and Mary Janes, so I can attest that kids have opinions at a young age about what is put on them.

I do have to point out though, I find it ironic that so many people are claiming that Angelina is obviously rebelling through her child with this get up, and acting like it was Shiloh’s idea. What about the opposite? The women (celebrity and not) who go over the top with frilly dresses, pink, lace, bows, etc. Are they not doing the same thing, expressing their own style through their child? What makes it so awful when Angelina does it, but totally acceptable when Ali Landry goes the other way?

If the child is healthy, clothed, and happy, I guess I don’t really care what they’re wearing…

moose on

I like short hair on girls. I think it looks very feminine. I just like pixie cuts!

Erika on

I don’t like the haircut but I agree- she is at the age where she may have decided to cut her own hair. Most little girls go through that.

Now I was a smart child- when I wanted to play hairdresser, I cut my sister’s hair, instead of my own since I didn’t want to end up with short hair. I ended up in trouble though lol.

If not, I think it is unusual to cut a girls hair like that, but maybe it was too hard to brush or something? I also really don’t like her clothes. There are places that make clothes for girls that are just as comfortable as boys clothes except more appealing. I never understood the little girl dressing like a boy thing- It’s girls clothes are no less comfortable than boys clothes anymore. I wore jeans and tee shirts through most of my childhood, but the jeans had rhinestones and little flowers embroidered and the tee shirts were pink, purple and light blue with designs. Were they less comfortable than boys clothes? I wouldn’t think so.

Larissa on

A hair-do like that is quite a statement… Shiloh is just not old enough to be making any, it is not as casual anymore as in
” my daugther hates wearing skirts” and it´s now far from just play.
Whilist I agree parents should encourage children to express their own personalities, we cannot just let our kids do whatever silly thing crosses their minds or just cut their hair because they hate brushing! We have to set limit and boundaries because we live in a society, no matter how much you wish to exclude yourself from it or how much you think you are above it!

Wendy on

OK, speaking from a different POV here, but I like Shiloh’s hair. My 5 year old daughter has a genetic condition (ectodermal dysplasia) that causes her to have very short hair, much like how Shiloh’s is cut. My daughter doesn’t understand why other girls have long hair, and where we live in the South, the majority of girls her age have long hair. It’s encouraging for her to see other pretty little girls like Shiloh with short hair. I wonder if I can take her to a salon and order the Shiloh now?

Shan on

I think that if her parents are dressing her that way then its a bit sad, but as a parent of three children I know exactly what it is like when your child refuses to wear what you want and make up their own style, all of mine did it, I couldnt even buy clothes unless they were around to say yes to them.
Anybody elses kid though, noone would bat an eyelid, but because she is in the public eye then there must be something wrong….pffft

kimbrlz on

i dont like tha hair cut one bit- she looks like a boy!!! i credit this mistake to the hairdresser! id she indeed did want her hair cut off, there was soooooooo much more to do than a pageboy/bowl cut!

the clothes i dont mind one bit- i myself prefer kids to have function over fashion- while you can have both- you wont see me putting my daughters in heels at age’s this young- no matter what they ask for- i am the parent and letting our kids decide thses things so early just adds to the “stress” of life.. if i can spare them some, then i’m happy…

B.J. on

Shiloh looks adorable. I have a similar haircut. I’m a grown woman. Are you all going to tell me I’m not feminine now, or that I’m identifying as a boy?

I read your comments everyday, and this is by far the most ridiculous thread I’ve ever seen. Get a life, people. Not every girl is frilly and lace.

In other words: GET OVER IT.

P.S. I HATE the color pink ;P

Plum on


I totally agree with your first point. But you have to admit that Brad and Angelina actually broke gender barriers with their names – Shiloh is obviously a masculine name, but they named their SON Pax, which is totally feminine (after the Roman goddess of Peace). It’s the only celebrity example I can think when parents gave used the so-called “unisex” name trend in both directions.

Lee on

Erika, why does it matter? What’s wrong with her liking boy clothes? I really want someone to come up with good answer. But I doubt anyone will because the isn’t a good one. It’s basically people who believe in old rules about girls and boys and feel upset that people dare to challenge them

Isabella on

Wow, what an over the top reply, Janna. If you notice, I said *I* THINK and followed my comment with *JUST MY OPINION*. You’re right, they don’t care what I have to say, and I honestly don’t give a damn if they do. I was expressing my opinion, just like you and everyone else, and I think you took my opinion a little to personally.

Lee on

Bravo B.J. 🙂

kaylee on

Wow she looks like a baby Justin Bieber, LOL. Not feeling the look, WAY TOO boyish for a girl.

I♥CBB on

I think Shiloh looks ADORABLE! She looks like a mini Ellen! 🙂 I respect how Angie and Brad are raising their kids in a gender neutral environment. The kids are able to express themselves in ways that make them comfortable. They do not conform to societal pressures which will make the children confident and happy. That being said I don’t think I could do it. I would be so unhappy if my daughter wanted to dress more tomboyish than girly. I am a girly girl and my dream is to have a daughter so that we can do the things I love to do like mani/pedis and spa days together. I think the most important thing is that your children are happy and confident so even though I would be disappointed I would have to suck it up and accept it.

Haylo on

Some of you people are nuts. If you actually know any normal 3 year old child, you will know that they most certainly can and do express their opinions. My niece hates turtlenecks. I don’t care what her mother says or does, if she sees one laying out to put on she will refuse to wear it. When her mother forces her in it anyway, she is miserable the entire day. Now what would have been better, allowing her to decide what she wanted to wear or having a miserable child that believe me is going to remember that she was forced to wear that shirt (my niece brings this up all the time). I think that we tend to treat children as little dolls who are subject to our wills and wants until they are adults. The truth is that kids are people as well, they have their own wants and needs. Why is it fair to subvert their wants/needs as long as they are not in harms way? Shiloh dressing in this manner is not harming her or anyone else. Therefore let her be.

What I find the most hilarious of all though is how all the blame is laid on Angelina. Brad was the one to mention in public how Shiloh preferred to be called by one of the lost boys name (John?). Brad is the one who took her shopping and rather than steer her toward the girls section, allowed her to choose what she wanted to wear. Angie was not there, probably completely unaware of the shopping trip. But somehow it’s her fault. Is the supposition that Brad is under Angie’s thumbs? Do you really think that a man that appears to be strong and sensible in his own right would allow one of his children to be forced to do something in order to satisfy some supposed whim of the mother? Are you people freaking nuts? Seriously?

I remember that Oprah interview being when she was just around 2 and she already had a strong enough personality to identify with a Peter Pan character. Should we really assume that these things are being forced on her? Get a grip people.

amandamay on

i just picked my 7 year old son up from school. he is wearing jelly bracelets up both arms and sparkly purple and gold (his favorite colors) necklaces. he likes to borrow my lipgloss and says “boys should be able to wear eyeshadow too!” to me when watching me get ready. i love my colorful little boy and i hope that all of you negative, closed-minded women aren’t raising closed-minded little kids who will one day pick on/torment my non-stereotypical little boy. people are who they are, you don’t “make them” into a gender. my son has been “girlie” since i can remember. he loves sports, video games, etc but chooses to dress/style himself very femininely. and i support him 100% – already he has been teased and treated poorly by kids (and many adults!! sickening) his teachers have even told me that he should dress “more like a boy” if he wants the teasing to stop. that’s crap! my sweet boy shouldn’t have to change who he is – those mean kids should be the ones to change their sour/closed-minded attitudes. sorry this is a bit off-topic, but the gender stuff really gets me going 🙂 i think shiloh is lovely, however she dresses/does her hair. BE NICE! teach your kids to be nice! just because someone isn’t like you, doesn’t make them wrong/bad.

actualsize on

When I was about five, my older brothers got buzz cuts (they were into basketball and it was fashionable at the time). I LOVED their buzz cuts sooo much and begged my mom to let me have one. In the end I had to settle for just patting my brothers’ short hair, lol, and wishing for what could have been.

Shiloh looks adorable. A short pixie cut like that would have been so chic on a little girl in the ’60s. It’s all just fashion. She’s a beautiful child, and her parents are doing a great job.

Lee on

So Kaylee, how is a girl suppose to look like? So we should force kids into strict gender rules? Is that what you’re saying because it sounds like that to me

Lily on

I must add, I think others have pointed this out: I betcha she cut her own hair first and this haircut is corrective.

Ratty on

My now 13 year old sister had that exact same hair cut at a similar age. Hate to think of what you’d people would say about her. Nowdays, she has waist length hair. No harm done! 🙂 Not sure what its like in the States, but tons of little girls have those style hair cuts here in Australia. One of my best friends had that hair cut till she was 15.

It’s just hair…some people have a lot, some people have a little, some have it short, some have it long, some have red, or blonde or brown…and it concerns me when people start saying that she’s too pretty for that hair cut. I’m not saying she’s not pretty, because she is, but if people are going to start criticising her on her appearance at age 3, then what hope is there for a little girl who is bound to spend her entire life in the public eye purely because of who her parents are. What a shame!

Staci on

The clothes were one thing, now the hair… It also seems to have gone from platinum blonde to honey brown overnight. My mother had this same haircut in pictures when she was a child and she hates seeing pictures of it! Never let my grandmother live down “chopping” her hair off.

SiervaMaría on

I was in a store today and I overheard a mom tell a boy to put down a shirt he had picked up. She said “you know boys don’t wear pink!” The only thing I could think about for like an hour was “who decided that?” Who decided that a color; a hue created by red being dominated, or diluted by white when mixed together would somehow became a proclimation of effeminancy in a male. Who decided that powder blue was XY chromosome and pink for XX?

ellen on

JM and Erin…love your comments. It is quite sad how narrow-minded people are. I think she looks adorable, I had this same haircut when I was a kid…and as a matter of fact, I have even a shorter version now. She doesn’t look like a boy…I don’t look like a boy. And, um, yeah, I wear blouses and slacks with sweaters. OMG!!!! 😉

Bugs on

I’ve read here in the comments from past posts, crticisms to both Tom and Katie for claiming that Suri is the one who wants to wear what she wears, including the high heels. But you have no problem with Shiloh dressing the way she does. If you applaud the Pitts, you should do the same for the Cruises.

Linda on

She looks adorable! Who cares if it’s a boys’s haircut! She has her whole life to grow her hair long and look “girly!”

Jen on

I had hair that short when I was her age, but only because that was all that had grown 🙂

Anyway, I could care less if she does or doesn’t look like a girl. Gender stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. If you don’t like little girls being dressed like boys, well then, don’t let your daughter dress like boy, let other parents decide what’s appropriate for their own children.

I’m more surprised that her hair has gotten so dark! Where did all that blonde go?

camila on

i don’t like it. I’m 18 years old and i only cutted my hair once in life. In my country is very marked the style between boys and girls and even you’re a “tomboy” or whatever is still a “girlie style” i don’t like it, she looks so older with that clothes and the hair. She should care about her toys and not about the form she dresses. To make shure she lookes cute is mom, a person who i never liked but have to give credit for making a beautiful daughter.

camila on

i found correct to make diferent things for the genders, after all boys are boys and girls are girls aren’t they?

Akira on

I read that Shiloh wanted clothes from the boys section, so I disagree with those who say Brad and Angelina force or dress Shiloh this way. They seem like open-minded parents who will let their children grow up to be what they want to be whether it be a tomboy or a girlie girl. Plus Shiloh is experimenting with her style, just like Brad and Angie have in the past. I have also changed my style throughout my stages of life. If she decides to keep it when she’s older then so be it, nothing wrong with that. Style is a way to express yourself. I am a glamorous chic woman but if my daughter chooses to be a tomboy I wouldn’t stop her.

Liliana on

Camila, biologically they are but that doesn’t mean little boys will want to play with items stereotypically marketed towards them or that girls will want to wear clothing made specifically for them. Gender roles are not set in stone; therefore, when a child doesn’t want to adhere to them, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the child or parent.

Last year, my youngest son begged me for a doll stroller like my niece’s. I bought him a Cabbage Patch doll to accompany it. Now he uses it to cart his dinosaurs from place to place in the apartment. The point is, I would hate to think children would miss out on opportunities they want to experience because society or caretakers believe it’s not appropriate for his or her particular sex.

Denise on

Wow. The ignorance of some people posting about the fact that clothes dictate whether or not you are a girl or a boy is incredible. Look back at history and you’ll find that long hair on men was normal and that men had what we call typically “female” names, like Laurie. Additionally, men wore makeup and wore wigs. Society “dictates” what we consider male and/or female hairstyles and clothing. So, if you insist that girl wear pink to show to everyone that she’s a girl (like it matters unless you get lost in the wrong restroom or want to date the person) or wearing blue cause he’s a boy. I HATED dresses growing up. I wore pants and shirts and I HATED pink (partly because it bothered me that other women would tell me that I should wear pink). Although I like pink now, I still hate dresses. My nephew is almost two. He loves lipstick and putting curlers in his hair. Does it matter? He also loves flowers and the smell of perfume. Will that make him less of a boy? Clothes may make you feel more feminine or masculine, but they certainly won’t make you either. Why is it a parent’s duty to make their child look cute? Girly? Why does it matter to you? I still hate that we insist on giving pink to baby girls and blue to baby boys, just cause that’s how you tell which is which. Who cares? It doesn’t matter to me if someone else’s child looks like a girl or boy. Why do little boys not wear dresses? Probably because it’s a pain. You can’t play or run around as easily in a dress as you can in shorts or pants. As to the hair…I wanted short hair when I was about that age. I had very, very blonde hair that my mom didn’t want to cut. When she finally did cause it was too hot in the summer and just to much of a problem to take care of, it turned drastically darker. Get over it, people. It’s just clothing. It’s just hair. She’s probably going to have worse things to deal with growing up than those things.

Melissa on

Maybe she feels more comfortable being a boy than a girl? The whole Peter Pan thing from a year or so ago and the masculine clothes…and now the hair cut? It could be a phase but who knows? If it’s not, then I applaud her parents to let her be herself. I think the cut looks cute and she looks like Brad did in that film he did, Meet Joe Black.

Michelle on

I hope you women aren’t teaching your children to be as closed minded and hateful. How incredibly sad.

Erin on

Yes boys and boys and girls are girls. I don’t think anyone is denying that. What I think people are denying is the silly ideal that Pink = Girl and Blue = Blue. Girls play house. Boys play trucks. Girls have long hair. Boys have short hair.

I think you get the picture.

SAR on

I remember seeing photographs of Brad with Shiloh when she was about the age that Knox and Vivienne are now — he was filming “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” and showing off Shiloh to various crew members and onlookers. She was wearing a lacy white dress and white shoes. But that was before she was old enough to assert herself in terms of what she wants to wear. As she’s gotten older, she seems to prefer dressing androgynously, or “like a boy.”

That’s how I was. As far back as I can remember, I disliked wearing dresses and preferred to wear pants and button-down shirts, or T-shirts. Not all kids dress in what we consider “gender-correct” ways.

gaby on

she looks like a mini- ellen degeneres

Shoequeen on

I think it is a very cute pixie haircut and don’t see the big deal. The haircut is quite similar to ones that some of today’s top celebrities like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Rhianna, and Kiera Knightly have had. Even Audrey Hepburn had a similar cut. Does that make any of them less of a girl?

Kristin on

I don’t see anything wrong with it. If she didn’t want to dress that way, she is old enough to assert herself. My younger sister was a tomboy while I was quite the girly girl. I’m glad that my mom never tried to change her, and I love that I got to play with “boy toys” and “girl toys” growing up.

Charlotte on

Despite everyone else’s opinion I think she is gorgeous no matter what. And who are we to criticise what may be Shiloh or Angelina’s choices? She’s a beautiful little girl (or tomboy, whatever) and she certainly has style – just her own, not someone else’s influenced by gender stereotypes. Plus, so many people criticise some of the pre-teen girls we see here for dressing too sexily, too girly, like Ava Sambora for example. As Linda said above, she has her whole life to act girly if she wants, she’s three for goodness sakes! Let her be who she wants to be.

CelebBabyLover on

SAR- Actually, Shiloh was 9 months younger than the twins are now when those photos were taken. She was 10 months old (the pictures were taken around the same time Pax was adopted). 🙂

Akira- I completely agree! 🙂

Anyway, I actually think Shiloh’s hair cut is adorable! In fact, I had almost the exact same hair cut for most of my childhood. Also, my hair was blonde at first, then became honey-colored, and now that I’m an adult I’m offically a brunette. Therefore, I totally believe that Shi’s hair is simply darkening naturally.

In fact, if you look at pictures of Shiloh from the past few months (obviously I’m referring to pictures where she’s not wearing a hat and/or her hair isn’t completely covered by a hat), her hair, while not as dark as in this picture, appears darker than it did when she was younger (even in some pictures of her from late last summer, she looked to have some brown starting to creep in to her hair. :)).

I don’t see anything wrong with Shi’s clothes, either. When I was a kid, I loved wearing my brother’s hand-me-downs. Also, while I enjoyed playing with my dolls and other “girly” toys, I also loved playing with my brother’s legos and action figures. Not only that, but some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing “Star Wars” (complete with lightsaber duels!), “Indiana Jones”, “Secret Agents” and other similar games with my brother!

Bottomline: There is absolutely nothing wrong with a girl wearing “boy” clothes or liking “boy” things (and before anyone jumps on me, I also don’t have a problem with boys wearing pink or playing with dolls!). 🙂

Bancie1031 on

WOW I have to be honest ….. I DO NOT like Shiloh’s hair like this AT ALL! She is a very beautiful child (always has been and always will be) BUT now she looks like a boy! Which is fine I guess but I absolutely loved her blonde curls!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as far as the whole Tom and Katie getting criticized for letting Suri pick out her own clothes vs. Angie and Brad NOT being criticized for letting Shiloh do the same thing:

I think the difference is that, with Suri, we have seen her out without a coat in cold weather, and that causes some people to get concerned. Also, I think some people are worried that the heels she’s been seen wearing a lot might wind up harming her feet (since high heels definitely don’t do feet any good!).

By contrast, wearing “boy” clothes is certainly NOT bad for Shiloh’s health, and it’s certainly not going to hurt her!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I’m confused as to why so many people thought this was Jayden Federline at first. Jayden’s hair is much, much shorter than Shi’s! 🙂

Sophia on

Shiloh seems healthy, happy and loved. So what if she wants to wear boyish clothes and have short hair? I think she looks gorgeous, as always, and anyway, who says that girls have to wear pink dresses and have long locks? Goodness, this is just an inverted repeat of all the narky comments about Ryder/River/James Wilkie/Rene-Charles and their long hair. I say, if a boy wants to have long hair, fine, and if a girl wants to have short hair that’s fine too.

Shelly on

165 comments. incredible.
1) love the post about the little boy with jelly wristlets and lip gloss..adorable.
2) i agree with everyone that thinks shiloh (or maybe one of her older siblings) cut her own hair, and this was all that could be done. i had hair to my waist and my parents found me in the bathroom with hair all over the rug. my dad still wanted my hair long, but i had cut parts very i lived with a mullet for 2+ years. I think shiloh got the better deal here.
3) while i almost doubt that shiloh put this together all by herself people should be able to wear whatever they want without being judged as long as it covers up everything that needs to be covered, and isnt racially/sexually offensive. and maybe weather appropiate under the age of 14..after that if you want to freeze or overheat thats your call.

m-dot on

I think she looks like a baby Ellen Degen! I wonder if that’s the look they were going for?

Hea on

JessicaC – I have no problem with little boys in dresses. I have no problem with adult men in dresses either. Why should I?

Maria on

hey you all, remember that boys and girls that age don’t know about gender, sex, or anything like that. I have a little neighbour and he always says he has a boyfrined, noone corrects him, there is no need of correcting him, as there is nothing wrong with leaving your kids pick their own clothes. Personally, I dón’t like it, but I don’t think anyone is doing nothing wrong, and if any of my girls decide to dress like that, I will be OK with it. My eldest really dislikes leotards, and they are totally in right now to be wore with dresses and such, I dont force her, I try to let her be her self, I have to say I am not able to let her buy or chose her clothing, that is because of my budget, lol!!

Maria on

and about the hair, I believe THAT SHE DID THAT TO HERSELF, I don´t think any hairstylist cut the hair that way!! Many children do that, my sister shaved her face when she was about 4, dangerous I know! but things like this happen, kids do it behind their parents back.
SOmetimes when you cut a kid’s hair for the first time its coloration changes drastically.
Just my opinion.

Ashley on

amandamay, your post just made my day! Your little boy sounds like a real character, and bravo to you for letting him be himself! People like you and him are what will keep the world progressing to a more peaceful place!

skipsie on

When I was a toddler, I was always in dresses. When I got to six, I was sick of dresses, and i started to wear tracksuits and jeans. By 8, I was sick of my tomboy style, and got more girly, with skirts and bright pink tights. By 12, I hit the tomboy stage again which lasted until i was 16 and am now currently in my “girly stage” two years later. I predict that I’ll spend next year in jeans and converses.
As for the hair, my little cousins cut each others and their mum had to cut it very short to level it out, which is what kids do.
My best friend is the girliest person i know but when she was younger, she begged for short hair, very simliar to shilohs.

Shiloh used to wear dresses but as shes gotten older (probably more vocal) i’d say its become her choice to wear those clothes. just lik suri chooses to wear dresses and heals!
i think they both look adorable and its nice to see them dressed the way they want to dress because you can clearly see their personalities.

Curly hair gal on

She’s been on spotlight lately. I think the kid already knows how to handle her own fashion. Everybody is attracted to her.

chloe on

I think she looks adorable. Chaz Bono always wore dresses when he was growing up. It doesn’t matter what kids wear as long as they’re happy and well cared for which these kids obviously are.

Lauren on

I knew people would whine about the introductory photo comment and mke a bigger deal ut of it than necessary. The fact of the matter is that n Zahara’s first photo, she wore a yellow sleeper. In Viv’s, she wore a white nightgown of sorts. In Shiloh’s she wore a boy’s shirt. How they dress beyond these photos is irrelevant to the point at hand, except that it is interesting to see where the girls have ended up clothes-wise now when matched with these first photos. Shiloh wearing a boy’s shirt at one week old is an undeniable fact; you can either bellyache about it and try to dance around it or accept it, get over it, and move on. Personally, I choose the latter.

As for the issue of name, yes, there have historically been many names used for boys, then girls, then both, etc. My mom worked with woman named Michael years ago. Why did she have this name? Her parents, particularly her dad, had wanted a boy. Furthermore, I have lived in several of the most diverse cities in the US, including NYC and Washington, DC, in addition to living internationally, and I have yet to come across a boy named Ariel or a girl named Christopher. I’ll be sure to let you know when I stumble across them, as well why they have the names they do. You don’t give a traditionally male name to a girl and vice versa without a reason.

Finally, Maria’s comment that little children are not aware of sex, gender, etc. is an inaccurate staement with all due respect. The process of socialization into gender begins as soon as the sex of the baby is discovered, and by 18 months, toddlers are already forming attachments to toys that “correspond” to their respective genders. Furthermore, boys and girls grow up knowing they are inherently different from one another. However, it has also been proven that you can only socialize a child into gender so much, as studies have shown that the higher a female’s exposure to prenatal testosterone, the less feminine she will be over time, regardless of how much people try to force dresses, etc. on her. This explanation for prenatal testosterone exposure is also thought to explain a lot of the inherent differences between males and females in terms of expression of aggression, etc. So it is true that while they could try to wrangle Shiloh into dresses, it would not make her like them any more.

As I mentioned earlier, this is an incredily complex, obviously sensitive issue, as any child taking on the gender role of the opposite sex is going to raise eyebrows. It is one thing to want to be a girl who plays with the boys and quite another to be a girl who wants to be a boy.

fuzibuni on

wow. nearly 200 comments… all about a little child’s clothing and haircut.

first of all, amandamay, you sound like a great parent and i loved hearing about your darling son. people like you make me happy.

and after reading everyone’s two cents, i’m relieved to hear that the majority don’t seem to mind shiloh’s style. However many of you just don’t like it and want her to wear dresses and long hair.

this leaves me wondering why so many are concerned with what’s between a child’s legs and making sure that they dress according to certain standards for that particular sex. if you give it some thought, it’s a bit creepy, folks.

and i wonder if those of you who are critical of shiloh’s style would be more supportive if she dressed like one of the girls in the baby beauty pageants? those kids are certainly dressed “girly.”
or would that be too much for you as well?

maybe we should think about why we feel it’s important to reinforce gender roles in children. do you do it because you think it is the best thing for your child? or so your daughter will look “pretty” and get compliments from others? or so your son won’t get criticized for being girly? or do you do it simply because it makes you uncomfortable not to have your child’s gender on display?

It would be nice to hear some opinions other than just “i don’t like it” or “she looks like a boy.” if you are going to say that, back it up with why it’s important to you.

Ellen Smith on

She can only wear what her parents purchase for her. This outfit looks like it was put together by adults, not a child. Three year olds don’t layer polo shirts under v-neck sweaters. I do think Shiloh looks masculine in this outfit.

Kim on

Lauren, Zahara didn’t have an formal introductory photo any early pics of her were paparazzi shots.As for Shiloh’s outfit Brad took them shopping Angie was already on the set so maybe he dressed her. I have a problem w/ everyone accusing AJ of some conspiracy to downplay Shiloh’s looks. Love the pixie cut

mazzie on

from the age of three i insisted on what i wanted to wear – and my mother was gracious and unselfish enough to let me have enough leeway to chose, as long as i was appropriately and comfortably dressed.
so from the age of three until the age of 16, i never wore a dress – EVER, not to weddings, ceremonies or any other special event. i had my hair cut just below my ears, and refused to wear jewelry. my footwear of choice was trainers, or athletic looking sneakers.
i am now 32, and i revel in skirts, dresses and most attire toward the more ‘feminine’ end of the spectrum. i adore the feeling of chiffon against my skin, whereas before i couldn’t bear the idea of a skirt hem brushing about my legs. and cutting my hair off would devastate me.
it never did me any harm to be allowed to express myself as a child – which funnily enough, children do want to do, they are not little human bots who we can dress as we chose to please ourselves.
my own daughter is following in my path and though i would love to wrap her up in floral prints and various shades of pink, i think it is a gift to be able to express who YOU are from a young age, and so she wears whatever she feels comfortable in and has a lot of choice in her wardrobe as far as finances will allow.
i’m not judging anyone, but i wish people would stop judging angelina jolie and brad pitt who seem to be very balanced and fair minded when it comes to how they raise their children.

natasha on

looks like she got a hold of the scissors herself (a rite of passage for most kids!!!) and that was the best that her parents could do to salvage the for the clothes,who cares,she looks warm and comfortable.she may hate dresses.i know i did,even at three years old!

Tanya on

Shiloh is absolutely adorable in her new boyish looks! Actually this little girl has alot of feminine features no matter what shes wearing. And like someone says she looks like a little girl born in the 70s. This outfit and haircut is at least a lot more feminin than the “dressing up as a little man” look with her front tooth missing and all. And Shiloh has been wearing white or black dresses before, and she will probably be wearing them again someday. And I don`t think Zahara is any more girly or feminin than her sister. Only a couple of years ago you were saying Zahara was the tomboy only wearing jeans and hand me downs from her brothers,and now Shiloh is claimed to be it. It`s ridiculous!

Lioness on

I absolutely ADORE this picture, Shiloh looks so cute and carefree in it, as usual. What a sweet picture, truly…

brannon on

Saddest post ever. Last summer my 3 year old son saw me painting my toe nails and decided he wanted his done. (pink with red polka dots on one foot, blue on the other.) A lady at the beach the next day actually came up to me and admonished me for “allowing such a thing.” Really?? I was shocked at the time but guess I’m just sad now to know there are so many other people out there just like her…

Shiloh is adorable. Very, very adorable.

CelebBabyLover on

Kim- The photo of Zahara that Lauren was referring to is her adoption file photo that the media managed to get hold of (just like when Pax’s passport photo was released). That being said, I do agree that that particular photo is not a good example to use, since Zahara was still in the orphanage then, and hence Angie and Brad were not the ones who dressed her in that outfit.

Also, I will say that I agree that Shiloh didn’t put together this outfit herself. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t choose her own clothes. After all, the PEOPLE article about the shopping trip DID say that Shiloh picked out boy clothes at the store (as opposed to Brad picking them out for her). Most likely, she picks out the types of clothes she wants to wear, and then her parents help her put them together into different outfits. 🙂

Or maybe her older brothers help her put her outfits together. 🙂

Tanya- Well, Zahara may have been going through a “tomboy” stage back then, and now has become a “girly girl”. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying that a little girl is a “tomboy” or a “girly girl”. 🙂

Ericka on

“Why are people so threatened by people who aren’t into rigid gender roles? Do you find your masculinity/femininity to be so fragile that if someone doesn’t conform they are some how threatening you as well? Your little girls are not dolls, they are people. Thank god Angelina and Brad seem to know that. Some of the comments on here reek of homophobia even though I’m sure the commentators don’t actually know that’s the place their comments are coming from.”


Hea on

“hey you all, remember that boys and girls that age don’t know about gender, sex, or anything like that. ”

They do know. I work with kids ages 1-5 and just yesterday, two four year old girls were really really confused and very much against 2 year old Daniel’s pink nail polish because nail polish is “for girls”. Naturally, I had some explaining to do to them and eventually, they thought Daniel was pretty darn cool.

lisa on

these posts are amazing to me

how can a three year old look feminine or masculine?

do some of you realize you’re attributing adult sex roles to a preschooler?

yes parents buy the clothes but she also has five siblings….they may be rich but i’m sure there are hand me downs between them.

Since the time i learned how to dress myself i insisted on what i would wear…….it took a couple a temper tantrums for my mother to realize it wasn’t worth all the fuss. i picked some crazy outfits……i highly doubt these parents are forcing their daughter to be a tomboy…..most likely they are supporting her personality……and yes….they do have strong personalities even at age 3

lisa on

“Finally, Maria’s comment that little children are not aware of sex, gender, etc. is an inaccurate staement with all due respect. The process of socialization into gender begins as soon as the sex of the baby is discovered, and by 18 months, toddlers are already forming attachments to toys that “correspond” to their respective genders”

children do as they are taught, but many studies have shown that the inherent feeling of gender difference doesn’t become “inherent” until puberty, that regardless of how “socialized” they are…they don’t feel an actual sense of belonging to a particular gender until they begin to produce sex hormones.

boys and girls know they are different from one another but this is not an internal biological feeling, it’s a cultural one. Technically before puberty there are not many biological differences between the sexes….social ones yes….but it is definitely not inherent. the point is they are aware of gender in a theoretical sense, but not in a practical, realistic way.

this is why children often interchange their so called gender identities…….many many girls play with so called “boy toys” and there are many boys playing with barbies and dressing up in moms clothes…….they don’t give a crap about being labeled feminine or masculine.

it’s kind of like the story of adam and eve………they walked around nude and didn’t care because the idea of sex, gender or nakedness didn’t exist to them……once they became aware, they were immediately embarrassed and covered themselves up….it’s the same way with children…..they are relatively free of gender roles until they hit puberty, then all of a sudden they are glaringly aware of the differences and what’s expected of them as men or women.

Leena on

Awww, I think she looks super cute with her hair short. Wasn’t there a post on here a few days ago about how Brad brought them shopping and let them pick out all her clothes she wanted, and she chose a bunch of boy clothes. So I don’t think the hair cut was forced. I’m sure Shiloh wanted short. When my cousin was that age her hair was cut almost exactly like that and it was cute on her. She is 6 now, and her hair is long. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal that her hair is so short.

MM on

Um, correct if I’m wrong, but I recall seeing photos of either Maddox or Pax wearing nail polish. Pax definitely had long hair at one point, and Maddox colored his hair several different colors. When she was younger, Zahara wore more pants and t-shirts, but is more often seen wearing a dress nowadays. Before carrying around a toy sword, Shiloh used to tote a blanket – a pink one, I might add. Based on these observations, my guess is that Brad and Angelina allow their children to experiment with self-expression, which frankly, I find healthy. I would rather children be confident in who they are and their own opinions, than grow up insecure or timid, because they are constantly fretting over whether they live up to some societal ideal — which often are contradictory or impossible to achieve. If you think I’m off base, then look at some of the basket-case celebrities out there, and the prevalence of eating disorders and over-the-top plastic surgery… Heidi Montag, anyone?

As for her haircut and dress sense, Shiloh looks cute to me, but more importantly, she looks comfortable with herself. I find it very odd that some people on this site are very upset that they cannot tell if she is a girl or boy anymore. She’s a 3 year old child. Except for one particular part of the anatomy that is expected to be covered up in most societies, all children tend to look physically the same until puberty. So, why does it matter?

CelebBabyLover on

MM- I couldn’t agree more! I also want to add that Shiloh actually still carries that pink silkie around. I’m not sure, but I think it may even be pictured in some of the other photos from this set (she was also seen carrying a blue silkie a week or so ago….but mostly she seems to love that pink one. :)). 🙂

Incidently, in the photos of the J-Ps arriving in Paris, you can see in some of the photos that Knox now carries around a blanket as well. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Just looked at some of the other photos from this set, and yes, the pink silkie is clearly visable in some of them. 🙂

Brownsugar1313 on

She is adorable and contrary to popular belief not all girls like dressing up in pink frills and playing with dolls.

I have four brothers and growing up I was determined that if they didn’t have to wear a dress then neither would I.

My mom and I battled it out over everything clothing wise and finally we compromised. The only time a dress ever touched my body was my uniform for school and church on Sundays. Those are the only time she gets to make me the girly girl.

Once I came home (usually I started undressing before I got home) everything came off, I was in shorts and a t shirt and outside playing marbles, football, climbing trees, playing cops and robbers. All my dolls we tossed or buried in the garden.

My mom realized she couldn’t fight it anymore and left me to do my thing w/ the exception of weddings etc. and we got along after that!!

I think instead of fighting w/ a kid or dressing her in the imagine YOU as a parent feel is right only makes the kid miserable. Understandable there are circumstances where you would like your daughter to dress up but forcing her makes you a ‘stage mom’ in my opinion.

Shiloh seems comfy in the clothes she wears and I’m sure when she is ready for the girlie girl frills her mother wont have a problem buying them for her.

Stop critisizing the woman and what her kid dresses in….not all girls like dresses!!!

Ana on

Is she happy? That is all that matters.

I think she´s a very cute girl! I prefer Shiloh than Suri. Shi seems to be a child!

I used to dress myself like Shiloh when I was 3 and my hair was just like hers! I remember how happy I was at that time!

Think about it!

audrey on

nawww, I had a haircut like this when I was a little girl! of course I did grow up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but still. I don’t think I would usually like this kind of haircut nowadays, but its actually really really cute, and it suits her down to the ground! I would rather a haircut like this on a little girl, than that awful thing melanie brown did to her young daughter! I don’t know what to think of the clothes, but hey, didn’t we all wear some ghastly outfits when we were little?

Piglet on

I think that because the child is a Jolie-Pitt, people will forgive them ANYTHING, if it was Federline, we would hear about how horrible she is being by dressing her child like the opposite gender. This is not simply being a tomboy, this is dressing her like a full-blown boy. I hate the double standards, no one supports Celine Dion’s child when he had long hair, he was criticized for looking like a girl, where was all the support for Rene Charles? Also would you all be ok if they dress Pax and Maddox in skirts if the boys wanted to wear pink dresses? It’s a double standard. Some of you say “oh don’t you have anything better to do then criticize?” well you are spending time on her arguing as well, how is that any different? We are all entitled to our opinions, so stop thinking that just because you support her look that those who don’t are “narrow-minded”, aren’t you in fact being narrow minded in your judgement about us who are less then thrilled with the way this kid looks? They can dress her how they want, but I am not a fan of it and it doesn’t make me a bad person nor does it mean that my children are defined by blue and pink clothing. The kid is cute, but I am not a fan of the clothing, nor am I a big fan of the Jolie Pitt clan, you want mean comments head off to and see what people are posting

CelebBabyLover on

Piglet- For what it’s worth, when Rene Charles still had long hair (it’s been cut now), I always defended him and his parents as well. 🙂 I also agree that we all have different opinions, and it’s fine to share them. However, some of the commentors here have basically accused Angie of forcing Shiloh to dress like a boy. Those types of comments are NOT okay, IMO.

It’s one thing to express an opinion, but it’s quite another to be nasty about doing so!

Naomi on

If this were any other child with a gigantic family, I would say, she’s probably the victim of “hand me downs”. In this economy, if i have six kids, and two older boys, my daughter would probably be working the Tom Boy Chic look too! LOL! But they have plenty of money. They’re just doing it because they want to be different, or not compare her to Suri Cruse or something. Of course if Shiloh wants to dress like that and it makes her happy, then they are just letting her be herself and that’s always a good thing. She is Joloie-Pitt. She was going to be wierd no matter what.

KOD on

people are wondering why they would dress her like a boy…

maybe she LIKES these clothes? i totally dressed like a boy when i was her age! even then i realized the difference in the power of the sexes. children are categorized before they’re even born, from the color of their rooms to the type of toys they should play with, and when you’re that young its WAY more fun to act like a boy because boys can do whatever they want! its much too complicated for her to worry about because she’s a child, so just let her play like she wants! there are millions of non-celebrity girls just like her.