Meet Scott Foley's New Daughter!

02/23/2010 at 01:00 PM ET

Actor Scott Foley and wife Marika Dominczyk brought their new baby daughter along to a luncheon for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation last Saturday at La Cachette Bistro in Los Angeles. This is the first time the low-key couple — who confirmed the pregnancy in October — have shown off their little one. Details on her name and birth information are unavailable at this time. See a second photo on!

Stars including James Marsden, Cougar Town‘s Josh Hopkins and Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco joined Scott and Marika for a private brunch, wine tasting and silent auction to benefit EBMFR.

Alex J. Berliner/BEI

-– Julie Jordan

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Forever Moore on

She is such a doll!

Colleen on

What a cute little face.

marta on

Cute 🙂 I am just wondering if Marika will teach her Polish when she will be older

kendrajoi on

She’s so cute! I love her expression! Baby deer in the headlights…who are you and why are you taking my picture?

blue on

Marika is GORGEOUS.

Cat on

If you go look at the second photo on, the baby looks so much like Jennifer Garner’s Seraphina! 🙂 What a weird coincidence LOL

mp on

Too cute! Holding her little hands together … so sweet.

meghan on

Look at that face! I love it! Notice how her little hands are clasped together?

Lila on

I have always loved him since his Felicity days. So glad he has found happiness in his life. His wife and little girl are both beautiful. Wish them all the best of luck.

Lissette on

She looks a lot like her daddy!

Luna on

Aw, she’s cute! I love the deer and headlights look. We got a couple of the kids like that when they were younger.

Mira on

What a funny face! She’s precious.

Scott also looks a bit startled, though. Too funny…

susie on

so precious. look at her little hands! what a sweet, sweet baby. good looking family.

lina on

i also love the hands… super cute.

acmommy09 on

Wow! It looks like she got her dad’s inquisitive eyes?!

Renee on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. She looks beyond adorable. And those little hands!!!

jess on

cat: this kid looks nothing like seraphina. Seraphina is a replica of ben affleck… she has affleck’s long face, eye shape (i.e. narrow, brown eyes), slim lips, huge forehead, etc.

This kid looks a nice mix of mom and dad… so cute! hope foley and family are happy.

sinclair on

Scott has the bleary-eyed-new-dad look. Seen it before!

Cat on

Jess: ever heard of the word “opinion”? ‘Cause that is what my statement was, an “opinion”. I also said she looked like Sera based on the other photo, not this one, so it could very well just be that pic. Either way, you can have your view, and let me have mine, thanks.

lisa on

Yes, I was thinking “wierd photo of dad” then what you said reminded me – yeah, that’s the new dad bleary not -had -a -moments -good -night -sleep look!

Nicole on

Oh my gosh, if it wasn’t illegal I’d steal this kid! 🙂 She’s such a cutie!

lisa on

Cat – Scott Foley looks like he could be Jennifer Garner’s brother so its not unlikely that their children would look alike!

Charlotte on

I, too, am of the opinion that she favors Garner’s Seraphina, and maybe a tad like Violet, at that age. What a cutie!

Lee on

I wonder if she’s like Christina’s son Max and is afraid of cameras. But she is a cutie 🙂

Jennifer on

She’s got her mom’s eyes but the rest of her face is ALL Scott! 🙂

I wonder why they would allow a pic but not give her name? Oh well each celeb parent is different. Maybe wanted to keep something private and that’s understandable. Would still love to know what they named her though!

CelebBabyLover on

She looks to me like she’s about three or four months old….and she’s a cutie! 🙂

True on

That expression is so cute, and so is the baby

The Writer on

That’s one cute little baby, but I have to say that I roll my eyes about celebs who will bring their children out in public — and therefore to be photographed — but won’t even tell people his or her name. It seems a little contradictory.

FC on

Ha, Scott’s daughter has such a cute shocked look on her face. Like, “Whoa! What’s that thing that made that flash at me?!” Too cute. Love her round, pinchable cheeks, too.

Katej on

What an adorable little girl!

So, Writer, should they not bring their child into public? I applaud them for keeping details like her name and birthdate private.

Emaline on

So precious! It’s killing me not to know her name lol!

Becca on

Blue Polish eyes..beautiful!