Ellen Pompeo on Career, Baby: I Have the ‘Best of Both Worlds’

02/23/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
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Continued success on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, a happy marriage, and a new baby is the recipe for living a fulfilled life for Ellen Pompeo. “I am over the moon,” the actress, who recently appeared on the cover of TV Guide, raves.

“Happiness is not that easy to achieve, but having a handsome husband, a beautiful baby, and a great job helps.”

And for Ellen, the latter two went hand-in-hand when it came to her pregnancy. Hiding her baby bump behind medical files and hospital blankets, the actress forewent an extended maternity leave — taking only a month off — and instead appeared in each episode of the show.

When she did find herself with time on her hands, Ellen, hit the gym often. “I only gained one jeans size,” she notes.

That said, she balanced out her exercise routines — which she has continued, in addition to breastfeeding, to shed the pounds since the birth of Stella Luna, 5 months — with a daily intake of chocolate ice-cream and time spent watching her favorite shows. Her dedication to staying fit has allowed her to keep up with baby girl. “I have energy and more strength, which I need because that baby is getting heavy,” she laughs.

Keeping her belly under wraps was a breeze compared to the tough task of leaving Stella behind when she is on set. “It’s hard to leave an infant,” she muses. “Everything in your gut goes against that. Being a mother is the most fun job I’ve ever had.”

Fortunately, her ability to have it all — a successful career and a baby — is not a coincidence, Ellen, 40, notes.

“Career women tend to get pregnant late, and I have to say I would never have done it any other way. I have the best of both worlds and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.”

Click below for more from Ellen on her “little chicken nugget.”

Clearly smitten with first-time motherhood, Ellen reveals that Stella is “a good mix” of herself and her husband Chris Ivery. “She’s like a little chicken nugget,” she says. “You just want to dip her in sauce and nibble on her.”

The separation of mother and daughter will be short-lived — Ellen’s contract promises two more seasons, and once her time is up, she plans to leave Grey’s Anatomy for greener pastures. The actress is already looking forward to what the future holds.

“I will raise my daughter, buy a house in Italy, learn Italian and teach it to my daughter,” she predicts. “I love buying houses and redoing them, and I’ll have that and my wonderful husband and my baby.”

And if her parents are any indication of how Stella’s personality will unfold, Ellen foresees having a spitfire on her hands!

“She’s going to have a real personality because Chris and I are both such characters,” she confesses. “You know, Boston people are full of sauce.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Source: TV Guide

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maggie on

i never really knew anything about ellens personality untill i saw her on Ellen de Genres. Personally, i think shes not a great actress but my god as a person she ROCKS! So funny and just, well happy!

I♥CBB on

Ellen seems REALLY HAPPY! This story made me smile. It’s always great when you get everything out of life that you’ve always wanted. I’m extremely happy for her, Chris and Stella! 🙂

Reader on

I think most people feel that way, whether they had kids earlier or later. My first child was born when I was 26 years old, and I wouldn’t have it any other way nor do I feel like I missed out on anything. I feel it had/has its advantages just as Ellen feels her situation does. It seems to all work out within reason.

Something About Baby on

She’s awesome! So glad that she is embracing motherhood.

True on

She is so awesome and she enjoys motherhood and being a wife, i wonder when will we get to a glimpse of Stella luna? am so she’s adorable

Meg on

Totally agree. That is why I’m not having kids until I’m in my 30s.

Gabrielle on

As a mother myself, I am totally and 100% against leaving a one month old infant alone while filming on a grueling schedule. Surely she could afford taking a bit of time off.
She might think she has it all, but that newborn needs a mother, not a nanny. The baby does NOT have it all she needs.

hayley on

Gabrielle Says:

i’m sorry but how judgementle is that comment….how on earth can you say that baby won’t isn’t getting what she needs, you really think that baby is going to suffer ill effects?? no of course not, i am a PROUD working mum! and i take serious issue with people that judge, it is not only pointless but nasty…there is no study that had proven with out a doubt that a child of a working parent are and worse off than stay at home mums,….

and how do you no her husband didn’t take the baby…..rather than a nanny? if this comes across as a rant its because it is, am so sick of the same silly comment always on here…..breastfed/bottle working/home dummys/no dummys i thik they have been coverd over and over again.

motherhood is hard enough with out judgementle mums making i harder!! its called sticking together!! phew glad i got that off my chest

maggie on

@True, Ellen showed a pic of Stella Luna on the Ellen De genres show a few wks back, you can get it on youtube. 🙂

mrsh on

Reader – I agree with you. The “right age” to have a child is completely dependent on the individual having that child. I had my daughter just shy of 26, and I don’t miss anything about my pre-baby life. My days of “living it up” were loooong over, and I was so ready for a new chapter.

Me on

My husband and I have successful careers and I was 24 at the time I gave birth to our daughter. DH was 22. She is the most amazing thing in the world, and even though we both work full time, she was in great hands in daycare and still is. She is very much attached to us as her parents, and she knows full well that she is very loved and wanted. My husband and I had it lucky and was successful years before we decided to get pregnant. To each their own, but just because someone is successful in their jobs doesn’t mean they purposely have children later in life. I love being a younger mother and I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. My daughter is the most precious thing in this world.

asdas on

Gabrielle, I think Ellen’s husband stays home with the baby.

ashley on

she only grew ONE jeans size during her entire pregnancy? shoot me now!

True on

Maddie THANK YOU i will check it out.

Kat on

Ugh, people who hate on working mothers are EVIL.

On a happier note, lovely story on Ellen.

CelebBabyLover on

I know plenty of working parents, and none of their children thinks of their caregiver as their parent. They all definitely know who mommy and daddy are! 🙂

Erin on

Funny how working moms are seen as so evil today. Disgusting. My mom AND dad worked. I had no nanny – I had a grandma and babysitter when need-be. I called my mom MOM and dad DAD. People who would say something that extreme are closed-minded. Studies actually have shown that it’s the quality of time – not quantity – that helps a child’s bond and development with its parents. Such a long way to go in feminism. Women hating on other women does not help. When a woman wants to have a career and a family, GREAT! More power to her! No one questions the men, even though, their bond is just as necessary.

smile on

to each their own. i had my daughter when i was 18 and stayed at home with her till she was 4 and i was forced to go to work because i was going through a divorce. i was so happy i had got to stay home with her those first 4 years. then when i got remarried and had my son when i was 35. i quit a job i worked at for 13 years. it was very hard, but i just couldnt leave him at a daycare center with strangers to take care of him. i am so happy i was able to stay at home with him. its not easy though. my husband works long hours because its not easy financially. some woman dont have the choice and have to work to pay the bills. i felt bad when my daughter was older and had to sit in daycare all summer cuz i had to work. moms have to do what they have to do for there families. ive been on both sides of the fence and its never an easy decision. being a stay at home mom is not as easy as people think either. its not for everyone!

Momofthree on

Wow! From the likes of some of these posts, I guess I better sign my three kiddos up for future therapy considering they have all gone to a babysitter while my husband and I worked!!! Lets face it, the decision to work outside the home or work in the home w/ the little ones comes down to a personal choice! Stop judging others just because their choice might not emulate your own..

And BTW, NONE of my children have ever referred to their AWESOME childcare provider as “Mom”! I am their mother and that has never been mistaken! I have no shame in saying that each of my children has a very special, close relationship w/ their childcare provider! Infact, I am darn proud of that! I interviewed long and hard to find the PERFECT fit to compliment our family structure…but, at the end of the day my babies still know me as their mother!

I don’t advocate one choice over the other, but it really burns my bum that there are some who pass judgment on WONDERFUL moms just because they are employed outside of the home…