Gary Busey Welcomes Son Luke

02/23/2010 at 03:05 PM ET
Todd Williamson/WireImage

It’s a boy for actor and reality star Gary Busey and girlfriend Steffanie Sampson.

The couple welcomed son Luke Sampson Busey at 6:40 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23. The baby boy weighed in at 6 lbs., 7 oz.

“This feels like a dream,” the couple said in a statement. “We feel so blessed and are overwhelmed with happiness at Luke’s arrival.”

Gary, 65, is already dad to a son, actor Jake Busey, 38, and a daughter, Alectra, 16, from previous relationships.

The couple announced the pregnancy in December. Gary will next be seen in the 2010 comedy Grown Ups.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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Iโ™ฅCBB on

65 with a newborn??? I just don’t understand the things people are thinking when they decide to have a baby. Gary Busey is a train wreck. I kinda feel sorry for this innocent baby. He does not know what he was just born into! So sad! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

lover on


bring on the negative comments about his age….

kmb on

sorry, but there’s always gonna be negative comments when a 65-year-old man brings a newborn baby into the world.
best chances, gary will make it to see his son graduate high school. and that’s best chances.
poor kid. it’s a very selfish act to have a child at age 65. i’m sorry, but it really is.
but welcome to the world baby luke. i love that name.

g!na on

Gary Busey. i don’t care about his age but his erractic behavior! This guy has been off his rocker for some time! Best wishes for that baby! sorry, he’s just really out there!

Doreen on

Instead of commenting on his old age of bringing a child into the world, I’m going to go with…Gary is suppossed to be a Christian yet he got his girlfriend. Pregnant. Nice!

Reader on

Doreen you can still be a Christian and have that happen. WE are not the ones who judge…

lover on

i’m going to stick up for Mr. Busey.

EVERYBODY is going to die eventually. NOBODY knows when. So when you have a child, you are taking the risk of dying and leaving it. What if Mr. Busey lives to be 100 and sees his kid go on to be an adult? What if YOU have a kid at 30 but die at 31? If this guy is active enough to impregnate his woman at 65 (major MAJOR props to him), I think he will be active enough to be a great father.

So he has displayed erratic behavior. He doesn’t deserve to be judged. Maybe he’ll pull a Nicole Richie on us.

@Doreen: So what if he is a Christian and impregnated his girlfriend? Do you expect Christians to be perfect? All Christians are human, therefore we are imperfect. But I guess you thought we were perfect, so I am flattered ๐Ÿ˜‰

Shea on

You know what though…there are a lot of 18 to 35 year old men that produce babies that don’t stick around to see their births much less see them through till graduation either. I don’t think someone should be judged on bringing a child into this world due to their age. I think a much loved and wanted child of an older parent that has wonderful childhood memories of being raised by a loving older dad even though he may only have him say till age 15 beats not having any memories at all of a deadbeat younger dad that took off and left his mom because he wasn’t ready to be a family man yet.

Lola Marie on

Lol @ Iโ™ฅCBB

Tell us how you really feel ๐Ÿ˜€

Ashley on

I laughed out loud at the Christian part.

Guess what? Christians are no better than anyone else, and they can still get pregnant. Christians don’t have special godfilled sperm.

Holly on

Too old! A average man lives until 72 and I think its ridiculous to have a kid at that age.

Liliana on

Shea, very true.

If I was going to concern myself with his business, I’d be more inclined to comment on his erratic behavior; not his age or the fact that he engaged in sex before marriage.

eureka on

65 years old???!!!! Who wants to become a dad at THAT age?? I think that’s gross.

Luna on

Positive first: I love the name Luke and I’m glad when anyone brings a baby in the world. However, 65 with a newborn. Um, no. He’s the age my grandfather was when he became a great-grandfather for the first time!

lover on

i agree with lover 1000%

Sarah on

WOW!!! This came out of left field!!

lover on

@ 2nd lover. i’m flattered you’re using my screen name.

Rachael on

Congrats to them both.. I agree with the comments about becoming a father at 65, but if they are happy ~ who are we to judge? I worry more about this health, including his mental health, more than anything. I’ve seen him on some shows recently, and it’s not pretty. Let’s hope all that is in the past!

mary on

Well here is my say, like thatโ€™s going to matter anyway, like in an earlier post said we have no control on when, where or even how we are going to die. We can to our best by eating better, exercise, meditate, whatever to help our longevity, So if someone older has a kid more power to them, hey itโ€™s not me getting up in the middle of the night.
And Gary Busey can help his longevity by lying off the drink and drugs. Good luck Gary, You now have a second chance at making up for your drunken, drugged past life. I really do hope that your sobriety lasts. Your new baby needs you.

Shay on

I’m not really bothered by his age but I am bothered that it’s Gary Busey having a child. Did anyone see Celebrity Rehab? He’s several fries short of a happy meal.

Linda on

And another man who finds himself more important than the welbeing of his child. He is too old and has too many problems!!

CBB, I would rather see attention for a lot of celebs and their kids who are now being ignored, than men like this!

Alicia on

Linda, he is a celebrity; therefore, a blog about celebrity children is allowed to feature stories regarding his family.

Peaved on

Gary has two other kids and he didn’t exactly correct his behavior and problems/addictions for them, so why should this time around be any different? I truly believe people should have to get a license to bring a child into this world nowadays.

daniela on

LOL @ Peaved! I totally agree! ๐Ÿ™‚

penguinlover on

I don’t agree with a 65 yr old having a newborn, but I guess since his girlfriend looks to be under 30 at least the baby will have a parent to care for it. I love the name Luke and hope that the baby grows up happy and healthy.

Sam and Freya's mum on

I’m sure I read on another site that his girlfriend’s actually 40, but I could be wrong…

Brownsugar1313 on

You know what I think the problem is….I think a lot of women suffer from jealousy over the fact that a man could be 100 and has one foot in the grave and still have sperm enough to make babies from now till kingdom come!!!!

There I said it!!!

If women didn’t have to worry about their eggs expiring and their bodies going through menpause and all that. Do you think there would be half the critism over how old they are when they give birth????

There may be some but not as much as there is over a man who can still get it up and impregnate a woman!!!

The guy just had a kid, who cares how old he is. Even if his father passes on, he still has a mother and other family around who will make sure that he knows who his father was.

Why are we so worried and consumed about if he will live to see his kid graduate high school. At anytime any one of us can walk out of our house all healthy, relatively young or whatever and get hit by a bus or get in a car accident or fall prey to some illness and cut our lives short taking us away from our kids….so not all of us will get to see their kid’s graduation.

I’m just saying…..if you cant find anything remotely positive to say…maybe just not saying anything at all and moving on to the next story will suffice.

We can judge him and his behaviour but who is judging us?????

Anna on

I don’t agree with the comparison saying anyone can get hit by a bus. That is completely different from making the choice and knowing for sure that you will not be there for your child when he/she reaches adulthood.

Say he lives to be 80 (higher than average) his son will still only be 15. Yes he will still have his mom but it is not the same. I wouldn’t wish losing a parent at a young age to anyone.

I’m 30 and I can’t imagine my life without my parents.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- But what if he lives to be 100? His son would be 35 then. ๐Ÿ™‚

HeatherR on

I feel sorry for Gary’s girlfriend…..she’s gonna have her child and her boyfriend in diapers at the same time!!! Lol

Dee on

@ Anna….well I think that having SOME time with your child regardless of how old you are is better than NOT knowing them at all. That’s why I dont see what the big deal is about his age.

I still stand by the fact that if women were able to give birth past certain ages, we wouldn’t have such strong opinions.

I say as long as you can get it up and have a desire to have a child and find someone you want to spend your life with…..knock yourself out!!! Children are gifts from God and if he didn’t want old men to procreate he would dry up their sperms like he dries up our eggs!!!!

@ Heather, your joke is soooo not funny!!!!!

HeatherR on

Dee- Sorry but my joke is definitely fuuny ๐Ÿ˜‰

You sound awfully heated about this topic. Of course I didn’t mean any harm. I believe that as long as the child is LOVED, the circumstances regarding age are irrelevant.

Janel Furlong on

Just what the world needs. People complaining about Gary Busey being 65 and having a newborn. Why can’t we be happy that Gary Busey has made it to 65 years young and can still want and appreciate his baby. Stop and think a minute, Gary probably feels he has been given a second chance through this child. Take one day at time, people.Live every day like it is your last Be kind, do and say good things about people. Treat people as you want to be treated. Remember, we are all human beings. I am sure if it was anybody other than Gary Busey no one would really care. Best wishes and prayers to Gary and his family. Gary, go with God.

Nell in Louisiana

Lauren on

HeatherR, I thought your joke was very funny ๐Ÿ˜‰

veronica abato on

In reference to the last post-Gary does seem “out of it” at times,but he has a heart of gold.Thumbs up to Gary and his family,God Bless. V.